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LAX Encounter restaurant
To save hundreds of millions of dollars, the FAA is preparing to furlough staff and close air traffic control towers. What could that mean for your next flight?
UC policy experts and health care industry leaders announce plan that offers more Californians better health care at lower cost

In Long Beach, teachers train their own

Unlike many American school districts, which rely heavily on outside experts, professional conferences and travelling consultants to train teachers, Long Beach trains its own.

Women to see higher prices for long-term care insurance

Rates for female applicants could be up to 40 percent higher under the new pricing policy from Genworth Financial, the country's largest long-term care insurer.
Senate Holds Confirmation Hearing For Chuck Hagel For Secretary Of Defense

Senate confirms Hagel for defense secretary

The Senate has voted to confirm Chuck Hagel to be the nation's next defense secretary.

UPDATE: Beck to review ex-LAPD wrongful termination suits

Since the Los Angeles Police Department started investigating allegations by a former officer who left a trail of violence to avenge his firing, at least a half-dozen former officers have requested a reopening of their termination cases.
Crime Stock Photo (police caution tape)
Law enforcement officers fatally shot two suspects in two days in Southern California. The latest shooting was Monday night in Riverside.
Mercer 7189
Cable TV company Cablevision says it's suing Viacom, arguing the operator of pay-TV networks like Nickelodeon, MTV and Comedy Central is "illegally forcing" it to carry 14 channels that aren't watched very much.

Edison wants to restart ailing San Onofre nuclear plant

Can a nuclear reactor operating at 70 percent power actually be running at full power? Edison wants to restart the San Onofre nuclear plant in San Diego County.
President Obama speaks about the sequester on Feb. 19.

Obama's sequester gamble: What if nobody notices?

A slow-motion train wreck of $1.2 trillion in spending cuts over 10 years would definitely be at odds with the growing urgency of the president's warnings as the March 1 deadline draws near.
Osvaldo Conde
Osvaldo Conde, the last of three former Cudahy officials to be sentenced in a federal corruption case, faces jail time for accepting bribes.
Baca is being recognized for providing education for inmates and religious outreach in the county's jail, despite allegations that deputies harassed minorities.
U.S. new-home sales jumped 16 percent in January from the previous month to the highest level since July 2008, a sign that the housing recovery is accelerating.
Mercer 8387
"Paper or reusable bag?" Shoppers are hearing that more as West Hollywood, Laguna Beach and other SoCal cities ban eco-unfriendly plastic bags. State lawmakers, again, are considering a ban.
A circular hole in the ice of Chebarkul Lake, where the Chelyabinsk meteor reportedly struck on Feb. 15.
Using videos and math, scientists believe the Chelyabinsk meteor came from a group of Earth-crossing objects known as Apollo asteroids.
On Tuesday, the U.S. Supreme Court hears arguments in a case about the collection of DNA evidence, and whether the Fourth Amendment prohibits police from obtaining DNA samples before conviction without a warrant.
California is among 28 states that have laws that provide for automatic DNA collection of arrestees for the sole purpose of checking it against a national crime scene database. Is it unconstitutional to do that without a warrant?
A hot air balloon flying over Egypt's ancient city of Luxor caught fire and crashed into a sugar cane field on Tuesday, killing at least 18 foreign tourists in one of the world's deadliest ballooning accidents.
skid row
The L.A. County Department of Health said there's no evidence that the Skid Row strain of TB is more virulent than any other. TB rates across the the county have actually been on a decline.


JP Morgan hires JP Morgan to sell the LA Times

The bank is a part owner of Tribune, which recently emerged from bankruptcy. Numerous buyers have already been mentioned for the Times.
Mercer 20666

Sen Boxer to NRC: 'Careful' before giving San Onofre OK

California's junior senator is “satisfied” the agency is taking safety concerns at the nuclear plant seriously.
Drought Forces Water Cutbacks To Southern California Farms

Farmers want new temporary guest worker program

Everyone's in agreement about the need for farmworkers, but there remain differences about a path to citizenship as part of immigration reform.
85th Annual Academy Awards - Executive Arrivals
Patt Morrison was lucky enough to be invited to the Oscars this year! She gives us the scoop on what she saw and what it was like to be 5th row at Hollywood's biggest night of the year.
Mercer 514

CA lawmakers move to amend rape loophole in 1872 law

The State Senate is fast-tracking a change to an antiquated law that caused a rape conviction to be reversed earlier this year.

Male nurse numbers skyrocket over 4 decades, says study

Although male nurses are overwhelmingly outnumbered by their female counterparts, they still out-earn them by an average of $9,600 a year.
About 10 percent of California's workforce is undocumented. That's the highest concentration of undocumented workers in the U.S.
The near 110-year-old entertainment trade publication is ending its daily print edition and removing the website paywall. It also has three new editors-in-chief.
Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa

LA to cut coal-fired power entirely by 2025, says Mayor

“In a couple of weeks I will be signing agreements to get completely out of coal by 2025,” Villaraigosa said at an event at UCLA.
Mercer 15093

Americorps to send volunteers to nation's worst schools

U.S. Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan, has announced a $15 million grant to deploy Americorps volunteers to some of the worst schools in the country. Schools have a little more than a month to apply for the volunteers—and there is a string or two attached.
catalina bald eagle nest cam
Eagle couple "Wray" and "K01" were recently visited by a stork. Egg number one arrived Feb. 22. Egg two was spotted Feb. 25.
Children's Hospital Class Aims To Help Youth With Obesity Issues

Poll: Parents less likely to consider their children overweight

While nearly one in three children is obese, only 15 percent of parents polled say they consider their children "a little" or "very" overweight.
Wave of immigrants released ahead of automatic spending cuts - New York Times The federal sequester spending cuts due to kick in Friday have yet to take place, but immigration officials have already been letting some immigrants held in detention centers out on supervised release as a money-saving effort.
sleep, insomnia

What poor sleep habits can do: In health news today

OnCentral's daily round-up of the health headlines southside Angelenos ought to know about.
City Attorney Candidates

Maven's Morning Coffee: city attorney candidates debate

Today is Tuesday, Feb. 26 and headlines include a debate with the candidates for city attorney, profiles of mayoral candidates, and LA Times endorsements.

December LA home prices rise 10.2 percent for year

The Case-Shiller Index, a closely watched measure of the national housing market, finished 2012 on a high note. Los Angeles regained some momentum in Dec.
Forum Mayor Debate
LA municipal elections are known for low voter turnout, but this year’s mayoral candidates are hoping a small increase in participation may lead them to victory.


Business Update with Mark Lacter

Episode: How would sequestration affect Southern California's economy?

How would sequestration affect Southern California's economy?

KPCC's business analyst Mark Lacter says sequestration wouldn't have a major impact on the Southland.Steve Julian: As we head toward Friday's deadline on federal sequestration, we get an idea of how it'll affect Southern California's economy.

The Loh Down On Science

Episode: Generic Smells

Generic Smells

Blanding in with the crowd.


Episode: AirTalk for February 26, 2013

Is Measure A right for Los Angeles?

With the March 5 election approaching, Los Angeles business owners, public safety officers, and politicians find themselves in debate mode as the city considers a .5% sales tax increase to generate funding.
Florida Mug Shots

Who owns your mug shot?

Ruthless web entrepreneurs have taken advantage of Florida law by posting publicly available mugshots online. The subjects of the photos, who may not ever have been convicted of a crime, are forced to pay hundreds of dollars to have the embarrassing snaps removed. Now, a bill was filed in Florida on February 11 that would require these websites to take down personal information of those not convicted of a crime.
On Tuesday, the U.S. Supreme Court hears arguments in a case about the collection of DNA evidence, and whether the Fourth Amendment prohibits police from obtaining DNA samples before conviction without a warrant.

Supreme Court hears controversial voting rights case

Is the federal government still needed to police discrimination? Are there still racist practices affecting elections? Why are political parties paying close attention to this case?
Gun Buyback - 2
Rep. Linda Sanchez, D-Cerritos, has introduced a bill to Congress outlying a means to fund gun buyback efforts nationally. LA County Sheriff Lee Baca joins AirTalk to discuss the effectiveness of these programs.
85th Annual Academy Awards - Red Carpet
Should the satire site apologize for humor that some consider to be tasteless? Should offensive humor be limited to adult subjects?

Take Two®

Episode: Take Two for February 26, 2013
Brown Tree Snake
The brown tree snake, a mildly venomous non-native serpent, is worrying wildlife officials in Guam. The snakes have devastated native animal populations on the Pacific making officials there try a novel approach: air-dropping poisoned mice. We'll speak with Daniel Vice. He's the assistant state director with the USDA Wildlife Services in Guam.
Janet Napolitano Discusses Effects Of Sequester On Homeland Security

Dept. of Homeland Security to release immigrant detainees

DHS is mandated by congress to keep 34,000 jail beds available for immigrant detainees, but Napolitano said yesterday the department may not be able to afford those after the across the board cuts.
Giant Goldfish

Giant goldfish found by researchers in Lake Tahoe

Researchers from the University of Nevada, Reno found a four-pound whopper of a goldfish, measuring in at a foot-and-a-half. And it wasn't alone, all told they found 15 other goldfish, which suggests that there are a lot more swimming around. For more we're joined by Dr. Sudeep Chandra, Associate Professor of Conservation Ecology at the University.

Why is horsemeat so taboo in the U.S.?

While horse meat has yet to be found in the U.S., Americans have reacted to the possibility with revulsion. But people in other countries regularly eat horse meat. So why is it such a taboo here?
Forum Mayor Debate

Race for LA mayor: Candidates try to turn around low voter turnout

LA municipal elections are known for low voter turnout, but this year’s mayoral candidates are hoping a small increase in participation may lead them to victory.
Eddie Huang for Take Two
Eddie Huang, owner/chef of BaoHaus in New York, chronicles his unconventional career path in his new book, "Fresh Off the Boat."
Today is Tuesday, that day of the week when new album drops. Here to share some of his personal faves is LA-based music critic Steve Hochman.
Federal Appeals Court Rules Anti-Gay Marriage Bill, Proposition 8 Unconstitutional
A civil war is brewing over gay marriage. At last count, 75 Republicans have signed on to an amicus brief supporting gay marriage. They'll submit that brief to the Supreme Court in support of the suit seeking to strike down Prop 8, California's ballot initiative that banned same-sex marriage.

Survival and Tradition: Why rural Northern Californians want their guns

As communities in Fresno grapple with keeping gangs and guns off the streets, some residents in the rural, forested ranges of Northern California say guns are a means of survival. The California Report's Mina Kim has the story.
Day Of Remembrance Peace Walk Held In Honor Of Trayvon Martin

The Trayvon Martin shooting, one year later

For more on the case, how it was covered by the media and what's happened in the year since, we're joined now by Eric Deggans, media critic for the Tampa Bay Times and author of the book "Race Baiter."

Why we need a new 'Happy Birthday' song

The song you sing before you blow out the candles and cut the cake is aptly named "Happy Birthday to You." Turns out its copyrighted, and while you won't be hauled off to court for singing it at a party, if you run a restaurant, and waiters sing it to patrons, watch out.


Oscars, Schmoscars! Sean Penn wins first annual Ernie award

'While I'm genuinely sorry to not be in the location that Ernie is most likely to be staring down at tonite, if only so I could look up and say "Hey!," I'm very pleased to be acknowledged with anything bearing his name.'

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