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Arizona Diamondbacks v Los Angeles Dodgers
Autopsies have been completed on the bodies recovered from the crash that killed "Fast & Furious" star Paul Walker, but results won't be released until Wednesday.
Toys 'R' Us May Sell Global Toy Business
Toys "R" Us has agreed to pay nearly $180,000 to settle a consumer protection lawsuit alleging that the retailer overcharged customers in Los Angeles and San Diego counties.
Speaker John Boehner told reporters Tuesday that if a productivity problem existed in Congress, it was in the Senate, not his House.
In terms of enacting laws, the current Congress is on course to be the least productive in modern times. Some House members think the lack of activity is a positive development.
A Falcon 9 SpaceX rocket lifts off from Launch Complex 40 at the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Cape Canaveral, Fla., on Tuesday.

SpaceX launches first major communications satellite

After two aborted launches, the company's Falcon 9 booster lifted off from Cape Canaveral, Fla., carrying the satellite into a geostationary orbit.
DCFS Social Workers union SEIU contract
Child welfare workers staged a protest outside the Los Angeles Board of Supervisors a day before the social workers' union returns to contract talks with the county.
Homeless Death Police
Security video shows the altercation between Kelly Thomas and Fullerton police officers. Some courtroom spectators break into tears.
Lauderdale by the Sea

Amazing rescue of Nigerian man from sunken tugboat (Video)

A South African diving team expected to find only bodies three days after the vessel sunk. They instead found the ship's cook, Harrison Okene, alive.
Monday, as a train on an unaffected track passed by (in the background) work continued on removing the commuter cars that derailed the day before.

No sign of brake failure on NYC train, investigators say

Four people were killed and more than 60 were injured when the commuter train derailed Sunday. Investigators say they've found no problems with its brakes.
Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat in 2002.

French experts say there is no proof Arafat was poisoned

The finding adds more confusion to the case, because two other teams — Swiss and Russian — came to different conclusions.
The 5th-century Byzantine Stoudios monastery in Istanbul housed a church and was later turned into a mosque and then a museum before falling into disrepair.

Some Turkish churches get makeovers — as mosques

A 5th-century Byzantine monastery in Turkey is finally slated for renovation. But the government wants to turn it into a mosque.
Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele talk Ax v Ask with NPR's Shereen Marisol Meraji.

Why Chaucer said 'ax' instead of 'ask,' and why some still do

People often question why some pronounce the word "ask" as "ax." We axed several linguists, and it turns out that "ax" has long been an accepted form of the word, used by English speakers for more than a thousand years.
empty desks chairs school classroom
A school science experiment went awry Tuesday at a high school in Watts, causing an explosion that injured several students.
City Corruption Trial

Bell corruption trial: Deliberations hit snag over 1 juror

The jury foreperson sent the judge a note explaining that a male Hispanic juror was having trouble comprehending the evidence because of a language problem.
Crypt Above Marilyn Monroe's Available For Sale On Ebay

Report: 10 leading causes of death in LA County

Los Angeles County's death rate has dropped 19 percent in a decade — greater than the national decline of 13 percent. But some troubling statistics remain.
World Premiere Of Fast & Furious 6

Vin Diesel reacts to Paul Walker's death (video)

Diesel, Walker's "Fast and Furious" co-star, broke his silence about Walker's death on Saturday in a fiery crash in Valencia.
The website.

Obama tries to move past woes

The Obama administration is launching a two-pronged health care strategy this month aimed at avoiding enrollment snafus come January.
Premiere Of Universal's "Fast & Furious" - Arrivals

'Fast & Furious 7' delayed after star Paul Walker's death

Production of the auto-racing-centric action sequel movie is on hold following the death of its star; filming had been set to resume this week.
South Korea North Korea Detained American

US vet detained in North Korea oversaw guerrilla group

Merrill Newman, an 85-year-old war veteran, has been detained in Pyongyang since being forced off a plane set to leave the country Oct. 26 after a 10-day trip.

US high school students slide in math, reading, science

A test that measures students' proficiency in reading, math and science worldwide shows that American 15-year-olds continue to turn in flat results, failing to crack the global top 20.
Ariel Castro appears in court during the sentencing phase on Thursday in Cleveland. Castro pleaded guilty last week to 937 counts, including kidnapping, rape and aggravated murder.

Report: Cleveland kidnapper Ariel Castro's death a suicide

An earlier review by the state prisons agency had suggested the man who kept three women chained in his apartment for years had died of autoerotic asphyxiation.
Vice President Joe Biden speaks during a joint press conference with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Tuesday.

Biden says US 'deeply concerned' about China's air defense zone

The vice president urged calm and called for new mechanisms to avoid an escalation of regional tensions.
Rabbi S. Binyomin Ginsberg sued Northwest Airlines for what he says was unfair termination from its frequent-flier program. His case goes goes before the Supreme Court on Tuesday.

Supreme Court to weigh rights of frequent fliers

What rights do participants in an airline's frequent-flier plan have to their miles or points? That's the question before the U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday.
Diver with line
There are a lot of terms for abandoned fishing equipment. Some call it "derelict." Others call it "ghost gear." Whatever it's called, there's a lot of it, and it's harming ocean life.
Jorge Ramirez
California estimates more than 650,000 Spanish speakers are eligible for subsidies to buy insurance. But fewer than 1,000 enrolled in Covered California's first month.
Thousands Of People Become US Citizens At Mass Naturalization Ceremony

Ask Emily: How will Obamacare affect immigrants?

California has more immigrants than any other state. So how will the Affordable Care Act apply to them? The answer is: It depends.


Kerry, Hagel, Dempsey Testify Before House Armed Services Committee On Syria
'Tis the throw your hat in the ring. The only question is whether Santa Clarita Republican Buck McKeon will really step down.
Exterior Views Of The Supreme Court
Erwin Chemerinsky represents a man who was barred from protesting outside an air force base. It's a case about free speech and public access to federal property.
A proposal to allow murals on single-family homes in three districts received preliminary approval Tuesday from the Los Angeles City Council.
Immigration Ceremony
Some immigrants without legal status say they're willing to settle for less than a path to citizenship, but advocates warn this could lead to other problems. This and more.
Immigrants take the U.S. oath of citizenship during a naturalization ceremony in Irving, Texas.
Some people are more willing to compromise on a path to U.S. citizenship than others, including immigrants now living and working in the country illegally. But advocates warn of the consequences.
Northridge Earthquake
Today is Tuesday, Dec. 3 and headlines include a plan to retrofit soft-story buildings, a probe into Sheriff's Department's hiring practices, and elections in Palmdale.


Take Two

Episode: Cyber Monday, battle of the Hollywood trade mags, tracing our trash's epic journey and more
Budweiser Made in America Festival - Day 2

Tuesday Reviewsday: Khari Mateen, Solange Knowles and more

In our weekly feature, our reviewers pick their favorite new music. Take a listen and view videos by their recommended bands.

Catchphrases and the American cultural psyche

"Where's the beef?" and "Wassup?" aren't just questions, but famous catch phrases that once captured the American cultural psyche
Mercer 19890

A new threat looms for the San Francisco Bay

Now we head north, where the San Francisco Bay finally recovering from 150 years of mining pollution.
Homeless Death Police

Inside the Kelly Thomas trial

We look at the trial of two Fullerton police officers, accused of beating homeless man Kelly Thomas to death.
Murder on the Mekong

Author Jeff Howe talks 'Murder on the Mekong'

Thirteen Chinese merchant sailors, killed execution style in Asia's Golden Triangle. That's the subject of a new investigative report, published by the Atavist and written by Jeff Howe.

Hell's Angels bike gang sues often, despite outlaw image

The Hells Angels Motorcycle Club has a reputation as one of the nation's oldest and toughest biker gangs. Turns out, they're also quite litigious.
3rd Annual Cadillac Super Bowl Grand Prix
The death of actor Paul Walker came as a shock to many of his fans, in particular sports car enthusiasts.
Junkyard planet
When you drop a piece of paper or a used plastic bottle into that recycle bin, where does it actually go? The answer: It depends. Our trash, whether it's an old car, Christmas lights or newspaper, may travel the world before it becomes something new.
Print versions of Daily Variety, like this one from 2003, will no longer be available on L.A. newsstands. Variety will continue online and in a print weekly, but the daily print edition is being dropped.

The battle of the Hollywood trade mags

For decades, The Hollywood Reporter and Variety were Tinsel Town's go-to sources for film news. But times have changed, and ow there are four competing entertainment rags. Lately, that competition has become very, very nasty.
Colombia OAS Drug Report
The White House welcomes the Colombian president, Juan Miguel Santos, to his second official visit to the U.S.
US Consumers Expected To Spend $1.5 Billion On Cyber Monday Holiday Shopping
Cyber Monday — as we're wont to call it — broke all time records, becoming the biggest online shopping day in history. Online sales were up 21 percent from 2012 according to IBM reports, and mobile traffic accounted for about 1 in 3 of those visits.
City of Palmdale
Earlier this year, a L.A. County judge found that Palmdale's at-large elections — where the whole city votes on each district's representative — was in violation of the California Voting Rights Act and therefore illegal.
Activists Demonstrate For Immigration Reform Outside Detention Center In New York
That sort of arrangement would entail compromises, but just what sort of compromise are the millions of immigrants living in this country willing to make?


Episode: AirTalk for December 3, 2013

The man who put California’s wine country on the map

Before Jess Jackson became the billionaire who transformed the landscape of California wine production, he was a police officer. And a prosecutor. And a real-estate lawyer. “A Man and His Mountain” delves into the life of Jackson and his quest to make Americans appreciate good wine.
1789 Copy Of US Constitution Once Owned By George Washington To Be Auctioned

Has the U.S. Constitution forced our government off course?

Fights in the U.S. Senate over filibusters exploded into the nuclear option last month - when Democrats voted to change the threshold for passing political appointments from 60 votes to a simple majority. It was only the latest dispute in a hundreds-year old debate over the power and composition of the Senate.
Can an airline boot you from its frequent flyer program for complaining too much? What sort of rights do frequent flyers have when it comes to disputes about club membership? These questions are before the Supreme Court today, as it hears the case of a Minnesota Rabbi who sued Northwest Airlines for terminating his frequent flyer status and confiscating his miles.
One thing that’s certain is that college sports are never lacking in drama. USC's announcement Monday that Washington Huskies coach Steve Sarkisian was hired to lead the school's beloved football team was met with shock for some, and with lukewarm excitement for others.
The Real Brain Exhibit @Bristol Science Centre
According to a new study published this week in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, gender plays a big role in how the brain is hard-wired.
Borussia Dortmund And Dynamo Dresden - DFB Court Appearance

Does watching workers increase or decrease productivity?

When the boss is away, the workers will play, as the old saying goes, more or less. But new research out of Harvard Business School finds that productivity is actually increased when workers aren’t being closely monitored by managers.


"I would run my sticky fingers across images that seemed to be beamed from some magical, alternative universe where people gave dinner parties and owned patio furniture."

The Loh Down On Science

You'll be surprised by how poverty affects the brain

How well can different people concentrate when they're already stressed?

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