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The sheriff’s Transit Services Bureau allowed an especially speedy runner on their team who did not work for the department or any other police agency.
The FBI says man arrested in Mississippi, accused of sending letters containing suspected ricin, the Associated Press reported.
MOCA's Annual Gala "The Artist's Museum Happening" - Cocktail Reception
L.A.'s Museum of Contemporary Art has a $100 million goal for its endowment. New gifts are from former and current trustees.
Letter Sent To MS Senator Roger Wicker Tests Positive For Ricin

How ricin can sicken and kill

Ricin is a naturally occurring toxin that's found in castor beans. Castor-oil plants, the source of beans, are popular with gardeners. Purified ricin can be made pretty easily and used for no-good.
Nation's Lawmakers To Take Up Gun Control Legislation Debate
President Barack Obama says the Senate's opposition to a bill that would have expanded background checks for gun buyers marks a "shameful day" in Washington.
Coachella 2013 Fatigue
Weak line-up? Second weekend fatigue? A sandstorm? KPCC's Ben Bergman presents three theories about why prices are falling. Weigh-in with your own.
The MPAA launches campaign to encourage parents to 'check the box' below a movie's rating for more prominent descriptions of its content.
brett shaad
The deaths of the 30-year-old men in December should be investigated for connections to the bacterial meningitis that killed a West Hollywood attorney, some health advocates said.
Mercer 20060
Six years after entering the US with Fresh & Easy stores across the West, Britain's largest retailer, Tesco, is looking to sell its stores in the US, including 70 in Southern California.
Diplomats said Wednesday that Iran's main uranium enrichment facility have increased the number of high-tech machines that could be used in a nuclear weapons program.
Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher's funeral was held Wednesday at London's St. Paul's Cathedral.

Funeral service for ex-British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher

She was remembered Wednesday at a funeral in London. Queen Elizabeth II was among those in attendance. Thatcher died last week. She was 87.
American Airlines passengers wait in line for a flight at Miami International Airport on Tuesday.

American Airlines 'near normal' after day of flight delays

Thousands of flights were canceled or delayed Tuesday, including at least 10 in Southern California. It was blamed on a glitch in the airline's computerized reservations system.
Mercer 10500

Immigration bill would expedite citizenship for DREAM Act students

The US Senate’s immigration reform bill, introduced Wednesday, would put undocumented students, known as "Dreamers," on an expedited path to citizenship. Read the entire bill.
Flowers, flags and balloons at a memorial in Boston near the site of Monday's explosions.

Boston Marathon explosions: Wednesday's developments

The investigation continues. The FBI and other agencies are appealing to the public for help. The key clue may be in a photo or video taken by a spectator.
Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge Project Complete
The river won't always be able to serve all the residents, businesses, ranchers, Native Americans and farmers who rely upon it in seven states, including California.
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A strong earthquake, about 20 smaller temblors struck a small volcanic island south of Tokyo Wednesday, but causing no danger of a tsunami.

God is in the Garden: Exploring religion and the environment

As we approach Earth Day, KPCC's Molly Peterson asked people from different faith traditions to talk about how their belief system shapes their perspective on the natural world.


Immigration Ceremony
The destination is the same, but the new route will be longer and more complicated, with many more immigrant travelers.
Seen Around Lincoln Center - Day 7 - Spring 2013 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week
“We have earned the right to be a Guild show, we deserve to be a Guild show, and we want to be a Guild show,” “Fashion Police” writer Ned Rice said in a WGA statement.

Rolling hills and wildflowers at Wind Wolves Preserve

Wildflowers are sprinkled throughout the rolling green hills at Wind Wolves Preserve in Bakersfield. This quiet spot is the perfect day trip for a relaxing escape.

New Wendy Greuel ad features high-profile supporters

The mayoral candidate has released her second television ad, this one with U.S. Sen. Barbara Boxer, former mayor Richard Riordan, and Magic Johnson.
 UC Riverside

UC Riverside med school funding heads for critical vote

A bill to increase state funds sailed through the Senate Education Committee, but lawmakers who hold the purse strings will be a tougher sell.
Carmen Trutanich Stock

Former mayoral candidate endorses Carmen Trutanich

Kevin James, who finished third in the mayoral primary, is backing the city attorney for reelection.
All you can eat buffet

Portion awareness does little to prevent overeating: study

The more food that's on people's plates, the more they tend to eat – even if they know that large portion sizes can lead to unhealthy overeating.
Despite a hole in the "bowtie camera" market, Anheuser-Busch has put their money behind developing a "bowtie beer can" and will soon be introducing the new shape of Budweiser to the public.
Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) takes to Senate floor
The California senator's effort had not been expected to pass. She says she will "carry on this fight."
More from Huntington Beach friar Christian Mondor, on his affinity for French Jesuit philosopher Pierre Teilhard de Chardin's views on faith and evolution.
Tesco Opens First Of Its "Fresh & Easy" Stores In L.A
Fresh & Easy’s parent company said Wednesday it is putting the grocery chain up for sale because it didn’t become profitable fast enough.
Dual Language API - 6

California school districts evaluated for achievement gap

Recently we reported on two schools in the Baldwin Park school district that have unique programs: a high school that helps teenage parents stay in school, and an elementary school where teaching a dual language immersion program is yielding top results.
Aja Brown
Voters rejected three-time incumbent Mayor Eric Perrodin, so the runoff will pit newcomer Brown against former mayor Bradley.
Boston Marathon Explosion
Despite reports on CNN and by the AP saying otherwise, no arrests were made in the Boston Marathon bombings when CNN and AP reported there were, according to the FBI and the Boston Police Department.
public radio tattoo
NPR, WNYC, WHYY and This American Life collaborated on a tough and temporary vintage-inspired tattoo collection designed by real tattoo artists.
Portrait Session And CD Signing For Harry Shearer At Book Soup
“Le Show,” a public broadcasting institution hosted by Harry Shearer since 1983, was removed from KCRW’s broadcast schedule effective immediately earlier this week.
Now that the long-awaited Senate immigration reform bill has been formally introduced, immigrants, businesses and others react while opponents build their strategy.
Eric Garcetti Election Campaign

Maven's Morning Coffee: LA mayor's race goes negative

Today is Wednesday, April 17 and headlines include a website knocking Eric Garcetti for never having a real job and a settlement between Carmen Trutanich and his former consultant.
A woman photographs a wall of Barbie dolls

Monster High propels Mattel's first quarter earnings

El-Segundo, Calif.-based Mattel Inc. 1st quarter profit rises on surging sales of American Girl and Monster High while Barbie sales decline.

God is in the octopus' garden: Father Christian Mondor

A lifelong love of the ocean resonates with a Huntington Beach Catholic priest's faith. Father Christian Mondor loves to surf.


The Loh Down On Science

Episode: How we reveal our politics at the supermarket

How we reveal our politics at the supermarket

Can politics reach across the grocery aisle?


Episode: AirTalk for April 17, 2013
Using computer in bed
Revenge porn websites, where an angry ex posts sexually explicit photos or videos of a former lover, have fallen into a legal gray area for decades, but Florida is close to making it illegal to post online nude pictures with identifying information without written consent.
Vitamin Sales Go Up As Consumers Struggle With Cost Of Health Care

Should FDA regulate dietary supplements?

An online letter published by JAMA Internal Medicine calls for more FDA regulations on dietary supplements that contain unapproved ingredients, which are highly recalled.
lafd ambulance
Should firefighters respond to medical emergencies? What is the best way to utilize resources and skills? Is it dangerous to reassign firefighters to ambulance crews?
Letter Sent To MS Senator Roger Wicker Tests Positive For Ricin

Suspicious mail to Obama and Wicker positive for ricin

Suspicious mail that was sent to the White House and to Mississippi Senator Roger Wicker both tested positive for ricin, a deadly poison.

Take Two

Episode: Take Two for April 17, 2013
A student on his way to school walks pas

LAUSD looks to expedite abuse investigations

The Board of Education is now considering a new method of investigating alleged crimes.
Boston Marathon Explosion
Investigators are still piecing together information about the two bombs that detonated Monday afternoon at the Boston Marathon. Meanwhile, here in Los Angeles, security remains heightened at LAX and sporting events.
Petula Clark

Petula Clark makes a pop comeback at age 80

British Singer Petula Clark made a name for herself worldwide in 1964 with this hit – Downtown. She's sold more than 68 million albums, recorded songs in German, Italian and Spanish. She's appeared in dozen of films, hundreds of TV shows. And as if that weren't enough, this year she put out a new album at age 80. She joins the show to talk about her long, successful career.
Golden State Warriors v Los Angeles Lakers

Sports Roundup: Lakers, Pat Summerall, Boston Marathon

It's time for our weekly romp through sports with Andy and Brian Kamenetzky. They've covered the L.A. sports scene for over a decade for the Times and ESPN.

MPAA tweaks ratings system to better-inform parents

The new system, called "Check the Box" by the MPAA, aims to help parents make better decisions about the movies their kids see. CEO Chris Dodd announced the change at the CinemaCon gathering in Las Vegas.
Firearms Maker Smith And Wesson Reports Almost 50 Percent Increase In Sales Revenue
The Senate Public Safety Committee approved several bills, part of a package of measures Democratic leaders are calling the Lifesaving Intelligent Firearms Enforcement Act or just The Life Act.
Ludo and Krissy Lefebvre
People buy tickets for sports games, for movies and concerts, so why not buy a ticket in advance for dinner? That concept is being tested this morning at a brand new LA restaurant called Trois Mec.

Immigration bill would expedite citizenship for DREAM Act students

The US Senate’s immigration reform bill, introduced Wednesday, would put undocumented students, known as "Dreamers," on an expedited path to citizenship. Read the entire bill.
White Abalone
Now scientists are trying to help the white abalone population recover, and they've created special tanks designed to promote abalone reproduction.

God is in the octopus' garden: Father Christian Mondor

A lifelong love of the ocean resonates with a Huntington Beach Catholic priest's faith. Father Christian Mondor loves to surf.
OxyContin Abuse On the Rise

FDA places ban on generic versions of OxyContin

Yesterday, the patent for the drug OxyContin expired, opening up the market for a generic version. But before production of generics could start, the FDA prohibited them.
Immigration Activists Protest Outside Of Marco Rubio Fundraiser
Not everyone holds much hope for the immigration bill introduced in the Senate this morning. Some fear the bipartisan plan will cost California billions of dollars. Ira Mehlman of the Federation for American Immigration Reform is one of those critics, and he joins the show to talk about his concerns.
Shelby Smoak Bleeder
Author Shelby Smoak was born with hemophilia. When he was 11, he contracted HIV from a blood transfusion, but didn't find out about his disease until when he was 18. His new memoir, "Bleeder," begins at this point in his life.
CicLAvia, LA's shared biking experience, plans to expand all the way to the Pacific Ocean this Sunday, but some are worried about public safety after the two explosions that rocked the Boston Marathon this week.


Off-Ramp host John Rabe with Mazda drivers Elliott Skeer, Joel Miller, and Kenton Koch.
Few teens believe their parents about much of anything, making it hard to get even the most important messages across, like: Don't text while you drive! Hence, Project Yellow Light, a program that encourages young drivers to make videos to speak to other kids about the dangers of driving distracted, and offers scholarships for the best videos.
The car didn’t finish in its first big race this year—possibly because it had just been delivered the week before. It finished second in its next two races. This mixed showing reflects its singular, developing technology: it’s probably the only diesel race car on the American auto racing scene today.

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