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The rise of mock meat

Unlike the early religiously affiliated mock-meat producers or the countercultural companies, these third-wave veggie burgers come from Silicon Valley.

Houston's Theater District after Hurricane Harvey

As the nation’s fourth largest city, Houston has a vibrant visual and performing arts scene. Here's how it fared during Hurricane Harvey

The authentic feel of Native Americans in 'Hostiles'

The director discusses working with Native American advisers for his period Western, which is premiering at the Telluride Film Festival.

High on movies at the Telluride Film Festival

The festival is known for screening films that matter. Each of the past five Academy Award best picture winners had their world- or North American premieres here.

Giving TV writers more parental leave could help Hollywood's diversity problem

Under a new contract, TV writers now get eight weeks of unpaid leave for new parents — but the demands of Hollywood still make work-life balance a struggle.

'Six Million Dollar Man' actor Richard Anderson dies at 91

The tall, handsome actor best known for costarring simultaneously in television's "The Six Million Dollar Man" and "The Bionic Woman" in the 1970s, has passed away.

Kira Kelly is a rarity: A female, African-American cinematographer

She has an Emmy nomination for Ava DuVernay's documentary, "13th," and that led to her working on the filmmaker's "Queen Sugar."

7 things to do on Labor Day weekend in SoCal

We've got a block party in West Adams, fireworks at the Port of L.A. and a night market in Arcadia on our list as the summer starts drawing to a close.

How ‘Patti Cake$’ taught an Aussie actress to rap with a Jersey accent

If learning to rap is like learning to walk, Kendrick Lamar is Usain Bolt, according to 'Patti Cake$' star Danielle Macdonald.

The surprising ubiquity of artist KC Green's 'This Is Fine' meme

The illustrator discusses the meaning of the comic where "This is Fine" originated and the meme's impact on popular culture and his own life.

Pasadena Playhouse's Danny Feldman takes over theater at a crossroads

The theater's new producing artistic director has a big challenge: attracting new audiences without alienating longtime patrons.

Cinefamily closes pending investigation of harassment, abuse claims

The popular indie film theater has closed its doors as it deals with the resignation of its founder and the vice-president of its board of directors.

Lakeith Stanfield finds beauty in tragedy in 'Crown Heights'

The actor talks about his role as Colin Warner, a Trinidadian immigrant convicted for a crime he did not commit.

'Texas Chain Saw Massacre' director Tobe Hooper dead

Other filmmakers and fans of horror movies are paying tribute to Hooper's work and lasting influence.

David Hockney paints himself in his latest exhibit

He's been famous since the 1960s for colorful, modern landscapes. But he has also painted hundreds of self-portraits, many of which haven't been seen by the public.

Why don't we have Princess Leia holograms yet?

Researchers continue to chase the sci-fi holy grail of genuine free-standing holograms — and they're getting close.