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A world without Muhammad Ali: reactions to a champion's death

Muhammad Ali was an international superstar, loved as much for his humanity and wit as for his boxing skills. Now he's being mourned by everyone from former foes to the president.

Boxer Muhammad Ali, 'the greatest of all time,' dies at 74

The man considered the greatest boxer of all time inspired millions by standing up for his principles during the 1960s, and by always entertaining — in the boxing ring and in front of a microphone.

George C. Wolfe's 'Shuffle Along' and the musical that 'electrified' 1920s New York

“Shuffle Along” was a massive commercial success in the 1920s, but the musical and its origins have been largely lost to Broadway history. Until now.

Hamiltunes LA is the ultimate singalong party for 'Hamilton' fans

The Clubhouse Theater in Los Feliz is thousands of miles from Broadway, but the crowd that gathers for the monthly "Hamilton" singalong is no less enthusiastic.

Kim Coates takes different kind of role in 'Officer Downe'

From biker to reanimated cop: 'Sons of Anarchy' actor Kim Coates tells host Alex Cohen all about his new role in 'Officer Downe,' debuting at the LA Film Festival.

The Museum of Broken Relationships puts a twist on tales of heartbreak

Love letters, mix tapes, boyfriend T-shirts and wedding rings — just a few examples of what's left behind when relationships end.

Skid Row photo project started from a random conversation

John Hwang has been documenting Skid Row for three years. He said his fascination with the area sprung from a haunting conversation with a homeless man on a bridge nearby.

Garrison Keillor suffers brain seizure, but show goes on

His publicist said Keillor still planned to fly to Atlanta on Thursday to host Saturday's show.

9 awesome things to do in LA this weekend

Whether your four-day work week dragged on or zoomed by, the weekend is here and we've got a bunch of ways for you to soak up the SoCal sun.

Stephanie Allain on directing the most diverse Los Angeles Film Festival yet

The film industry has struggled to bring improve gender and racial diversity among directors, but the 2016 Los Angeles Film Festival shows it can be done.

Charles Ferguson tackles climate change in 'Time to Choose'

The documentary filmmaker has taken on the military and the big banks. But in his new film, he takes on the global problem of climate change.

The Kills celebrate 15 years as a duo with new release, 'Ash & Ice'

Five years have passed since the last album from the indie rock band. But singer Alison Mosshart and guitarist Jamie Hince are back with a new record and a new sound.

Prince died of accidental overdose, adds to opioids' grim toll

Prince died of an accidental overdose of the powerful painkiller fentanyl, autopsy results released Thursday show. Prince administered the drug himself.

Chalk Rep Theater raises the garage door on a site-specific play

A cluttered residential garage serves as the stage for "In Case of Emergency," a play about two sisters and a disaster preparedness expert faced with a real crisis.

Fandango Fronterizo mends fences at US-Mexican border

A fandango is a traditional music circle where musicians swap sounds and verses. But when a border fence divides the circle in two, Fandango Fronterizo is born.

Comedian Quincy Jones: 'There is no cancer when I'm on that stage'

The 31-year-old comedian received a stage 4 cancer diagnosis last year. A successful Kickstarter campaign will make possible the taping of a stand-up special so he has something to leave behind.