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8 fun ways to spend your weekend in SoCal

Embrace autumn at a fall market, soak in the end of summer at Lobster Fest or participate in the year-long pastime of beer drinking. Whatever you decide, we've got the details.

Love old school hip-hop? Thank Kraftwerk

Almost 40 years ago, Kraftwerk produced a sound that influenced countless bands, solo artists and hip hop DJs. We talk to two pioneering L.A. DJs about their love of the group.

Fall film season kicks off with 2016 Toronto International Film Festival

Some of the the films showing in Toronto include, Nate Parker’s “The Birth of a Nation,” Damien Chazelle’s “La La Land,” Werner Herzog’s “Into The Inferno” and Denis Villaneuve’s sci-fi thriller, “Arrival.

After years off screen, Eddie Murphy takes a dramatic turn in 'Mr. Church'

The comedy legend is best known from his roles in films like "Beverly Hills Cop" and "The Nutty Professor," but there’s nothing funny about his latest role.

Comedian Felipe Esparza: 'I want Latinos to laugh the hardest at my jokes'

KPCC's Erika Aguilar talks with stand-up comedian Filipe Esparza about how his upbringing - gang life in Boyle Heights - informs his comedy.

For Star Trek's 50th, Off-Ramp's 4 best Trek moments. What are yours?

From George Takei's amazing second act, to Brooks McFadden's post Star Trek stage productions, to the remastering of Star Trek: The Next Generation, here are some of our favorite segments as Star Trek turns 50.

'Moonlight' director: 'There is no code switching in this film'

The film follows a young boy in Miami and his journey into adulthood. And for filmmaker Barry Jenkins, he doesn't shy away from showing his real life struggles on the big screen.

We go deep with Adam Nimoy on his new documentary 'For the Love of Spock'

Leonard Nimoy's son has crafted a loving but also very candid portrait of his father and the beloved character he played.

Highly illogical: Why every incarnation of 'Star Trek' needs a Spock

"Star Trek" turns 50 tomorrow. Each of the various shows and films that make up the franchise feature a character who offers a third-person view of humanity; they're what make "Star Trek" what it is.

USC study shows inequality remains largely unchanged in Hollywood

A new report offers a stark portrait of Hollywood's feeble to nonexistent progress in eradicating what researchers call "pervasive and systematic" problems in inclusiveness.

400 arrested at Nocturnal Wonderland rave

More than 400 people were reportedly arrested over Labor Day weekend, many for drug possession or for being under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the event in San Bernardino.

'Sully': Clint Eastwood & Tom Hanks want to prove grown-up movies are worth making

The director and actor took on the story of the heroic airline pilot who safely landed his damaged plane in the Hudson River. The Hollywood veterans reflect on the state of the movie studio business and why they want to make films about grown ups doing grown up things.

Juan Gabriel memorial mass slated for Monterey Park

Everyone is welcome to attend the service Tuesday evening. It will include a candlelight presentation and tributes by both an all-female mariachi band and a Juan Gabriel impersonator.

For Cambodian refugees, film seeks to 'break the silence'

The film follows a group of U.S.-based survivors of the Khmer Rouge as they return to their homeland to testify in the genocide trials. For a new generation, justice is complicated.

Tuesday Reviewsday: a tribute to Juan Gabriel

The late Juan Gabriel was a superstar musician beloved around the world, far beyond the borders of his native Mexico.

Telluride: 'Bleed For This' brings an unknown boxer's story to the screen

Vinny Pazienza was a rising star in the boxing world — until a car accident nearly halted his career. Miles Teller and Aaron Eckhart talk about the challenges of portraying real people on screen.