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Magic Castle co-founder Irene Larsen dies at 79

Larsen, along with her late husband Bill and brother-in-law Milt, took an old Hollywood Mansion and transformed it into the Magic Castle.

How LA businesses are cashing in on the Oscars

The Oscars gives the Los Angeles economy a huge bump, and a growing group of Angelenos are cashing in.

From LA's historic black cinema to fostering art in Leimert Park

The all-white field of Oscar nominees is prompting calls to promote diversity in filmmaking. But decades ago, L.A. was home to an ambitious program to do just that.

O'Brien's Pub Oscar trivia night is not for the casual Academy Awards fan

It’s an 18-year-old tradition, and it attracts entertainment journalists, former Jeopardy champions and Oscar experts in a fierce competition for bragging rights.

Reza Aslan: TV can transform how people see Muslims and Middle Easterners

The religious scholar, author and now talk show host looks forward to the day when there's an "Alll in the Family"-type show with Muslim and Middle Eastern characters.

‘The Revenant’ sound editor cuts open the Leo-in-a-horse scene

Oscar-winning sound editor Lon Bender breaks open the scene of Leonardo DiCaprio cutting open his dead horse to survive a freezing night in "The Revenant."

Hawthorne legend Emitt Rhodes releases first album in 40 years

Between 1967 and 1973 Rhodes recorded four albums that captured the imagination of underground musicians for decades. Now he’s back, with his first album in more than 40 years.

The LA-area 'creative economy' is getting stronger

The number of jobs linked to art, culture and design in the LA area is on the rise, according to the latest report from the Otis College of Art and Design.

Oscars 2016: The Frame’s preview of the Academy Awards

Go behind the scenes and hear interviews with many of the nominated directors, actors, writers and composers: Leonardo DiCaprio, Brie Larson, Sylvester Stallone, "Spotlight" director Tom McCarthy and much more.

The Frame's pro tips and predictions to win your Oscar pool

The Frame's John Horn and's Kyle Buchanan cast their votes for this year's Oscar winners on The Awards Show Show.

Free weekend? 10 awesome ways to spend it

An Edwardian Ball, a chili cook-off, multiple dance parties, two art openings and the Oscars — it's a big weekend. Here's how to spend it.

Improv group The Black Version pokes fun at racial stereotypes in Hollywood

The improv troupe pokes fun at racial stereotypes and the lack of diversity in Hollywood by putting an Afro-centric spin on classic films.

Oscars 2016: The confusing rules for Best Original Score

The Motion Picture Academy's arcane rules determined that Ennio Morricone and John Williams were eligible even though some of their music had been written for other films.

Leonardo DiCaprio on the environmentalist undertones in “The Revenant”

The actor says the film resonates with him as a cautionary reminder of a time in history when frontiersmen were hastily exploiting nature for profit.

The Styled Side: 'Oscars' swag bag makes Academy gag

The Academy isn't happy the company that assembles the bags uses phrases like "The Oscars," and it really doesn't like that adult-themed products are included.

Oscars: How 'Star Wars' composer John Williams saved classical film scores

Steven Spielberg urged "Star Wars" director George Lucas to hire John Williams for the score, and thousands of studio musicians were employed for decades more, one critic says.