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Orange County Lost Hikers
Nicholas Cendoya was found, but Cendoya's hiking companion, Kyndall Jack, 18, is still missing, and searchers continued to look for her.

Both sides rest in Rockefeller impostor's LA murder trial

The defense and prosecution rested their cases in the murder trial of a notorious Rockefeller impostor after his ex-wife called him a consistent liar and "an unpleasant human being."

Pacific Health Corp. closes three of its hospitals

Pacific Health Corp. blames legal costs for the closures. It was fined $7 million for not paying staff, and paid $16.5 million to settle charges of Medicare fraud.
This undated publicity photo provided by Merchant Ivory Productions shows Oscar-winning screenwriter and award-winning novelist Ruth Prawer Jhabvala (center) with film director and producer Ismail Merchant (left) and director James Ivory in a studio. Jhab

Ruth Prawer Jhabvala, 'A Room With a View' screenwriter, dies

Her scripts gave the sprawling Merchant-Ivory films substance. She won her first screenwriting Oscar for "A Room With a View" and her second for "Howard's End."
The utility wants to run one unit at reduced power in time for peak summer season, but opponents remain worried about safety issues.
Los Angeles Traffic
Something bugging you today? Better deal with it now or it may come back to haunt you, study says.
At LA County's Health Expo 2013, you'll be able to check your blood sugar, get an eye exam, take an HIV test, get a dental checkup, and more -- all for free.
jail cell
A Los Angeles woman charged with drowning her two young daughters in a bathtub has killed herself in jail.
Shops and other small firms may be open, but health insurance exchanges will take a little longer before they're ready to offer a full range of health plans for small business customers.

White House hits pause on health exchanges for small businesses

Workers in small businesses will have to wait a year longer than expected to be able to choose from more than one insurance plan in the marketplaces created by the Affordable Care Act.
Rape Conviction Challenged
The woman recanted her claim and offered to help Banks clear his name. That helped lead to the conviction being overturned by a California court and Banks' record cleared.
Expo Venice construction

Expo line bridge construction underway in Culver City (MAP)

Expect traffic delays around Culver City as construction crews start building the new Expo Line bridge that will extend over Venice Boulevard.
Port of Los Angeles Strike
The fake device was metal oil filters, batteries and wires bound with duct tape and black electrical tape. It was discovered by a forklift operator.
Orange County Lost Hikers
The Costa Mesa teens called authorities Sunday night saying they were lost about a mile from their car in Holy Jim Canyon, but their cell phone lost power soon afterward.
President Obama urged Congress to take action on measures to protect children from gun violence while speaking in the East Room of the White House last week. Standing with Obama are Vice President Joe Biden and, according to the White House, law enforceme

Colorado gun laws offer inspiration, cautionary tale for Obama

The president is trying to regain traction for federal gun control measures by visiting states that are moving forward on their own. Today he speaks in Colorado, where public outrage in the wake of mass shootings helped propel new legislation – and opponents promise political payback.
Work Visa Immigration Paperwork File

Are H-1B visa applications an economic indicator?

The demand from American companies for highly skilled immigrants seems to be up this year. And that could mean something is about to change for the overall economy.
The scene at a job fair in Manhattan on March 6.

US job growth slowed in March, survey signals

The privately produced ADP National Employment Report showed less job growth than economists expected. On Friday, the Bureau of Labor Statistics releases its data.
CORRECTION Coast Guard Death
More than 245 bales of pot were recovered before the boat was stopped. The suspects began tossing bales of pot overboard as the boat sped south on Sunday.
hospital bed

Pacific Health Corp. to close 3 Southland hospitals

Emergency rooms will close Wednesday at Bellflower Medical Center, Los Angeles Metropolitan Medical Center and the Hawthorne campus and Newport Specialty Hospital.


According to the Associated Press, an analyst says he's learned that the storied Apple TV set will go on sale late this year for $1,500-$2,500.
Magic Johnson

LA mayor's race: Greuel PAC releases Magic Johnson video

The basketball legend and the mayoral candidate are coming to a website near you – courtesy of an independent group backing her campaign.
Tweeting in North Korea
The latest in a series of escalating warnings, North Korea now says its military has been authorized to wage a nuclear attack on the U.S.
Tobias Dustin Summers
One suspect is charged with sexual assaulting a 10-year old Northridge girl taken from her home last week.
Jimmy Fallon, right, and Jay Leno at the 2013 Golden Globe Awards in Beverly Hills.
As Jay Leno prepares to step down from the iconic show and the program prepares to move back east, Burbank deals with the news.
Students and faculty at Pasadena City College accuse the administration of suspending college newspaper advisor for covering growing tensions over class cancelations.
Government Backs TV Adverts To Promote Healthier Eating

Teen health today indicates high heart disease risk: experts

More than 80 percent of nearly 4,700 teenagers polled were rated as having a poor diet, and about 1 in 3 had less-than-ideal cholesterol levels.
Seen Around Lincoln Center - Day 7 - Spring 2013 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week
Writers from the E! network show “Fashion Police” have filed claims alleging the show broke California labor laws and doesn’t compensate writers for the hours they work.
San Francisco Patients Smoke Marijuana

Mentally ill 7 times more likely to use pot, study says

An addiction specialist said it's "very, very common" for people to believe that using marijuana or other drugs will help alleviate symptoms of mental illness.
fallon leno
The former SNL giggle champion and current late-night host will replace top-rated Leno as "The Tonight Show" leaves Burbank, where it has been since 1972.
Ron Galperin
John Pérez is backing the former chairman of the city's Commission on Revenue Efficiency over termed-out L.A. City Councilman Dennis Zine.
A short documentary film follows Virginia students, many of whom are disabled, as they prepare for a stage project with professional musicians.
Mercer 8146
Border security quandary could kill immigration bill - USA Today From the story: "Lawmakers in the nation's capital are largely in agreement that the border must be secured, but the next battle will be how to secure it — and over what time period.

Maven's Morning Coffee: Wendy Greuel reboots campaign

Today is Wednesday, April 3 and headlines include Wendy Greuel's aggressive reboot, a visit with former Supervisor Ed Edelman, and a look at Republicans in LA.


The Loh Down On Science

Episode: Guppy Love

Guppy Love

It's all relative, say guppies.


Episode: AirTalk for April 3, 2013

The fates of famous corpses

Although we may not keep the organs of deceased loved ones in drawers like Mary Shelley, author of “Frankenstein”, do we still need physical objects to venerate leaders and loved ones? Have societal views towards death shifted? How do we deal with death today? Is it healthy?
Associated Press, long the arbiter of style for journalists, announced a new revision to its Stylebook. “Illegal immigrant” is no longer allowed when referring to someone who is living or immigrating to a country illegally. Immigrant advocates say a change that’s long overdue.
After seven years, the housing market is finally recovering and sale prices are finally up again, according to a recent report by analytics firm CoreLogic. But do these numbers keep away real estate investors?
Carl Hall No. 22 of the Wichita State Shockers dunks the ball in the first half while taking on the Gonzaga Bulldogs during the third round of the NCAA men's basketball tournament in Salt Lake City Saturday.
As we watch the Final Four of both men’s and women’s NCAA basketball this weekend, during commercial breaks we can debate whether student athletes should be paid or if they should play for the pure love of the game and their school.
Mercer 4159

Will this be the Hemp bill that Brown doesn’t veto?

Nearly a dozen states have passed mostly symbolic legislation supporting hemp farming. However federal law still prohibits the business. A new bill in California includes language that could legalize hemp production in California if the federal government changes its hemp laws.
Rutgers Rice Basketball
How far should a coach go to motivate players? According to Rutgers University, men’s basketball coach Mike Rice went way too far. The university fired Rice today, a day after a video of his vitriolic coaching style was put online.

Take Two

Episode: Take Two for April 3, 2013
Academy diversity
A new documentary explores how tattoos have moved from a sign of rebellion to a trendy fashion statement. Plus, share your tattoo stories with us!
A human brain — part of a 2009 exhibition called "Brain: a world inside your head", in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Obama announces new brain-mapping initiative

One of the greatest mysteries of science is right inside your skull: The human brain. Yesterday President Obama announced an initiative to help map our minds.
Drones too expensive for border patrol?

Drone industry boosters pilot controversial local growth plan

When it comes to the controversial unmanned aircraft known as drones, business is booming. That could mean scores of new jobs for San Diego, but privacy defenders say courting the drone industry could cost us our civil liberties.
TO GO WITH Indonesia-animals-environment

Why counting komodo dragons is dangerous business

Their strong jaws and venomous bite make it easy for then to take down evil henchmen, or their preferred prey, water buffalo. But it also makes counting these reptiles a rather dangerous endeavor.
Immigration Activists Demonstrate In Los Angeles
According to the Associated Press, the term illegal immigrant is no longer, well, legal. At least not for newsmedia. The AP, considered to be the guide for many news organizations, is dropping the word altogether.

The Next Mission: Student veterans and a space of their own

It's much easier for student vets to navigate college life if their school has a centralized center coordinating all of the services available for veterans on campus. But not all schools have these centers.
Game of Thrones
HBO's president of programming has said he sees piracy as a "compliment of sorts," but the company is taking the issue very seriously. Brian Steinberg, senior editor at Variety, joins the show with more.

Obama heads to San Francisco for fundraising events

The Washington Post reports that the President's first event is a $5,000 per-person cocktail reception at the home of philanthropist and environmentalist Tom Steyer. His host is hoping not only to raise money for the Democratic party, but also to refocus the political conversation on climate change.
Bull Durham Baseball Movies

The best and worst baseball movies of all time

All this week, we're bringing you different looks at the state of america's past time. Today we're going to talk baseball movies with TV writer, comedian and film expert Mark Jordan Legan.
Glendale City Hall
The race for L.A. mayor is grabbing most of the headlines, but Tuesday's elections in Glendale stand to play a pivotal role in the city's master-plan for development. There is also controversy around the decision to limit languages on ballots to English and Armenian this year.
LA Times
25 years ago today, the Los Angeles Times magazine published a special edition focused on life in the faraway year of 2013. In a lot of ways, it was surprisingly on target, though they didn't predict that the LA Times magazine would cease to exist.
Big East Basketball Tournament - Villanova v Rutgers
Now it's time to take the ball and run through the world of sports with our 1-2 punch, Andy and Brian Kamenetzky, they've covered sports here in L.A. for over a decade with the Times and ESPN.


From Ben Katchor's "Hand-Drying in America"
"This concentration on these minute details is not just to be willfully obscure. It's like a scientist looking at the molecular structure of things. If you really want to see how things work, you have to go down to the small scale."

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