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JK Rowling writes new Harry Potter story, fans lose minds

A 1,500-word story posted on the author's Pottermore website is the first update since "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" was published in 2007.

Tuesday Reviewsday: Henry Butler, Cowboy Jack Clement, Fania and Miranda

A blind pianist, a country music legend, the reboot of a Latin label in New York and an Argentinean electro-pop band. It's all about the new music here on Tuesday Reviewsday.

LAPD Museum houses history of city's dark side

In the trendy northeast Los Angeles neighborhood of Highland Park, on one end of York Boulevard you’ll find record stores, cafes and hipster boutiques. On the other end you’ll find the Los Angeles Police Museum.

World Cup: How one American referee is making history

Referee Mark Geiger is making history with his selection as the fourth official in the game between Brazil and Germany. It's the first time a U.S. referee has been used this late in a World Cup.

#FireRickRemender: Captain America writer under fire

Los Angeles writer Rick Remender is under fire over a Captain America comic he wrote, with the problem coming down to an apparently misunderstood timeline.

Edan Lepucki's debut novel 'California' builds buzz before release

The new book "California" has been hailed by Amazon as one of the best books of July. That said, the online retailer wouldn't let customers pre-order the novel.

Anime Expo 2014: Cosplay characters take over LA Convention Center

Anime and manga characters roamed downtown Los Angeles during the annual Anime Expo at the Convention Center this weekend.

SiriusXM fires Anthony of 'Opie & Anthony' over racist tweets

The network said his "racially-charged and hate-filled remarks" are inconsistent with its values. Cumia's tweets came after he was allegedly assaulted in New York.

Is Univision ready to give women their due respect?

A commentator notes the network has improved its relationship with the LGBT community. But Univision's depiction of women is mired in negative stereotypes.

Germany beats France to enter World Cup semifinal

The lone goal came in the 13th minute from a header by Mats Hummels. In the semifinal, Germany will face the winner of the Brazil-Colombia quarterfinal.

Bored on the Fourth of July? Try these movies

Action, singing and lots of fireworks — American movies celebrate the Fourth of July.

Movie diplomacy: USC teams up with State Dept.

Can a film change the way others think about America? USC and the State Department are sending films and filmmakers around the world to find out.

App Chat: how to play laser tag with your iPhone on July 4

Whether that means hiking a mountain or hiking to Space Mountain, there are apps out there to help you make the most out of Independence Day.

Critics cry 'TMI' in Robin Thicke's 'stalkery' new album 'Paula'

What “Ishtar” was to movies and New Coke was to soda, “Paula” is to recorded music. Or so reviewers say. Read some reviews and listen to a track.

Recipe: If you grill your hamburger, you're doing it wrong

The L.A. Times' Russ Parsons says that while convivial and a summer favorite, the grill is too uneven and prone to flare-ups. Use a cast iron skillet or griddle.

'Midnight Rider' filmmakers charged in death of Sarah Jones (updated)

An involuntary manslaughter indictment charges the director of rocker Gregg Allman's biopic "Midnight Rider" and two others in the death of the 27-year-old crew member.