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Sam Shepard, Pulitzer-winning playwright, is dead at 73

Sam Shepard was a Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright, Oscar-nominated actor, and celebrated author whose plays chronicled the explosive fault lines of family and masculinity in the American West.

'Menashe' director wants to 'make the world smaller through films'

Joshua Weinstein set his film in a Hasidic community in Brooklyn and based it on the real life story of Menashe Lustig, who had never even seen a movie.

Spanish patron saint honored at weekend festival in OC

The city's tight-knit Mexican-American community is throwing a party this weekend to celebrate St. James, known in the Spanish-speaking world as Santiago.

Silicon Valley composer transforms Steve Jobs’ life story into opera

Mason Bates used actual pops, beeps and whizzes from vintage Apple gear for his world premiere at Santa Fe Opera, “The (R)evolution of Steve Jobs.”

Your guide to swell spectating at the US Open of Surfing

The U.S. Open of Surfing, one of the country’s premier surf competitions, starts this weekend in Huntington Beach. Here's what to know.

​Leading Disney parks 'Imagineer' Martin Sklar dies at 83

A company statement says he died Thursday at his Hollywood Hills home at age 83. No details were released on his cause of death.

Tiler Peck shows ballet is much more than 'Swan Lake'

Dancer Tiler Peck hopes to showcase the diversity of ballet in her show BalletNow, at the Music Center in Downtown Los Angeles.

Al Gore believes the internet might be the answer to 'fake news'

Former Vice President Al Gore hopes his new documentary "An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth To Power" will educate people on how to talk about climate change and combat "fake news" with the truth.

LA-based theater troupe remedies Trump fatigue with make-believe

L.A.-based theater artist Nancy Keystone and Critical Mass Performance Group rehearse “Untitled Communion" is her search for some elusive place to laugh at the country’s current political climate.

Mary-Louise Parker & Denis Arndt on their 'intimate experience' in 'Heisenberg'

The spare production of the play 'Heisenberg' at the Mark Taper Forum allows Mary-Louise Parker and Denis Arndt's characters to play off each other and play with the written word.

'Kuso': Inside the twisted minds of Flying Lotus and animator David Firth

Don’t expect to see it pop up at your neighborhood Cineplex. It’s a film that’s definitely NOT for the easily queasy.

'Calexit' imagines a world where California secedes

With "Calexit," comic writer Matteo Pizzolo seeks to entertain while staying true to the political realities of our time.

Composer Michael Giacchino plays with toys to write film scores

Michael Giacchino has scored just about every reboot and remake of his favorite films from childhood which means he's re-scoring the soundtrack of his life and maybe yours too.

How 'Atomic Blonde's' director worked with its star to craft an unapologetic badass

Former stuntman and stunt coordinator David Leitch discusses how his background informed his direction of the new action movie.

Study: CTE found in nearly all donated NFL player brains

As the country starts to get back into its most popular professional team sport, there's a reminder of how dangerous football can be.

Comic-Con 2017: Marvel causes a commotion, but 'Deadpool' is a no-show

Marvel Studios wowed fans with "Thor" and "Black Panther." But fans looking for a peek at the new "Deadpool" or "X-Men" films were let down by 20th Century Fox.