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7 things to do this weekend in SoCal

The end of summer is near, but it's not over just yet. You can go taco tasting, catch one last outdoor movie and attend an Elvis festival.

The Binge: 'Blue Ruin,' 'Green Room' and 'I Don't Feel at Home in This World Anymore'

Every month we get a list of great movies and shows that are available for streaming. Writer Mark Jordan Legan is our guide.

4 national parks near LA you can visit for free

The National Park Service turns 101 this year, and it's celebrating its birthday by offering free admission Friday. Here's our list of parks to check out—all within driving distance.

Meet a guy who's keeping mime alive in Hollywood

Don McLeod came to LA to be a "suit performer," mostly acting as a gorilla in movies and commercials but it's his training in mime that led to a career as a living statue.

How this veteran actress went from 0 to 2 Emmy nominations in a year

Her career has spanned more than 30 years, with roles in everything from "The X-Files" to "True Detective." Now, she's finally getting widespread recognition.

CBS addresses its poor track record of hiring Latinos after fierce lobbying efforts

One of the big four networks has doubled its number of Latino actors and writers after a little persuasion from The National Latino Media Council.

Can trans TV characters educate the audience?

The Frame hears from a trio of actors and producers about telling authentic trans narratives in the televisions shows "The Fosters," "Queen Sugar" and "Transparent."

Venezuelan president calls out Dudamel on TV, then cancels youth orchestra's U.S. tour

In a recent televised news conference, Maduro said he didn’t understand why Dudamel would want to get involved in political matters.

'The Man Behind the Clown' shows Jerry Lewis as more than a comic

French filmmaker, Gregory Monro, examined the comedian's career as a director, which Lewis believed he never received proper credit for.

Carlos Almaraz's art was steeped in the dualities of sexual and ethnic identity

A new exhibit at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art traces the painter's work from his civil rights activist days to a style that was deeply personal.

Ragan Smith rolls into her first national gymnastics title

Ragan Smith stepped into the spotlight for the first time in her career, claiming her first national title.

Comedian and telethon host Jerry Lewis dies at 91

Jerry Lewis, the rubber-faced comedian and director whose fundraising telethons became as famous as his hit movies, has died.

Comedian and civil rights activist Dick Gregory dies at 84

Gregory was known for his sharp satire, political activism and health advocacy. He went on multiple hunger strikes to protest issues like the Vietnam War and police brutality.

You can now go to a gallery dedicated to OJ Simpson

25 years after the trial of O.J. Simpson, a brief exhibition explores the pop culture phenomenon through memorabilia.

Trump to skip Kennedy Center Honors

On the same day the entire Committee on the Arts and the Humanities resigned, the President and first lady decided not to participate in this year's awards.

'Project Runway' grows new curves

The fashion reality show decided to change the bodies its designers make clothes for with models who range from size 2 to 22.