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Telluride Film Fest: Michael Keaton, director Tom McCarthy and screenwriter Josh Singer for 'Spotlight'

"Spotlight" centers on the true story of how the Boston Globe uncovered the massive scandal of child molestation within that city's Catholic archdiocese. The Frame's John Horn spoke with the people behind the film about keeping true to the real story, to which Keaton and McCarthy have personal connections.

After 25-year hiatus, first Arabic-language 'Sesame Street' opens again

Iftah Ya Simsim was one of the earliest foreign-language Sesame Street spinoffs of when it launched in 1979. But the beloved show went dark when its studio was partially destroyed during the Gulf War.

Telluride Film Fest: Rooney Mara in 'Carol'

Rooney Mara is 30 and has only been in a handful of films, but she's already worked with some top directors, including Spike Jonze, Steven Soderbergh and now Todd Haynes for "Carol." Mara talks about how she never was good at anything until she found acting, how her moods affect what roles she chooses, and why getting a tribute at a young age is still a shock.

From Fox to Netflix: GLAAD ranks the most LGBT-friendly TV and streaming networks

Matt Kane of the LA-based media advocacy group talks about the state of LGBT-inclusive TV today, plus why GLAAD is shifting its focus to the quality of LGBT depictions on television.

Guitar players happily find a revived tradition at Guadalupe Custom Strings

At what he calls the "custom lab," Gabriel Tenorio and his colleagues craft handmade strings for a wide range of instruments and musicians.

#ForceFriday: Disney wants you to feel the force — of their new merch

Guess what? New merchandise for "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" hit shelves today. We have a rundown of some of the strangest gear this fourth.

LGBT found a voice in science fiction

Well before the Stonewall riots, Los Angeles was home to an early LGBT rights movement - birthed from science fiction.

Why are we drawn to heirloom fruits and veggies? They're 'edible memory'

Heirloom foods have grown in popularity, making their way into gardens, farms, farmers markets and restaurants. A sociologist says they offer a powerful emotional and physical connection to the past.

Composer David Newman remembers playing violin for John Williams's 'E.T.' score

This weekend, Angelenos have the unique opportunity to hear John Williams’s score to "E.T." performed live by the L.A. Philharmonic at the Hollywood Bowl.

After teen deaths, LA County moves to restrict EDM festivals

County Supervisor Solis talks about the things that went wrong at HARD Summer Festival that led to the deaths of two festival goers, plus how the County Board is trying to make EDM festivals safer.

What to expect from the 2015 Telluride Film Festival

The Frame's host John Horn is in Colorado for the influential Telluride Film Festival and provides a preview of what to expect for 2015.

Jonathan Ames turns Patrick Stewart into an impulsive, hard-drinking newsman in 'Blunt Talk'

Jonathan Ames wrote the part of Walter Blunt specifically for Patrick Stewart, after Ames was approached by the series executive producer, Seth MacFarlane.

Apple, Google bring smartphone functions to car dashboards

Playing deejay with voice commands will get easier this fall.

Sony Pictures reportedly softened 'Concussion' out of fear of NFL

Leaked emails from last year's hack of the studio's computers reveal that efforts were made to take "most of the bite" out of the sports drama.

Kera and the Lesbians uses 'bi-polar folk' music to amplify queer identity

The band's name started as a joke, but front woman Kera Armendariz thought it was fitting for its unique folk sound and her androgynous look.

LA City Council approves another Pershing Square makeover

Downtown Los Angeles has seen major changes the last few years. Councilman José Huizar says that he wants Pershing Square to catch up.