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Deaf West Theatre goes from LA's Skid Row to Broadway

The company produced "Spring Awakening" at Inner City Arts' small theater, then moved it to The Wallis in Beverly Hills. Now the show is getting rave reviews on Broadway.

Showtime president David Nevins reflects on the state of TV today

As the beginning of a series of conversations with network executives, the head of Showtime talks diversity, "Twin Peaks," and some shows that got away.

Toys fight to the death for chance at Hall of Fame spot

Most of us probably had one or two toys or games that were more important to us as children than any of our belongings. What was your favorite toy or game as a child?

Catherine Coulson, Log Lady on ‘Twin Peaks,’ has died at 71

The actress, who had worked with David Lynch since 1977, had signed on for Showtime's reboot of “Twin Peaks,” which is currently filming.

New music from Tony Bennett, Natalia Lafourcade

If you love new music, but you don't have the time to keep up with what's hip and new, we've got the perfect segment for you: Tuesday Reviewsday.

How music videos led Mark Pellington to make NBC's 'Blindspot'

One of the creative forces behind early MTV, Pellington has worked on music videos for Pearl Jam, Michael Jackson and U2. He's also responsible for the look of "Blindspot."

Richard Renaldi's 'Touching Strangers' photos touch on human relationships

John Rabe talks with a street photographer who poses strangers intimately. Richard Renaldi's work is showing at Loyola Marymount University's Laband Gallery into November.

Youth Lagoon: Trevor Powers uses music to cope with his tragic past

Youth Lagoon's new album "Savage Hills Ballroom" deals with the deaths of a family member and a close friend, but Trevor Powers uses the music to search for answers.

Spider-Gwen: What if Emma Stone led a Spider-spinoff

What if Spider-Man's love interest, Gwen Stacy, had been bit by a radioactive spider instead of mild-mannered Peter Parker? A new Spider-Woman trailer speculates...

The LA art scene: Mega-galleries and narco art

Los Angeles Times art writer Carolina Miranda talks about the trend toward massive commercial galleries in L.A., and the work of Colombian artist Camilo Restrepo.

Charlton Heston's secret love: the artwork of Andrew Wyeth

Holly Heston, daughter of the actor and NRA president, explains how her father's childhood in a small Michigan town allowed him to identify with Wyeth's work

Geoff Sobelle wants you to go through his stuff for the sake of theater

The performer's show, "The Object Lesson," examines the emotions, stories and value we attribute to the items we carry around with us every day or keep hidden away.

Natalia Lafourcade gets personal and talks about her latest album, 'Hasta La Raiz'

Mexican indie pop star Natalia Lafourcade has a new album, "Hasta La Ruiz," and she talks about how it reflects some of her most intimate feelings.

Rose Parade 2016: Stephanie Edwards, Bob Eubanks hosting one last time

The Rose Parade pair that has hosted the broadcast for decades is calling it quits after the upcoming 127th parade. Who should take their place?

Brad Bird and the backstory to 'The Iron Giant,' with a new version screening next week

"The Iron Giant," which delighted less-than-giant audiences in 1999, is returning to find more fans. Brad Bird and Charles Solomon tell us how it got made.

Filmweek: ‘Stonewall,’ ‘Hotel Transylvania 2,’ and more

Larry Mantle and film critics Andy Klein, Wade Major and Charles Solomon review this week’s new movie releases, including “Stonewall,” “Hotel Translvania 2” and more. TGI-Filmweek!