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Homeless Death Police
A jury of 8 women and 4 men found ex-Fullerton police officers Manuel Ramos and Jay Cicinelli not guilty on four counts related to the beating of Thomas, a mentally-ill transient.
An anti-government supporter displays her donations for the cause during a street rally in Bangkok, Thailand, on Tuesday. Thailand has declared a state of emergency in Bangkok and its surrounding areas to cope with anti-government protests that have stirr

Thai government declares state of emergency

The measure, which goes into effect Wednesday, will last for 60 days. Anti-government protesters are trying to stop elections, scheduled for Feb. 2.

Purdue University says 1 dead in campus shooting

Investigators were trying to determine a motive for the shooting, which happened around noon on the campus in West Lafayette. No one else was injured.
Los Angeles AB109 Women Incarceration Jail Jails County Twin Towers Education Prison
"Serious" use of force incidents dropped in LA County jails in 2013. But the overall use of force rose, especially at Twin Towers Correctional Facility, which houses L.A.'s mentally ill inmates.

Buying a Detroit house for $500, and then explaining why

Drew Philip made waves this month by explaining to the Internet why he bought a house in struggling Detroit for $500. In his much-discussed story for Buzzfeed, Philip said that he is part of "another Detroit," one where people are working to help each other and save their city.
Los Angeles in a good light

City receives list of buildings possibly at risk in a quake

The list does not specifically identify buildings at risk but rather the types of buildings that could be vulnerable.
Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca Announces Resignation
The supervisors met out of the public eye in closed session. They have scheduled another meeting for Thursday to again discuss an interim sheriff.

Star investor El-Erian to resign as Pimco CEO

Mohamed El-Erian will leave Pacific Investment Management Co. in mid-March, according to the company's parent, Allianz, which gave no explanation for the departure.
Figures released Tuesday show a decline in the number of employees arrested. The employees union president downplayed the statistics, saying they go up and down all the time.
Sunset along the aqueduct.

Dry weather expected through January

Temperatures are expected to cool down Wednesday and Thursday, but they will still be unusually warm for this time of year, according to the National Weather Service.
Glendora suspect mugs
A court affidavit says the men told police the fire that got out of control was the second they started during their overnight stay in the forest.
Pope Francis waves to faithful during the Angelus prayer from his studio overlooking St. Peter's Square at the Vatican on Sunday. President Obama will meet with the pope for the first time in March.

Finding common interests, Obama and the pope set a date

The president and the pontiff have a shared interest in fighting income inequality, but the Catholic Church still has serious differences with the president on issues such as abortion.
The Huntington Beach City Council Tuesday is considering an ordinance that would ban expanded polystyrene take-out food containers.
Fake Truancy Officer

LA-area 'boot camp' operator sentenced for abuse

Authorities say McFarland, who called himself "1st Sgt. Mac," ran a camp in Pasadena and Altadena that supposedly used military-style discipline.
California Governor Race Kashkari

Governor's race: TARP's Neel Kashkari wants to lead Calif.

He’s been called the “bailout czar” and the “$700 billion man.” Now, Neel Kashkari is running for governor of California as a different kind of Republican.
Insurers still charge copays for some contraceptives.

Preventive medical care can come with unexpected costs

Screening tests like mammograms and colonoscopies are supposed to be covered under the Affordable Care Act. But some people are finding that they still end up having to pay for anesthesia and other associated services. And not all insurers are covering all forms of birth control.
Producer Josh Lieb (L) and host Jimmy Fallon talk to critics on Sunday about what's to come.

Tonight Show: NBC prepares for a late-night transition

Jay Leno makes his second exit as host; Jimmy Fallon will take his place, and SNL's Lorne Michaels takes over behind the scenes.
California Releases Health Care Enrollment Numbers For Month Of October

Covered California enrollment eases, but still on track

The agency says it's still on track to meet or beat enrollment projections. New data indicate a higher percentage of Latino enrollment.
Joan Dangerfield Hosts Dinner Reception At Her Residence For Chinese Delegation's Official U.S. Visit
Brian Mulligan is seeking $20 million in damages against the LAPD over his alleged beating by two officers, who said he had ingested bath salts and lunged at them.
Winter Weather

East Coast storms prompt flight cancellations at LAX

Dozens of flights into and out of LAX have been cancelled due to winter weather on the East Coast and travelers were warned to expect even more delays as the storm progresses.
Richard Warp uses an Emotiv headset paired with his invention, NeuroDisco, which translates brain electrical patterns into music.
New games hitting the market use EEGs so you can move a toy helicopter with your mind or play the brain like a musical instrument. And there may be an added health benefit.
Syrian look up after an apparent airstrike by forces loyal to President Bashar Assad in Aleppo, Syria, on Monday. A new report, released Monday, alleges "systematic" torture and killing by the Assad regime.

Report purports to detail 'systematic' killing by Syria's Assad

The report by three former war crimes prosecutors is based on thousands of photographs of dead prisoners that it says were smuggled out by a Syrian defector.
Mentally ill inmates who are able to shower, eat, sit quietly and otherwise care for themselves live in the jail's Division 2. A psychologist is stationed right outside the room, and officers are specially trained to deal with psychotic episodes.

Mentally ill are often locked up in jails that can't help

Thousands of mentally ill people have been funneling in and out of the nation's jails, landing in places that are ill-equipped to treat them.
Russia Sochi Terrorism

Sochi forces hunt for 3 potential suicide bombers

Russian authorities have blamed the so-called "black widows" of slain insurgents for previous suicide attacks in the country.
Views from Latino America

Poll focuses on views from a wide array of Latino Americans

It's a cliché to point out that Latinos, like every other ethnic group, are not monolithic. But let's say it one more time, anyway: Latinos are not monolithic.
Doctors Seek Higher Fees From Health Insurers

Obamacare: Consumers frustrated when their doctor is not in their plan

Some consumers who've enrolled in health plans sold through Covered California are finding fewer provider choices than they expected.
Orange County Courthouse

Orange County struggles to fill Grand Jury

For the second year, the Superior Court in Orange County is struggling to get residents to serve on its Grand Jury.
Opportunity Rover on Mars
Ten years ago this week the Opportunity rover landed on Mars, and it's survived long past its expected expiration date. And what's up with that mystery rock?


City Council Los Angeles

LA Councilman responds to allegations of sexual harassment

Jose Huizar has already denied a former staffer's allegations of sexual harassment, but now he's done so formally in a new court filing.
Crenshaw line groundbreaking
The line is a key part of the plan to extend light rail to LAX, but activists are still pushing for more of the line to be built underground.
Albertsons is closing 11 Southern California stores as part of the supermarket chain's on-going evaluation of performance. Stores will close by February 20.
Bobby Shriver

Bobby Shriver announces run for LA Board of Supervisors

The former Santa Monica councilman and mayor will run for the seat being vacated by Zev Yaroslavsky. The Kennedy family member says he's a political outsider.
Immigrant-friendly measures have been embraced lately in a growing number of states, but tough enforcement laws enacted in recent years remain in place in others. This and more.
Sports Illustrated 08 Sportsman of the Year Awards Honoring Michael Phelps

Maven's Morning Coffee: Bobby Shriver jumps into supes race

Today is Tuesday, Jan. 21 and headlines include Bobby Shriver's run for the Board of Supervisors, a Republican's potential run for governor and the 2015 L.A. City Council races.
The state's Latino population was supposed to have surpassed that of non-Latino whites last summer. But with fewer babies born than expected, the target date has been reset to March.
Ramiro Gomez Artist
The son of Mexican immigrants knows his subject and tries to throw a spotlight on the "invisible" men and women who make many an affluent L.A. household hum.
Downey Space - 2
The online news site Education Week Teacher offers a mapping tool that lets teachers list their favorite field trip locations. What are yours?


Take Two®

Episode: California's link to polar vortex, Tuesday Reviewsday, photographer Henry Diltz and more
Coral Reefs
Climate change has been hard on coral reefs and some areas are experiencing huge die-offs. Now scientists are looking for new ways to preserve them.
Coral Reefs

Saving the coral reefs

Climate change has been hard on the areas of the ocean that house coral reefs. All over the world reefs and some areas are experiencing huge die-offs.
Saving The Kelp Forests
Signs of radioactivity are predicted to reach our shores this year from the Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan. Professor Steven Manley teaches biology at Cal State Long Beach and he's heading up this project called Kelp Watch.
Hackers use credit card scanning machines as part of their sophisticated campaign to steal credit card information and sell it.

How to avoid disclosing personal information to stores

Everyday, people readily give up their personal information unnecessarily — perhaps an email address to a cashier, or their phone number to an online retailer.
Hackers Grab 40 Million Accounts From Target Stores

Two arrested with credit cards connected to Target hacking

Take Two speaks with Kim Zetter of Wired about how they were caught and what this means as far as catching the criminals behind the data breach.

Mexican government sends help to Michoacan vigilante groups

In the Mexican state of Michoacan, armed vigilante groups that have challenged a powerful drug cartel are refusing to lay down arms.
Latinos to be the new majority

Latinos to be California's new majority soon

Those projections also foresee a big jump in the number of older Californians and the number of Asian Americans are also expected to grow.
Big Bear Ski Scene Feature
The drought here in California has meant a lot of mud, sweat and tears at the ski resorts in the Sierra Nevada mountains.
With the recent local tour bus crashes that have killed two and injured dozens, there are many questions surrounding how these vehicles operate and how they are regulated on the state and federal level.
Ramiro Gomez artist

Los Angeles artist brings immigrant labor into focus

The son of Mexican immigrants knows his subject and tries to throw a spotlight on the "invisible" men and women who make many an affluent L.A. household hum.
SF art

San Francisco's smallest gallery invites patrons to take a peek

The San Francisco art scene is pretty huge, but in the Mission District there's one gallery that is decidedly smaller. So small that it can't actually host visitors.
Polar Vortex Weather System Brings Artic Temperatures Across Wide Swath Of U.S.
Here in Southern California, residents are grappling with what it means to be back in an official drought and wondering why it is so hot — in January.
Henry Diltz

Album cover photographer Henry Diltz still rockin' into his 70s

The California Report's Diane Bock brings us this profile of a photographer who is still behind the lens, nearly 50 years on.
Grant Park

Phoenix development would bridge rich, poor

There’s a movement afoot to bring new money into urban areas all over the country. And surprisingly Phoenix, Arizona, is a part of that movement. The city has long been famous for its suburban sprawl.
Los Lonely Boys
Today is the day for Tuesday Reviewsday! This week we are joined by music critic Steve Hochman and Justino Aguila from Billboard Latin.

The Loh Down On Science

Episode: These long jumpers have unusual ways of keeping their feet together

These long jumpers have unusual ways of keeping their feet together.

Finding teeth in strange places.


Episode: AirTalk for January 21, 2014
Activists Protests Against The Agriculture Industry's Lobby Influence Over Congress

Is the anti-GMO crowd ignoring science?

In recent years, there’s been a groundswell of concern about the safety of genetically modified organisms (G.M.Os) in the food supply and efforts across the country to require mandatory labeling on G.
AFC Championship - New England Patriots v Denver Broncos

NFL might consider doing away with the extra points

Some fans call it the most boring part of a NFL game and apparently, the league’s commissioner agrees.
Affordable Care Act (ACA) Enrollment Fair Held In Southern California
Consumers in some parts of the country—including California—are finding that the plans offered under Obamacare give them access to fewer health care providers than their old plans.
NTSB Recommends States Reduce Blood Alcohol Level Threshold For Drunk Driving Offenses

Is an anonymous tip enough to justify a DUI stop?

The Supreme Court today heard oral argument in Navarette v. California, a case which asks the question whether a police officer can pull over someone suspected for drunken or reckless driving based solely on an anonymous tip, or does a police officer need to see evidence of dangerous driving to justify a stop.

Should American businesses adopt a German labor model?

A Volkswagen plant in Tennessee plans to introduce more robust labor employee participation modeled on the company’s German structure. In Germany, labor relations include bodies called work councils that exist within businesses.
Aerial view of the Las Vegas boulevard,

Porn production moves to Las Vegas after LA condom law passes

The number of applications to film adult movies in Los Angeles has decreased by an estimated 95% following the passage of a law requiring actors to wear condoms in pornography. The law, which went into effect in 2013, has caused a flight of adult filmmakers from L.
Heavy Smog Hits Beijing
A new study out of UC Irvine measuring the movement of pollution from China to the United States has found that Chinese emissions are more heavily affecting domestic air. The study tracked toxins carried on a major wind path from China around the Northern Hemisphere.

Terror warnings increase security threat for Sochi Olympics

New reports of terrorism threats are casting a shadow over the upcoming Winter Olympics that are set to start in Sochi in just a few weeks. A video has surfaced threatening attacks on the games and sightings of the "white widow" terrorism suspect have security experts on edge.

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