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Ala'a Miqbel (shown here with his wife and their youngest son in their Gaza City apartment) was held for nearly four weeks in an Israeli prison, then released without charges. There, he met the "sparrows" — Palestinians who appear to be fellow prisoners b

In Israeli prison, an elaborate theater of interrogation

Palestinian Ala'a Miqbel thought he was going for a brief interview with Israeli security for a permit for work travel to the West Bank. Instead, he was arrested and taken to prison. There, he met Palestinian informants known as "sparrows," who masquerade as fellow prisoners and elicit information for the Israelis.
Orange County Undersheriff John Scott
Scott retired from the LA County Sheriff's Department, where he rose through the ranks to run the jails. He pledges that the reforms that are underway to clean up the troubled department will continue.
President Obama Delivers State Of The Union Address At U.S. Capitol

State of the Union video: Obama to act 'wherever and whenever' he can

President Barack Obama is challenging a deeply divided Congress, telling lawmakers he will act on his own "wherever and whenever" he can.
What is Sherak’s plan for keeping production in the area?
Tom Sherak, who was named Los Angeles's first film czar by Mayor Eric Garcetti in September, has died, the mayor confirmed on Twitter.
Pittsburgh Pirates v Los Angeles Dodgers
The judge who has been overseeing the case told lawyers Tuesday he has been reassigned and a new judge will have to be chosen to preside over the case.
Relatives of a teenager who was stabbed to death at a Los Angeles school have reached a tentative settlement in their wrongful-death lawsuit against the district.
The Future Irvine Great Park

Orange County to develop land next to Irvine's Great Park

Orange County Supervisors Tuesday approved a deal to develop 100 acres of land on the former El Toro Marine airbase in Irvine adjacent to the Great Park.
Board members are set to vote Tuesday night on whether to expel 11 students accused of hacking into computers to change their grades.
Motley Crue Press Announcement
Motley Crue is hanging up its guitars for good. The heavy metal band plans to say goodbye with 72 concerts before retiring.
A reputed gang member has pleaded not guilty to assault with a deadly weapon for allegedly beating a homeless man in Venice - an attack that was captured on video.
A screen grab from last year's "enhanced State of the Union," which is also available Tuesday on

Obama's State of the Union, playing on a 'second screen' near you

The White House is flooding social media in its major digital push for the State of the Union address. (We also have bingo cards for you to play along at home.)

Sushi chefs aren't feeling California's new glove law

The new law aimed at improving food safety requires chefs and others who handle raw food in restaurants to wear gloves. Sushi chefs say it takes the feel out of hands-on sushi.
California Legislature
California state Sen. Roderick Wright has been convicted in a perjury and voter fraud case.
Makeshift memorial for Kim Pham
Candace Marie Brito, 27, of Santa Ana, has pleaded not guilty to one felony count of murder in connection with the death of 23-year-old Kim Pham outside a nightclub.
Backstage Culver City
The Seattle and Broncos will be facing off in Super Bowl XLVIII this weekend. Here in Southern California, there will also be a contest of two rival sports bars.
Pasadena pit bull

Pasadena tables pit bull ordinance

More than 60 people submitted cards to speak at Monday night's city council meeting, many of them opposed to proposed ordinance to require pit bulls and mixes to be spayed or neutered.
Rep. Anna Eshoo, D-Calif., is a co-sponsor of the new bill.'s launch problems inspired legislation aimed at ending a cycle of costly federal IT failures.
Beef cattle in a barn on the Larson Farms feedlot in Maple Park, Ill.

FDA found drugs used in food animals to be 'high risk'

Documents show that Food and Drug Administration scientists allowed 18 drugs to be sold to farmers despite a risk to human health.
Boeing 787 jet on assembly line

US durable goods orders drop 4.3 percent

A 4.3 percent drop in orders for durable goods was led by a big 17.5 percent drop in the volatile category of commercial aircraft, the Commerce Department reported Tuesday.
Nick Goepper competed in the ski slopestyle qualification for the European Winter X Games last March.

X Games show the Olympics what the kids want

The X Games have changed the lineup of the Olympics. But when a youth-lifestyle, punk-rock sport makes it to the Olympics, some things inevitably change.

Ukrainian president accepts PM's resignation

In significant concessions to protesters Tuesday, Ukraine's prime minister resigned and parliament repealed anti-protest laws that had set off violent clashes with police.
President Obama Delivers Speech On U.S. Signals Intelligence Programs

State of the Union 2014: Obama to challenge Congress on minimum wage

Obama's speech will be wrapped in a unifying theme: The federal government can play a key role in increasing opportunities for Americans who have been left behind.
Pete Seeger in 2006.

Pete Seeger dies; Folk music icon and activist was 94

Seeger was a mentor and influence on younger musicians for decades. He will be remembered for his music and his social activism.


Teen Head Start - 5

President renews call for universal preschool

Obama called for a “race to the top” for the nation’s youngest children. It was exactly the kind of thing early childhood education advocates were hoping to hear.
Anaheim City Hall
Officials in Orange County's biggest city turned down a proposal to call for a stop to deportations by the Obama administration. Instead, council members reaffirmed their past stated support for comprehensive immigration reform at their meeting.
A proposed California initiative calling for a new minimum wage hike isn’t coming from Democrats this time, but from a conservative entrepreneur and activist who hopes to deter illegal immigration.
California labor officials have dropped citations against Electric vehicle maker BYD for paying workers below the state's minimum wage.
Vergara v. California trial centers on whether five teacher job protection laws shelter bad teachers and lead to students not getting an adequate education.
Bobby Shriver Sheila Kuehl

Candidates' tweets duel for an elected official's affections

Bobby Shriver and Sheila Kuehl are running for county supervisor and she makes it clear who has the support of Santa Monica Mayor Pam O'Connor.

LA metro area home prices rose 22 percent in November

Home prices in the L.A. metro area continued to climb in November, posting a 21.6 percent gain year-over-year, according to S&P/Case-Shiller Home Prices Indices.
California teacher job protections are on trial in an LA County courtroom. The case is called Vergara v. State of California.
Election Night Greuel

Maven's Morning Coffee: Why don't more women run for office?

Today is Tuesday, Jan. 28 and headlines include a look at why more women don't run for office, how hackers are using L.A.'s data, and a supervisor responds to criticism.
Residents Return To Neighborhoods As Wildfires Subside

No shortage of avocados for Super Bowl dips

Avocado growers in Mexico have figured out that now is the time to make sure Americans have enough fruit to make plenty of Super Bowl guacamole.
Hack For LA
Mayor Eric Garcetti wants LA to be a digital democracy, but the effort will likely depend on civic-minded computer wizards who will donate their services.


Take Two

Episode: SOTU preview, Sochi security, LA 'Hacktivists', NSA targets game apps and more
The new farm bill includes provisions to help livestock producers hit by natural disasters and extreme weather. Here, cattle stay warm in a barn in Illinois during this month's cold weather.
The five-year, trillion-dollar federal farm bill could head for a vote in the House as early as tomorrow. After two years of political wrangling over food stamps and crop subsidies, politicians are hopeful the current iteration of the bill will pass.
Options Head Start - 4

Obama pushes for more funding for universal pre-K

When President Obama gives his State of the Union Speech tonight, advocates for early childhood education will be paying close attention. For years, they've been working to get Universal Preschool on the national agenda.
Guinness Celebrates Arthur's Day
It's Tuesday - which means that it's time for Tuesday Reviewsday, our weekly new music segment. This week we're joined by music supervisor Morgan Rhodes.
Reporter Corps

Neighborhoods: Touring South LA's Manchester Square

Young South L.A. resident, Skylar Endsley Myers, takes us on a tour of her neighborhood, where big-city grit and good food give her a sense of home.
One of the many topics President Obama is likely to address tonight in his State of the Union address is income inequality. The timing is certainly right. Some economists believe the income gap is as high as it was at the start of the Great Depression.
Super Bowl XLVIII - Preview
As we approach Super Bowl Sunday, those still looking for tickets to the big game and willing to pay a hefty price call second-tier sellers like Ety Ryback and Jason Zinna.
In his last State of the Union, the President made a call to action, telling Congress to pass an immigration bill saying "Let's get it done." There was some real progress, the Senate even passed a bill before immigration reform stalled out in the House.
nail art

Nail art a big business for SoCal artists

Manicures and pedicures are big business in California. Nail services across the country represent a booming $8 billion dollar industry that hit a record high last year. You can thank gels and intricate nail designs for that.

Security a concern ahead of Winter Olympics in Sochi

From October 15 through the end of 2013 there were three suicide bombings targeting transportation in Volgograd, 600 miles north of Sochi.
Hack For LA

LA hopes 'Hacktivists' will turn city data into user-friendly apps

Since taking office last July, Mayor Eric Garcetti has promised transparency in government. One of the ways he's hoping to affect change is by posting information about the city's operations online to make information available to the public anytime, anywhere.
Rising Price of Gold Spurs Increases In Prospecting In California

California drought sends gold miners to the hills

The California drought may have a silver, or rather gold, lining of sorts. The dry conditions have lowered river beds and uncovered possible new gold deposits. That's why modern-day prospectors are heading to the hills.
Backstage Culver City

Super Bowl 2014: Los Angeles Seahawks and Broncos bars face-off

The Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos will be facing off in New Jersey in Super Bowl XLVIII this weekend. Here in Los Angeles there will also be a contest, of two rival sports bars.
Angry Birds

NSA targets Angry Birds mobile app to collect personal data

A new report found that the NSA and its British counterpart have spent years collecting information from apps like Angry Birds.
Views Of Sochi Ahead Olympic Games
The 2014 Games in Sochi, Russia are little more than a week away and with them comes another potential source of pressure - the possibility of terrorism.

The Loh Down On Science

Episode: For these animals, mating requires unusually good aim

For these animals, mating requires unusually good aim

They don't fire till they see the whites of each other's eyes!


Episode: AirTalk for January 28, 2014
The United States may have freedom of religion enshrined into our Constitution, but a new report from the Pew Research Center shows that we may not be doing the best job of protecting those freedoms.

California bill seeks ban on 'affluenza' defense

New legislation in California may outlaw criminal defence based on economic privilege. The bill, proposed by California Assemblyman Mike Gatto, is inspired by a drunk driving case in Texas.
President Obama Works In The Oval Office At The White House

President Obama to push up minimum wage for federal workers

During tonight's State of the Union address, President Barack Obama will announce an executive order to raise the minimum wage to $10.10 an hour for federally contracted workers, according to a White House statement.

Pentagon researchers hone in on rapid DNA identity tests

Scientists working with the Department of Defense say they are closer to DNA analysis that takes just 90 minutes instead of two to three weeks, as first reported by USA Today. The science of DNA analysis revolutionized criminal investigations - small and large.

Should West Hollywood City Hall fly the rainbow flag? (Poll)

The City of West Hollywood is reconsidering whether City Hall should fly the rainbow flag. The flag was first raised in June, after a WeHo resident and business owner proposed it at a City Council meeting.
Joint Economic Committee Holds Hearing On Income Inequality In The U.S.
Income inequality is expected to be a major theme of President Obama's State of the Union address tonight. There are signs that the gap between the rich and poor in America has been widening for decades and there is no consensus in Washington over what, if anything, to do about it.

First Person

Grossing Guard Community Health
Retired dentist Tony Abdalla is the crossing guard at Arroyo Vista Elementary School in South Pasadena. He seems to know every kid and parent by name.
First Person Dorothy
The executive director of the Orange County Symphony for years lobbied the Anaheim school district to create a music program. Now 1,300 kids are enrolled in an orchestra program.
Anne Hars' husband had a serious car accident that left him with a traumatic brain injury. Her struggle to help him was eased when she found a community of support.

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