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LA Immigration March - 1
The events will coincide with a large demonstration in Washington calling on Congress to pass comprehensive immigration reform.

UPDATE: Jury convicts Rockefeller impostor of murder

The first-degree murder verdict against Christian Gerhartsreiter came one day after the jury started its deliberations in a Los Angeles courtroom.
A Chicago postal worker protests in support of Saturday mail delivery in February.

US Postal Service: Congress forced it to keep Saturday delivery

The Postal Service says Congress gave it no choice but to continue Saturday mail delivery despite its plan to cut back and save money.
The scene at a gun show in Alabama last month.

Bipartisan bill would extend background checks to gun shows

Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Republican Sen. Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania have a plan that could get bipartisan support. It would close the so-called gun show loophole but allow friends and family members to trade guns without going through background checks.
Spellers wait to participate in the semi-finals of the 2011 Scripps National Spelling Bee.

Thank G-O-O-D-N-E-S-S: National Spelling Bee adds meaning

The National Spelling Bee is adding vocabulary questions to the qualifying tests. It's an effort to ensure that the most visible showcase for really smart kids isn't just a memory competition.
Federal Reserve policymakers are divided over when to end extraordinary measures intended to encourage more borrowing and spending to help stimulate the U.S. economy
Senate Budget committee staffers unpack boxes of President Obama's 2014 budget proposal on Wednesday.

New White House budget has something for everyone to dislike

The White House is gearing up for another difficult budget negotiation with Republicans opposed to tax increases and Democrats who don't like the proposed new math on entitlement benefits.
Students at Tenth Street Elementary out on the playground.

LAUSD to hire 1,000 security aides to watch for threats

Amid deep budget cuts, LA unified is spending $4.5 million to hire 1,000 new aides. The superintendent says he'd rather use the money to hire teachers, but the Newtown, Conn. shootings changed that.
More consumers are watching TV shows on other devices such as a laptop or smart phone. That's causing networks to change the way they market to viewers.


Jan Perry, Candidate for Mayor of Los Angeles

Jan Perry endorses Curren Price for South LA seat

The city councilwoman cited promises of economic development as the reason behind her support of the state senator.
Agency building bullet train wants to borrow money from state while it wrangles in court over plan to spend voter-approved funds.
oscar duncan
A man and a woman accused of taking part in the murder last summer faced their first witnesses in court Wednesday one the first day of their preliminary hearing.
Patt Morrison
The twinset, in russet and camel colors, was my ‘homage’ to Margaret Thatcher, Britain’s first woman prime minister, who died Monday at the Ritz Hotel in London.
"Old school" hip-hopper KDAY 93.5 FM could be facing a format change to a Chinese-language programming.
Senate Budget committee staffers unpack boxes of President Obama's 2014 budget proposal on Wednesday.
President Obama is proposing a tax hike today to pay for his “Preschool for All” plan. The size of the proposed tax is nearly twice earlier estimates: 94 cent per pack of cigarettes.
Downtown Los Angeles Skyline (skyscrapers, crane, construction, LA)
"Pong" on a skyscraper in Philadelphia. Tower-sized "Tetris" in Brazil. Why won't you play with us, L.A. architecture?
Los Angeles Mayor
Picking up on Mayor Villaraigosa's challenge to make education a priority, Greuel invited Garcetti to an instant debate Wednesday afternoon.
Dear Mayor Event
Parking, arts education, transportation and the film industry were among the concerns those in NoHo had for L.A.'s next mayor during Wednesday's "DearMayor cafe town hall.
The defense attorney for the second suspect in the Northridge kidnapping case says evidence isn't being turned over to him quickly enough.
Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in 1981. She died Monday, at the age of 87.
Had the late British PM Margaret Thatcher followed the advice of some of her advisors, and left the Falkland Islands to the Argentines, who knows how much longer the junta would have survived.
Activists March Through Miami Demanding Immigration Reform
A new agreement has been reached over agricultural workers and a Senate bill is expected soon, but there's still uncertainty as to how far it will go.
Visual effects firm Rhythm & Hues is bought by 34X118. A key component of the deal is keeping core business and employees in Hollywood.
Gore congratulates LA, Villaraigosa 06
Today is Wednesday, April 10 and headlines include the mayor's education challenge to candidates, improvement plans at LAX, and a plan to go after "swatting."

Study: Despite sketchy reputation, IUDs are safe for teens

An infamous brand of intrauterine devices killed at least 18 in the early '70s, but the contraception has come a long way since then, say experts.


The Loh Down On Science

Episode: Grading Friendship

Grading Friendship

The impact of teenage social circles.


Episode: AirTalk for April 10, 2013
Shared Medical Appointment

Are shared medical appointments a solution to physician shortages?

Under the Affordable Care Act, a surge of people will need health care, but how will medical professionals be able to accommodate everyone? When Massachusetts law mandated health care coverage, wait times for primary care physicians increased. Physicians started practicing “shared medical appointments” (SMA), where the doctor sees a group of people at once.
Senators Toomey And Mangin Hold Press Conference On Bipartisan Gun Legislation Deal

Is there hope for compromise on gun control in Senate?

Will senators be able to reach a compromise on gun control? Is focusing on individual aspects of the issue the best way to pass legislation? What will happen in the event of a Republican filibuster?
Drought Forces Water Cutbacks To Southern California Farms

Deal reached on migrant farm workers?

Labor groups are fighting to keep the visa cap low and the base wage to be high to ensure that workers are not mistreated. Are the sides moving closer to an agreement? What will it take to make each side satisfied?

Los Angeles targets Chinese 'birth tourists'

Should more be done to keep maternity tourists from coming to Los Angeles? Critics say they are just exploiting the system, but there are also those who say they benefit the local economy, both in the short and long run.
2012 iHeartRadio Music Festival - Day 2 - Backstage
Is it inherently racist to portray a southern white man defending his association with the Confederate flag? Are the sympathetic voices used by both characters a good way to get at the differing world views, or should the white character be presented negatively in the song? If so, would the song be of any interest?
Last night, in his final State of the City address before he ends his term on June 30th, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa touted the advances made during eight years in office. But what improvements do you have the mayor to thank for? Where has he let you down? How will L.A.’s next mayor take his initiatives to the next level?

Take Two®

Episode: Take Two for April 10, 2013
2012 Republican National Convention: Day 2
Here to discuss some of the challenges the Republican Party leadership is facing, and how they might tackle them is John Feehery, longtime GOP strategist with the public affairs firm Quinn, Gillespie and Associates.
Chris Nichols LA Artifacts - 5
Southern California has long fought the battle against smog, and back in 1957, an actor had a novel idea to raise awareness about the issue. He sold smog in a can. No joke.
U.S. Navy's Blue Angels Perform Over Key West
The sequestration axe has fallen on one of U.S. military's biggest attractions. Citing budget cuts, the Navy is grounding the Blue Angels for the rest of 2013.
Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame 2013 Class On Court Announcement

Sports Roundup: NCAA, Jackie Robinson, Lakers and more

It's time for our weekly romp through sports with Andy and Brian Kamenetzky. They've covered the L.A. sports scene for over a decade for the Times and ESPN.

Consumers are using more screens, and companies adapt (poll)

More consumers are watching TV shows on other devices such as a laptop or smart phone. That's causing networks to change the way they market to viewers.

Broadcasters up in arms over signal streaming service

Internet upstart Aereo. make local broadcasts - like ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox and make them streamable. So you'd be able to see them on your iPad or iPhone.
Grand Canyon Mule

Grand Canyon mules to stop delivering packages

For decades mules have delivered mail and care packages to the boatmen and backpackers at Phantom Ranch, a small outpost on the floor of the canyon. But now the company that runs the mule train says it's too much of a burden.
dial 911 emergency
Lawmakers in California have introduced a bill hoping to crack down on a string of pranks called "swatting." The way "swatting" works is someone contacts 911 to report a serious crime or threat at someone else's house, but it turns out to be fake. The prank shows no signs of slowing down.
Activists March Through Miami Demanding Immigration Reform

Immigration reform debate heats up in DC

Rallies are set this afternoon in Washington DC — and in communities up and down California — in support of reform. Tens of thousands of immigrants and their supporters are expected to turn out in DC alone.
College loan debt isn't easing up, and students are struggling to navigate a plethora of obligations.

What could Obama's new budget mean for student loan debt?

Today, President Obama unveils his 2014 budget. In it, he's expected to roll out a new proposal to change student loan interest rates. Joining us for more on this is Mark Kantrowitz, publisher of the financial aid web sites and
Gore congratulates LA, Villaraigosa 06
In his address at UCLA’s Royce Hall, Villaraigosa recounted his accomplishments and sharply criticized the two people seeking to replace him. He said neither City Controller Wendy Greuel nor City Councilman Eric Garcetti is offering “serious discussion” about education issues.


PHOTOS: Instagram Challenge winner alters the LA landscape

Danny Medina is the winner of our Instagram Challenge "Neon Dreams." See his winning image.
Toppled headstones at East LA's neglected Mt Zion cemetery.
Founded in 1916 to bury indigent Jews, the cemetery has been nearly abandoned. Vandals have toppled and tagged headstones, and used others for target practice.

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