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Typhoon Haiyan: At least 138 dead, local Filipinos cope (photos)

With Philippine authorities expecting a 'very high number' of deaths, the typhoon has hit close to home for Filipinos living in Southern California.
Mercer 20068

4 injured after hot air balloon explosion in Temecula

Officials said the "uneventful landing" happened shortly after an explosion. The balloon crashed at the corner of Vino Way and Calle Cabernet at about 7:44 a.m.
Public school student Julio Valenzuela, 11, grimaces as he gets a vaccination before the start of the school in Lynnwood, Calif., on Aug. 27. Vaccines are required for school attendance.

How a California law to encourage vaccination could backfire

The number of children skipping vaccines has been rising, raising concerns about outbreaks of measles and other infections diseases.
Video streamed by NASA showed Oleg Kotov and Sergei Ryazanskiy carrying the unlit Olympic torch, bobbing weightlessly at the end of a tether in a darkness dotted by stars.

WATCH: Olympic Torch makes its first space walk

After riding from Earth to the International Space Station aboard a Russian rocket, two Russian astronauts took the torch with them on a space walk, marking an Olympic first.
Jimmy Kimmel Kids Table makes inappropriate remark

Asian-Americans protest Jimmy Kimmel in Burbank (video)

They're asking the network to suspend or fire late-night talk host Jimmy Kimmel after he aired a skit they found offensive. In the skit, one boy says "kill everyone in China."
17th Annual Hollywood Film Awards - Show
Presenters include Julia Roberts, Sean Penn, Sigourney Weaver and Chiwetel Ejiofor. The show will air on BBC America Sunday.

Inland Senator Bill Emmerson announces resignation

On his website, Emmerson released a statement that said "it's time for me to move on." He was set to be termed out in 2016.
A woman mourns her dead son at a chapel in the aftermath of Super Typhoon Haiyan in Tacloban, on Saturday.

Super typhoon leaves more than 100 dead in Philippines

Tacloban City, the hardest hit city, faced a 40-foot storm surge and gusts of wind at 200 mph. Cadavers lined the streets and scores of buildings were flattened.


Hillary Clinton at Mexican American Leadership Initiative event
Clinton touts her long ties to Latinos at a Mexican American Leadership Initiative event. The group honors Clinton for strengthening US-Mexico relations.

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