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Heat Wave Death Valley

Tourists descend as temperatures climb in Death Valley

Death Valley National Park is expected to reach its first 120-degree day of the year on Sunday, enticing some tourists who want to experience the hottest place in America.
California Snowpack Survey
Extreme winter snowfall has primed California's rivers and creeks for dangerous conditions, especially as temperatures rise. Park officials are warning hikers to stay out of the water.
Tri Parenting

Modern family: More courts allowing 3 parents of 1 child

Courts in at least 10 states, including California, have designated third parents in recent years, even as some courts and experts have raised qualms that more parents means more potential conflict.
Father leaving family behind
Data clearly show how many fatherless children there are and how their lives are affected, but one best-selling author says he rarely sees interventions happening in schools.
The incident occurred at the Quality Inn on Telegraph Road after a woman who had been arguing with her boyfriend turned her car toward him and an officer, according to a sheriff's official.
Until the 1970s, most U.S. hospitals did not allow fathers into the delivery room for the birth of a child, or children.
For many fathers, the birth of a child is a hugely emotional moment. But not that long ago, few fathers were allowed to participate in the process.
Hawthorne Bicentennial Park
Bicentennial Park was shuttered in the late 1990s for ongoing illicit activity. The tennis court and gazebo space has now been transformed into a park, complete with a playground, a splash pad and 60 newly planted trees.
Lake Fire on June 18, 2017

Castaic Lake fire burns up 1,000 acres amid heat wave

The fire broke out Saturday and spread from 5 acres to 500 acres in little more than two hours. By Sunday morning, fire crews were holding it at about 1,000 acres with 10 percent containment.


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