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A woman wearing a mask rides past a KFC restaurant in Shanghai last month. Food scares and the bird flu haven't stopped many chicken lovers in the city from visiting KFC and other restaurants.
Even after dead pigs washed ashore in a Shanghai river, bird flu appeared at poultry markets. and a recent rat meat scandal, Shanghai's omnivores continue to enjoy KFC and Kung Pao Chicken.
UCSF Cancer Center Uses Latest Technologies To Battle Cancer
The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services issues a list of prices for 100 procedures at 3,300 U.S. hospitals. Critics say the information just confuses the issue.
A photo taken by the Nazis during World War II shows a room filled with stolen art at the Jeu de Paume museum in Paris. Using improved technology and the Internet, the French government is making a renewed push to track down the rightful owners of art loo

In France, a renewed push to return art looted by Nazis

Nearly seven decades after the end of World War II, the Internet and improved technology have helped locate the rightful owners of art looted by the Nazis, but it's still a painstaking process.
Gregory Hicks testifies Wednesday about the Benghazi attack before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, while Mark Thompson, left, and Eric Nordstrom, listen.

Witnesses relate frustration over response to Benghazi attack

Three witnesses, billed as whistle-blowers, expressed sadness and frustration with how the military and White House responded to the Sept. 11, 2012, attack that killed the U.S. ambassador.
2010 Winter TCA Tour - Day 6

Scientist Stephen Hawking to boycott Israeli conference

Hawking is one of the most prominent figures to join the academic boycott of the Jewish state. His decision has been criticized and labeled hypocritical.
Anaheim City Council Meeting
Anaheim voters should decide whether to elect city council members by district, according to a recommendation by the citizens advisory committee, which holds its final meeting tomorrow.
police tape
The L.A. City Council approved a $50,000 reward to help find the killer of Emmanuel Vargas, who was gunned down last June. Police say they have few leads in the case.
Homebrewing will become legal in all 50 U.S. states, if Alabama's governor signs a recently passed bill. In March, Mississippi approved a bill that will take effect this summer.

Homebrewing: Soon to be legal in all 50 states

The Alabama legislature has approved a bill making it legal to brew beer at home. If Gov. Robert Bentley signs the bill, homebrewing will be legal in all 50 states.
Defendant Jodi Arias looks to her family during closing arguments during her trial on Friday.

Jodi Arias found guilty of murdering boyfriend

The four-month trial in Phoenix, with its lurid details of the couple's sexual escapades, became a media sensation.
Orange police want the public’s help to find a Cal State Fullerton student and Iraq war veteran who’s been missing since last week. "There's no trace of her," her sister said.
A cargo ship stands on Long Beach
The LA City Council voted 11 to 2 in favor of the $500 million project, known as the Southern California International Gateway. An environmental group vows to sue.
Springs Fire Los Angeles 2013 Camarillo
Southern California firefighters continue to patrol the big wildfire burn area near Camarillo and Thousand Oaks.
Jeffrey Skilling, ex-Enron Corp. CEO
Convicted ex-Enron Corp. CEO Jeffrey Skilling's 24-year prison sentence for his role in the collapse of energy firm could be reduced by as much as 10 years
L.A. County authorities have released the names of two people who were killed in a collision with another plane that ended with one aircraft crashing.
Crime Stock Photo (police caution tape)
Four federal law enforcement officers officers have been arrested on accusations of accepting bribes to help foreigners enter the country.
Safe Sleep for Baby PSA English
Officials launch aggressive campaign to convince parents to stop sleeping habits with their babies, saying co-sleeping and other hazards kill a baby every five days.
The city’s economic woes haven’t impacted salaries at the LADWP, where employees saw their pay increase an average of 15 percent over the last five years.
UCSF Cancer Center
A new genetic test to gauge the aggressiveness of prostate cancer may help tens of thousands of men decide whether to treat or monitor their cancer.
A South Korean former "comfort woman"
Japan says it conducted limited investigation before claiming there was no official evidence its troops coerced Asian women into sex slavery during World War II.
Mortgage giant Freddie Mac earned $4.6 billion from January through March, helped by a stronger housing market.
Discovery Science Center
The Discovery Science Center will be moving into the former home of the Children's Museum of Los Angeles at the Hansen Dam Recreation Area.


Mercer 8150

California Speaker calls for new rainy day fund

Who says it never rains in California? Assembly Speaker John Pérez says saving surplus dollars would shelter state budget from volatile tax revenues.
2nd Annual Revolver Golden Gods Awards - Show
Heavy metal band As I Lay Dying has posted a message to their fans about the arrest of their frontman Tim Lambesis in an alleged murder-for-hire plot .
They come to Capitol Hill because that's where the money is. In addition to dollars, county execs also offer input on the proposed immigration bill.
Fighting for his political life, City Attorney Carmen Trutanich turns to his predecessor, Rocky Delgadillo, for help.
male harbor seal
Prepare to hug your computer. Here are 7 brand new baby seal photos to remind you why you love baby seal photos.
A commercial for the University of Phoenix includes the Metro Red Line going through downtown Los Angeles — in the air, right past the Bonaventure Hotel.
More than 3,000 students are expected to attend Los Angeles Unified School District's Take Action talent show on Saturday at Paramount Studios.
Jeanne Cooper
CBS says Jeanne Cooper, soap opera star of the network's "The Young and the Restless" for nearly 40 years, has died at the age of 84.
Source Family Poster

'The Source Family' documents a famous 1970s LA cult

'The Source Family' will have a one week run at Cinefamily, including appearances by original members of the cult and a reunion of psychedelic band Yahowa 13.

Is there money trouble in Wendy Greuel's campaign?

The mayoral candidate pulled TV ads from her own campaign, but independent committees working on her behalf continue to spend heavily.
Netflix has tried to reposition itself as online HBO instead of online Blockbuster, and now they're taking the hype for new episodes of "Arrested Development" on the road.
USC-LAPD Party Meeting
Students described the police response as excessive and said it was because the revelers were mostly students of color. LAPD leaders deny the allegations.
San Francisco Sees Rise In Residential Construction Projects As Tech Sector Grows
Hundreds of amendments are proposed to the Senate immigration reform bill, more foreign-born workers are being fatally injured, and Disney will not be trademarking 'Dia de Los Muertos' after all. This and more.
Two children focused on an iPad
As "educational" apps multiply by the day, research is only starting to keep up. One preschool director bans screens in her classrooms, saying they kill creativity.
Wendy Greuel
Today is Wednesday, May 8 and headlines include the suspension of TV ads for Wendy Greuel, San Bernardino's LAX lawsuit, and Mayor Villaraigosa's trip to China.

Can a lack of modern tech know-how affect cyberbullying?

A recent study found almost 1 in 6 high school students reported being cyberbullied over the past year. A leader of a South L.A. nonprofit said young people posting racy photos of others is one common form of cyberbullying in that community.


The Loh Down On Science

Episode: How muscles create force will surprise you

How muscles create force will surprise you

Carp put the sqeeze on snails.


Episode: AirTalk for May 8, 2013
Charles Ramsey
The drama of the Cleveland kidnapping story yesterday could be eclipsed only by the comedic candor of kidnapping rescuer Charles Ramsey. Television cameras captured Ramsey recounting the story and anyone with an ear for good clip knew it was gold.
Mercer 15060
What can Congress change to protect members of the military without weakening the system? Who should deal with incidents within the military’s ranks? Is the high number of assaults a reflection of increased offenses or better reporting?
Safe Sleep for Baby PSA English

Is sharing a bed with your infant safe?

Do you co-sleep or share a bed with your infant? Do you think it’s safe? What are the risks of bed-sharing?
Los Angeles
Have you noticed a trend? What's your prefered style? How do you pronounce Hermosa Beach? What about Cesar E. Chavez Avenue or the Chavez Ravine?
Wild Card Playoffs - Seattle Seahawks v Washington Redskins
Washington D.C. councilman David Grosso has put forth a new resolution asking the city’s pro football team to change its name. Though there’s some debate as to the origin of the term ‘Redskins’, the phrase has often been described as offensive to Native Americans.
Does this increase the odds Christie is seeking a presidential run? Does this increase his chances of a successful bid? Did Christie take the easy way out by having surgery instead of losing weight by dieting or working out? Is this a case of "Damned if you do and damned if you don't?"

Take Two

Episode: Take Two for May 8, 2013
Mountain Lions - 1
All week we're doing a series on wild animals that live in the city. So far we've looked at coyotes and roadrunners, but now reporter Jed Kim reports on the status of the California mountain lion.
The backlash was hard and it was swift after word spread yesterday that the Walt Disney Company filed to trademark the term "Dia de los Muertos" for an upcoming film.
A man plays poker on his computer connec

Tribes working on plan to legalize online poker

Last week, Nevada became host to the first legal online poker site in the nation. Native American tribes in California are now considering following suit.

Announcing the winners of the LA2050 project

The LA2050 project by the Goldhirsh Foundation asked organizations across the city what they would do to fix problems in key categories like Education and Housing. Organizations put their ideas online, and people across the city voted for their favorites in each category.
California Report

Deported from the U.S., some in Mexico make homes underground

The immigration debate offers a glimmer of hope for an estimated 11 million people living here illegally, eager to come away from the shadows. But for those already deported, re-starting lives can be hard.

US treasury sanctions Sinaloa drug cartel bosses

Yesterday, the Treasury Department announced its yearlong investigation had identified eight key players in Mexico's drug business. The government also introduced financial sanctions which it believes will weaken the powerful and violent Sinaloa cartel.
Let's say you're an average, undocumented immigrant living here in LA county. Who would you be, and what would your life be like?
Rancho Sierra Vista

What LA's booming coyote population means for the roadrunner

All week we're doing a series on wild animals that live in the city. And when you look at the age-old struggle between coyotes and roadrunners, at least in the cartoon, its the roadrunner that always succeeds.
The Group Of Senators Dubbed The "Gang Of 8" Hold News Conference On Immigration Legislation
The Senate's Gang of Eight continues to hash out immigration reform. Yesterday, Florida Senator and Gang of Eight member Marco Rubio met with conservative Tea Party leaders and conservative republicans to talk about their views on the issue.

Should preschoolers be learning on iPads?

The early education arena is split over when its actually proper to introduce computers and digital devices to young children. Some preschools use laptops and tablets as a sales point to attract new parents, but, are iPad apps actually teaching children anything?
Berdoo Bankrupt
Six of San Bernardino's council members have been given legal notice, but Councilwoman Wendy McCammack has been accused of deliberately avoiding being served with recall papers by a city recall group.
Manchester United v Aston Villa - Premier League
It's time for our weekly romp through sports with Andy and Brian Kamenetzky. They've covered the L.A. sports scene for over a decade for the Times and ESPN.
Mayoral Election Held In Los Angeles
Yesterday we ran an extended interview with Wendy Greuel, and today, we'll hear from her opponent, Eric Garcetti.

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