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California will reportedly come out ahead on Medi-Cal expansion

The non-partisan legislative analyst says plan to expand healthcare program for the poor is a good deal for the state.
Hotel Cecil
A body found inside one of three large water tanks on top of the Cecil Hotel in downtown Los Angeles is that of a woman in her 20s, LAPD said.

The next pope: LA Catholics don't care what country he comes from

The surprise resignation of Pope Benedict has led to speculation that the next pope may come from outside Europe. What do parishioners in Los Angeles think?
Police now say seven people have been shot, four of whom have died, in shootings in Orange County early Tuesday morning. Investigators are searching for a motive.
USC study finds protein-restricted diet appears to slow dementia and improve memory in mice.
Jean-Lou Chameau, President of the Calif
Caltech president Jean-Lou Chameau announced Tuesday that he would step down from his position later this year. Chameau has served as president for seven years.
Andrew Tachias, Riverside police officer injured and returning from hospital

Riverside cop ambushed by Dorner leaves hospital

Andrew Tachias, the Riverside police officer shot by ex-LAPD cop and fugitive Christopher Dorner, is out of the hospital and facing a long road to recovery.
Obama And Biden Meet With Law Enforcement Officials
While the president again charged that Republicans aren't willing to close tax loopholes for the rich, Republicans repeated that they think Obama just "wants to spend more."
Health plans are required to pay for contraceptives, but the clinics that are common sources of family planning services aren't used to dealing with insurers.

Few public family planning clinics accept insurance, yet

The Affordable Care Act requires contraceptives be made available to insured women without any out-of-pocket costs, but many clinics aren't yet set up to accept that insurance yet.
Oscar Pistorius in a Pretoria court Tuesday.
Olympic sprinter Oscar Pistorius has been charged with premeditated murder in the death of his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp. Pistorius says he "had no intention to kill my girlfriend."
School Shooting Gunman's Remains

Was Newtown school shooter influenced by Norway massacre?

Authorities tell CBS News and The Hartford Courant they found several news clippings about Anders Behring Breivik, who killed 77 people in Norway in 2011, in Adam Lanza's belonging.

Winter storm to bring rain and snow to Southland

Temperatures will likely drop 10 to 15 degrees and snow could reach low-elevation mountain areas. A wind advisory warned of gusts up to 35 mph for coastal areas.
Holiday gifts

Fair Trade Towns USA adds Pasadena to its list

Pasadena receives "Fair Trade City" designation from Fair Trade Towns USA. Organizers say this will bring more awareness to the fair trade movement.

Staples Center to add vegetarian options for Morrissey concert

Longtime vegetarian Morrissey will be performing on March 1 and as part of his agreement, the massive venue has agreed to offer additional vegetarian dishes for the event.


Hydraulic Fracturing
A public workshop in downtown Los Angeles on fracking has accelerated debate over what Californians should know about the oil and gas production method.
California Dream Act

Gov. Jerry Brown backs Gil Cedillo for LA City Council

Cedillo has served in both the state Assembly and Senate. He is running against Jose Gardea, chief of staff to Councilman Ed Reyes, and businessman Jesse Rosas.

Herbalife confirms that the SEC is looking into its business

No one is exactly sure what government authorities want to know about the nutrition company's business. But Herbalife says it's cooperating.

Activists take immigration battle to Congressional districts

A new alliance of labor, immigration and clergy leaders has launched a lobbying effort that will culminate with an April rally on the National Mall.
City Councilman Herb J. Wesson Jr.

Survey finds Measure A tax increase lacking support

The proposed half-cent sales tax hike on the March 5 ballot is trailing in the latest poll, but almost a third of voters remain undecided.
Tim Burton on AirTalk - 2
In case you missed any of our Oscar coverage, we've compiled this handy guide to all of our shows' coverage of the 2013 Academy Awards. Enjoy!

Allergy relief from acupuncture: In health news today

OnCentral's daily round-up of the health headlines southside Angelenos ought to know about.
LAPD Chief Charlie Beck backs tactics used to bring down ex-cop Christopher Dorner, and repeats his pledge to fully investigate the orginal Dorner case.
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California lawmakers are most liberal in nation

The state has more liberal lawmakers than any other state in the country...and the National Journal has the numbers to prove it.
The story of a would-be immigrant, and the visa backlogs that have kept her in limbo for decades, illustrates the long waits people face to enter the U.S.
Venice Boardwalk Piano Player - 11

Venice piano player's connection to The Church of Satan

Venice Beach piano player, Nathan Pino, has an interesting connection to The Church of Satan through his involvement with the 1980s goth rock band Radio Werewolf.
A roundup of immigration-related news from Washington and the rest of the country.
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Maven's Morning Coffee: a power grab at Metro

Today is Tuesday, Feb. 19 and headlines includes a power struggle on the Metro Board, city council races in the Valley, and the synchronization of traffic lights.
Connecticut School Shooting
The L.A. County Office of Education to train principals, teachers and police how to respond to an armed person on campus.
Forum Mayor Debate
The exchange between the front-runners stretched throughout the debate at Cal State L.A. It was almost a debate within the debate.


Business Update with Mark Lacter

Episode: Governor Rick Perry tries to lure California businesses to Texas

Governor Rick Perry tries to lure California businesses to Texas

KPCC's business analyst Mark Lacter says Texas Governor Rick Perry's plan may be misguided.Steve Julian: Mark, what's working for or against him?Mark Lacter: First off, Steve, his timing in trying to recruit businesses out here is pretty bad.

The Loh Down On Science

Episode: Rejection Connection

Rejection Connection

Painful research.


Episode: AirTalk for February 19, 2013
Wreckage Of Peter Brocks Car Recovered From Crash Site

Black boxes in cars

There’s a plan to get a black box in your car to gather data and make cars safer for consumers. However, critics of the plan are sincerely worried that these devices could be used for more harm than good.
Obit Jerry Buss
Jerry Buss, the Los Angeles Lakers owner who led the team to 10 NBA championships died at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center on Monday, he was 80.
64th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Show
Are there enough women in comedy?
"The high priest of LSD" Timothy Leary t

Easing end-of-life anxiety with psychedelic drugs

Research studies have shown that the use of LSD and other psychotropic drugs greatly reduces the stress, fear, anxiety and pain associated with advanced cancer.
84th Academy Awards Final Oscar Ballot Mailing

Oscars 2013: The Odds, Betting on Best Picture, and more

As Oscar night gets closer by the minute, Hollywood insiders are busy preparing for their most important night of the year; however, there’s another venue experiencing an upswing of activity… online gambling sites.
Tustin-area freeway shootings
Early this morning, a man committed a series of carjackings and murders in Orange County before taking his own life. Are we seeing a trend toward more gun violence in our future, or are the recent tragedies outliers?

Take Two

Episode: Take Two for February 19, 2013
Pinot Noir grapes just before they are h

California sees large bumper grape crop in 2012

Some good news for wine drinkers here in California. A new report on the annual grape crush shows that 2012 was a bumper year for grape-growing in the state. More than 4 million tons of wine grapes were grown, and they fetched record high prices.
Australian singer Nick Cave (L) gestures

New Music Tuesday: DJ Day, Lady, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

It's that time again! Tuesday, the day when record companies release new music. Today, music critics Oliver Wang ( and Ann Powers (NPR Music) join the show to talk about new tunes by DJ Day, Lady, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Apples and Three Oranges, Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside, and Holly Williams.
Mexican singer Paulina Rubio performs wi

Bunim/Murray hopes to corner Latino reality show audience

American Idol is one of the many reality programs on the dial, a lot of which come from the production company Bunim/Murray.
Science Idol
This year, the first ever America's Science Idol competition was held as part of the the American Association for the Advancement of Science conference. Contestants had 3 minutes to give a compelling presentation on the topic of their choice.
Anaheim PD Outreach 01
It’s been more than six months since protests rocked Anaheim after two deadly police shootings. Have officers been able to restore trust with the community?
LAPD Revenge Killings

LAPD holds press conference on Dorner investigation

Today LAPD Chief Charlie Beck will hold a press conference to update the public on the Dorner case and investigation.

Oscars 2013: How much does it cost to get to the Academy Awards?

Hollywood's elite has spent the past few weeks on the awards circuit, picking up prizes and glad-handing at fancy parties. But the biggest award night is still to come — the Oscars. Getting there takes a lot more than just making a good movie. Gina Delvac reports.

California illegal gun confiscation initiative gains notice

While there are limits on how far agents can go to get their hands on illegal guns, the program is being closely watched nationwide as gun control laws remain a top issue for lawmakers. Joining us with more is Jessica Garrison who writes about the program for the L.A. Times.

The toxic side of solar energy

Solar power is often hailed as one of the cleanest available sources of energy, but that claim may not be entirely true.
Clean Energy Schools

Prop 39: Where will the money for energy efficiency go?

California is set to create the nation’s most ambitious energy makeover for public buildings. That’s because Californians overwhelmingly passed Proposition 39, which closes a corporate tax loophole and funnels much of the money to energy efficiency upgrades. The details, however, have been left to state lawmakers and, not surprisingly, there's disagreement over where the funds will go.
Hydraulic Fracturing

CA regulators open discussion on oil and gas fracking rules

California’s Department of Conservation will host a public workshop on the issue in Los Angeles on Tuesday.
Young displaced Somali women along with

Somali-Americans consider returning home to help rebuild

The US government officially recognized Somalia’s government last week for the first time since 1991. Now the nation is rebuilding under a newly elected president, and Somalis in San Diego are eager to help. KPBS reporter Megan Burks spoke to a young refugee who says he can’t wait to go back permanently.
Writer Rosie Schaap has spent a lot of time in bars – 13,000 hours by her calculations. But she's got a great reason, she's the "Drink" columnist for the New York Times Magazine. Her new memoir, Drinking with Men is an homage to the many bars, pubs and taverns she's loved and lost along the way.


Gary Leonard photographs Lisa Derrick at Colette Miller's wings project.
It's a very simple idea. Stand in front of the wings painted on the security shutters at the Regent Theatre and have your photo taken, and voila, you're an angel in the city of Angels.

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