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LA Port Strike
Officials say a dockworker was killed when a tractor used to move cargo plunged into the water at the Port of Los Angeles.
Mercer 20235

State gas tax rises 3.5 cents per gallon

The increase, which went into effect Monday, was approved by the state Board of Equalization in February, largely to make up for sales tax revenue shortfalls.
Nearly all the firefighters who died were part of the Granite Mountain Hotshots, an elite group based in Prescott, Ariz.
KPCC Police Crime stock photo
A former sergeant for the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department has pleaded not guilty to charges that he stole money during a sting operation.
Proposition 8 supporters vow to keep fighting, even with the latest defeat before the Supreme Court. But the remaining options are limited.
Vitamin Sales Go Up As Consumers Struggle With Cost Of Health Care
Doctors are failing to serve up enough advice to their patients about dietary supplements, a UCLA study says. Such advice is important, since so many take supplements.
Heat Wave Hot Los Angeles
Southern California will continue to broil under a massive heat wave, though forecasters say more record-setting temperatures are unlikely.
Gov. Brown Signs Legislation At Google HQ That Allows Testing Of Autonomous Vehicles

Brown signs school-funding changes into law

Gov. Jerry Brown signed legislation that changes the state funding formula for K-12 schools in a way he hopes will help boost achievement for disadvantaged students.
KPMG Insider Trader

Ex-KPMG partner Scott London pleads guilty in Los Angeles

A former partner at accounting firm KPMG has pleaded guilty in Los Angeles to a securities fraud charge for providing insider information to a friend.
Chris Paul

Chris Paul stays with Los Angeles Clippers

Chris Paul is staying with the Los Angeles Clippers. The All-Star point guard agreed to a new deal on the first day free agency opened, agent Leon Rose confirmed.
Gay Marriage Los Angeles
West Hollywood City Council members and other city officials were temporarily deputized to perform same-sex marriages during a six-hour period Monday.
With the end of the DASH bus strike, all routes had resumed normal service as of Monday morning, according to Metro.
U.S. manufacturing activity grew in June behind a pickup in new orders, exports and production.
Court To Rule On Tribune Co. Bankruptcy

Tribune to acquire 19 TV stations for $2.73 billion

Tribune Co. says it has reached a deal to buy Local TV Holdings LLC's 19 TV stations for $2.73 billion in cash. Tribune currently owns 23 TV stations.
Spending on residential housing rose in May to the highest level in 4½ years, helping overall construction spending to increase despite a drop in nonresidential activity.
Bear Captured Near Los Angeles
Two family dogs that chased a pair of bear cubs up a tree survived a close call with an unhappy mama bear in the San Gabriel Valley.
Edward Snowden

Ecuador backs off NSA leaker Snowden, citing asylum rules

Ecuador's president says Edward Snowden, who remains at a Moscow airport, can apply for asylum only in Ecuador or at one of its embassies.
Broadway Streetscape

Broadway to get pedestrian-friendly makeover

The L.A. City Council has voted to fund the first phase of Broadway's transformation, which will trade in traffic lanes for more pedestrian space downtown.


Eric Garcetti
His first morning as the leader of Los Angeles was spent at an economic roundtable. In the afternoon, he held office hours for constituents.
Under Measure D, which voters approved in May, 134 pot shops can operate in the city, but the U.S. Attorney says they are still subject to prosecution.
Tonto Headdress Patt Morrison
Disneyland began selling a version of the Tonto headdress dreamed up by Johnny Depp for "The Lone Ranger." You’re going to be seeing a lot of these between now and Halloween.
Advocates Of Immigration Reform Rally In San Francisco
Two observers of the immigration debate provide perspectives and measure the odds of a bill actually making it to President Obama's desk.

John Campbell on what's wrong with Congress

The Irvine Congressman, who won't seek reelection next year, says he's "hit the wall" — tired of the travel and gridlock on Capitol Hill.
Humphrey Bogart contemplates his next move in "Casablanca"
'It's hard to relate to "Casablanca's" storyline if one has never traveled, especially to Paris, and has had a romantic interlude during a time of war. In my case, that was the war in Vietnam.'
What next as the battle over immigration reform moves to the House, California's imminent population shift, and more.
Garcetti Inauguration

Maven's Morning Coffee: Garcetti Administration begins

Today is Monday, July 1 and headlines include the start of the Garcetti Administration, a flood of same-sex marriages in West Hollywood, and a higher gas tax.
Mayor V's Farewell Tour
As Mayor-elect Eric Garcetti prepared to take office, outgoing Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa went on a whirlwind tour of L.A. to say goodbye, and thanks.
City Councilman Herb J. Wesson Jr.
In LA's city government the mayor doesn't have a lot of absolute power, and Wesson — like Eric Garcetti before him – knows how to use the council post.
LAUSD Board meeting June 18, 2013
L.A. Unified says the school has financial problems and it's test scores aren't good enough. Parents and administrators point to 100 percent graduation rate.
A Laguna Beach gallery partners with the non-profit Ryman Arts to help raise money for weekend art classes in Fullerton.
07 - UMMA Clinic Nursing
Insurance companies can use their clout to limit how doctors prescribe certain medications. Most of the time, it works for patients. But there are exceptions. Share your thoughts in a poll.


The Loh Life

Episode: Summer Guests, Part One: The Purge

Summer Guests, Part One: The Purge

Sandra Tsing Loh does some housework... and it takes a long time.

The Loh Down On Science

Episode: You won't believe how male bower birds use paint to woo females

You won't believe how male bower birds use paint to woo females

These guys take spit and polish literally!

Take Two Evenings

Episode: Take Two Evenings for July 1, 2013


Episode: AirTalk for July 1, 2013
Pro-life demonstrators (R) confront pro-

Calif. AG investigates Hoag Hospital’s abortion ban

Shortly after Newport Beach's Hoag Hospital forged a formal affiliation with Catholic hospital, St. Joseph Health, Hoag announced it would discontinue abortion procedures.

Crowdsource innovator’s growing pains

Last week the crowd funding website Kickstarter was at the center of a controversy involving a project it allowed to be funded. After protests, Kickstarter offered an apology for not removing the project, but it raised questions of the site’s guidelines and how it determines projects’ legitimacy.
The Egyptian Army has called on President Mohamed Morsi and all political groups to resolve the country’s protests or face intervention within 48 hours. The military’s statement, which describes the protests as peaceful and calls for the people’s demands to be heard, seems to undermine the President and puts significant pressure the Muslim Brotherhood Party to take action.

Not-so-comfortable truths about air travel today

Mark Gerchick, former counsel for the Federal Aviation Administration, explains how flying has become such a stressful, uncomfortable and expensive experience in his book “Full Upright and Locked Position.” What really goes on behind the scenes at airports? What would you like to see change?
Home Prices In March Hit Largest Gain In 7 Years
The real estate market is on fire right now. Some see it as a bubble, others think rising interest rates will drive away investors and speculators and spur real buyers afraid of getting stuck with a high interest rate into the market. But the question is, where will those new buyers come from?
Los Angeles Lakers v San Antonio Spurs - Game One

Lakers publicly beg Dwight Howard to stay

Bold, and some say, desperate Lakers billboards splashed up on Staples Center and on Hollywood Boulevard last week. They brandish an all-caps plea to Lakers center Dwight Howard: “STAY.” The billboards could be a futile effort according to an ESPN story Thursday. Is it a risky campaign?

Take Two

Episode: Take Two for July 1, 2013
UMMA Clinic Nursing 22

Step therapy: A delicate balance between costs, patient health (POLL)

Insurance companies can use their clout to limit how doctors prescribe certain medications. Most of the time, it works for patients. But there are exceptions. Share your thoughts in a poll.
City Councilman Herb J. Wesson Jr.

Herb Wesson seeks second term as powerful president of LA City Council

Eric Garcetti is on his first day as the mayor of Los Angeles, but at LA City Hall, there's another man whose power rivals that of the mayor: Herb Wesson. KPCC's Alice Walton reports.
Semisweet Bakery in downtown LA makes its own variation on the pastry that's been getting a lot of online buzz.
The Lone Ranger
Now its time for our regular Monday discussion of the entertainment biz, On the Lot with LA Times reporter Rebecca Keegan.
LA Mayor

A recap of LA Mayor Eric Garcetti's inauguration

Los Angeles has a new mayor. Yesterday, Eric Garcetti took the oath of office outside City Hall.
Postal Service Announces End To Saturday Delivery
50 years ago, the U.S. Postal Service introduced the zip code system to more efficiently and accurately deliver mail. But not everyone was excited about the idea.
Walmart Strawberry Supply Chain

ALRB provides unique way to resolve disputes between growers and farmworkers

A patchwork of state and federal agencies handles these kinds of cases, but California is the only state that has its own special court for resolving labor disputes between farmworkers and growers.
Court To Rule On Tribune Co. Bankruptcy
The media behemoth which owns dozens of TV stations and newspapers across the country, including the Los Angeles Times is about to get even bigger. This morning, the company announced a massive $2.7 billion dollar purchase of 19 local TV stations.

How green are the batteries in electric cars?

The ever-increasing number of Californians who are embracing battery electric vehicles can ignore rising gas prices, but they might want to think a little harder about those batteries.
Seminole Indian Reservation Opens New Casino In Everglades
Under a bill approved by the state Senate in a 22-11 vote last week, the North Fork Rancheria of Mono Indians will be allowed to build a casino on land that is off the reservation.
The Granite Mountain Interagency Hotshot Crew is shown in this undated handout photo provided by the City of Prescott in Arizona. The elite team of 19 firemen were killed on Sunday in one of deadliest U.S. firefighting disasters in decades as flames raced

Deadly Arizona fire claims lives of 19 firefighters

The Yarnell Fire northwest of Phoenix, Arizona claimed the lives of 19 firefighters over the weekend.
Fracking Fronteras

Rural New Mexico community first to pass county-wide fracking ban

Mora County, New Mexico told the oil and gas industry "no thanks" this spring when commissioners passed the nation's first county-wide ban on fracking.
Out of the top 10 fastest growing cities in the country, three of them are in California. None of them are major urban centers like Los Angeles or San Francisco. In fact, they're pretty suburban: Chula Vista, Irvine, and Bakersfield.
New England Patriots Player Aaron Hernandez Arrested For Murder

Why have so many NFL players been arrested this summer?

The summer is supposed to be a restful time for players who wear out their bodies on the gridiron for much of the rest of the year, but off-seasons are seldom quiet.
gold's gym

The psychology of workout music

You've seen people going for a run or in the gym with ear-buds, blasting music to go along with their workout. For many, the music is as important as any piece of equipment.


Antonio Villaraigosa Patt Morrison

As Villaraigosa says adios, Patt Morrison reflects

Antonio Villaraigosa has been everywhere the last month. Airports, graduations, conferences, even on stage with Stevie Wonder. Patt Morrison says the time has come to say goodbye.

Rabe responds to angry letter about bacon poetry

'Not only was it not the best, the grammar was wrong--and to no purpose, NOT consciously so. the writer didn't KNOW! that the preposition takes an object! For "hog and I"?? "For . . . I"??? Are you kidding?'

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