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Oscar-winning actress Lauren Bacall has died after a stroke. She dominated the screen and stage for decades after rising to prominence in the 1940s.
The man fatally shot by police on Monday night was on foot, according to a Los Angeles Police Department statement. Police did not say if he was armed.
Pool Rescue
A 12-year-old girl who was pulled from a Hollywood motel pool along with her mother and brother has died. The girl's mother remains in serious condition.
Administrators at University of California, Santa Barbara are encouraging fraternities and sororities to hold off on parties.
Authorities say a Southern California man admits he stabbed his parents and two young children to death in their Goleta home.
A French cheesemaker sets up wheels of Reblochon, a semi-soft cheese made from raw cow's milk, for maturing in a farm in the French Alps. Anglophone cheesemakers say translating a French government cheese manual will help them make safer raw milk cheese.

Unlocking France's secrets to safer raw milk cheese

A British cheesemonger wants to translate a French guide to raw milk microbiology into English. She says it can change our approach to cheese flavor and safety.
Marbles from the collection of Doug Watson. Top row from left: hand-cut agate, green slag, handmade German latticino, champion furnace swirl. Bottom row: German handmade flame-polished sulphide, aqua slag, hollow steelie, handmade flame-polished German on

How to talk like a marbles player

The game of marbles might seem simple, but behind it is an extensive vocabulary. Here's everything you need to know to talk like a mibster.

LA City Council pushes to end City Hall, DWP union battle

Concerned that a "petty political fight" could jeopardize a money-saving contract at the DWP, the LA City Council tried to broker a compromise Tuesday.
Police Shooting-Missouri
Obama says that while the shooting death of the teenager has prompted "strong passions," people should remember him through "reflection and understanding."
Free-range chickens feed in a pasture on an organic farm in Illinois.
Health officials in San Bernardino County are enlisting chickens to provide an early warning for West Nile virus, which is commonly spread by mosquitoes.
Macy's, Inc. Corporate Headquarters
The company pleaded no contest to corporate criminal liability in the 2009 death of an employee at an East Los Angeles distribution center.
Casey Kasem
Danny Deraney, a publicist for Kasem's daughter Kerri, told The Associated Press in an email Tuesday that Kasem's children are discussing their next steps with authorities.
Four teenagers have pleaded not guilty to murder charges in the fatal beating of a 24-year-old University of Southern California graduate student from China.

$26 million settlement approved for LA sanitation workers

The Los Angeles City Council approved the multimillion dollar settlement, affecting more than 1,000 current and former garbage truck drivers.
Los Angeles Police Foundation's 10th Annual Fundraising Gala

LA Police Commission gives Chief Beck 2nd term

Beck has worked for the LAPD for more than three decades. Violent crime has fallen under his tenure but it's also come with controversy.
An Iraqi military helicopter providing aid to those stranded on a mountain fleeing Sunni militants crashed Tuesday after too many tried to climb aboard, killing the pilot.
Demonstrators Protest Racist Comments Made By L.A. Clippers Owner Donald Sterling

Clippers sale to Steve Ballmer goes through

The team says the sale closed Tuesday after a court confirmed the authority of Shelly Sterling, on behalf of the Sterling Family Trust, to sell the franchise.

California wildfires: 3 firefighters burnt as wind shifts; 100 Alaska firefighters to help

Three trapped firefighters had to deploy their personal fire shelters as a rapid wind shift sent a Northern California wildfire burning over their location Monday. All three survived with no serious injuries.
Spain Ebola

Spanish priest dies of Ebola; UN debates ethics of experimental treatments

A Spanish missionary priest being treated for Ebola died Tuesday in a Madrid hospital amid a worldwide debate over who should get experimental Ebola treatments.
First Person Dr. Natalie Nevins

Ask Emily: Change and no change at the exchange

Satisfaction with your health insurance depends on so much more than your monthly bill. Consider the following questions.
Nixon Defense

John Dean on the rise and fall of Richard Nixon

Former White House Counsel John Dean sifted through over 1,000 secretly taped conversations to answer the question: “What did the president know, and when did he know it?”


A retired principal and administrator - and teacher's union favorite - was elected to represent South L.A. in the school board, replacing a member who died unexpectedly.
hamilton high auditorium
About one hundred teens sat in Hamilton High School’s auditorium, texting their friends, eating hot Cheetos. A computer system failure left students across LA without classes.
LA judge says California - not school districts - are on the hook for making sure no English learner students fall through the cracks.
Exide Soil Digging - 1

LA supervisors criticize 'piecemeal' cleanup around Exide

L.A. County supervisors have signed a letter imploring the governor to intervene in the cleanup of contamination around the Exide Technologies plant in Vernon.
Pasadena Police Shooting
An independent report looks into the shooting death of the unarmed college student by Pasadena police officers, but the city wants to withhold portions of it from the public.
President Obama is expected to take some kind of executive action on immigration by the end of the summer, and it could take a few different forms. This and more.
texting smartphone
Doctor consultation apps seem to offer incredible convenience. But can they also lead to misdiagnosis?

Maven's Morning Coffee: Chief Beck up for reappointment

Today is Tuesday, Aug. 12 and headlines include police Chief Beck's reappointment, Councilman Jose Huizar's campaign funds, and could high-speed rail be California's future?
Long Beach Preschool

Zero-interest loans keeping childcare centers afloat

A loan program from a nonprofit in the San Francisco Bay area is helping child care providers weather the uncertainties of waiting for state reimbursement.



Episode: AirTalk for August 12, 2014

Chief Beck to serve second term as head of LAPD

Los Angeles Police Department Chief Charlie Beck has been reappointed for a second five-year term by a 4-1 vote of the L.A. Police Commission.
"Catch Me If You Can" Broadway Opening Night - Arrivals & Curtain Call
His comic energy burst into America's living rooms nearly 40 years ago as the alien Mork on planet Earth learning a range of human emotions.
In just a few weeks, college freshmen will move into their dorm rooms and begin a new chapter in the way they live: cohabitating with a roommate.
The Debate Over The Third Runway At Heathrow Airport Continues

How to live and cope with noise in Los Angeles

What kind of noise do you live with? How do you cope with noise in your surroundings?
Brandon Rios v Mike Alvarado
There’s been a curious trend of ESPN silencing its hosts when it comes to the case of Ray Rice, the NFL football player who was suspended for 2 games after security camera footage caught what appeared to be the aftermath of a physical altercation between Rice and his fiancee.
Congress tackles credit reporting reform
FICO and the major credit bureaus have announced significant changes in assessing consumer debt.

The Loh Down On Science

Episode: Mouse Grimace

Mouse Grimace

Of stressed out mice and men

Take Two

Episode: Northern Iraq, remembering Robin Williams, and examining Ebola
Exide Soil Digging - 11

Battery recycler Exide paying for lead dust cleanup

Workers are taking out soil from a home in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Boyle Heights. The dirt is laced with potentially harmful lead dust, part of a cleanup ordered by state regulators. Southern California Public Radio's Molly Peterson says the lead battery recycler, Exide Technologies, is picking up the tab.
Complaint Department

Are there benefits and drawbacks to complaining?

To weigh in as to whether or not complaining is a good thing, Take Two is joined by Joanna Wolfe, a professor of English at Carnegie Mellon University.
Robin Williams Laugh Factory

The Laugh Factory celebrates Robin Williams

Robin Williams may be known best for his work on the small and silver screens, but he was also a staple in the stand up comedy scene. Comedians at The Laugh Factory, where Williams had been performing for more than three decades, paid tribute last night. Jamie Masada, the owner of the venue, talked to Take Two about Williams.
Corcoran State Prison - KPCC Post

California offering classes to prison lifers

Nearly 23-hundred lifers have been paroled in California over the past five years. That's more than three times the number in the previous 17 years combined. For the first time, the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, or CDCR, is offering classes aimed at lifers.
Compton Preschool

Smaller childcare providers struggle with bureaucracy

California spent two-billion dollars last year providing preschool and childcare to over one-million low-income kids. KPCC'S Deepa Fernandes discovered California's bureaucracy can make it difficult for smaller childcare providers to actually provide.
Robin Williams

Our tribute to the work of Robin Williams

It's nearly impossible to do justice to his manic genius and his constant reinvention. From standup, to television sit-coms, to movies, both funny and dramatic, there was hardly a corner of the entertainment cosmos where Robin Williams didn't leave his mark.

What is the effect of U.S. policy in the Middle East?

It's a bleak scenario in the Middle East. How effective has U.S. policy has been in the area? What are its prospects for the future?
Tim Rice - A Life In Song
Joining us this week are Oliver Wang from and music supervisor Morgan Rhodes.
Sierra Leone West Africa Ebola

How urbanization factored into Ebola's breakout

As health officials fight to contain the deadly Ebola virus, the picture of how the disease spread so rapidly, and how officials failed to respond effectively, is emerging. One factor experts looking at is the changing lifestyle in West African countries, where increasing travel and urbanization is posing new risks to the spread of disease.
A sheriff's deputy checks the handcuffs jail prison lasd
Commit a crime in America, and you'd expect that the police will hunt you down wherever you are. But to escape the hand of justice, sometimes all you have to do is cross the county line where law enforcement won't pursue fugitives who are just a short drive away.
The race to develop a vaccine for the Ebola virus might conjure up an image of doctors and drug makers rushing furiously out of good will to find a treatment. But in reality, it's more of a business transaction.
An Iraqi Shiite militiaman, a follower of Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, jumps to break a placard with the name of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) during a parade, in the northern oil rich province of Kirkuk, Iraq, on Saturday.
Secretary of State John Kerry urged Iraq's new leaders to work quickly to form an inclusive government, adding that the US is prepared to offer the country significant additional aid in the fight against a group of militants calling itself the Islamic State.
2012 London Paralympics - Day 4 - Swimming
Robin Williams will be remembered not only for his stellar sense of humor and his brilliant performances, but also for his big heart -- and for being a real team player.

Can hashtag activism have a lasting impact?

The media coverage of the police shooting of an unarmed eighteen year-old outside of St. Louis prompted an interesting phenomenon on Twitter.

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