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Janelle Monáe on her first acting role and embracing otherness

The musician makes her theatrical debut with the film "Moonlight." She talks about what drew her to acting and why she's passionate about "telling stories about the other."

'Rejected Princesses': women in history who are anything but G-rated

Jason Porath found complex and rebellious women from history and illustrated them in kids' movie style, even if their real lives were far from fairy tales.

HBO's 'Insecure' shows 'black people's humanity,' Prentice Penny says

"This show was just talking about what life was like on a Thursday for people of color. ... We don't get to tell slice of life stories," said Penny.

Bodies in motion at USC's new dance program and facility

The just-opened $46 million Glorya Kaufman International Dance Center is the largest of its kind at any private university in the U.S.

Sparks get ready to celebrate championship win

"I'm still kind of in shock," Sparks star and league MVP Nneka Ogwumike says of her team's WNBA championship win.

Cubs beat Dodgers to reach first World Series since 1945

The last time the Cubs were in the World Series it was 1908. Their 5-0 win means they advance to face the Cleveland Indians.

From Pamplona, with love: 'The Sun Also Rises' turns 90

Ernest Hemingway's first novel — the story of aimless American expats drinking, fighting and falling in love — came out 90 years ago today.

A short history of Alice Bag, iconic LA punk singer

The singer and activist opens up about finding her community and her voice in L.A.'s punk scene and keeping that spirit alive.

'Fire At Sea' director: 'It was my duty to film death'

For a year-and-a-half, filmmaker Gianfranco Rosi documented the African migrants who were fleeing their homelands to get to an Italian island called Lampedusa.

SAG voice actors challenge video game producers over compensation

Voiceover actors who are part part of the SAG-AFTRA union are on strike as they seek more compensation from the video game industry.

Is Wonder Woman suited to be a UN ambassador?

This Friday the U.N. holds a star-studded ceremony to appoint Wonder Woman its honorary ambassador for the empowerment of women and girls. Many women's rights advocates are in an uproar.

After years of rough business, Nintendo hopes for a Switch

Nintendo's previous console the Wii U had poor sale numbers. But according to one analyst, its new system may turn things around for the Japanese game developer.

Video game actors aren’t playing around

Performers want to be compensated for the ongoing reuse of their work in games. Video game producers don't see it the same way.

Ahead of first tour, Youth Orchestra LA turns on the drama

The L.A. Philharmonic’s youth orchestra is celebrating its 10th anniversary with a California tour. To prepare, the young musicians are practicing more than music.

Your go-to guide for the weekend in SoCal

Choose from a food block party, a guinea pig rescue festival, a craft fair for local vendors, a photo exhibition and more.

'Moonlight': Naomie Harris wants to play roles that terrify her

The actress plays the drug addicted mother, Paula, in the new film. She talks about the challenges and rewards of playing challenging characters.