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Tuesday Reviewsday: Flying Lotus, Radio Ridler and more

It's time for Tuesday Reviewsday, Take Two's weekly new music segment. Joining A Martinez in the studio this week is Oliver Wang from

Networks chase Latino viewers with 'Cristela' and 'Jane the Virgin'

Alex Nogales, CEO of the National Hispanic Media Coalition, says the networks are making progress with Latino representation, but still have a ways to go.

Director Dobkin on how personal life influenced 'The Judge'

Director/Producer David Dobkin talks about the painful, real life stories that led to the creation of "The Judge," and the magic of Robert Downey Jr.

In film, women's stories break through at fall festivals

Study after study reveals that women remain underrepresented in film, both on screen and off. But film festivals can play a role in closing the gap.

'As You Wish': Take a peek at the making of 'The Princess Bride'

Twenty-seven years after "The Princess Bride" appeared on the silver screen, Cary Elwes has co-authored a book about the making of the film.

'Meet the Mormons' surprises at the box office

The documentary film was created by the LDS Church because it knew it had an image problem. Now it has a movie that's bringing waves into theaters.

On The Lot: Edward Snowden at the Oscars?

Is NSA leaker Edward Snowden on the way to the Oscars? A new film about him, "Citizenfour," is getting lots of award buzz. Plus, Will Arnett as Lego Batman.

Family reports actress Misty Upham missing

Police in Washington state say an actress known for her roles in "August: Osage County," ''Frozen River" and "Django Unchained" is missing.

LA’s new poet laureate found refuge at the public library

Writer Luis J. Rodriguez's resume: jail time, homeless, gang member, 15 books, gubernatorial candidate. Now he's Los Angeles's poet laureate.

'Bob's Burgers' voice actor Dan Mintz on fighting stage fright to do stand-up

The comedian, best known as Tina from "Bob's Burgers," talks about overcoming performance anxiety and how he came to voice such a popular TV character.

Jeremy Renner: Gary Webb story 'too important to pass up'

Renner stars in "Kill the Messenger" as Gary Webb, who wrote a series of controversial stories titled "Dark Alliance" in which he connected the crack epidemic that swept through LA in the 1980s, to the CIA-backed Contras in Nicaragua.

Where's Thor when you need her? Women in comics fight an uphill battle

The new female Thor has picked up her hammer, but the mainstream comics industry is still experiencing some growing pains as it figures out where women fit in as characters, creators and fans.

8 fun and almost-free things to do this weekend

We're here to help you plan your weekend — on a budget, of course. On the docket: Cool art, rowdy roller derby, flavorful food and a stroll through space.

Garcetti introduces LA's new poet laureate Luis J. Rodriguez

Mayor Garcetti announced L.A.'s new opet laureate, Luis J. Rodriguez, who grew up in Watts and East L.A.

OK Go hopes 'Hungry Ghosts' captures the feel of their middle school mixtapes

The band has connected with millions through their viral videos and they hope "Hungry Ghosts" connects with listeners on an emotional level.

'Water & Power' opens Highland Park Independent Film Festival

The debut film from Richard Montoya had a long road from stage play to feature film. After a short theatrical run, it's now on the festival circuit.