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Coastal cleanup
Gov. Jerry Brown announced that he'd signed a bill to add a checkbox on California state income returns to give charitable contributions to costal conservation efforts.
South Korean Cho Jang-geum, 81, weeps as she fills out an application to reunite with family members who live in North Korea, at the headquarters of the Korean Red Cross in Seoul Saturday. North Korea announced today that it is indefinitely postponing the

North Korea cancels plans for cross-border family reunions

A chance for families in South and North Korea to meet long-lost relatives has been put off, as North Korea canceled reunions that were to take place in the coming week. A South Korean official called the decision "inhumane" Saturday.

Bombings kill dozens of mourners at Baghdad funeral

In Sadr City, a bombing attack has killed dozens of people, with the death toll continuing to rise Saturday. Multiple reports are citing at least 65 deaths in the attack, one of several in Iraq today.
The dome of the US Capitol provides a ba

What's next in the congressional budget showdown?

A measure from the Republican-controlled House to temporarily fund the government while crippling the Affordable Care Act now goes to the Senate. But that chamber, controlled by Democrats, won't follow suit. And the clock is ticking toward a possible government shutdown.
A rebel fighter cleans his weapon in the northern Syrian city of Aleppo Friday. Syria's civil war continues, even as the country follows a schedule of releasing information on its chemical weapons program.

Syria meets deadline on chemical weapons; fighting continues

Syria has delivered data about its arsenal of chemical weapons, meeting a deadline set by the U.S. and Russia a week ago. But the country's civil war is continuing.
People run from the Westgate Mall in Nairobi, Kenya, on Saturday, after gunmen attacked with grenades and gunfire. At least 20 people are reported to have died in the attack.

Deadly attack at upscale Nairobi mall kills at least 39

Shoppers at the upscale Westgate Mall came under assault by gunfire and grenades around lunch hour in Nairobi. At least 39 people have died, says Kenya's president, including members of his own family.

UPDATE: Culver City officers shoot, kill man at police station

A man confronted officers with a handgun Saturday at the Culver City police station, where he was shot and killed, homicide detectives confirmed Sunday.
Prom/homecoming dresses

Orange County high school crowns transgender homecoming queen

A transgender teenager was crowned homecoming queen Friday night at Marina High School in Huntington Beach — the first in Orange County.
Tanker Fire
Two months after a tanker truck crash and fire damaged an LA freeway interchange, Gov. Brown has declared a state of emergency to free up funding to finish repairs.
Pope Francis Attends Easter Mass and Urbi Et Orbi Blessing in St. Peter's Square
In Los Angeles, the largest base of Catholics in the nation, Pope Francis' message of openness and inclusiveness resonates with local faithful.


Federal regulators are proposing new limits on carbon emissions from fossil fuel burning power plants. Those kind of rules are old news in California.

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