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Vince McMahon, Triple H take ALS Ice Bucket Challenge ahead of WWE SummerSlam

World Wrestling Entertainment pro wrestler and company vice president Triple H has joined the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Watch his and the videos from other celebs.

Douchebaggery? Why Oxford adds cray new words to the dictionary

Why do lexicographers bless words like "selfie" while ignoring its wonderfully descriptive cousins? Why not selfiebombing or, better yet, someoneelsie?

Los Angeles had America's first Wrigley Field

Built in 1925, the first Wrigley Field was a perfectly symmetrical ballpark on the corner of 42nd Place and Avalon Boulevard in South Central L.A.

Original Dogtown Z-Boy skateboarder Jay Adams dies at 53

Influential Southern California skateboarder Jay Adams has died, his manager tells KPCC. Adams, known as "The Original Seed" of skateboarding, died of a heart attack.

Free weekend? 8 fun and almost-free things to do

Angelenos, brace yourselves for a serious food coma. Guacamole pie, chocolate fried chicken, spicy miso ramen and the list goes on. This weekend is all about the FOOD.

As they sell their stations, listen to 12 iconic Radio Disney hits

Radio Disney is selling 23 stations and moving their programming to largely digital distribution, but they're keeping their L.A. station. Listen to the songs they made iconic.

Sarah Jones death: 'Midnight Rider' cited by OSHA, faces $74,900 in fines

The production company already under fire after the death of camera assistant Sarah Jones during filming has been cited by OSHA, facing fines of $74,900.

Robin Williams: Details of death released as family, fans mourn

Williams died from an apparent suicide by hanging at his home, authorities said at a Tuesday press conference. He was found by his personal assistant.

LA 'Cholo' subculture thrives in São Paulo, Brazil

Journalist Phuong-Cac Nguyen discovers a thriving Chicano, low-rider culture in Brazil. Her short documentary about it is called "South American Cholo."

It takes two: How creativity and conflict thrive in pairs

Creativity thrives when two people with just the right chemistry come together. Joshua Wolf Shenk looked at this for his new book, Powers of Two.

Daughter of Robin Williams quit Twitter due to online abuse

Robin Williams' daughter has abandoned her online social media accounts in disgust following what she called "cruel and unnecessary" messages following her father's death.

Pioneering Chicano artist Emigdio Vasquez dies

Emigdio Vasquez, one of the most influential pioneers of the Chicano art movement, has died at 75 in an assisted living home in Newport Beach.

Bettye LaVette covers James Brown at the Hollywood Bowl

Tonight at the Hollywood Bowl, the late James Brown will be remembered with a series of covers by artists like Aloe Blacc, D'Angelo and Take Two's guest, Bettye LaVette.

Lauren Bacall: A legend beyond acting, beyond Bogart

A Tony Award-winning actress. A National Book Award-winning author. A giant of fashion. A friend of the Kennedys. One of the last survivors of Hollywood's studio age.

Lauren Bacall dies in NY; Golden-Age star was 89

Oscar-winning actress Lauren Bacall has died after a stroke. She dominated the screen and stage for decades after rising to prominence in the 1940s.

How to talk like a marbles player

The game of marbles might seem simple, but behind it is an extensive vocabulary. Here's everything you need to know to talk like a mibster.