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HIV particles, yellow, infect an immune cell, blue.
Scientists say a Mississippi child has been cured of HIV. The research findings, released Sunday, could help cure other HIV-infected newborns.
romney at mgm
In the first interview the Romneys have given since their November loss, they say they're moving on.

After delay, SpaceX Dragon delivery reaches space station

The unmanned capsule will stay in place until the end of March, after dropping off 1,200 pounds of supplies, and return with more than twice that amount.


Producer Of Surgical Masks Sees Increase In Business Amid Swine Flu Fears
TB may be something of an opportunist, invading as defenses are distracted, and employing immune-response trickery to multiply while masquerading as a virus.
Janet Chin, Rosemead City Council candidate
More than two dozen cities are holding council elections on Tuesday, but without the big media budgets and staff, it means candidates hit the streets.
Mercer 5516
His campaign ads for reelection as city attorney continue. His campaign attacks rival Mike Feuer over a campaign consultant's waived fees.
santa monica lifeguard

Gnarly ocean odor prompts swell of emergency calls

As L.A. and Santa Monica fire department officials fielded calls Sunday about a foul odor — a smell they believed to be an ocean-based offender making its way from Santa Monica Bay — the ripe reaction was being casually logged in the permanent record of social media.
south la shooting
Three teenage boys were injured, one critically, in what authorities say was a drive-by shooting in South Los Angeles.
Glendale Civic Auditorium
Supporters and protestors faced off outside the Civic Auditorium for what will likely be the last Glendale Gun Show.
Kim Jong Un, left, and former NBA star Dennis Rodman
North Korea's young leader wants a call from President Barack Obama to chat about their shared love of basketball, according to erstwhile diplomat Dennis Rodman.
It wasn't exactly a mighty victory, but "Jack the Giant Slayer" won the weekend at the box office.
Construction work on L.A.'s busiest freeway finished ahead of schedule and all northbound lanes of Interstate 405 through the Sepulveda Pass have been reopened.


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