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Natalie Portman: Hollywood still needs more women

Natalie Portman is getting Oscar buzz for "Jackie" but she says the best part of awards season is getting to spend time with other actresses, something she rarely gets to do while working because most films lack more than one role for women.

She & Him: It's Christmas time in the city

Actress Zooey Deschanel and singer/songwriter M. Ward have released six albums together, and their latest is their second holiday record, "Christmas Party."

'Icebergs' playwright tackles global warming and other threats with dark humor

For playwright Alena Smith, the anxieties of being an artist are similar to the effects of global warming, which is the subject of her new play.

Joe Esposito, Elvis's friend and right-hand of 20 years, dies at 78

Joe Esposito, right-hand man to Elvis Presley has died in his Calabasas home. Esposito spent decades as Presley's close friend and road manager.

Universal Studios Hollywood lands Nintendo attractions

Mario is officially jumping (out of a pipe) into Universal Studios theme parks worldwide, including Southern California's Universal Studios Hollywood.

Don't waste your time looking for something to stream, check out The Binge

The Binge, our guide to the best movies and television shows you should be streaming.

Where to find SoCal's brightest holiday lights

Get lit at these destinations, which will hopefully leave you glowing with the holiday spirit.

H.G. Wells ghost story finally debuts in print

"The Haunted Ceiling" languished unread for decades — but the author's handwriting gave it away.

Ron Glass, co-star of TV's 'Barney Miller' dead at 71

The prolific character actor best known for his role as detective Ron Harris, died Friday of respiratory failure.

100 years after Jack London's death, hearing his call

Jack London died 100 years ago, worn out from drink, disease and overwork — but he left behind a prolific body of work.

LA Kings unveil 50th anniversary statue

The hockey team unveiled a monument depicting key players and moments from its half-century history.

Amaro, the favorite drink of Italian grandpas gets an American revival

Amaro is a digestive aid in Italy. Now, this centuries-old, bittersweet liqueur has become popular in American cocktails.

Hit the Hollywood Christmas Parade, skip the traffic

Olivia Newton John will perform before the floats, marching bands and celebs begin making their way down Hollywood Blvd.

Your dog remembers every move you make

There's evidence our canine pals have aspects of "episodic memory," allowing them to relive experiences and events.

'Gilmore Girls' returns, just in time for a holiday binge

In Stars Hollow, single mom Lorelai is now pushing 50 and her once teenage daughter, Rory, is a grown, published writer.

'Brady Bunch' mom Florence Henderson dies

The 82-year-old actress starred in the popular 1970s sitcom about a blended family with six kids.