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A gathering in Oakland looks at the healing potential of psychedelic drugs on hard-to-treat conditions.

Boston Marathon bombings: Boston bomb suspect hospitalized under heavy guard

A Massachusetts college student wanted in the Boston Marathon bombing was captured hiding out in a boat parked in a backyard Friday and his older brother lay dead in a furious 24-hour drama that transfixed the nation and paralyzed the Boston area with fear.

Update: Increased security at LA-area weekend events

At the L.A. Times book festival, one attendee said there's more police than ever, while another said she's looking for suspicious packages in every trash can.
Plant Explosion Texas
Officials are telling residents displaced by the massive fertilizer plant explosion in Texas that tanks on site are leaking gas and causing small fires.
In this image taken from a mobile phone video, the father of Boston bomb suspects, Anzor Tsaraev reacts as he talks to the media about his sons, in his home in the Russian city of Makhachkala on Friday.

Suspects' Chechen Roots Draw Eyes To Russia

Much has been made of the fact that the suspects in the Boston bombings are ethnic Chechens, with links to the volatile North Caucasus region of Russia. Russian reaction to the story, however, appears to be as complex as the region's turbulent history.

Death toll from earthquake in China rises to 156

A powerful earthquake struck the steep hills of China's southwestern Sichuan province on Saturday, leaving at least 156 people dead and more than 5,500 injured.


Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton stumps for Wendy Greuel at iconic LA deli

The former president made an appearance with his favored mayoral candidate, who worked for his administration.

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