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Red Sox Orioles Baseball

Olympic committee to choose between 3 sports for 2020 games

Members of the International Olympic Committee are set to gather in Buenos Aires to decide whether wrestling, squash or a combined bid of baseball and softball will be included in the next Olympics.
California Lawmaker FBI

Bill would shield cities from pension lawsuits

Local governments would be shielded from pension lawsuits filed by convicted former officials under proposed legislation in the state Assembly.

LA man convicted in murder of 84-year-old widow

A man has been convicted of murdering an 84-year-old widow in her Orange County home after raping and torturing her.
Judge's gavel court
A gang member has been sentenced to death for the murder of four people, including a 10-year-old boy shot in an unprovoked attack aimed at children.
With a new ticket resale system, Ticketmaster is trying to show you what seats are available in one place — both unsold ones and those up for resale — so you can price-shop more easily.
City of Palmdale
Two Southern California brothers were charged with murder Friday after a 7-year-old girl hit in a car-to-car shooting in Palmdale was declared brain dead.

Villaraigosa's surprising new job at Herbalife

Antonio Villaraigosa will be a 'senior advisor' to Herbalife. The head of one Latino group says the former L.A. Mayor must not know the 'downside.'
A sixth sense? A small patch of neurons on either side of the brain recognizes how many dots are on a screen. As more dots appear, active neurons shift to the right.

Scientists put a 'sixth sense' for numbers on brain map

Scientists have found a region of the brain that allows us to estimate quantities at a glance. However, most people are accurate up to only about five toothpicks.
Mom loved him. You love him. Prince performing in 1985.

Turns out your kids really did love that music you played

Music evokes strong memories. Researchers found a strong "reminiscence bump" for music of the early 1980s in people in their early 20s.
The actress Gwyneth Paltrow tweeted the N-word while at a Jay Z/Kanye West concert. Her music industry friends shrugged it off. Twitter did not.

Who can use the N-word? That's the wrong question

Is there a double-standard around who gets to use loaded terms about race? This piece argues that there are no rules. There's only context and consequence.
Rochus Misch, one of Adolf Hitler's bodyguards, in 1944. He died Thursday in Germany at the age of 96.

Hitler's last bodyguard dies; was with the Fuhrer in bunker

Rochus Misch, 96, remained loyal to the man he called "the boss." Misch claimed he did not know about the scale of the crimes and atrocities committed by German Nazis.
Badwater Ultra Marathon

Heat wave: 6 tips to conserve energy (and stay cool)

With triple digit numbers rolling out this week in Southern California, the LADWP has issued six tips for conserving energy during peak hours.
Tamu Massif 3D map
Tamu Massif, first thought to be perhaps dozens of individual volcanoes, turns out to be just one — but it's really big. It's about the size of New Mexico.
Yahoo's new logo.

Feds asked Yahoo for data 12,444 times in first half of year

Joining other browers and social media sites, Yahoo issues a "transparency report" about the number of requests it gets for users data.
"Studies show there is an association between regularly skipping breakfast and higher body mass index," an obesity researcher says. "But it does not necessarily represent cause and effect."

Skipping breakfast makes you fat? Not so fast

There's a mountain of myths and assumptions about what makes us fat. One researcher is interested in understanding where these ideas come from and why scientists continue to recycle them. In a new study, he homes in on the presumption that skipping breakfast has a direct effect on obesity.
Western Wildfires Yosemite
The fire's perimeter has grown to at least 246,350 acres, according to an update Friday morning from the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection.
Mercer 15802
The USGS released a study looking at the damage a major tsunami could do in Southern California. The scenario is based on a real life disaster that happened in 1964.
President Obama Speaks on College Affordability at the University at Buffalo

Update: Obama notes split over Syria attack, plans speech

President Barack Obama acknowledged deep divisions at home and abroad on Friday over his call for military action in Syria — and conceded the possibility he'll fail to sway the American public.

Jobless rate ticks down to 7.3 percent; 169K jobs added

Within the latest jobs report was a troubling revision: It's now estimated that just 104,000 jobs were added to payrolls in July, not the 162,000 previously thought.

US orders diplomats out of Lebanon

The State Department on Friday ordered nonessential U.S. diplomats to leave Lebanon due to security concerns as the Obama administration and Congress debate military strikes on neighboring Syria.
Eat ice cream or gelato and forget about the scorching temps. Here are 8 of the best places to visit in Southern California.
King Eddy

#LostInLA: Here are 7 cheap ways to hang like a local

Free weekend? Here's a list of fun and inexpensive events happening in hoods around SoCal from downtown L.A. to Santa Monica.
Drug Store Chain Starts To Offer Seasonal Flu Shots

Fight to continue over nurse practitioner independence

Nurse practitioners in California must continue to work under direct doctor supervision following defeat of proposed law, SB 491.

VIDEO: Watch Lunar Orbiter’s Launch to the Moon

Moon exploration is in the midst of a renaissance, and we’ll be watching. Join Planetary Radio's Mat Kaplan and Bill Nye the Science Guy for the live launch of the newest lunar explorer.


Inglewood Unified School District
The new head of the Inglewood Unified School District says at least five employees are under investigation for wrongdoing, including "payroll irregularities."
Ylvis - The Fox [Official music video HD]
The new song “The Fox” by Ylvis has quickly become a viral sensation. But wait, what noise DOES a fox actually make? And which foxes are in Southern California?
Barbara Boxer

LA liberals unhappy with Sen. Boxer's vote on Syria

Progressive longtime supporters of the California senator are reeling from her decision to support military action.
Eric Garcetti

Mayor Garcetti dips into education policy

Hundreds of volunteers, including LA's mayor, spread out across Los Angeles Friday to find high school dropouts and convince them to return to school.
With immigration reform no longer a front-burner issue as Congress returns, some activists are pushing for an administrative alternative.

Edison crews to put Chino Hills power line underground

Southern California Edison crews are readying work to put a section of a high-voltage transmission line in the ground rather than above Chino Hills homes.

Local members of Congress seek public input on Syria

L.A. Congressman Xavier Becerra will listen to constituents in a telephone town hall, just as his colleage Karen Bass did this week.
Catch up quick with our express news digest.

Maven's Morning Coffee: IBEW considers DWP contract

Today is Friday, Sept. 6 and headlines include a union vote, a cancelled presidential trip, and a new job for Antonio Villaraigosa.
Oxnard Migrant Labor School

Head Start program for farm workers facing changes

The Encanto Migrant and Seasonal Head Start Center in Oxnard runs from January to September, the area's typical planting and growing season. But as the season goes year round, the program can't keep up.


FilmWeek Marquee

Episode: Filmweek (09/06/13): Riddick, Salinger, Winnie Mandela, Snake and Mongoose and more
Larry is joined by KPCC film critics Henry Sheehan and Lael Loewenstein to review this week’s releases, including Riddick, Salinger, Winnie Mandela, Snake and Mongoose and more.


Episode: Filmweek (09/06/13): Riddick, Adore, Salinger and more

Filmweek (09/06/13): Riddick, Adore, Salinger and more

Larry is joined by KPCC film critics Henry Sheehan and Lael Loewenstein to review this week’s releases, including Riddick, Salinger, Adore and more. TGI-FilmWeek!

The Loh Down On Science

Episode: Is this the greatest gift a mother can give?

Is this the greatest gift a mother can give?

Put on your backpacks, kids: It's time to face the world!

Take Two

Episode: Take Two for September 6, 2013
Police in Ciudad Juarez are investigating claims that a woman with blond hair is killing bus drivers in revenge for violence against women.
A charred caution sign just outside of California's Yosemite National Park.
Officials have revealed that the person to blame for the recent Yosemite fire was a hunter that started an illegal fire that got out of control. While the actual identity has not been revealed, many wonder how forensics experts were able to piece together enough clues to have a culprit in mind.
Drug Store Chain Starts To Offer Seasonal Flu Shots

Battle to reform nurse practitioner rules will continue, vows author of SB 491

Now to the raft of bills being reviewed by the state legislature. One bill that would have allowed California's nurse practitioners to work independently of doctors was recently defeated.
Hell Baby

'Hell Baby' marks 'Reno 911' creators' directorial debut

Co-directors Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant talk about how they met, collaborating on numerous projects and what it's like to co-direct a film.
The taco fanatics over at the L.A. Taco blog have unearthed some of the earliest recipes for this dish ever published in L.A.
When you hear stories about solitary housing units, or the SHU, in prison, what do you picture? For most people, its what they’ve seen in movies and TV shows.
California Prisons Layoffs
The health of the inmates involved in the strike is still uncertain and the state still has the difficult task of reducing prison overcrowding.
Active Duty Military Members March In San Diego's Gay Pride Parade

LGBT service members still fighting for benefits

When the Supreme Court struck down the Defense of Marriage Act last June, that was supposed to clear the way for same-sex married couples to obtain federal benefits. But LGBT service members are still fighting that battle.

Immigration reform takes back seat to conflict in Syria

The prospect of American involvement in Syria's civil war and a looming budget battle have taken center stage. That's got proponents of immigration reform drawing up contingency plans.

Friday Flashback: Syria, job numbers, Yahoo! and more

Making the case for — and against — a strike against Syria. Employment is in the doldrums, but car sales? Hot, hot, hot!
10th Anniversary Benefit Supporting Road Recovery - New York
The Jail Guitar Doors USA which brings musical instruments to inmates to help with their rehabilitation.
Oxnard Migrant Labor School

Head Start program for migrant farmworkers facing changes in growing season

Labor Day's come and gone and everyone's back in school. Except for pre-schoolers attending a Migrant Head start program in Oxnard. For those kids, the school year has just ended.
Breaking Bad (Season 4)

The cross-border drug war through the lens of Hollywood

It's obvious that the ongoing drug war makes for good drama. It has inspired Hollywood for years, and lately a recent surge of TV shows like "Breaking Bad," "Weeds" and "The Bridge."
Western Wildfire Yosemite

Wildfires play a crucial role in forest plant diversity

Most people think of fires as being bad, but few consider the good things that can come from them.


Episode: AirTalk for September 6, 2013
IFA 2013 Consumer Electronics Trade Fair

The smartwatch race is on, but does anyone care?

Samsung has just announced the release of a brand new smartwatch. The Samsung Galaxy Gear can take photos and answer phone calls. One caveat though, the device must be used along and only works with a few Samsung products. The gadget goes on sale in October and costs around $300.

Roman Polanski: A filmmaker's retrospective

James Greenberg’s picture packed book covers Roman Polanski’s career as a filmmaker and actor. Polanski has been making films since the 60s beginning with his thriller, “Knife in the Water.” He has directed dramas and dark comedies such as “Rosemary Baby,” 1974s “Chinatown.” and the Oscar winning “The Pianist.”
Embattled Mayoral Candidate Anthony Weiner Campaigns In Staten Island
Anthony Weiner is the only New York mayoral hopeful with a tendency to make news across the country. This week, while on the campaign trail at a little Brooklyn bakery shop, a man called Weiner a "scumbag," said "married to an Arab," and "you're disgusting." What's the most skillful way for a political candidate to handle such vocal insults?
Judge Rules That Contested Brooklyn Bike Lane Can Stay
The Three Feet for Safety Act recently passed in the Senate by 31-7 and is awaiting a final vote in the Assembly. AB 1371, sponsored by Assemblyman Steven Bradford (D-Gardena), requires drivers to give cyclists a three-foot buffer zone when travelling in the same direction. Is three feet not enough or too much space to pass cyclists? As a motorist, what’s your experience passing cyclists?


Heat Wave Hot Los Angeles

It really isn't that hot, people

Off-Ramp host John Rabe and KPCC Facilities Manager Yolanda Ware go outside with water bottles in tow to find out how hot it really is outside.
Rosanna Llorens/White
Rosanna Llorens says she landed on her feet. She's married and mother to a little girl now. Kevin Ferguson caught up with Rosanna and her new family.

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