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Gay Marriage West Hollywood
Supporters of same-sex marriage celebrated two Supreme Court rulings issued Wednesday that were seen as major victories for gay rights.
Battle may shift to states that have enacted laws defining marriage as between a man and woman. Other plaintiffs may emerge to challenge Prop 8's demise.
USC-LAPD Party Meeting
The Los Angeles city attorney announced the decision after three City Council members requested a report on the arrests.
Ryan P. Haygood, director of the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, talks outside the Supreme Court on Tuesday about the court's opinion in Shelby County v. Holder.

What would a 2013 Voting Rights Act (Section 4) look like?

After the Supreme Court ruled a key provision of the Voting Rights Act unconstitutional, champions of the law said Congress must revise and restore it.
Wilshire Police ambush - Recent Officer-Involved Shootings NA13110rf
Los Angeles police Chief Charlie Beck released a surveillance video hoping the public can identify a man believed to be the suspect in the shooting of two detectives.
San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station

Edison sends layoff notices to 600 San Onofre workers

The layoffs are part of a plan to reduce the staff from 1,500 to 400 by next year and permanently decommission the 2,200-megawatt nuclear generating station.
A print of Nelson Mandela and get well messages lay outside the home of the former President Mandela in Johannesburg, South Africa earlier this month.
South Africans were torn on Wednesday between the desire not to lose a critically ill Nelson Mandela.
The Los Angeles Clippers Wednesday introduced Doc Rivers as the team's new head coach and Senior Vice President of Basketball Operations.
Former New England Patriot Hernandez was charged with murder Wednesday. He was released by the team hours after being taken from his home in handcuffs.
Prop 8 at Abbey in WeHo - 1

POLL: Prop 8 ruling legalizes gay marriage in California; DOMA ruled unconstitutional

The Supreme Court issued two landmark opinions Wednesday, legalizing gay marriage in California and overturning the federal Defense of Marriage Act. Let us know what you think in our polls.
LA -Area Beach Rated Worst In The Nation For Water Quality
The NRDC releases its annual report on the state of the nation's beaches. Among the 30 states with coasts, California ranked 20th.
The officer and a county probation officer were searching a home in Willowbrook when they were fired upon Tuesday evening. They are both expected to survive.
The U.S. economy grew at an annual rate of 1.8 percent in the first three months of the year, significantly slower than first thought.


The ruling today paves the way for gay and lesbian U.S. citizens to sponsor a foreign-born spouse on an immigrant visa.
DOMA/Prop 8

A look back at the money in the fight over Prop 8

California's 2008 campaign over same-sex marriage topped the $80 million mark, attracting donors with some unexpected religious and political points of view.
Obit-Devo Drummer
Energy domes are blue today as DEVO mourns the loss of its former drummer, who was with the band when it released its hit song "Whip It!"
Same-sex marriages in California are expected to bring in $492 million over the next three years, as people spend more on weddings.
Californians React To Supreme Court Rulings On Prop 8 And DOMA
The Supreme Court has dismissed the appeal related to Prop 8 and, in doing so, cleared the way for same-sex marriage in California. It also ruled DOMA unconstitutional. Here's what it means.
DOMA/Prop 8
The U.S. Supreme court has paved the way for gay and lesbian U.S. citizens to sponsor immigrant spouses by ruling against the federal Defense of Marriage Act, and the Senate has moved closer to a vote on an immigration reform bill by approving a border security amendment. This and more.
Californians React To Supreme Court Rulings On Prop 8 And DOMA
With the Defense of Marriage Act struck down, same-sex couples are now eligible for federal immigration benefits. But some may still encounter legal snags.
The program is an initiative of outgoing Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, but it's expected to continue at least through next year.
U.S. Supreme Court Issues Orders On DOMA And Prop 8 Cases
Today is Wednesday, June 26 and headlines include the U.S. Supreme Court's rulings on same-sex marriage, a makeover for Schwarzenegger, and a LA City Council vote for a developer.


The Loh Down On Science

Episode: Surprising connection between fear, anxiety, and Tylenol

Surprising connection between fear, anxiety, and Tylenol

Is there a quick fix for existential pain?


Episode: AirTalk for June 26, 2013
Police said an apartment resident in Ontario shot and killed a man who broke into his home early Monday morning. While there is no “stand-your-ground” legislation in California per se, the state does have laws in place sanctioning the use of deadly force against home intruders.

Take Two®

Episode: Take Two for June 26, 2013
What does the Supreme Court's ruling on Prop 8 mean for the thousands of families waiting to learn their legal fate? How do gay couples talk to their children about today's news?
Operation Fly Trap: LA Gangs, Drugs and the Law
Author Susan Phillips looks into the unintended consequences of this approach to the war on drugs in her book, "Operation Fly Trap: LA Gangs, Drugs and the Law."
Federal Appeals Court Holds Hearing On Prop 8

Where does the Protect Marriage group go from here?

It's been a long road from Proposition 8's journey from California to the US Supreme Court. Joining us now is Ron Prentice, executive director of Protect Marriage, the group that originally brought Prop 8 to the ballot and has been defending it in court.
The legal challenge to Prop 8 in the Supreme Court was organized by a group called the American Foundation for Equal Rights. Dustin Lance Black is one of the group's founding board members.
Michel Martin

NPR's 'Tell Me More' is coming to KPCC

Come July 1st, KPCC will be airing a bonus hour of Take Two at 8 pm. At 9 you can tune into the award-winning NPR program "Tell Me More."
Guy Erwin Bill Owens
The issue of gay marriage is, for some, a religious question: is it moral? Would God approve? Not all congregations feel the same way.
Californians React To Supreme Court Rulings On Prop 8 And DOMA
We know the headlines, but what do today's decisions really means for gay marriage in California and the rest of the nation. Here to break it down for us is Jody Armour, a professor of law at USC.
Time for our weekly romp through sports with Andy and Brian Kamenetzky, brothers who have covered sports for the L.A. Times and ESPN.
Supreme Court Hears Arguments On California's Prop 8 And Defense Of Marriage Act
For those within the gay community, today's decision comes just in time. For others, maybe it didn't come soon enough. We wanted to talk about what the court's ruling on DOMA and Prop 8 means to different generations of gay people.


Last weekend, curlers of all skill levels, from an Olympic medalist to rank beginners, came together for Orange County’s first ever three-day curling bonspiel in Westminster.

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