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Donald Sterling Son Dies
Coroner's investigators say the death of Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling's son was a drug-related accident.
Ohio Students Receive Meningitis Vaccine
L.A. County health officials say the bacterial meningitis that killed a 33-year-old West Hollywood man isn't the same form that has killed several in New York.
Crime Stock Photo (police caution tape)

Police: 2 arrested in al-Qaida linked Canada plot

Two men were arrested and charged with plotting a terrorist attack against a Canadian passenger train with support from al-Qaida elements in Iran, police said Monday.

South Pasadena man suspected in 27 arsons arrested

A man was in custody Monday for allegedly setting or trying to set a series of fires in South Pasadena, Pasadena and Los Angeles, police said.
Woodstock 40th Anniversary Blu-ray Release Party
Havens, a folk singer and guitarist, performed at the 1969 Woodstock Festival. He returned to the site during the 40th anniversary in 2009.
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ESL classes to face increased demand with immigration reform

Immigration reform bill’s requirement that visa applicants learn English will seriously strain a system that was just subjected to deep budget cuts.
A portrait is projected on the walls of a building as part of a project promoting art through re-evaluating urban spaces and buildings in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on Nov. 22.

In gritty Sao Paulo, artists take to the streets

Brazil's largest city is more about business than art. But a new crop of creators is trying to change that by sprucing up public spaces.
Matthew Keys provided the hacking group Anonymous with login information to access the computer system of The Tribune Co., the LA Times' parent company.
Memorials And Sunday Services Held In Honor Of Boston Marathon Bombing Victims
The charges represented a decision by the Obama administration to prosecute him in the federal court system instead of trying him as an enemy combatant. Read the entire complaint.
Monrovia Brush Fire
Smoke from the smoldering blaze is apparently sending the animals down into residential areas. Animal control officers are on call to usher the bears back into their habitat.
The best coffee comes from high altitudes with a warm climate like in Huehuetenango, Guatemala.

How coffee brings the world together

Coffee is social stimulant, solitary pleasure and intellectual catalyst. It also connects us to far corners of the globe. From small specialty farms in Guatemala to industrial operations in Brazil, the morning cup of Joe makes quite a journey.
This Seattle building, a project by the Bullitt Foundation, is said to be the world's greenest office building. It uses a weather station to conserve energy, creates lighting via photovoltaic cells on the roof and features composting toilets.
The Bullitt Foundation's new Seattle headquarters, billed as the world's "greenest" building, is designed to be entirely self-sustaining. The developers hope it will inspire others to build this way.
Ken Caldeira of the Carnegie Institution for Science takes a water sample during his experiment on part of the Great Barrier Reef. The water is slightly pink because his team is using a dye to trace an acid-neutralizing chemical as it flows across the ree

This scientist aims high to save the Earth's coral reefs

Ken Caldeira is trying to come up with a solution to the problem of increasingly acid oceans: antacids for coral reefs. That might keep the reefs from being destroyed by fossil fuels. And that's not his only big idea. But even Caldeira admits that his audacious plan could fail.
07 - LAX Tom Bradley International Terminal
An LAX spokesman said about 70 flights had delays of about an hour or more Sunday, but could not definitely say if it was due to staffing. The delays seem to have eased Monday morning.
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Patt Morrison recycles, and 6 other ways to go green on Earth Day

"In restaurants, after the meal, I take all the glasses of leftover water on my table and carry them outside to dump into grass or plants," said KPCC Host Patt Morrison.
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Ceremonial plantings of 24 clones from California's mighty coastal redwoods were taking place in seven nations: Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain, Ireland, Canada, Germany and the U.S.
Isidore Recycling
Besides recycling cans and bottles, what about old eye glasses and greeting cards? Those can be recycled, too, along with other obscure items.
home sales sold for sale sale
Sales of previously occupied U.S. homes dipped in March as the supply remained tight, though the pace remained ahead of last year's
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A U.N. nuclear watchdog team said Japan may need longer than the projected 40 years to decommission its tsunami-crippled nuclear plant.

Kaiser program reduces Vicodin and Oxycontin prescriptions

Kaiser program teaches the company's doctors how to safely prescribe pain medication. Vicodyn and Oxycontin prescriptions plummeted.
police tape

1 dead, 1 hurt in car crash at Indio raceway

The woman was killed during a recreational ride that was not part of a sanctioned race, while the driver was airlifted to a hospital with major injuries.
Dear Mayor Event
You told us what's important to you over the past couple of weeks. Here's how Eric Garcetti and Wendy Greuel stand on those issues. (And hear them debate tonight on 89.3 KPCC!)

Garcetti, Greuel face off in LA mayoral debate

Eric Garcetti and Wendy Greuel face off in a live debate. The debate at USC's Health Sciences Campus is their third since they took the top two spots in the March 5 primary.


LA Mayoral Debate - April 22, 2013

Video: Eric Garcetti, Wendy Greuel go on the attack in LA mayoral debate

Mayoral candidates Wendy Greuel and Eric Garcetti attacked one another over questions of integrity Monday during a debate sponsored by KPCC, NBC 4, Telemundo and USC.
Learn more about putting cinnamon in your lungs and why that's bad.
FBI's "No Fly List" challenged in court
The Transportation Security Administration said Monday it want to hear from the traveling public and those who work in commercial air travel.
Incident involved a teacher and third grade students. The breach could invalidate API scores for the school and Burbank Unified.
Fund helps crime victims pay for healthcare, counseling, relocation and other expenses. Money for the fund comes mostly from court-ordered restitution.
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Teen pregnancy ups chances of obesity down the road: study

In a new study, women who'd first given birth between the ages of 13 and 19 were 32 percent more likely to become obese than women who'd given birth later than that.
They testified they'd witnessed a drunk driving offense when they hadn't. One officer has been dismissed from the force; the other faces a departmental hearing.
Newborn Chihuahua Is One Of The World's Smallest Puppies
They're serious. Dry food and treats. All sizes. All products. All varieties. All UPCs. All lot codes. Click to see the complete list.
Everyone's a scientist at the museum's new outdoor learning lab. This 3 1/2 acre "nature gardens" will serve as the homebase for biodiversity studies.

Immigration bill again debated in Senate committee

US border security still the main concern for foes; of immigration bill; a third day of hearing added to the debate schedule.
LA City Budget

LA Mayor Villaraigosa seeks to renegotiate pay raises

Mayor's $7.7 billion budget proposal calls for the renegotiation of pay increases for city workers scheduled to take effect next January.
Historians used to think of Athens, Sparta, and Corinth as the real thing, and their Italian colonies as backwaters of little importance. Now, they believe some of the highest advancements of Greek art (and even science) were happening not in the great Attic cities but on Greek civilization’s westernmost fringes. Like Sicily.
Community Garden (A Place Called Home)

Community gardening may help keep off the pounds: study

Maintaining a plot in a community garden seems to help the people who do it maintain a healthier weight, according to new research.
People gather at a makeshift memorial for victims of the Boston Marathon bombings at the edge of the still-closed section of Boylston Street. The surviving suspect in the case, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, remains in the hospital.
Last week's bombings in Boston have by now become part of the immigration reform debate, with reform advocates pushing back against the threat of delays to a Senate reform package.
Los Angeles City Hall

Maven's Morning Coffee: a new poll in the mayor's race

Today is Monday, April 22 and headlines include a Los Angeles Times poll in the mayor's race, an old claim against Dennis Zine, and a special election in the Valley.
The Office of Victim and Survivor Rights and Services is highlighting its work in honor of Victims Rights Week.
Joe's Jeans Factory - 01
Despite a sluggish economy, designer jeans haven’t gone out of fashion and that’s a great fit – and profit – for Southern California jeans makers.


The Loh Life

Episode: Lean Sideways, Part 1: Leaning in, taking a whiff, leaning out

Lean Sideways, Part 1: Leaning In, Taking a Whiff, Leaning Out

Sandra Tsing Loh...

The Loh Down On Science

Episode: Why salt is bad for plants

Salt is a turnoff for plant roots

A "fight or flight" response . . . in plants?


Episode: AirTalk for April 22, 2013

CicLAvia swarms LA’s streets

Did you participate in CicLAvia? Were you caught in traffic related to the celebration of cycling? Do you think this could be a long-lasting tradition for Los Angeles?
Police Converge Mass
After a weekend spent hospitalized, sedated, and in serious condition, Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is awake and answering questions from investigators in writing.
Memorials And Sunday Services Held In Honor Of Boston Marathon Bombing Victims

Boston bombing suspect has been charged

Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is after a weekend spent sedated and in and out of consciousness. Tsarnaev was apprehended Friday after a manhunt that shut down the city of Boston for an entire day, and has been hospitalized and in serious condition since.
Uncle Of Boston Bombers Addresses The Media Outside His Montgomery Village Home
The manhunt for Boston bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was a big week for social media but unfortunately much of the information being passed around was wrong. Redditors listening in on police scanners quickly broadcast the names of innocent people as suspects, and even mainstream media fell down on the job as they attempted to cover breaking news.
FAA To Shut Down Air Traffic Control Tower At L.A.'s Whiteman Airport

Furloughs of air traffic controllers kick in at LAX

Furloughs of air traffic controllers at the Los Angeles International Airport began yesterday as part of the across-the-board government cuts known as "sequestration."

Take Two

Episode: Take Two for April 22, 2013
Kids Earth Day Books

The best Earth Day books for kids

Our favorite children's librarian Mara Alpert is here to share some great green selections.
Bilingual Education Series

School funding plan takes stage in budget talks

A recent opinion poll found more than 70 percent of Californians support the Governor's proposal to spend more of the state's budget for K-12 on English learners and low-income students. The conversation in Sacramento is about to kick into high gear as budget negotiations continue, but it's been buzzing for some time now in the rest of the state.
Back in November, voters passed Measure B, which requires adult film productions to obtain health permits before shooting, as well as mandating the use of condoms in sex scenes. The measure passed with 56 percent of the vote.
Dear Mayor Event
LA mayoral hopefuls Eric Garcetti and Wendy Greuel face off tonight in a live TV debate. The two candidates are battling to succeed Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. Over the past few weeks, KPCC asked L.A. residents about their top issues.

Mayor Villaraigosa unveils new $7.7 billion budget plan

The current mayor, Antonio Villaraigosa, unveils his budget for the upcoming year, and it's a prettier picture than you might expect. Here with the details is KPCC's Alice Walton.
OxyContin Abuse On the Rise

Kaiser program reduces Vicodin and Oxycontin prescriptions

Kaiser program teaches the company's doctors how to safely prescribe pain medication. Vicodin and OxyContin prescriptions plummeted.
James Deen
Among the most vocal opponents of mandating condoms on adult film sets has been porn star James Deen. KPCC's Josie Huang visited Deen on set to learn what's behind his growing fame.
The genocide trial of former Guatemalan dictator Efrain Rios Montt has been put on hold, after the judge in the case refused to follow another judge's ruling that the case should be retried.
The Group Of Senators Dubbed The "Gang Of 8" Hold News Conference On Immigration Legislation
Revelations about the immigration status of the two suspects in last week's bombing in Boston might force lawmakers to rethink parts of the bill. In addition, pet projects hidden in the bill are beginning to raise questions about the initial agreements between labor and business.
The smoke stacks at American Electric Po

Quitting coal cuts carbon, but costs customers

Los Angeles plans to go coal free by 2025 to reduce carbon emissions. While great for Earth Day, quitting coal will have ripple effects on the region, not to mention ratepayers.
Los Angeles International Airport
Fliers experienced three-hour flight delays this weekend at LAX as a result of nationwide furloughs throughout the airline industry. Those came about because of the sequestration that was passed a couple of months ago.
Oblivion Tom Cruise
LA Times entertainment reporter Rebecca Keegan joins us for her regular Monday update of the latest from Hollywood.

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