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Hunting for public art with 'Pokémon Go'

Spoiler alert: We found a couple of rare Pokémon — and a lot of beautiful public art with no artist or title information provided.

7 ways to spend your SoCal weekend—with or without Pokémon Go

Whether or not Pokemon Go is your motivation for getting out of the house this weekend, try these suggestions for things to do — everything from a Hello Kitty Cafe to a hot sauce expo. Catch them all!

'The Americans' showrunners 'recalibrate' their self-image in light of Emmys

Joe Weisberg and Joel Fields are the showrunners of the FX drama "The Americans" which until today was partially defined by being the "best show no one watched" and a show that never got love from the Emmys.

Writer Katie Dippold aims to balance nostalgia with originality in 'Ghostbusters' remake

The film was plagued by Internet trolls complaining about its all-female lead cast, but writer Katie Dippold tried not to let the noise get to her.

Former Hollywood intern speaks out on 'wage theft,' Fox settlement

The studio has settled a class action suit that alleged the studio was getting free labor for work usually done by paid employees.

The woman who made 'Key and Peele' such a hair-raising show

Amanda Mofield got an Emmy nomination for her work as a hairstylist on the Comedy Central series. She and her team sometimes had to design dozens of looks for a single sketch.

3 Emmy-nominated shows that are worth watching

"The Americans," "Mr. Robot" and "Getting On" have all received major Emmy nominations — but not a lot of buzz.

Why film noir isn't a genre, and 4 examples you need to see

After you've seen "The Maltese Falcon," "DOA," "Out of the Past," "Detour," "The Setup," and "The Red House," here are four films noir you MUST see.

LeBron James leads call to end gun violence at ESPY Awards

James urged his fellow pros to educate themselves and renounce violence while using their resources and time to help strengthen and rebuild their communities.

Emmy awards: 'Game of Thrones' earns a leading 22 nominations

"Game of Thrones" gets the chance to win its second top Emmy, while "Veep," last year's top comedy winner, also will get another shot at holding office. See the complete list of nominations.

LA Metro, other institutions jump on 'Pokémon Go'

There’s one agency embracing the craze full-on. L.A. Metro launched a new Twitter account, @PokemonGoMetro, dedicated to the best ways to find Pokémon using public transit.

A peek into Naughty Dog game creator Neil Druckmann's creative process

The creative director of the gaming developer Naughty Dog takes us inside his creative process for games like "The Last of Us" and "Uncharted 4."

Bryan Cranston: Acting and filmmaking are not (always) BS

When playing characters with dual identities, Bryan Cranston says it's not about lying — it's about going all in and believing it yourself.

Jewel's Catch One helped generations of LA's gay black people

"It gave me a stage to be of service to community that was rejected and neglected in so many ways," says founder Jewel Thais-Williams

'Other People' filmmaker to close Outfest with a personal cancer comedy

The closing night film at the LGBT film festival is the debut from writer-director Chris Kelly. It stars Molly Shannon as a terminally-ill woman in a story that was inspired by Kelly's real mother.

Does 'Pokemon Go' pave the way for more augmented reality games?

Nintendo's franchise has been revived with a smart phone-based app that uses Google Maps to give users a gaming experience that gets them out of the house.