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The man who helped save native Bird Singing from extinction

Bird Singing master Michael Mirelez: “We’re still trying to hold onto the traditional. Today, nothing’s real. But with us, with our music, it’s still our voices. Our human voices.”

Filmmaker John Waters on 'Making Trouble,' the NEA, and bad reviews

The filmmaker has some advice for young artists: go out into the world and make trouble from the inside.

6 things to do this weekend in SoCal

Give April a fitting farewell with a trip to your favorite independent bookstore, an insanely sweet desert tasting and more. Cheers to the weekend!

Off-Ramp Recommends: Drinking in some art

100+ of the Brewery Art Association's artists will be opening their studios. Art and/or beer lovers are invited to chat with the artists and discover their new favorite pieces.

Surprise! Johnny Depp appears as Jack Sparrow on Disney ride

Depp returns to the big screen as Sparrow next month in the fifth film based on the ride. "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales" opens May 26, after premiering at Shanghai Disneyland on May 11.

How 'Handmaid's Tale' director Reed Morano brought Margaret Atwood's dystopia to life

Director-producer Reed Morano discusses how her team adapted Margaret Atwood’s 1985 novel for a modern television audience.

Jonathan Demme and the simple power of the close-up

Demme, who directed 36 feature films and documentaries over the course of his long and varied career, died this morning. He was a filmmaker fascinated by the pure emotional force of the human face.

Jonathan Demme, director of 'Silence of the Lambs,' dies at 73

During more than four decades behind the camera, the Oscar-winning filmmaker forged a wide-ranging career — from documentaries to horror. He died Wednesday from complications of esophageal cancer.

5 films look at the LA Riots from (almost) every angle

The documentaries attempt to complete the picture of what transpired in L.A. in 1992 after Rodney King was beaten by police, showing how the riots affected a wide swath of Angelenos.

'Casting JonBenet' is a new twist on the documentary format

There have been TV movies, documentaries and docudramas made about the case, but the Netflix documentary, "Casting JonBenet," is something quite different.

Revisiting the Golden Age of rock billboards on the Sunset Strip

50 years ago, the huge signs above the Sunset Strip became a de facto art gallery to promote new albums.

Why Vera Farmiga & 'Bates Motel' co-creator Kerry Ehrin love Norma Bates

As the A&E series "Bates Motel" comes to an end, co-creator Kerry Ehrin and star Vera Farmiga look back at how they created and fell in love with the character of Norma Bates.

'Sleight' writer/director J.D. Dillard's journey from receptionist to filmmaker

Dillard was once a receptionist for J.J. Abrams' production company, but he's since landed his first film at Sundance, which is about to open in theaters.

'Promise,' 'Ottoman Lieutenant' take Armenian genocide to the screen

The recent films feature very different accounts of Turkey's history and involvement with death of 1.5 million Armenians during WWI.

PHOTOS: Farewell, Coachella 2017

Those who came the second weekend faced hotter temperatures: "Even before the doors opened we had calls for medical aid."

DoggoLingo, an Internet language built around love for the puppers

Also known as doggo-speak, it's full of cutesy suffixes and onomatopoeias. It might even change the way you talk to your pet.