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Outgoing LA police commissioners make room for new appointees

The L.A. Police Commission met for the last time as a group Tuesday since Mayor Eric Garcetti announced new appointees for the civilian police oversight board.
Occupy LA Anniversary - 2
Although this plaza hasn't always been the neighborhood's crown jewel, area stakeholders are pushing for a makeover to transform it into a more family-friendly space.
Gabriel Fernandez
The family of Gabriel Fernandez, an 8-year-old boy who allegedly died at the hands of his mother and her boyfriend, take steps to sue L.A. county.
Casino operator Las Vegas Sands Corp. has agreed to pay $47.4 million after failing to report millions of dollars it gained from a gambler linked to drug trafficking.
Former Chicago Bulls star Scottie Pippen
L.A. County prosecutors are declining charge former Chicago Bulls star Scottie Pippen after a fight with an autograph seeker outside a Malibu sushi restaurant.

Gov. Brown proposes $315 million prison plan

Brown responded to a court order to reduce California's prison population by proposing a $315 million plan to send inmates to private prisons and empty county jail cells.
Facebook has issued a report on government requests for its user data.
Governments in 74 countries wanted information on 38,000 Facebook users in the first half of this year, according to a report released by the social media giant.
Police say a man arrested for allegedly trying to burglarize a medical marijuana dispensary had his plans go up in smoke when he crashed through the roof and was trapped.
Arne Duncan Discusses Administration's Plan For Education Reform

Study: NCLB waivers leave behind at-risk students

Millions of at-risk students could fall through the cracks as the Education Department gives states permission to ignore parts of No Child Left Behind, according to a new study.
California Unemployment Tied For Highest In U.S. At 9.8 Percent
The state Employment Development Department plans to begin cutting staff to address declining funding from the federal unemployment insurance program.
The White House is making a legal argument for undertaking a military response in Syria following that country's alleged use of chemical weapons against its own people.
Army Pvt. Chelsea Manning on Aug. 20 (before her sentencing, demotion from private first class and announcement that she no longer wished to be known as Bradley Manning).

Manning would pay for hormone treatment, lawyer says

Pvt. Chelsea Manning, formerly known as Bradley Manning, hopes to receive the estrogen treatments while serving her prison sentence for leaking U.S. secrets.
Tesla Motors has outsold several luxury carmakers in California in 2013, on the strength of its Model S, seen here in the foreground. The Telsa Roadster is behind it.

Tesla sales hum in California, beating Porsche, Land Rover

It's been a good year for Tesla Motors and its Model S luxury sedan in California, where Tesla is selling more cars than Porsche, Jaguar, Lincoln, or Buick.
Rim Fire Continues To Burn Near Yosemite National Park
Crews made some progress overnight on the aggressive wildfire burning in parts of Yosemite National Park, but the fire grew to 179,481 acres.

US home prices rise strong 12.1 percent in June

U.S. home prices rose 12.1 percent in June from a year earlier, nearly matching a seven-year high. But month-over-month price gains slowed in most markets.


California Unemployment Tied For Highest In U.S. At 9.8 Percent
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How much creativity does it take to survive and thrive in a new land? An excerpt from a thought-provoking interview with Haitian-American author Edwidge Danticat.
Linda Lopez Office of Immigrant Affairs
Mayor taps Linda Lopez, Associate Dean for Diversity and Strategic Initiatives at USC’s Dornslife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences.
Boyle Heights

Los Angeles' mural moratorium could be overturned

A decade-long ban on public murals could be reversed Wednesday when the L.A. City Council votes on an ordinance regulating public art.
home sales sold for sale sale
The Los Angeles area housing market continues to improve, as foreclosure rates fall and home prices rise. For buyers, fewer foreclosures mean fewer discounts.
Proponents of immigration reform are taking a civil rights tack in their push for an overhaul during this week's fiftieth anniversary of the historic 1963 March on Washington. This and more.
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 President Barack Obama on college affordability

Maven's Morning Coffee: President Obama heads back to LA

Today is Tuesday, Aug. 27 and headlines include another SoCal visit from the president, a state of emergency for film production, and a settlement for DWP.


Business Update with Mark Lacter

Episode: El Segundo company named fastest-growing in the U.S.

El Segundo company named the fastest-growing in the U.S.

When you look at fast growing private companies in the U.S., you need look no further than a small city next to Los Angeles International Airport.

The Loh Down On Science

Episode: Doctors examine the risk associated with heading soccer balls

Doctors examine the risk associated with heading soccer balls

The world's most popular sport gets a check-up.

Take Two

Episode: Take Two for August 27, 2013

Officials crack down on truckloads of bottles and cans

Trafficking in nickels and dimes may not seem profitable. But people from out-of-state are bringing recyclable cans and bottles into California by the truckload to earn the bottle deposit on top of the price for scrap.
Enrique's Journey
Over the weekend, a train derailed in Southern Mexico killing at least six people and injuring dozens more. The victims were migrants from Central America, many of them riding on the roof or between the cars of the cargo train, known as "The Beast."
A five-year-old female Russian sea otter

Study links sea otters to improved estuary health

California's sea otters were once hunted to near-extinction, but now, thanks to recovery programs, they are bouncing back. It turns out that's not just good news for the otters, but also for their ecosystem.
Department of Children and Family Services
In the past year, there's even been overcrowding in holding rooms, those are temporary shelters where foster kids are supposed to stay no more than 24 hours while the county tries to place them.

LA City Council to vote on public mural ban

Drive around the city of Los Angeles and you're likely to notice the ornate and colorful murals that occupy public spaces. But maybe you didn't know that since 2003, new public murals have been prohibited.
Mulatu Astatke
It's time for Tuesday Reviewsday our weekly new music segment. Joining us this week is music critic Steve Hochman.
AMGEN Tour of California Stage Six

Ojai residents may buyout company that supplies their water

Voters in Ojai, east of Santa Barbara, decide Tuesday whether to buy out the private company that provides their water.
Pirate Joe's
Michael Hallatt runs Pirate Joe's, a store offering Trader Joe's products he's smuggled across the US-Canada border. Now Trader Joe's is suing Hallatt.
Chris Nichols

Chris's Collection: Drive-In board game

Chris Nichols is an editor at Los Angeles magazine, but he's also a walking encyclopedia when it comes to Southern California's history. Every so often he comes by and he brings in one of his treasures.
Santa Monica College Graduation
As most of us are aware that the cost of a college education has sky-rocketed over the years. If you compared the average annual tuition for a public college or university from 1965 and now the increase might shock you.
Burning Man
The Burning Man festival is all about rejecting commercialism. Yet its now one of the best places to find someone who'll fund your next tech venture.

How likely is US intervention in Syria?

The US is considering whether to take military action against Syria. This comes as a response to evidence that chemical weapons were used against civilians in that country.
Rim Fire Continues To Burn Near Yosemite National Park
Officials say the Rim Fire is 20 percent contained, but fire crews are optimistic that cooler temperatures and higher humidity will help. As the fire rages on the edges of Yosemite National Park, one of California's oldest and greatest natural treasures is under threat.


Episode: AirTalk for August 27, 2013
Martin Luther King Jr.
Washington DC will be buzzing on Wednesday to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington. The most notable event will be at the Lincoln Memorial, where Martin Luther King Jr. once stood and sounded out his dream for racial equality. Fifty years later, President Barack Obama and former U.S. presidents Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter are set to speak at this same spot and pay tribute to this historic day. This event will be broadcast live during AirTalk.
Employees work in a monitoring office at
A spot survey by the Los Angeles Business Journal found some local employers hit with premium hikes exceeding 40 percent in the last year for workers' compensation insurance.
Gun Girls
The Los Angeles City Council proposed legislation that would require all imitation firearms such as BB devices and Airsoft pistols to have their surfaces painted a distinct color. The idea is that law enforcement would then be able to easily distinguish between imitation firearms and the real device.

Huffington Post will no longer allow anonymous commenters

Starting next month the Huffington Post is putting an end to its anonymous commenters. All users will have to create verifiable accounts with the HuffPost. What led them to this decision? Will it improve the comments or scare legitimate users away?

Political bloggers might need to disclose financial ties

The California Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) is calling for blogger transparency. The FPPC is considering regulations that would disclose the political backings of bloggers and internet commentators.

What should be the US's next step in Syria?

In a statement yesterday, Secretary of State John Kerry called the use of chemical weapons in Syria “a moral obscenity” that demands action from the U.S. Now the question is what action the U.S. will take against Syria for crossing the “red line” President Obama outlined against the use of chemical weapons?

Take Two Evenings

Episode: Take Two Evenings for August 26, 2013

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