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 UC Riverside

Riverside lawmakers renew push for medical school funds

Two state legislators are seeking $15 million annually for the medical school at UC Riverside, which last year won approval to extend its two-year program to four years.
LA Revenge Killings Truck
L.A. has agreed to issue a $40,000 check to compensate newspaper delivery women whose truck was damaged when police shot at it, believing Dorner was inside.
Picture of a painting on a wall represen
Reuters Deputy Social Media Editor Matthew Keys has been indicted for conspiring with members of hacking group Anonymous, who used info he provided to hack the L.A. Times.
L.A. Event Center and NFL Stadium Press Conference

UPDATE: Anschutz: AEG no longer for sale; fate of NFL team uncertain

Billionaire Philip Anschutz has pulled AEG off the market, but he says building a downtown football stadium next to L.A. Live remains a priority.
Authorities say they've found the car of a 20th Century Fox executive who vanished nearly a year ago and they now believe he is dead.
The Apple Store Soho Presents Meet The Cast Of Broadway's "Grace"
Ed Asner's publicist says the 83-year-old actor is out of a Chicago-area hospital after being diagnosed with exhaustion.
police tape

California corrections officials catch parolee after 32 years

Parolee Richard Bradford eluded California corrections officials for 32 years, but they finally caught him in Monrovia over the weekend.
Fresh shark fins dry on the deck of an apprehended fishing boat in a declared shark and manta ray sanctuary located in the eastern region of Indonesia.
A 12-day global wildlife conference concluded on Thursday after granting better protection to hundreds of threatened animal and plant species, including sharks.
Mercer 20510
A shallow marine inversion is in place Thursday morning beneath strong high pressure aloft. Meteorologists warn of visibilities of a quarter-mile or less.
Mercer 5775
The average U.S. rate on the 30-year fixed mortgage rose this week to its highest level in seven months but remains near historic lows.
Newport Beach, CA gas prices March 8 2013
A measure of U.S. wholesale prices rose in February by the most in five months, pushed higher by more expensive gas and pharmaceuticals. But outside those increases, inflation was mild.
Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., during the March 6 filibuster of John Brennan's nomination to be CIA director.  Paul is scheduled to speak Thursday at CPAC.

Will CPAC tell us which way the GOP is headed?

This annual gathering of conservatives is the first since Democrats thwarted Republican efforts to win the White House and U.S. Senate. While there will be some backward glances, the conference is mostly about finding the way forward.
A string of explosions tore through central Baghdad within minutes of each other Thursday, followed by a coordinated assault by gunmen. The attack left at least 22 people dead, dozens wounded.
Orange County firefighters accident
The injuries range from minor to moderate but none of them are life-threatening. The engine was heavily damaged and brought down the top of the tree. No other vehicles were involved.
Pope Francis on Thursday as he left Rome's Santa Maria Maggiore Basilica

Pope Francis begins with prayer, turns to challenges

The first pope from the New World must now confront some old problems. He's begun his first full day as head of the church by slipping out of the Vatican to visit an ancient basilica.
Almond Farm Bees - 1
A nationwide shortage of honeybees could begin harming the global supply of almonds, which are largely grown in California, farmers and biologists say.
Mercer 3674
A coalition of legal aid groups have sued the LA Superior Court for cut backs to tenant eviction court service hearings, claiming it violates the rights of the "vulnerable" and "disabled." Read the complaint.
Fewer Americans sought unemployment aid last week, reducing the average number of weekly applications last month to a five-year low. The drop shows that fewer layoffs are strengthening the job market.


Patt Morrison Patt's Hats
In honor of the College of Cardinals and the papal selection this week … ecclesiastical crimson!
The president continues his diplomatic offensive on Capital Hill. Two members of California's delegation don't think it will change much.
pi day pie
Pi, the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter, is the mathematical constant celebrated every year on Mar. 14 by Greek letter geeks and the people who love them.

Are preschool teachers healthy role models for children?

A University of Texas study of the nutrition knowledge -- and practices -- of a group of preschool teachers may surprise you.
Survey Calls U.S. Traffic Signals Inefficient

Menu symbols could help diners know when to stop, slow down

New research from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign says adding traffic light symbols to menus could help reduce eaters' caloric intake.
Democratic Lawmakers Introduce Assault Weapons Ban of 2013 Legislation
The Senate Judiciary Committee passed the measure along party lines. A vote by the full Senate is yet to be scheduled.
Senate group considers large reduction in family visas as part of immigration deal - Washington Post A compromise that's reportedly being looked at as a way of easing restrictions on high-skilled workers would involve eliminating two family sponsorship visa categories, married adult children and siblings.
The Conclave Of Cardinals Have Elected A New Pope To Lead The World's Catholics

The new pope's lung: In health news today

OnCentral's daily round-up of the health headlines southside Angelenos ought to know about.
lafd ambulance

Maven's Morning Coffee: LAFD to upgrade 911 dispatch

Today is Thursday, March 14 and headlines include LAFD's plans to upgrade 911 dispatch, the closure of county courthouses and Howard Berman becomes a lobbyist.
Terri McDonald, new LA County Jail Chief
The largest jail system in the country has a new manager, Terri McDonald, who takes over as L.A. County’s Assistant Sheriff for Custody on Monday.


The Loh Down On Science

Episode: Chair Potato

Chair Potato

German engineers take a load off.


Episode: AirTalk for March 14, 2013
Premiere Of Tri Star Pictures' "The Call" - Red Carpet
Larry is joined by KPCC film critics Tim Cogshell, Claudia Puig, and Charles Soloman to review the week’s new film releases including The Call, The Incredible Burt Wonderstone, Spring Breakers, and more. TGI-FilmWeek!
Los Angeles Clippers v Los Angeles Lakers
How will the future of AEG affect L.A. sports? Should Anschutz have sold the company?
king Eddy
Is extending alcohol service hours a good idea? Would it make California cities more exciting tourism destinations? Could it put a stress on public transportation or cause more drunk driving accidents? Guest: Mark Leno, Democratic State Senator, 3rd District (San Francisco)

Bringing Woody Guthrie’s ‘House of Earth’ to life

When songwriter and folk hero Woody Guthrie died in 1967 at the age of 55, he left behind paintings, sketches, journals, and over 3,000 songs. His autobiography, "Bound For Glory," was published in 1943 and has become somewhat of a cult classic. But almost 50 years after his death, his only known novel has been published.

Pope Francis takes the pulpit

Ever since Pope Francis was named the new pope yesterday, many are asking, “Who is he?” Will Pope Francis address the issues of the Catholic Church today? Will his papacy bring in reform or will it just pass by unnoticed in history? How will being a Jesuit and Latin American pope influence the papacy?

Take Two

Episode: Take Two for March 14, 2013
Boyle Heights

Neighborhoods: Exploring the rich history and culture of Boyle Heights

Take Two's new series, Neighborhoods, hopes to change what we know, or think we know, about the city. First up, exploring Boyle Heights.
The Samsung Galaxy Experience At SXSW - Opening Day
Samsung unveils its new smartphone, the Galaxy S4, in New York. Could this new iteration of the Galaxy series give the iPhone a run for its money (and its users)?
California Water Wars
Every week we get your weekend conversation starters with Rico Gagliano and Brendan Francis Newnam, the hosts of the Dinner Party radio show
Los Angeles Mayor
It's time for City Hall Pass, your ticket to all the latest political news coming out of downtown Los Angeles with KPCC's political team of Frank Stoltze and Alice Walton. On tap this week, tomorrow's primary election.
Mercer 1428

Monarch butterly populations at lowest point in 20 years

Monarch butterfly populations are at their lowest in 20 years, with a 59 percent drop from just over a year ago. Each year these majestic insects migrate thousands of miles between the upper-U.S. and Canada to northern Mexico and Southern California.
Terri McDonald, new LA County Jail Chief

Getting to know new LA County jails chief Terri McDonald

Los Angeles County is getting a new Assistant Sheriff for custody. In other words a Jails Chief who'll be responsible for running the largest jail system in the country. Monday is Terri McDonald's first day on the job.
Almond Farm Bees - 1

Honeybee shortage could harm world supply of almonds (Photos)

A nationwide shortage of honeybees could begin harming the global supply of almonds, which are largely grown in California, farmers and biologists say.
Sode Stream

Should soft drink companies worry about the Soda Stream?

Soda Stream, the cola DIY is pulling out all the stops to try to make a dent in the American pop market. With more we're joined by Joshua Rothman who wrote about Soda Stream in the The New Yorker.
Veronica Mars
"Veronica Mars" star Kristen Bell and its creator Rob Thomas launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise 2 million bucks for a movie version of the teen drama which debuted in 2004. It worked. In less than 24 hours they raised all the money.
Downtown Los Angeles

FAQ: Does the LA Better Business Bureau still matter?

The LA Better Business Bureau is the first local chapter of the national organization to be expelled since Miami, 25 years ago. But do consumers still care about its ratings?
Work life balance concept

New poll shows more working moms prefer to work full-time

Here with more on the delicate balance between work and family, especially here in Southern California, we're joined by Darby Saxbe, a mother of two who works as assistant professor of psychology at USC.
Earthquake Warning
California's Earthquake Early Warning System gave scientista a 30-second heads up, and that, in the future, might be enough to save lives. Thomas Heaton is the Director of the Earthquake Engineering Research Laboratory at Caltech joins the show with more.


LAPD Lt. Marc Reina, Capt. Beatrice Girmala, Xiomara Padilla-Banks, Darnell Banks, and Capt. Duane Hayakawa in the Miguel Leonard Padilla-Banks soft room at the Hollywood LAPD station.
The Miguel Leonard Padilla Banks soft room is a place at the cold, hard, scary Hollywood police station where kids won't feel quite so scared.

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