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Pico Rivera Standoff site
The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department's civilian monitor says his office will review what went wrong when an innocent bystander was shot to death at his home by a deputy trying to rescue the man's wife from an armed intruder.
Eiler Fire
Hot temperatures, dry conditions and sporadic lightning have made for difficult firefighting conditions across the state. On Sunday, a fire in northeast California prompted evacuations.
A pro-Russian fighter guards the crash site of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 near the village of Hrabove, eastern Ukraine on July 19, 2014. Ukraine said the passenger plane was shot down as it flew over the country, killing all 298 people on board.

US-Russia relations: More carrot or more stick?

Lately, when Washington ratchets up the pressure on Moscow, Russia increases its support for separatists in eastern Ukraine. Some in Washington wonder if it's time to change the approach.

UCLA flood: DWP completes repairs to main water lines

Crews have completed repairs on two ruptured water lines that caused flooding of Sunset Boulevard and a large area of UCLA's campus, the LADWP said Sunday.
Antwain Steward was arrested and charged with killing two people in Newport News, Va., in large part based on rap lyrics he wrote — even though his lyrics didn't sync up with the details of the crime.

Rappers, anything you can spit can be used against you

A lot of rappers glorify crime in their music. Sometimes, lyrics that appear to boast about crimes can lead to arrest. Should violent rap lyrics be used as an admission of guilt?
Mideast Iraq

Islamic State seizes towns near Kurdish area

The militants are hoping to cement control of the border area between Iraq, Syria and Turkey. At least 14 Kurdish soldiers were reportedly killed in the fighting this weekend.
10 Freeway crash

Crashes amid slippery conditions leave 1 dead, 10 injured

One man has died and six other people were hurt early Sunday in a two-car crash on the westbound 10 Freeway that left one car flipped onto its hood.

150-pound tortoise found strolling in Alhambra

Police say they found the reptile Saturday afternoon. It took two officers to heft the creature into a patrol car so they could take it to the local police station.
Fireproof Official Trailer (2008)

2 Bible Belt filmmakers expand box office horizons

Filmmakers Alex and Stephen Kendrick' films have grossed nearly $80 million on four films made for less than $4 million combined. But outside the world of Christian-themed cinema, many have never heard of their films.
Google's Noto font as it displays for Devanagari script, used to write Hindi.

Google's quest to build a universal typeface

Google recently announced a font family, Noto, that aims to include all the world's written languages. But it may prove to be an even more ambitious effort than self-driving cars.
A government official releases a rescued baby pangolin into the Sumatran forest in July 2012 after Indonesian police intercepted 85 endangered pangolins.
The meat of this scaly, ant-eating creature has become a luxury food for some newly rich Asians. But all eight pangolin species are now threatened by extinction.
Residents look for survivors in the rubble of a collapsed house after a 6.1-magnitude earthquake hit the area in Ludian county in Zhaotong, southwest China's Yunnan province Sunday. The quake hit at a relatively shallow depth of about 6 miles.

Quake reportedly kills at least 150 in southwest China

A 6.1 magnitude earthquake hit Yunnan Province Sunday afternoon, leveling buildings and rippling roads. Rescue crews are still working to find survivors.


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