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What is the DEAL with all those matchsticks?!

Mysterious, giant matchsticks have been showing up all over Los Angeles in the last few weeks. No one's come forward yet to claim responsibility.

Brad Pitt 'attacker' Vitalii Sediuk: Who is this guy?

The man who rushed up and touched Brad Pitt on the Hollywood red carpet for "Maleficent" is Vitalii Sediuk, a Ukrainian journalist who has a history of pranks.

'China Dolls,' 'Forbidden City' explore long-gone nightclub scene

Two new books — Lisa See's "China Dolls" and Arthur Dong's "Forbidden City" — explore the exciting world of San Francisco's Chinese-American club scene in the '30s and '40s.

'Reading Rainbow' Kickstarter hits $1 million goal in hours

LeVar Burton's fundraising effort to bring "Reading Rainbow" to the online masses is a by-the-book success, with the $1 million goal reached within hours of the campaign's launch.

Church group boycotts NPR over 'Tell Me More' cancellation

The National Black Church Initiative is calling for its members not to give money to NPR, telling the network it "has abandoned the African American community."

Poet Maya Angelou, 86, has died

An actress, singer and dancer in the 1950s and 1960s, Angelou broke through as an author in 1970 with "I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings."

Jelly Roll Morton, 'inventor' of jazz music, is buried in Los Angeles

Buried under an unassuming stone in Cavalry Cemetery are the bones of Ferdinand Joseph LaMothe, the self-proclaimed, and not entirely wrong, “originator of jazz.”

Orson Bean, self-confessed "geezer," onstage at Geffen Playhouse

John Rabe talks with Bean, one of the last of the old school Hollywood raconteurs, about "Death of the Author," his father getting bitten during a panty raid, and being Calvin Coolidge's cousin.

National Hamburger Day: VaKA Burger has the best burger in SoCal

The people have spoken! They voted VaKA Burger, best hamburger joint in Southern California for National Hamburger Day. So, we went down to Vaka to check out the story behind the scenes.

Tuesday Reviewsday: Le Butcherettes, Sharon Van Etten and more

It's Tuesday, which means that it's time for Tuesday Reviewsday, our weekly new music segment. This week we're joined by music critic Steve Hochman and Associate Editor of Latin at Billboard magazine, Justino Aguila.

PST LA/LA: From Latino to Latin American ... What does it mean?

The Getty’s latest Pacific Standard Time, focusing on Greater Latin American culture, is a huge step in the right direction. But it's possible many people in those nations don’t care.

Why some pet owners ditch chow to cook for Fido from scratch

Whether for philosophical or health reasons, pet owners are whipping up batches of pet food for their beloved animals. But veterinarians warn that these meals need to be nutritionally balanced.

Herb Jeffries, star of Hollywood's black cowboy films, dies at 100

Herb Jeffries, an actor and singer most famous for his work with the Duke Ellington Orchestra and his role as a singing cowboy in "The Bronze Buckaroo," has died. He was 100.

Going dark: The internet behind the Internet

There's much more to the Internet than what you can stumble upon with Google. Hidden sites can market drugs and weapons illegally, but they also provide anonymity for political dissidents.

Gastrodiplomacy gives foreign chefs a taste of America

The State Department has a new exchange program for culinary professionals. A delegation from the Middle East and Africa recently discovered there's more to American cuisine than fast food.

Edgar Wright quits 'Ant-Man'; here's what it would have looked like

Fan-favorite director Edgar Wright has dropped out of directing Marvel superhero movie "Ant-Man," set for next year. Here's video and imagery of what could have been.