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Doner LAPD Shooting Torrance
Eight officers who mistakenly shot newspaper delivery women while guarding a target of ex-cop Christopher Dorner remain out of the field pending an internal investigation.
Crime Stock Photo (police caution tape)
Prosecutors say a former Long Beach police officer has been sentenced to nearly 12 years in prison for sex crimes involving underage girls.
TO GO WITH AFP STORY by Justine Gerardy

FAQ: What you need to know about LA's tuberculosis outbreak

Health officials are looking into what they're calling the largest outbreak of tuberculosis in a decade. We have answers to your questions regarding the disease.
Bell Salaries

UPDATE: Jury dismissed for the weekend in Bell corruption trial

Jurors received the case for deliberations after final arguments by an LA County prosecutor. If convicted, the defendants face sentences ranging from 11 to 20 years in prison.

Quiksilver's chief operating officer to resign

Sport clothing manufacturer Quiksilver said Friday its chief operating officer will leave the company this fall.
Cardinal Peter Turkson

UPDATE: Betting on the next pope: Oddsmakers blow it with top 15 pope picks

Argentina's Jorge Bergoglio, now Pope Francis, was a consensus 25-1 underdog to be selected at the conclave, according to gambling expert R.J. Bell of
Mercer 5528
The towering giant sequoias at Yosemite National Park would go unprotected from visitors who might trample their shallow roots. One of many National Parks affected by sequestration.
House Speaker John Boehner  held a news conference Feb. 13 in which Republicans promoted the hashtag #Obamaquester to blame President Obama for automatic spending cuts set to kick in March 1.

A user's guide to Washington jargon

Can't tell what politicians in Washington are talking about? You're not alone. But eventually terms such as "sequester" and "reconciliation" can become less impenetrable, if only because of constant repetition.
Electronic Arts

Electronic Arts lays off some LA employees

Electronic Arts said it has laid off some of its L.A.-based employees this week, as the video game industry looks ahead to mobile gaming.
Homeless County Downtown Los Angeles
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has dispatched scientists to help local health officials curb the spread of the disease.
Some former prisoners of re-education through labor camps and their supporters hold signs in Beijing declaring, "No Re-education Through Labor." Popular opposition to the camps has grown as China's state-run media has highlighted particularly egregious ca

Ex-inmates speak about labor camps; China considers 'reforms'

In China, authorities can send people to re-education through labor camps for years without trial. Former prisoners who know the camps best say closing them is long overdue.
Patrol Cars
Two similar incidents involving teenage girls and a similar suspect and car were reported on Feb. 5. The girls were unharmed.
The sergeant recalled the ex-captain had once represented Dorner and called Irvine police with a hunch he might be involved. Dorner would soon be named the suspect.
St. John's Seminary

The next pope: Southern California seminarians to pray for 24 hours in support

The Catholic church's cardinals will elect the next pope in March at a conclave in Rome; closer to home, seminarians in Camarillo will devote themselves to prayer in solidarity.


Rep. Buck McKeon

Rep. McKeon blames President for sequestration defense cuts

The Republican from Santa Clarita wants to avoid $1.2 trillion in cuts with a 10 percent reduction of the federal workforce.
hollywood oscar sunday
Attempts to drive through Hollywood this weekend will be met with immense frustration, followed by lateness, followed by sadness, and circling back to frustration.
Special Screening Of Universal Pictures' "The Man With The Iron Fists"
The first women’s fight in UFC history takes place Saturday night in Anaheim. San Diego’s Liz Carmouche and the L.A. area’s Ronda Rousey face each other in the main event.
Eric Garcetti
L.A.'s largest Spanish-language newspaper sees the councilman as more prepared to manage the city's budget challenges.
20 years after undocumented immigrants were barred from obtaining licenses, a majority of poll respondents are now in favor.
Winter Carrots, Farmers Market

South LA's newest farmers market officially opens

The market was established with the help of an $81,000-grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences President Hawk Koch recently sat down with Patt Morrison to discuss the major happenings for the Academy at the Oscars and beyond.
California Capitol generic
The abrupt resignation of a Central Valley state senator costs Democrats their supermajority, and with it the power to pass taxes and override vetoes without Republican support.
Woman in Blue Reading a Letter, c. 1663–64. Johannes Vermeer.
It's a story just for you, lurking deep in this unique, strange and wonderful little painting. But you've only another month left to see it.
Florida Governor Reverses Medicaid Stance

Doctor shortage leaves future of primary care uncertain

A health reform provision will extend affordable coverage to millions next year – but it's still unclear who is going to care for all those new patients.

FAQ: How high will gas prices go in Los Angeles?

Increases at the pump are setting records in the Southland. And although prices have leveled off somewhat, in Los Angeles they're set to go higher.
Head Start - 8
Study shows preschoolers behave better when they're exposed to quality educational and socially-responsible television rather than programs that include violence.
Looking Back

What's Pacific Swell about, anyway?

This blog was named after a poem written by a Californian. Herein we explain Pacific Swell's focus, and invite you to join the conversation.
'The line' for legal immigration is already about 4 million people long - NPR More on what lawmakers mean when they refer to 'the back of the line' in immigration reform talks. It's a place where hopeful immigrants can languish for many years in visa backlogs; hear one local family's story here.
TB Foundation Expands Vaccine Manufacturing Facility

A TB outbreak in the City of Angels: In health news today

OnCentral's daily round-up of the health headlines southside Angelenos ought to know about.
oscar bingo oscar ballot
Replace the ink cartridge and chill the cheese plate, it's time for the 85th Annual Academy Awards! Here are all the party printables you need.
Nate D. Sanders Auctions Collection Of Academy Award Oscar Statuettes Set To Be Auctioned
The Academy Awards are this Sunday night, and movie fans everywhere are making their predictions. Let us know who YOU think should win.
Rabe at blast door of the bomb shelter.
The house is a vintage DuBois ranch home, and it comes with a vintage shelter, lovingly built by the first owner at the height of the Cold War. What makes this one possibly unique in LA is that it’s largely untouched.
Rep. Gloria Negrete McLeod

CA Democrats differ on citizenship for undocumented

Most members of California's delegation are following the party script, but at least a couple of newcomers are treading carefully.
Forum Mayor Debate

Maven's Morning Coffee: Eric Garcetti's record

Today is Friday, Feb. 22 and headlines include a look at what Eric Garcetti did in labor contracts and mayoral candidates' thoughts on transit.



Episode: FilmWeek: 2013 Oscar Preview

FilmWeek: 2013 Oscar Preview

Hollywood’s biggest night of the year is nearly here and as Tinseltown prepares for the Oscars, Larry Mantle and the FilmWeek critics offer their recommendations, critiques, and predictions about who should, who will, and who won’t win Academy Awards on Sunday. Who do the critics think will win Best Actor, Best Actress and Best Picture? To find out, listen in as Larry hosts the Eleventh Annual FilmWeek Oscar Preview at the historic Egyptian Theatre. TGI-FilmWeek!

The Loh Down On Science

Episode: Cyber Skin

Cyber Skin

Stripping down to essentials.


Episode: AirTalk for February 22, 2013
TV-Warren Littlefield

NBC suffering sweeps week like never before

NBC once dominated primetime ratings and reigned supreme for "Must see TV" shows like Friends and Law and Order. However, it's been struggling to keep up with competitors and its ratings finished last place this sweeps week, behind ABC, CBS, Fox and Univision. Former NBC President of Entertainment joins Larry to give an insider account.

Dueling sequester scenarios

While Republicans and Democrats may agree on the inevitability of the sequester, they don’t agree on the effect sequestration will likely have on the American economy. Will it really trigger a fiscal cliff or not cause the economy any major harm?

Take Two

Episode: Take Two for February 22, 2013
Ron Finley's garden in Crenshaw
Take Two host Alex Cohen met up guerrilla gardener and TED speaker Ron Finley next to his garden in his South LA neighborhood.

Oscar Pistorious case garnering comparisons to OJ Simpson trial

Joining us to consider that comparison are Judy Muller, a veteran journalist who covered the OJ Simpson trial, and former defense attorney Stan Goldman.
California Appeals Court Declines To Rehear Gay Marriage Ban Arguments

Prop 8 challengers gear up as issue heads back to Supreme Court

President Obama has until the end of next week to weigh in on Prop 8, which goes before the Supreme Court next month. Gay rights groups want the administration to file a "friend of the court" brief urging the justices to declare California's gay marriage ban unconstitutional.
Kenneth Feinberg, Administrator of the G

Calculating what BP owes for the 2010 Gulf oil spill

Nearly three years ago an explosion on the Deepwater Horizon oil rig killed 11 workers and dumped 4.9 million barrels of oil into the Gulf of Mexico. BP is one of the companies being held responsible, and on Monday they head to court as a defendant in what could be one of the biggest civil trials ever.
Presenters Anne Hathaway (C, R) and Jame

Film students to replace models as Oscar statue presenters

One thing that will be different about this year's award show is the person handing the Oscar statue to the presenter. The tall model will be replaced by film students.
Central Valley

Streetlights likely to go dark in unicorporated Central Valley community

About two million Californians live in unincorporated areas, outside the sheltering arms of a city governance plan - and budget. Many of these communities are so poor, they lack basic infrastructure, like sewers or sidewalks. One of these places, a tiny town in Fresno County, has locals expecting the streetlights will be turned off next week. The California Report's Sasha Khokha has the story.
skid row

Downtown LA Skid Row suffering from tuberculosis outbreak

Downtown's Skid Row is dealing with a tuberculosis outbreak that the L.A. County Department of Health is calling the worse in a decade. Nearly 80 cases have been identified with 11 deaths in the last 6 years, most of the victims homeless.
Cardinal Roger Mahony Celebrates Christmas Mass At The Cathedral Of Our Lady Of The Angels

Should Cardinal Mahony be allowed to vote for next pope?

Tomorrow, Cardinal Roger Mahony is scheduled to be questioned in a lawsuit about a Mexican priest accused of molesting more than two dozen children in the late 1980s. Reverend Nicolas Aguilar Rivera fled to Mexico after parents complained about him.
Rep. Gloria Negrete McLeod

CA Democrats differ on citizenship for undocumented

Most members of California's delegation are following the party script, but at least a couple of newcomers are treading carefully.
Mercer 1505

Could a single school board race determine LAUSD's future?

School board races don’t usually garner much attention from the general public, but the races for three seats on LA Unified’s school board are making national headlines. KPCC's Vanessa Romo reports.
Boehner Holds Press Briefing At The Capitol
We'll talk about the week that was with our regular political roundtables. On tap this week, Sophia Nelson of NBC's The Grio, The Daily Beast and Essence Magazine, and James Rainey of the L.
This week, David Dreier, the recently retired Republican congressman from the 26th district in the foothills east of LA, announced his next gig. He'll be leading a new commission focused on trade as part of the nonprofit Annenberg Foundation Trust at Sunnylands.
Oscar Speeches

Oscars 2013: What makes a good or bad Oscar speech?

Another place in the show that we'll hear the orchestra play is before, during and after the winners' speeches. Every year you have a couple of moving speeches, a few awful speeches, but mostly OK speeches that no one remembers.
Oscars Orchestra

Oscars 2013: Striking up the band at the Academy Awards

The very first thing you'll likely hear during the Oscars this Sunday is the Academy orchestra, but who are these musicians and what do they do when it's not awards season? KPCC'S Kevin Ferguson reports.


Mercer 7429
In his new book, LeDuff finds a body encased in ice, loses a sister and a niece to drugs, uncovers corruption that's bleeding dry Detroit's fire department, and gets fondled by Monica Conyers, now-jailed wife of the lion of the US House.
Instagram Contest Winner - Dance

PHOTOS: The world travels of our Instagram contest winner

Our latest Instagram contest winner talks about the constant balance between living life and capturing it for posterity as he makes his home around the world.
Philosophical Research Society Library

Off-Ramp visits LA's 'Little Library of Alexandria'

At the Philosophical Research Society there's a plaque that reads, "Dedicated to the truth seekers of all time." Off-Ramp visits LA's own arcane library.

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