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LA County wants to boost sign ups for food assistance

Hundreds of thousands of people who qualify for food assistance don't apply. County officials set up a mobile unit in a parking lot in Pacoima to reach some of them.
The Los Angeles County District Attorney alleges that Los Angeles man Mynor Varela was driving an SUV that slammed into a police cruiser, killing one officer and injuring another.
A inmate with mental health issues sued the L.A. County Sheriff's Department alleging jail deputies beat him in 2009. The deputies already face criminal charges.
Former IRS official Lois Lerner, during March 5 testimony before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. Lerner has repeatedly invoked the Fifth Amendment during congressional appearances on the scandal.

Congress holds former IRS official Lois Lerner in contempt

On a largely party-line vote, Republicans approved the resolution that stems from the alleged targeting of conservative groups seeking tax-exempt status.
Bus Crash Kills 10 In Northern California
Miles Hill's suit names FedEx and Silverado Stages. The companies also were sued last month over the death of 17-year-old Jennifer Bonilla.
Protesters march in front of the Nigerian Embassy in Washington, D.C., on Tuesday in support of the girls kidnapped by members of the Islamist group Boko Haram.

US offers aid in search for Nigerian girls, but is it too late?

The U.S. is sending a team of experts to help find the nearly 300 abducted schoolgirls. But the nearly three-week delay means that the girls are likely scattered, making the search that much tougher.
Just because surgery is possible doesn't mean it's a good idea, especially for frail older people.

Seeking better ways to tell if surgery is too risky

Half of all surgery in the U.S. is performed on people over 65, yet many have health conditions that make it riskier. It turns out that the frailer people are, the less likely they'll survive.
Burned Bodies Missing Children
James DiMaggio, 40, was killed on Aug. 10, a week after authorities said he abducted 16-year-old Hannah Anderson and killed her relatives in Boulevard, California.
Clippers Sterling Basketball
The advisory/finance committee held a conference call as owners work to force Sterling to sell the franchise following his lifetime ban for making racist comments.

NBC extends Olympic deal through 2032 for $7.75B

There was no auction or open bidding this time, with only NBC making an offer. NBC had outbid Fox and ESPN in 2011 for the previous rights.
Farley Mowat arrives on the Red Carpet outside the Canon Theatre during the 2010 Canada Walk of Fame Tribute in downtown Toronto, Ontario, in October 2010. Mowat died Tuesday at age 92.
The writer of books including "People of the Deer" and "The Dog Who Wouldn't Be," was also an ardent campaigner for environmental causes well into his later years.
The DWP faces lawsuits from victims of last year's wildfire near Santa Clarita, who claim neglected DWP power lines sparked the blaze that burned 24 homes.
Being able to insert the two man-made letters into DNA, alongside the usual four-letter alphabet, could teach old cells new tricks and lead to better drugs, researchers say.

Chemists expand nature's genetic alphabet

DNA's instructions are written in a code of four molecular "letters," labeled A, C, T and G. For the first time, researchers have created and inserted two brand-new letters into a living cell.
Famed research test pilot Bill Dana, who flew the X-15 rocket plane and other pioneering aircraft, has died at age 83.
A project to monitor radiation levels from the Fukushima nuclear leak in kelp beds on the West Coast has found no contamination in its initial testing.
Jackie Lacey
Since her election as District Attorney, Jackie Lacey has staked out diverting mentally ill out of the criminal justice system as one of her top priorities.
Stanford University's trustees says the school will rid itself of any investments it has made in coal-producing companies. A 2013 file photo shows coal being loaded onto a truck at a mine near Decker, Montana.

Stanford University says no to coal investments

Reflecting students' wishes, the decision by Stanford's trustees to divest from coal-mining companies cites alternate energy sources that emit less greenhouse gases.

All lanes of I-15 reopened after bridge fire (updated)

Traffic is flowing again on both sides of a major California-to-Nevada interstate after being blocked by a bridge fire that stalled travelers and left charred wreckage.
A satellite image depicts a beach-front estate that reportedly sold for $147 million in East Hampton, N.Y.
The stock market has been on a winning streak. How else to explain three homes that each reportedly sold for more than $100 million in the past three months?
Cambodia Ancient Statues
A 10th-century sandstone statue will be returned to its place of origin in Cambodia, the Norton Simon Museum has announced.
Leslie Jones played an "image expert" on last weekend's SNL.
Comedy often pushes the boundaries of taste and sensibilities, as "SNL" writer Leslie Jones did with her slavery skit this past Saturday. Some laughed, some howled.
Victoria Houser of Painted Post, N.Y., is raising her son, Brayden, on her own. She says she feels stuck in a never-ending cycle, constantly worried that one financial emergency will send everything tumbling down.

The changing picture of poverty

Many American families living in or right above the poverty line have flat-screen TVs, cars and cellphones — so what does living in poverty mean today?
Women's Rights, LGBT, and Human Rights Groups Protest Sultan of Brunei's Human Rights Policies
Beverly Hills officials have condemned Brunei's strict new Islamic criminal laws and want its government to separate itself from the Beverly Hills Hotel.
Knowledge Gap
Advocates say the next big step in the rollout of the Affordable Care Act is making sure people who are newly insured know how to use their coverage.
Obama For America "30 Days To Victory" Fundraising Concert In Los Angeles

Traffic Alert: President Obama visits Los Angeles

President Barack Obama will be in Los Angeles Wednesday and Thursday to attend a USC Shoah Foundation event and Democratic National Committee event. Police advise avoiding certain areas.


Immigration officials area calling a case involving two immigration consultants from San Gabriel the largest local asylum fraud case in years.
Paul Zellerbach
Some question honoring District Attorney Paul Zellerbach, who faces a rocky re-election bid next month after allegedly tampering with his opponent's campaign signs.
baby babies newborn infant Germany Has Europe's Lowest Birth Rate
A Placer County baby, who was less than six months old, has died of whooping cough. A Riverside County baby died earlier this year of the disease.
Immigrant Driver's licenses
Immigrant advocates are resisting the idea of redesigning the California driver's license for immigrants in the country illegally

Chinatown Walmart benefits from legal battle

Two community groups lost their argument that the City of Los Angeles gave Walmart its building permits through improper procedures.
Immigrants take the U.S. oath of citizenship during a naturalization ceremony in Irving, Texas.
Federal officials are trying to clear up misconceptions about a new, longer U.S. citizenship application form that rolled out this week.
Congress stuck on drought bill for thirsty California

Dianne Feinstein fishing for support on drought bill

The Senator held a closed door meeting with California House Democrats to discuss her drought legislation that could lead to a compromise with the GOP.
A design for a special California driver's license that unauthorized immigrants may start applying for next January was rejected by Homeland Security officials, who said it doesn't comply with federal law. This and more.
Women's Rights, LGBT, and Human Rights Groups Protest Sultan of Brunei's Human Rights Policies
Beverly Hills City Council asks the Brunei government to exit the Beverly Hills Hotel. L.A. County business leaders are feeling more optimistic about the economy.

Stanford divests from coal-related assets

The school becomes the largest higher-education endowment fund to divest from fossil fuel-related concerns.
Metro subway train

Maven's Morning Coffee: Subway funding in limbo

Today is Wednesday, May 7 and headlines include funding for the L.A. subway, a people mover at LAX, and a debate over moving city elections.
Actor Efrem Zimbalist Jr., seen here at his California home in 1982, died Friday, his family announced.
Then I surprised him by asking him about his musical career. “I heard your violin sonata on the radio last year. I really liked it.”
los angeles sun solar
The new national assessment on climate change says the "urban heat island effect" will likely intensify if greenhouse gases aren't reduced.
He's spent nearly three decades with the department, rising to assistant sheriff last year. Todd Rogers says he knows the bad apples at the troubled agency.
band aid boo boo finger skin injury health care medical doctor cut
Your destination for help navigating the health care system, to make it work better for you.
Hundreds of people rallied to help triathlete and breast cancer survivor Alison Chavez persuade Covered California to fix a glitch that delayed a necessary surgery.


Take Two

Episode: H1B Visas, Alibaba IPO, Stanford coal divestment and more
Bell Gardens Prom

Prom draft picking causes a stir at OC high school

Flashmobs, messages hidden in cupcakes, and now draft picking are just some of the ways kids these days are asking a partner to the dance.
Visa Plans Largest IPO In U.S. History
Americans learned their credit cards and debit accounts were tapped into when hackers worked their way into retailers like Target, Neiman Marcus and Michaels. Now, some major credit cards are rolling out new technologies to try and prevent theft.
Intel To Purchase McAfee For 7.68 Billion

Are anti-hacking efforts 'doomed to failure'

Think you can keep hackers from worming their way into computers? Symantec, the inventor of commercial antivirus software, says no.
lax airport los angeles sign
Los Angeles International Airport is in the midst of a huge, multi-billion dollar renovation. And as we head into summer travel season, that makeover will probably getting to, from and around LAX even more of a challenge.
Maybe you forgot that the day for the most important woman in your life is coming up. Don't worry. We've got you covered this week on App Chat.
Knowledge Gap

Many with health insurance for the first time don't know how to use it

Advocates say the next big step in the rollout of the Affordable Care Act is making sure people who are newly insured know how to use their coverage.

New Mexico's oil industry transforms local economies

Now to another fossil fuel industry - oil. Drillers across the country are eager to profit off high oil prices. That's creating a lot of activity in once quiet towns.
The webpage of is seen on a

Alibaba IPO could mean good news for Yahoo!

Alibaba filed the paperwork yesterday. This could be the biggest tech IPO ever. But it's not just the Chinese company that could make tons of money.
To another competition of sorts...for the Los Angeles County Sheriff's spot. One of the seven candidates running is currently an assistant sheriff. Todd Rogers says he's frustrated by the problems he sees -- and he's the man to fix them.
May 6, 2013: LA Mayor Eric Garcetti clowns at Pacific Standard Time LA/LA event in downtown LA, at which the Getty Foundation announced $5m in PST LA/LA research grants.
The Getty Foundation has just announced the grant recipients for its next "Pacific Standard Time" project.
A Russian armored vehicle on the road between Simferopol and Sevastopol in Crimea earlier this month. Russia annexed the region two weeks ago. Other Russian forces, across the border from Ukraine, may be pull back in coming days.
While we’ve been hearing about the escalating tension in the Ukraine, it turns out the fallout could have effects far beyond Europe -- even to the coast of California.
Yesterday, the California High-Speed Rail Authority board listened to hours of public comments from residents who will be affected by the construction.
Memphis Grizzlies v Oklahoma City Thunder - Game Seven
The NBA has a plan to oust the Donald, Rapunzel might have a tough time playing for one high school baseball team in Canada, and saying, "I love you Mom" is just not enough anymore.
Stanford University's trustees says the school will rid itself of any investments it has made in coal-producing companies. A 2013 file photo shows coal being loaded onto a truck at a mine near Decker, Montana.
Stanford University announced Wednesday that their endowment will no longer invest in coal companies
Thousands March In National Day Of Immigrant Dignity And Respect

US announces new rules for H1B visas

This week U.S. officials announced news rules for some immigrants who come to the country and attempt to gain citizenship.

The Loh Down On Science

Episode: How many of our noses' smell receptors have scientists identified? Forty or four hundred?
Japanese scientists put their noses to the grindstone.


Episode: AirTalk for May 7, 2014
Death Chamber at Southern Ohio Correctional Facility
Today, the Constitution Project, a bipartisan group consisting of criminal justice system experts, has released a report recommending 39 policy changes regarding the administration of capital punishment in the United States.
Innovation expert Warren Berger argues the most exceptional businesses of our time - Google, Netflix, IDEO and Airbnb - have inquiry baked into their organizations’ DNA.
Colorado Community Mourns In Aftermath Of Deadly Movie Theater Shooting
The Armatix iP1 is a new .22-caliber smart pistol that requires users to wear a watch in order to fire it. It's the first smart gun available in the country, but manufacturers and gun shop owners across the nation are finding out just how difficult it is to bring the new technology to the market, as first reported by The Washington Post.
Military Receive Smallpox Vaccine
The WHO is currently revisiting a topic that has divided scientists and epidemiologists for decades -- should the remaining samples be destroyed?
Mayor Garcetti And Gov. Brown Sign Bill Allowing Illegal Immigrants Driver's License Eligibility
Last October, Governor Brown signed AB 60, allowing undocumented Californians to legally apply for driver’s licenses in the state by 2015. But the proposed design of these driver’s licenses has come under fire.


L.A. Arboretum, Site #22

Artist Fritz Haeg's 'Wildflowering LA' blooms across the city

Artist Fritz Haeg chose 50 people to plant wildflower gardens throughout L.A. County. He wants to remind people of California's lost wildflower legacy.

What was the SR-71 pilot thinking as he prepared to eject? Paperwork

"Every time I look at that ejection seat, I think about the time I had my hand on that handle, ready to bail out. I figured, I’m gonna be okay, but the paperwork is gonna be staggering."
Ben and Ellen Harper
Ben Harper, along with his mother Ellen, collaborated on "Childhood Home" — 10 original songs that pay homage to the Claremont music scene they grew up in.

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