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Coldwater Canyon Avenue reopens 2 days early

After a month of heavy construction to replace a nearly century-old water line, the six-day-a-week closures of Coldwater Canyon Avenue end Tuesday night.
Riverside will become the first county in California to allow inmates to join state fire fighting crews, after a unanimous vote by county supervisors.
San Onofre Nuclear Plant
The L.A. City Council wants federal regulators to move slowly and cautiously before deciding if SoCal Edison can fire up its troubled San Onofre nuclear power plant.
LA Police Shootings

LA reaches $4.2 million settlement with women fired on in Dorner manhunt

L.A. has reached a $4.2 million settlement on injury claims by women injured when police mistakenly opened fire on them during the manhunt for disgruntled ex-cop Christopher Dorner.
Brush Fire
The fire in Monrovia this weekend burned hot and fast. Officials say that blaze and other factors point to a difficult and dangerous fire season this year.

Charges dropped against man accused of sending ricin-laced letter to Obama

Charges were dropped against the Mississippi man accused of sending ricin-laced letters to President Barack Obama and others, while authorities searched another man's home.
Sylmar-based Quallion opens a new materials plant in Santa Clarita expected to create up to 50 new jobs.

LA County Assessor John Noguez faces 11 new criminal charges

Prosecutors Tuesday charged Los Angeles County Assessor John Noguez with 11 additional counts of misappropriating public funds.

Court approves Anheuser-Busch InBev deal to buy Grupo Modelo

It allows the mammoth beer corporation to complete its purchase of Grupo Modelo, a Mexico-based brewer that produces Corona, Pacifico, and other beers.
Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus, a Montana Democrat, will not seek a seventh term in 2014.

Max Baucus to retire; Republicans eye his seat for 2014

The influential red-state Democrat from Montana who helped craft Obamacare but bucked his party last week in voting against expanded background checks for gun sales, will retire in 2014. He becomes the sixth Senate Democrat to announce a pending retirement.

Wall Street anxious over Apple 1st-quarter earnings

Investors have cooled on the once high-flying tech leader, and its share price has plummeted in recent months. Some analysts expect Apple's earnings to decline.
East Los Angeles has three of the top 10 most polluted ZIP codes in California, according to a new tool developed by state environmental officials. Explore our map to see where your area ranks.
Prosecutors may retry five former Bell City Council members, convicted of public corruption charges. A decision is expected Tuesday.
Prop 8 - 8
Opponents of the law say France is not ready to legalize adoption for same-sex couples, and polls show France sharply divided on the issue.
In Boston on Monday, and in other places across the nation, people gathered for a moment of silence to honor the victims of the marathon bombing.

Boston Marathon bombings: No increase in fear after attacks

While most think terrorism is a "part of life in the future," the percentage who say they are "very" worried about another attack has not gone up significantly, a Pew Research Center poll found.
Soon after authorities distributed this image of Dzhokhar (at left) and Tamerlan Tsarnaev near the finish line of the Boston Marathon just before bombs exploded there, the brothers allegedly killed an MIT police officer, carjacked a vehicle and engaged in
Dzhokhar Tsarnaev remains hospitalized and has been giving investigators some information, they said. The picture of what he and his brother Tamerlan allegedly did could change as the investigation continues. Dzhokhar could get the death penalty if convicted.
The LA Times says a staff report recommends that supervisors oppose a broad ban and let cities decide for themselves whether to allow the fires on OC beaches.
John Rippo in July 2012 in a coffeehouse called Espresso Mio, in San Diego's Mission Hills neighborhood.

Newspaper takes the pulse of San Diego coffee culture

"The Espresso," a newspaper for "cafe society," captures the local coffee shop scene with juicy vignettes in a gossip column. The publisher says he was inspired by European periodicals written for the cafe intelligentsia.
Ruiz 1
Politico says Ruiz's win underscored the theme of the 2012 election: the growing sway of Latinos in American politics. And Ruiz makes sure his office takes care of his constituents.
Ask Emily

Ask Emily: Obamacare and small business, low income Californians

This week, California HealthCare Foundation's columnist Emily Bazar answers your questions about Obamacare and how it will apply in a small business or for someone with limited means.


Yuma Tent Coachella 2013
Jimmy Kimmel Live's "Lie Witness News" went to the desert and what they found was a collection of Coachella kids going gaga over fake bands.
The state's burgeoning population of vets includes more than 60,000 former service members who will wait more than a year to access benefits.
Juri Ripinsky served time for financial crimes in the 1990s. But a few years later, his Hollywood development project won support from both mayoral candidates.
Shootings In Cambridge, Watertown Draw Massive Police Response
News of last week's horrific bombing at the finish line of the Boston Marathon broke rapidly. As in all such fluid situations, a lot of bad information was mixed in with the good.
State officials have a week and a half to come up with a plan to lower California's prison population by another 9,000 inmates. How will they do it?
City Hall Lawn
Green space can be a scarce commodity in Los Angeles - and a neighborhood that's lean on green could have long term effects on your overall happiness.
“Mad Men” star Jon Hamm also had a recurring role on “30 Rock," but this past Sunday featured the two shows' most subtle interaction yet.
Five students at Paramount High School were selected as Gates Millennium Scholars. That many awards for the minority scholarship are rare.
Immigration Activists Demonstrate In Los Angeles
Activists trying to convince news organizations to stop using "illegal immigrant" take it a step further, protesting and delivering petitions to the newspaper. This afternoon the Times announced it would tweak its style.
Bear Mountain Dorner Manhunt
His attorney says the report about the ex-cop's abandoned truck directed the Dorner search to the Big Bear area and the eventual end of the search.
Richmond, CA Hit Hard By Foreclosures
The amount of California houses and condos starting the foreclosure process dropped to its lowest level in more than seven years, said San Diego-based DataQuick.

Senate hearing branches out from Boston bombing concerns

Judiciary Committee members continue questioning security elements of immigration bill, while Dianne Feinstein requests update on fraudulent schools.
AP Twitter hack
Several Associated Press Twitter accounts were hacked Tuesday, sending out false reports of an explosion at the White House.
Senate immigration reform hearings continue for a third day, with the Boston bombings still overshadowing the debate. This and more.

Maven's Morning Coffee: TV debate in the mayor's race

Today is Tuesday, April 23 and headlines include a testy debate between the mayoral candidates, a look at the Million Trees plan, and some movement in the assessor's case.


Business Update with Mark Lacter

Episode: Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa's spending plan

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa's spending plan

KPCC's business analyst Mark Lacter weighs-in on the mayor's proposed budget.

The Loh Down On Science

Episode: How your cell phone can measure rainfall

Measuring rainfall with cell phones

One more thing cell phones can do.


Episode: AirTalk for April 23, 2013

How successful people become successful

In his book “Give and Take,” Adam Grant explores the different ways people rise through the ranks on their way to extreme success. Can you be a giver without being a doormat? Is it better to take anything you can without returning favors, or to “match” those who give you help?
Dow Drops Sharply On Job Creation Report

Hacked AP Twitter account sends Dow Jones down

The Associated Press’ Twitter account was hacked today and the perpetrator sent out a fake tweet saying that President Obama was injured in an explosion at the White House. Minutes later, the AP announced that the tweet was fake, but enough people had read the hacked tweet to cause the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the S&P 500 to both plummet.
Security Is Tightened Ahead Of G20 Leaders' Summit
The LAPD estimates over 300 security cameras to cover the entire city. Should Los Angeles install more surveillance cameras? Do cameras deter crime? Would you be uncomfortable with “Big Brother” watching or is it worth it to prevent future tragedies?
Mercer 19042

Hawthorne schools install palm scanners in lunch lines

Are palm scanners a safe and effective way to speed up the lunch line? Are they necessary? How could they be used in the future?

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa unveils new budget

L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa yesterday unveiled a $7.7-billion budget that closes a projected $216 million deficit without resorting to layoffs or furloughs.
New Report Finds That S.F. Infrastructure Unprepared For Major Earthquake
Does public safety override property owners' concerns about cost? Is it practical to have this requirement in a city like Los Angeles with such a high rate of low-income housing? Who would be responsible if a building owner couldn't pay?
WHO Urges Smokers To Quit On World No Tobacco Day
Would the proposed legislation have much of an impact? Would young smokers go outside the city to purchase cigarettes? Is it appropriate to restrict access to legal goods for users over the age of 18?
Funeral Held For MIT Police Officer Killed By Boston Marathon Bombers

More questions and answers in Boston bombing case

As Boston bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev begins to answer questions from investigators, new details are emerging about the motivation behind the attack.

Take Two

Episode: Take Two for April 23, 2013
Secret Stairs

What's behind LA's secret staircases?

Tucked into the hillsides of San Francisco and Los Angeles are lots and lots of hidden public staircases. They help pedestrians get from point A to point B a lot faster, and they also make for a great workout. But how did this idea get started?
Art Of The Clean Up
The artist's latest work, "The Art of Clean-Up, Life Made Neat and Tidy," reorders and reorganizes items of every day life.
Don Yeomans

Two JPL scientists make Time's 100 Most Influential list

Don Yeomans and Richard Cook from NASA/JPL were recently featured on Time Magazine's 100 most influential people list.
Williams Fire Burns In The Angeles National Forest

Riverside County considers using inmates to fight fires

The Riverside County board of Supervisors is considering a proposal to allow as many as 200 of their local inmates to battle fires in California. Prisoners have long played an important role in firefighting in this state, but that's changed recently thanks to prison realignment.
Ruiz 1

The Congressman will see you now: Rep. Ruiz comes home

Politico says Ruiz's win underscored the theme of the 2012 election: the growing sway of Latinos in American politics. And Ruiz makes sure his office takes care of his constituents.

Mayoral debate between Garcetti and Greuel gets heated

It was a firey night for the two Los Angeles mayoral candidates. Last night, Eric Garcetti and Wendy Greuel squared off in a heated debate at the USC health science campus. There are just four weeks left before voters head to the polls.
Nia Vardalos Alex Cohen
Being a parent is never easy, but for many it can be overwhelming, especially when it happens almost overnight. Actress Nia Vardalos, star of My Big Fat Greek Wedding, chronicles her path to parenthood in her new book, "Instant Mom.
50 Los Angeles-Area Children Sworn In As U.S. Citizens
For more on the path to citizenship as it stands now and how that might change, we're joined now by Angelo Paparelli, an immigration attorney here in Los Angeles.
House Democrats Speak To Media After Party Conference Meeting
While the Senate's Gang of Eight is debating their immigration bill, a bipartisan group of eight congressmen are working on their own immigration reform proposal.
2013 Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival - Day 3
Now it's time for Tuesday Reviewsday, our weekly new music segment. With us today is Shirley Halperin, music editor from The Hollywood Reporter, and music supervisor Morgan Rhodes.

New project maps the greenness of cities

A new project lead by environmental historian Jon Christensen maps out the greenness of cities around the country and compares that with data about wealth, crime, infrastructure.

Is it about time for an Internet sales tax?

A Senate bill that would require online retailers to collect state and local sales tax for purchases they ship to customers survived a procedural vote, and is expected to be approved later in the week.

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