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Premiere Of New Line Cinema's "Jack The Giant Slayer" - Red Carpet

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

'X-Men' director Bryan Singer accused of sex abuse in lawsuit

A former child model and aspiring actor is accusing "X-Men" franchise director Bryan Singer of sexually abusing him as a teenager in a federal lawsuit filed in Hawaii.

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Light and dark: The racial biases that remain in photography

Syreeta McFadden has learned to capture various hues of brown skin.

Syreeta McFadden used to dread being photographed. Cameras made her skin look darkened and distorted. Now a photographer herself, she's learned to capture various hues of brown skin.

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Disney Channel's 'Jessie' breaks romantic ground

2012-13 Disney Channel Worldwide Kids Upfront

The title character of television's "Jessie" heads in an unprecedented direction for a Disney Channel series: Toward the altar.

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Religion and Culture: Indian Catholics balance tradition and modernity


A community of Syro-Malabar Catholics strives to keep American-born offspring in the fold while preserving language and culture from their homeland of Southern India.

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Tasting with our eyes: Why bright blue chicken looks so strange

Does this blue chicken make you queasy? Scientists say there might be an evolutionary reason for that.

The color of food can affect how we perceive its taste, and food companies aren't afraid to use that to their advantage. An artist tests perceptions by dousing familiar foods with unorthodox colors.