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With 'Fresh Romance,' Janelle Asselin advocates for more women in comic books

Janelle Asselin was criticized after she spoke out against depictions of women in comic books, and it's led to her reviving a romance comics series.

JMW Turner 'set painting free' and would love living in SoCal

The Getty Center’s new exhibit, “Painting Set Free,” displays an incredible number of works by the man many people now think of as the greatest English painter of all time.

Why the legendary Johnny Mathis still gets stage fright

On April 4th Johnny Mathis is performing at Walt Disney Concert Hall. It's his first time at the venue, and he's excited to be performing there, but he's a bit nervous.

WWE looks to springboard from Wrestlemania 31 into new audiences

The promoters of male soap opera face a time of transition as they try to reach out to female fans and to hardcore fans, looking to take WWE to another level.

Getty oil heir had a brain aneurysm, girlfriend's family says

Marilynne DeJonge told The Associated Press she hasn't spoken to her daughter Lanessa DeJonge since Saturday and is worried about her.

How young actresses shaped Amber Tamblyn's latest poetry collection

Amber Tamblyn, herself an actress, says the poems in "Dark Sparkler" are inspired by young actresses who met untimely, tragic deaths.

How Cuba opened its doors for an American biopic about Ernest Hemingway

"Papa" director Bob Yari and producer Amanda Harvey talk about what’s believed to be the first U.S. feature shot in Cuba in more than 50 years.

This isn't the first time network TV discovered black people

A recent Deadline article worried over whether network TV is becoming too brown. It missed some really important history.

Song of the week: 'Down into the Sea' by Charlyne Yi

Actress/comedian Charlyne Yi has a new solo album of dark, confessional pop songs out on L.A. veteran indie label Folktale Records.

Musician Joni Mitchell is 'awake and in good spirits' in intensive care

After being found unconscious in her home Tuesday afternoon, folk music icon Joni Mitchell has been hospitalized in Los Angeles.

LA Philharmonic ends its tour of Asia in one piece

After performing in four cities in three countries over two weeks, orchestra members talk about the ups and downs of tour life.

Trevor Noah keeps his 'Daily Show' post after controversial tweets

The South African comedian has apparently survived the firestorm that erupted after his Twitter feed revealed jokes that some felt were anti-Semitic and sexist.

Sufjan Stevens returns with new music on 'Carrie and Lowell'

This week on Tuesday Reviewsday, our weekly new music segment, A Martinez is joined in the studio by music journalists Steve Hochman and Chris Martins.

The Internet reacts to Trevor Noah’s controversial tweets

Less than a day after Comedy Central revealed Jon Stewart’s successor on “The Daily Show,” a backlash ensued over some unsavory tweets from his past.

Public Radio Bracket Madness 2015: The Finals — Strangers vs. Radiolab

In a stunning upset, Strangers took out Bracket Madness year 1 winner This American Life. Now they face year 2 winner Radiolab. Vote now and read the story thus far!

Taschen's new exhibit obsesses over 2 pioneers of fetish art

Photographer (foot fetish) Elmer Batters and illustrator (strong-woman fetish) Eric Stanton get their due in a new show at the Taschen Gallery.