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Los Angeles February Rain
Rain in Southern California likely won't cause more fire-prone grass to grow, researchers say. It may even help keep chaparral hydrated during the dry summer months.
LA Department of Water and Power
The new page provides information on call volume and wait times. It also shows how much money the utility has left uncollected because of system problems.
The Mexico-born, Kenyan actress Lupita Nyong'o was one of several artists of color to collect awards during Sunday's Oscar ceremony. She won the accolade for best supporting actress.
Artists of color won in some of the most prestigious categories at Sunday's Academy Award ceremony. Is this a sign of change, or exceptions to the rule?
Desert Shutdown

Shutdown cost national parks at least $414M

National parks saw nearly 8 million fewer visitors due to the government shutdown, costing parks and surrounding areas millions of dollars, the Interior Department said.
Corcoran State Prison - KPCC Post
A federal judge recently struck down portions of two tough-on-crime ballot initiatives that hampered the ability of prisoners to be paroled. The decision could lead to the release of many serious felons.

If he's sexually aggressive in bars, it's not because he's drunk

A study finds some men force unwanted sexual attention on women who have been drinking because they may be seen as more vulnerable.
Chinese paramilitary police stand guard outside the scene of a terrorist attack at the main train station in Kunming, Yunnan Province, Monday. Knife-wielding assailants left at least 29 people dead in the attack.

China arrests 3 suspects in Saturday's deadly knife attack

All eight people responsible for the attack are now accounted for, the state-run Xinhua news agency says, citing a police report.
Microsoft Holds Annual Meeting
Forbes' Magazine announced its rankings of the world's billionaires Monday with Bill Gates reclaiming the top sport after four years.
Duke's Jabari Parker weaves his way through UCLA players during a December game in New York.
Division I athletes may be at the top of their game in college, but researchers say they will often have more health problems than people who never played sports.
LAX Shooting
Ciancia will be moved to the downtown federal lockup from a detention center east of L.A., where doctors have treated him for wounds received during a shooting rampage, his attorney said.
Michelle Obama says you should get at least five servings of green per day.

Sandwich Monday: The Shamrock Shake

For this week's Sandwich Monday, we try the classic McDonald's seasonal offering: The Shamrock Shake. Does green mean go?
Concerns Grow In Ukraine Over Pro Russian Demonstrations In The Crimea Region
As tensions escalated in Crimea, fears in Kiev and beyond were that Russia might target and seize other parts of Ukraine, in particular parts of its pro-Russian east.
New study finds autism is not linked to c-sections

Early baby deliveries plummet in US, California

Hospitals responding to a private group's survey report significant drops in their rates of early deliveries between 2010 and 2013.

With death penalty, how should states define mental disability?

In 2002, the Supreme Court banned the execution of the "mentally retarded." Monday the court is looking at the case of a convicted man who says Florida's definition of mental disability is too strict.
E-cigarettes was a $2 billion industry last year and it's expected to hit $5 billion this year.

E-cigarette critics worry new ads will make 'vaping' cool for kids

As electronic cigarette companies get bold with advertising, anti-smoking groups fear the ads will lure teens and get them hooked on nicotine.
C. Nash smokes after possession of marijuana became legal in Washington state on Dec. 6, 2012.

Evidence on marijuana's health effects is hazy at best

States are legalizing marijuana even though there's no clear understanding of its impact on health. The drug hasn't been subjected to the kind of rigorous medical research that would find that out.
With the ability to control phone calls, texts, and audio, Apple's new CarPlay system will ensure drivers' "eyes and hands stay where they belong," the company says. CarPlay will be included in several car models this year.
The system aims to keep drivers from fumbling with their phones while they're behind the wheel, even as it brings them more options (and potential distractions).
Actress Lupita Nyong'o may very well win an Oscar Sunday night. And if she does, she will have gotten votes from people who can't be bothered to learn her name.
Starting with the best picture win for "12 Years a Slave," this year's awards featured a number of firsts, particularly having to do with the diversity of winners.
Hispanics are less likely than other groups to enroll in four-year schools. They're also harder to find in stock photos.

Hispanics struggle to graduate: An issue of school choice?

Hispanics are disproportionately enrolled in community colleges and two-year schools. Experts say this partially explains why they are much less likely than other groups to attain bachelor's degrees.
Accused South African Paralympic athlete Oscar Pistorius in court on Monday in Pretoria. He's accused of premeditated murder in the death of his girlfriend on Feb. 14, 2013.

Pistorius pleads not guilty, witness tells of hearing screams

The murder trial of the South African sprinter known as the "Blade Runner" has begun. He's accused of killing his girlfriend. Oscar Pistorius say she mistook her for an intruder.

Energy costs boosted US consumer spending in Jan.

The overall spending increase in January reflected a 0.8 percent jump in spending on services, the effect of higher heating bills.
Huntington Beach oil wells

Oil drilling is expanding along PCH in Huntington Beach

OXY USA plans to drill 85 oil wells on its property along Pacific Coast Highway; the city says noise reduction efforts will be made.

Rainstorms leave Glendora but protective barriers stay behind

City officials tell residents the concrete barriers that protected their homes during the storms will remain in place for years as the threat of mudslides remains.
Infant Mortality - 3

Why do black infants die so much more often than white infants?

The elevated rate of infant mortality for black babies has been well documented but poorly understood. Researchers are developing new theories.


86th Annual Academy Awards - Red Carpet
This year’s Oscars ceremony is being characterized as a big win for diversity in Hollywood. Critics say it wasn't perfect, but they're optimistic.
A plan to save the Salton Sea

Salton Sea: politicos unite for funding

Can a renewable energy project save the Salton Sea?
Rob Ford
Ford — who is under fire at home in a drug abuse scandal — is in town for an appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" and he dropped by City Hall for a visit.
Hamilton High School Oscar
A group of 19 students from the Academy of Music at Hamilton High School performed the hit song "on stage at the Dolby Theatre on Sunday: "It was a dream."
A report finds a new leadership structure and a strategic plan for operations could make the Los Angeles Fire Department more efficient. This as it has had to deal with several embarrassing episodes.
Dolby Atmos sound system
"Gravity" gets Oscar for best sound mixing, showcasing Dolby's new 3D sound technology; Apple puts iOS on your dashboard.
Violence School Lessons

Maven's Morning Coffee: Ron Calderon takes a leave

Today is Monday, March 3 and headlines include Sen. Ron Calderon's decision to leave the Senate, GoV. Jerry Brown on the legalization of pot, and support for a new minimum wage.
Statewide Drought Forces Californians To Take Drastic Measures For Water Conversation
Monday’s news saw March rainfall roar in like a lion over the weekend, but the drought ain't going out like a lamb.
Eli Broad appoints head of philanthropic education efforts
The wealthy philanthropist, who has donated $800 million for education reform efforts, chose Washington veteran Bruce Reed to lead his foundation.
Only one-in-three of the district's high schools have basic courses and no advanced placement courses are offered in the city's poorer neighborhoods.


The Loh Life

Episode: Isn't it Romantic? Part Two: My Funny Valentine

Isn't it Romantic? Part Two: My Funny Valentine

Sandra Tsing Loh and her daughter find interesting company while dining out.

Take Two

Episode: On the Lot, Oscar highlights, '12 Years a Slave,' Odd Hollywood Jobs, Dr. Seuss, Yelp's list of top restaurants, more
Drive-in Movie Theater

Paramount drive-in theatre to make a comeback

Glenn Bianchi plans to re-open the Paramount Drive-in. It's the theater that his father opened in 1947 in Paramount, California, originally called the Roadium Drive-in.
Infant Mortality - 1
The vast majority of babies born in the U.S., to women of all ethnicities, are born healthy.
State Senator Investigated
Last night, state Senator Ron Calderon announced that he's taking a leave of absence.
yelp balloon
Yelp just compiled its list of the country's top 100 restaurants. And at the top are none of the esteemed, Michelin-starred places you'd expect.

Some tech interns earn $5k+ a month

If you're lucky as an intern, you might get a stipend or a small wage. If you're REALLY lucky, you're an intern in Silicon Valley where you could pull an average of five-thousand or more. A MONTH.
In Mexico, change could soon be coming to the telecoms and television industry – long dominated by just a small handful of powerful players, including multi-billionaire Carlos Slim. The result could be a shift not just for the companies but for tens of millions of consumers throughout the country.
Heroes in The Night
The lives of RLSH or Real Life Super Heroes can be fraught with danger, but that doesn't stop some people from donning capes and costumes to fight crime.
The Lorax by Dr. Seuss

Celebrating Dr. Seuss's triumphs

From "Green Eggs and Ham" to "Horton Hears A Who," he wrote 46 books. Don't believe me? It's true!
Eli Broad appoints head of philanthropic education efforts
Philanthropist Eli Broad has donated billions of dollars over the years, and a nice chunk of it has gone to public education.
Ben Bayouth Creature Creator

Hollywood Jobs: Creature Creator

We talk to talk to creature creator Ben Bayouth who makes really cool props for movies like Superman: Man of Steel and for TV shows like Grimm and Robot Chicken.

Andrew Thierry: Keeping Zydeco alive in the Bay Area

New Orleans is gearing up for this week's Fat Tuesday celebration with its distinctive soundtrack of Zydeco music.
Ryan Legaux
The owners of Harold & Belle's in South LA hail from New Orleans, and the restaurant has been serving traditional Creole food for three generations.
12 Twelve Years A Slave
The now three-time Academy-Award winning film, "12 Years a Slave" will be making its way into classrooms nationwide in the fall. The film, along with Solomon Northup's 1853 memoir, will be integrated into high school curriculums in state-run districts across the country.
83rd Annual Academy Awards - The Oscar Envelope

Using big data to predict the Oscars

Big data cruncher David Rothschild correctly predicted 21 of the 24 Oscars categories...even though he'd only seen 2 nominated films.

On the Lot: '12 Years a Slave', 'Gravity,' more

Today: A visit to LA's Creole Corridor where true Mardi Gras traditions are alive and well. Plus, "Twelve Years a Slave" wins best picture and a part in public school curriculum around the country.

The Loh Down On Science

Episode: Do five eyes see better than two?

How much better do five (compound) eyes see?

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water….


Episode: AirTalk for March 3, 2014

Do hiring managers care where you went to college?

A new survey from Gallup Education shows that only nine percent of business leaders consider the school an applicant attended to be “very important” when it comes to hiring decisions.
Orange County Sheriff's Department has seen a huge influx of applications for concealed carry weapons (CCW) permits.
Washington is facing a tough foreign policy challenge now that Russia has escalated the conflict in Ukraine by seizing control of the country's strategic Crimean peninsula.
Hollywood’s biggest night delivered plenty of glamor, eloquent speeches and the world’s best selfie, thanks to host Ellen Degeneres.
For the past decade and a half, California has seen its position as the center of the global entertainment industry come under siege.


Dance writer Debra Levine tells the untold story of the legendary director's only musical and one of his few flops.

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