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The search continued Tuesday for a missing 19-year old college student who was traveling from northern California to visit his family in Laguna Niguel.
US President Barack Obama speaks to the

Foreign Relations Committee comes to agreement on Syria

The Authorization for the Use of Military Force gives the president a time limit on any military strikes against Syria and would ban the president from putting troops on the ground.
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The lava lamp has turned 50; here's some groovy video

Five decades ago the trippy light went on sale in the U.K. If you don't have one in the attic, this video may suffice.
"I've been wrong so often I don't find it extraordinary at all," Ronald Coase told us last year.

Nobel laureate who figured out how to deal with annoying people

The solution, according to the Coase Theorem: Pay them to stop annoying you. Ronald Coase, who came up with that idea, died Monday at the age of 102.
Plastic Bag Manufacturers Fight Back Against Proposed Local Ban
California communities spend $428 million a year to keep plastic and other trash off streets and keep it from polluting waterways and beaches, an environmental group said in a new report.
Obama Meets With Members of Congress

Senate Foreign Relations Committee debates Syria action

The committee heard testimony over whether to authorize a military strike. California Senator Barbara Boxer said "America's morality, America's reputation, and America's credibility is on the line."
Western Wildfire Yosemite
A massive wildfire burning around Yosemite National Park is less than 5,000 acres from becoming the third largest in California history.
los angeles police department lapd seal

Woman suing LAPD after fall from moving patrol car

A woman says officers arrested her on suspicion of public intoxication but didn't secure her with a seat belt. She sustained critical injuries when she fell out. Read the lawsuit here.
Seattle Mariners v Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
The Anaheim City Council is scheduled to vote Tuesday on beginning new lease negotiations with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. New lease terms could mean the Angels change their lengthy (and controversial) name.
Los Angeles County supervisors think California is too easy on men caught enlisting the services of child prostitutes. They want legislators to change that.
Construction Continues On Bay Bridge Ahead Of Opening Of Eastern Span

US construction spending up 0.6 percent in July

Construction spending increased 0.6 percent in July compared with June when activity was unchanged, the Commerce Department reported Tuesday.
APTOPIX Cuba Swimming To Florida
Speaking Tuesday morning to NBC's "Today" show, Diana Nyad said she and her team were better-prepared for jellyfish this time around.
New Bay Bridge

First cars cross SF-Oakland Bay Bridge's new span

The newly built $6.4-billion eastern span of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge opened to the public as vehicles began crossing it after construction delays.

Israel and US conduct joint missile test

Israel and the U.S. conducted a missile test in the midst of Obama's decision to seek congressional support for strikes against the regime of Syria's president.

Nokia stock surges on Microsoft takeover

Microsoft Corp. is buying Nokia Corp.'s line-up of smartphones in an attempt to strengthen its fight with Apple Inc. and Google Inc. to capture a slice of the mobile computing market.
Syrian-Kurdish children sit on a bed at the Quru Gusik refugee camp in the Kurdish region of northern Iraq, on Aug. 22. Faced with brutal violence and soaring prices, thousands of Syrian Kurds have poured into Iraq's autonomous Kurdish region. UNICEF has

2 million Syrians are now refugees and more are 'on the way'

New data on the number of refugees come as Congress begins debating whether to take military action in response to the Assad regime's alleged use of chemical weapons.

State may let Exide stay open; neighbors are wary

State regulators say they're nearing a deal with Exide to ensure cleanup and safe operation. Boyle Heights, Bell, and Maywood neighbors are skeptical.
Raif Esquith

Rafe Esquith has some advice for teachers and administrators

Teaching guru Rafe Esquith opened up about how he dealt with failure early in his career and why he feels today's education assessment methods are misguided.

'A Different Tree': The single-parent family on screen and in real life

Pearl, the 8-year-old protagonist of the short film "A Different Tree," is the child of a single mother, prompted by a grade school assignment to go in search of her biological father.


Hayao Miyazaki
Catch up quick with our express news digest.
Mercer 21108
Schools lose money when students are habitually absent. L.A. County officials are shining the spotlight on several school districts' successful anti-truancy efforts.
California State Seal - Supreme court
On Wednesday, the California Supreme Court will hear the case of Sergio Garcia, a law school graduate and undocumented immigrant, seeking a license to practice law.
City Council Los Angeles

They're lining up, already, for 2015 LA City Council race

A former spokesman for Antonio Villaraigosa and the chief of staff to Councilman Tom LaBonge filed papers Tuesday to run for city council in 2015.

Time Warner CBS deal: Who won, who lost. Did you?

Time Warner Cable and CBS end a month-long battle affecting more than three million cable customers nationwide. What was lost and gained?
Catch up quick with our express news digest.
Bugsy Siegel's Lake Arrowhead casino
Off-Ramp's sketch artist captures the renovation of the organized crime boss's mountain lodge.
California supreme court
As the immigration debate in Congress prepares to pick up again after the August recess, the California Supreme Court is preparing to hear the case of a law school graduate who wants to practice but is still waiting for a green card.
Today is Tuesday, Sept. 3 and headlines include the Board of Supervisors' call for penalties against adults who exploit children for sex and Mayor Garcetti's cool relationship with labor.
A roundup of creative art projects for kids that will help you get into the spirit of fall. Check out these crafts from around the web.
Many parents start the Kindergarten process a year before that school starts, when they began researching schools. The array of options can be, well, crazy-making.


Take Two Evenings

Episode: Take Two Evenings for September 3, 2013

Business Update with Mark Lacter

Episode: Mixed results for Hollywood at the summer box office

Mixed results for Hollywood at the summer box office

Now that we have a deal between Time Warner Cable and CBS, we can turn our Hollywood focus back on the movie industry.

The Loh Down On Science

Episode: Is dustless chalk really all it claims to be?

Is dustless chalk really all it claims to be?

Milk: Sometimes it does a body no good.

Take Two®

Episode: Take Two for September 3, 2013

Tuesday Reviewsday: Volcano Choir, Nedelle Torrisi, YACHT

It's time for another Tuesday Reviewsday - our weekly new music segment.

The art of the 6 second comedy

Six second comedy videos have become a huge draw on the social media site, Vine. But is six seconds enough time do something funny?
New Bay Bridge

New Bay Bridge span opens to first cars

A new span of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge opened early Tuesday.
Mercer 17228

Gareth Bale joins Real Madrid for record $130 million

Is 24-year-old Gareth Bale the best soccer player in the world?
San Diego Mayor

Todd Gloria takes the reins as San Diego mayor

Bob Filner stepped down as San Diego mayor Friday afternoon after only nine months in office.
Mercer 13412

Republican John Campbell: US actions in Syria must be limited

Rep. John Campbell (R) argues against the US engaging in another conflict that could potentially last for years.

Mexican President defends reforms amid economic slowdown

In Mexico, President Enrique Peña Nieto defended his record in his state of the nation speech yesterday amid controversy over a program of reforms he has touted during his nine months in office.
Mercer 14336

So Cal Democrat wants tight lease on Syrian action

Southern California Rep. Adam Schiff (D) supports the White House plan for a military strike against Syria. But he says any authorization needs hard limits.

How little Charlie Manson grew to be murderer Charles Manson

Charles Manson is known for orchestrating the infamous Tate-LaBianca murders in 1969. But author Jeff Guinn explains how even at a young age, Manson displayed signs of the adult he would become.

The pressure to get kindergarten 'right' makes for anxious parents

Across Southern California, the new academic year is in full swing, including for the thousands of kindergarteners. It's an exciting time for some and a scary time for others.
Gregg Boydston
Amid fighting a rapidly spreading fire, Gregg Boydston, a member of the Klamath Hotshot Crew, is documenting his experiences through photos on his trusty iPhone.


Episode: AirTalk For September 3, 2013
Do you like the new screens at the Hollywood Bowl, or do you prefer the old ones?
The Hollywood Bowl has added a staple to its lineup in the form of four humongous, high definition LED screens. They replace four older, less impressive screens that were installed in 2005.
Obama Meets With Members of Congress

Congress debates military strikes against Syria

President Obama’s call for military action against Syria gained significant momentum today (TUES). House Speaker John Boehner and House Leader Nancy Pelosi announced their support, saying they’re convinced that Syrian President Bashar Assad used chemical weapons on his own people and that the United States should respond. But ambivalence remains in both parties and passing the resolution might be an uphill battle.
Why is LAPD stepping up enforcement this time around?

LAPD crackdown on Crenshaw cruising?

The lowrider scene was a no-show in the Crenshaw District over the weekend. Drivers are spooked by LAPD's increased enforcement of traffic laws that began the previous weekend. Cruising along Crenshaw Boulevard is an historic LA pastime.
What role does the sender of that text play if there is an accident?
If a driver gets in an accident reading a text, he or she is certainly at fault, but what role does the sender of that text play in the accident? According to a New Jersey court, the texter can be liable as well. The ruling stems from a 2009 case, in which a young man was texting with a female friend when he accidentally crossed a double yellow line and sideswiped a motorcycle with a couple on it, both of whom lost their left legs. The couple sued both the young man and the woman who sent him a text moments before the accident.
The CBS headquarters seen on August 2, 2013 in New York City. Time Warner Cable and CBS reached a deal over the weekend.
After a month of stalemate and brinkmanship, CBS and Time Warner have announced that they have finally reached a new broadcasting rights deal. Service in Los Angeles and other impacted markets resumed yesterday. The two companies are staying mum on the monetary terms of the new agreement.


Hayao Miyazaki

Bad news in the animation world: Miyazaki is retiring

About the worst news any lover of animation could receive came from the Venice Film Festival this week, when the Oscar-winning director Hayao Miyazaki announced his retirement.
James Lawson
The longtime preacher at Holman United Methodist church in the West Adams district of Los Angeles was a key architect of non-violent tactics.

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