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Comic-Con 2016: What's filling the gap as movie studios turn away

There aren't as many big movie panels at Comic-Con this year as fans are used to seeing, but there are still plenty of surprises.

10 fantastic things to do this weekend

Although you might want to stay away from certain beaches for now, there's still plenty to do inland. From free acai bowls to a zine festival, the SoCal weekend is here and it's looking pretty spectacular.

There's a rock camp for girls in southeast LA

Chicas Rockeras, an affordable rock-and-roll summer camp for girls, just launched in an often overlooked part of town.

The hype machines are in full force at Comic-Con 2016

Ads and every marketing tool you can think of are everywhere at the annual pop culture extravaganza in San Diego.

'Lights Out' producer Lawrence Grey: 'All big directors secretly want to do a horror film'

Grey says filmmakers will accept a small budget in order to have a lot of control over a large cinematic experience. That's what first-time filmmaker David Sandberg experienced with "Lights Out."

NBA pulls 2017 All-Star Game from Charlotte, NC over 'bathroom bill'

The controversial state law limits civil rights protections for LGBT people; the league says it can't host the All-Star game in that climate. A new location for the game hasn't yet been announced.

Feds move to seize 'Wolf of Wall Street' assets from Red Granite Pictures

While accepting his Golden Globe award in 2014, Leonardo DiCaprio thanks "Joey, Riz and Jho" from his "Wolf of Wall Street" production team.

Hollywood and the middle class: Selling dreams of 'Somewhere That's Green'

We don't call Hollywood a "Dream Factory" for nothing. If you have a vision of the sort of place you'd like to live, Tinseltown can bring it to life.

'Don't Think Twice': Mike Birbiglia's love letter to friendship and the art of improv

The comedian and filmmaker's new movie is about the triumphs and travails of an improv comedy troupe, but it’s not all laughs.

Donald Trump and the GOP's controversial convention playlist

The bands Earth, Wind & Fire and Queen are unhappy about their songs being used at the Republican National Convention, but their permission isn't required.

Garry Marshall's advice to 1 young filmmaker: Never compromise

81 year old writer, producer and director Garry Marshall has died. He passed away yesterday at a hospital in Burbank. He died of complications from pneumonia following a stroke. 

How Twitter is handling Leslie Jones' abuse

Many were shocked when actor Leslie Jones, began re-posting a spate of vicious and abusive tweets she received because of her turn in the new Ghostbusters.

Garry Marshall, a master of film and TV comedy, dies at 81

"The Odd Couple," "Laverne & Shirley," "Happy Days," "The Flamingo Kid," "Pretty Woman": If you had to live on a deserted island, you could do far worse than to take the work of Garry Marshall with you.

From 'Reading Rainbow' to The Broad museum app, LeVar Burton loves to teach

The actor's commitment to education led to him becoming the voice that kids hear when they take an audio tour of L.A.'s newest museum.

Singer Irma Thomas: New Orleans' soul queen still strong after 60 years

"The Soul Queen of New Orleans" released her first song in 1959 and is still releasing and performing music, with an upcoming performance at The Hollywood Bowl.

Art, politics and the Republican National Convention

"The Truth Booth" and a melting ice sculpture titled "The American Dream" are just two of the art projects taking place during the GOP gathering in Cleveland this week.