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A Los Angeles judge denied a request by some residents to intervene and challenge the city on its gang injunction for Echo Park.
In California, some restaurants are changing their policy to  serve water to patrons only upon request.
Across the state, cities see waste in water left behind. Santa Cruz is one of the first California towns to bar restaurants from serving drinking water unless requested.
Frank Gehrke, chief of snow surveys in California, looks at wind speed, snow depth and moisture data collected at a survey site in Yosemite National Park.
Amid the historic drought gripping California and much of the West Coast, scientists are studying how states can manage with a lot less water in the future.

Firefighter handcuffed at crash scene for not moving truck

A firefighter responding to a San Diego-area crash site was handcuffed and held in a patrol car for failing to move a fire truck immediately after police asked him to.
The Huntington Library's new collection of rare photographs of Santa Monica and Los Angeles depict the cities before they were heavily populated. View them here.
Los Angeles Police Department spokesman
On Wednesday, Bryan Barnes, 21, pled guilty to murdering Ying Wu and Ming Qu — an admission that will land him in prison for the rest of his life.
Ontario Airport

It's Ontario vs Los Angeles in battle over airport

The city of Ontario is moving forward with its lawsuit against the city of Los Angeles over control of the Inland Empire airport.
Miramonte Elementary School in Los Angel

Court dismisses case against former Miramonte teacher

Prosecutors say the case against Martin Springer has been dropped after the alleged victim declined to testify.
The brain edits memories of the past, updating them with new information. Scientists say this may help us function better in the present. But don't throw those photos away.
Even people with good memories can have a hard time remembering the past accurately. That may be because the brain is constantly editing memories.
A probiotic commonly found in yogurt seems to help women lose more weight and fat, a recent study finds. But you still have to eat healthy to see an effect.

Ladies: Good bacteria in yogurt may be good for waistlines, too

Women who took a probiotic in yogurts daily while on a diet regime lost significantly more weight and fat than their counterparts who received a placebo.
Actor Philip Seymour Hoffman Dies Of Alleged Drug Overdose

Hoffman autopsy inconclusive; further tests needed

There was no timetable for Hoffman's autopsy to be finished, said medical examiner office spokeswoman Julie Bolcer, who declined to discuss the pending tests.

Religion and Culture: Bollywood dance comes to Los Angeles

“Hollywood’s favorite Bollywood Choreographer” Nakul Dev Mahajan brings the distinctive dance styles to Southern California devotees.
USC students memorial
Police say Barnes and another suspect killed two Chinese engineering students in the West Adams neighborhood. Prosecutors have agreed not to seek the death penalty in exchange for the plea.
Belgium EU Google

Google, EU settle antitrust case; new search pages in Europe?

Google would significantly change the ways it displays some search results in Europe in favor of its competitors. See before and after screenshots of the concessions.

Panama Canal expansion stops amid dispute

The canal's administrator says the stoppage will give authorities time to analyze how to proceed on the project to widen the canal amid a dispute over $1.6 billion in cost overruns.

Sandra Fluke announces bid for state Senate

The attorney and women's rights activist is seeking the seat of state Sen. Ted Lieu, who announced he will seek to replace outgoing Rep. Henry Waxman.
CVS Caremark Tobacco Sales

CVS Caremark plans to stop tobacco products sales

The nation's second-largest drugstore chain said Wednesday that it will phase out cigarettes, cigars and chewing tobacco by Oct. 1.
Olive Vista Middle School mural
The district spent $19 million retrofitting 17 at-risk buildings at other campuses, but it's poised to spend double that on two middle school buildings in Sylmar


Two owners in a Southern California real estate investment firm were arrested on Wednesday. Both were apparently involved in a Ponzi scheme.
magic sparks

Can Magic Johnson save the LA Sparks?

The Dodgers' ownership group turned around the team quicker than anyone expected, but MLB isn’t the WNBA, which hasn’t just been losing money, but also teams.
California Drought Dries Up Bay Area Reservoirs

House passes drought bill; state water war moves to Senate

All eyes are on the Senate where California senators Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer promise to introduce their own water bill this week.
Disney saw revenue increases in all of its divisions. Earnings were boosted by the success of movies "Frozen" and "Thor: The Dark World."
626 Night Market
The popular Asian-themed night market will hold events in Orange County and downtown Los Angeles.
DREAM Act Supporters Rally For Immigration Reform
While House Republicans are talking legalization and some immigration activists have hinted at compromising on a path to citizenship, there's still skepticism as to whether immigration reform can make it through Congress. This and more.
Spring Street Bike Lanes

Maven's Morning Coffee: Dangers of cycling to work

Today is Wednesday, Feb. 5 and headlines include a first-hand account of cycling in L.A., a technology officer for the city, and retrofitting schools in Sylmar.
Jeff Chean
Take-out, dry cleaning and on-set coffee: In leaving Burbank, "The Tonight Show" leaves behind small businesses that were happy to help.


Take Two

Episode: Sochi scene, CVS tobacco ban, 'Tonight Show' leaves LA and more
Asian Citrus Psyllid
Efforts in Riverside to rid citrus crops of the Asian citrus psyllid are well underway. After conducting several tests, researchers there found that wasps are a natural enemy of the psyllid, the tiny insects that spread the incurable citrus greening disease.
The Hummus
There's a new satirical new site called The Hummus that's being hailed as The Onion for Muslims, founded by three Silicon Valley-based practicing Muslims in their 20s.
Cold Snap Winter Crops
It's been a rough year for citrus crops in California. New estimates out this week show that a week of freezing temperatures in December wiped out nearly a quarter of the state's $2 billion citrus industry.
Senate Republicans Address The Media After Their Weekly Policy Meeting
After two years of Congressional infighting, the U.S. farm bill finally passed both the House and the Senate. It now goes to the President for his signature.
La Canada Child Educational Center Preschool Gender

GOP lawmakers show support for preschool programs

Preschool has become one of the hottest topics in politics. While Republicans have been pushing for big cuts and spending almost everywhere else, many are pumping lots of cash into early education.
Will Forte
Will Forte joins the show to talk about his favorite memories from "SNL" and his foray into more serious dramatic acting.
Los Angeles Lakers v Orlando Magic
The Lakers are historically bad, will a little Magic save the Sparks? And Richard Sherman shows off some hand/eye interpretation. That means it's time for sports with Andy and Brian Kamenetzky, who have covered the sports scene for ESPN and the L.A. Times.
Peña Nieto unveiled the plan Tuesday on a visit to the state capital Morelia. The plan includes loans for small businesses, improvements to local ports and roads and funds for education and healthcare.
The death of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman of an apparent drug overdose was a shock to almost everyone who heard the news. Hoffman, it's been widely reported, had over two decades of sobriety under his belt before relapsing into addiction last year.
70th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Press Room

Small businesses are sad to see 'The Tonight Show' leave Burbank

More than 150 people at NBC will lose their jobs after The Tonight Show with Jay Leno ends. Some nearby businesses will also feel the pinch.

CVS to stop selling tobacco products in October 2014

Today, CVS announced they would stop selling all cigarettes and tobacco products nationwide by October.

Narco traffickers slash protected rainforests

Scientists working in Central America have discovered an unexpected consequence of the drug war: deforestation. For the Fronteras Desk, Laurel Morales reports.

Much ado about Sochi's Winter Olympics accommodations

Whether it's terrorist threats, construction issues or political unrest, the Games have been constantly surrounded by controversy and concerns. Now, leading up to the eve of the Olympiad, there have been recent reports that even the hotels aren't ready to host such a global event.

The Loh Down On Science

Episode: Could social media help prevent epidemics?

Could social media help prevent epidemics?

Tweeting our symptoms to the world


Episode: AirTalk for February 5, 2014
American Hustle
David O. Russell’s “American Hustle” has received critical acclaim, garnering a number of Academy Award nominations including Best Picture. The film, a period crime drama set in the 1970s, follows a FBI agent (Bradley Cooper) as he recruits a con-man (Christian Bale) to uncover corrupt politicians.
The Cinema Society With The Hollywood Reporter & Piaget Host A Special Screening Of "To Rome With Love" - Arrivals

Should the public weigh in on the Dylan Farrow letter?

Over the weekend, New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof ceded his column space to Dylan Farrow, the adopted daughter of Mia Farrow and Woody Allen, who published an open letter detailing the sexual abuse she allegedly suffered when she was 7 at the hands of Allen.
House Budget Cmte Holds Hearing On CBO's Budget and Economic Outlook

New report shows Affordable Care Act’s impact on workforce

A new report from the Congressional Budget Office estimates 2.5 million Americans will leave the full time workforce by 2023. This number, revised from an estimate of 800,000, takes into account the availability of healthcare under the Affordable Care Act.
CVS Caremark Reports Quarterly Profit Increase Of 25 Percent
Drugstore and pharmacy chain CVS announced today that they plan to end sale of cigarettes and other tobacco products by October 1. The discontinuation of tobacco sales is, according to CVS president and CEO Larry Merlo, in line with the chain’s efforts to become a larger part of providing healthcare to customers.
Trader Joe's Open New Store In Miami Area
Trader Joe's has pulled out of plans to build a new store in a historically African-American neighborhood in Portland, Oregon. Activists in the area said the high end grocer would be too expense for locals and perpetuate the area's income inequality gap.

First Person

Dr. Jimenez St. Francis Hospital
Trauma surgeon Michael Jimenez believes he has a responsibility to try to persuade the gang members he treats to turn away from gang life.

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