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Organic produce for sale at a supermarket in Quincy, Mass.

Why going organic just got easier for farmers

Farmers have to follow organic rules for three years before they can sell their food as certified organic. That transition period can mean much lower profits. But a new certification may change that.
Police investigate the scene of a quadruple homicide in Chicago on Dec. 17.
Pew surveyed nearly 8,000 officers. Among other things, the group asked about recent killings of black civilians by police and the protests that followed. Officers said they now feel less safe.
Most restaurants are required to post calorie counts on menus as a result of the Affordable Care Act. The question is whether they help you resist that doughnut.

6 lesser-known Obamacare provisions that could evaporate

Private rooms for pumping breast milk and expanded therapy coverage for children with autism are two of the less publicized mandates of the Affordable Care Act. Also, being able to choose your OB-GYN.
LAUP Preschool funding

Money for early education disappears in Brown's budget proposal

Preschoolers from low-income families waiting for a preschool seat may not get it in 2017 if Governor Jerry Brown’s austere budget proposal passes.
Angeles National Forest
The fire danger level for Angeles National Forest and the nearby San Gabriel Mountains National Monument was lowered from "Very High" to "High" on Wednesday — with officials warning of a lingering wildfire risk.
Merv Griffin's Resort Hotel
A coalition of council members and public safety officials announced Wednesday they are requesting city staff draft a ballot measure on vacation rentals.
2012 US Open - Previews
UCLA researchers say they found mislabeled sushi at more than 25 restaurants and grocery stores, possibly indicating a bait-and-switch is occurring earlier in the supply chain than at the point of sale to consumers.
Laurel Canyon Boulevard closed
Commuters who take Laurel Canyon Boulevard between the San Fernando Valley and West Hollywood may need to look for alternative routes Wednesday evening, due to the road being closed between West Gould Avenue and Kirkwood Drive.
President-elect Donald Trump is expected to hold a news conference on Wednesday; it would be his first in more than 160 days.
The president-elect denounced as "fake news" reports that Russia has compromising information about him. He acknowledged for the first time that Russia was behind DNC hacking. And he provided details of how he plans to separate himself from business and financial interests.
California Police Shooting

Grand juries can probe police shootings, California court says

A California appeals court has tossed out a law that sought more transparency by banning grand juries, which meet in secret, from determining whether police officers involved in fatal shootings should face criminal charges.
Anaplex Corp.
If Anaplex Corp.'s emissions exceed a certain threshold, it must shut down any equipment that could emit the carcinogen. Aerocraft agreed to a similar plan last month.
Terror Threat To L.A. Subway System Prompts Increased Security
More tourists came to Los Angeles in 2016 than in any year before, breaking the previous record for the sixth consecutive year.

VW admits emissions cheating and cover-up, will pay US $4.3B

The penalty is the largest against an automaker in U.S. history. A grand jury also returned an indictment against six VW executives and employees for their roles in the scheme.
rain traffic brake lights

Southern California gets another rainy morning commute

Back-to-back storms bearing down on Southern California have dumped rain on the region every day this week, and at least one more rainstorm is expected before Friday.
Musi, an African elephant, is one of Fresno Chaffee Zoo's five elephants enrolled in the Elephant Welfare Initiative.
OK, so they're not using Fitbits. But zoos across America are using software to minutely track the activity, behavior and physiology of captive elephants, and using that data to improve zoo life.

Watch live: Rex Tillerson's secretary of state confirmation hearing

The former Exxon Mobil CEO is appearing before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Wednesday. His business dealings with foreign countries, particularly Russia, are likely topics of inquiry.
El Cajon, CA Police Fatally Shoot Unarmed Man

California DA finds police were justified in shooting death

No criminal charges will be filed against an El Cajon police officer in the shooting death of Alfred Olango last year. His family says they won't be swayed in their search for justice.
Doctors and hospitals are increasingly asking patients to pay up front for deductibles, which can cost thousands.

A bid to expand sharing of Californians' medical records

Two database companies want to merge to create an organization with millions of patient records that can be shared among different providers, in a bid to improve care.


Alex Cohen
The veteran journalist and host will become KPCC's first morning voice as the station sharpens its focus on news; A Martínez will host a new one-hour "Take Two," which will be followed by "AirTalk" and "Fresh Air."


The Frame

Episode: Why are PG-13 films so violent?; actor Finn Wittrock; writer-producer Sarah Megan Thomas

A disturbing trend: More violence in PG-13 films

A new study shows more gun violence than ever in top-grossing PG-13 films, even more so than in R-rated movies.
sarah megan thomas

"Equity" producer: a show about strong women 'is needed more than ever'

Film writer, actor and producer Sarah Megan Thomas hopes that making a TV series with strong women will have a positive influence.


Episode: Trump's first post-election press conference, FBI's paid Best Buy tech informants, & SCOTUS to decide on special education
President-Elect Donald Trump Holds Press Conference In New York

Unpacking Trump’s first post-election news conference

A verbal tussle with a CNN reporter, the President-elect's denial of everything in a dossier purported to detail Trump's involvement with Russia, the claim that Congress will repeal and replace the ACA very soon, that's for starters.
Special Ed Testing
As reported by the Los Angeles Times, the Supreme Court is deciding a case today that may change the legal standard of how public schools provide education for disabled students.
Best Buy Expands Geek Squad To Office Depot
United States of America v. Mark A. Rettenmaier has brought to light a small group of paid Geek Squad informants which the FBI has been cultivating over a four-year period – a relationship which will be explored by the defense attorneys in a Los Angeles hearing starting Wednesday.

Take Two

Episode: Dissecting president-elect Trump's first press conference, officer in Alfred Olango shooting will not face charges, HighQ

The Styled Side: A sneak peek into awards show gift bags

We are in the midst of awards season. With the Golden Globes just behind us and the Oscars at the end of next month, we are in for more glitz and glamour.
The President-elect outlined how he plans to limit conflicts of interest; he also shouted down CNN's Jim Acosta and called Buzzfeed "garbage."
Oakland Raiders v San Diego Chargers

K2 Sports: Streep on sports, possible NFL home switch-ups

The Sunday deadline approaches for San Diego Chargers owner Dean Spanos to decide whether he'll move his team to Los Angeles; NFL team owners meet to talk about the Oakland Raiders' request to move to Las Vegas; reactions to Meryl Streep's Golden Globes comments on sports, and more.

The Loh Down On Science

Episode: CyberAthletics


The Formosa Cafe has closed after 90+ years of being a Who's Who of Hollywood history. With luck, a responsible owner will rehab it. Until then, we have the fiction and the movies it was a touchstone for.

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