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Hear the first new D'Angelo album in 15 years

Just like that, "Black Messiah" exists. For lovers of R&B and soul — for lovers of music that transcends in general — the album's arrival is unreal. You can listen to it right now.

Hanukkah 2014: Making a perfect potato latke (FAQ/recipe)

You only need six ingredients but don't let that fool you. These are the hand shredded, no food processor version for people who like doing things the hard way. It's tradition.

Robin Williams leads the 2014 list of Google searches

Robin Williams' suicide seared into the world's collective mindset more than anything else this year, based on what people were searching for on Google.

The alternative gift guide: 6 last-minute ideas

Since mom already has a bunch of socks and your husband does not need another bathrobe, we asked our listeners what alternative gifts they're buying this year.

Getty Villa shows off a trove of Roman silver a French farmer almost destroyed

It was all too much for the rustic, pious Monsieur Taurin. Such pagan sensuality had to be diabolical. He used his pickax to rake the priceless pieces into a sack.

'The Devil Is a Part-Timer': Japanese anime with a kinder, gentler Satan

Charles Solomon finds a great anime series that turns the Satan story on its head: "The Devil Is a Part-Timer" puts Satan in an apron.

Free speech at stake if anti-Muslim film stays of YouTube

A lawyer for Google has told a federal appeals court that free speech is in jeopardy if a ruling stands forcing it to keep an anti-Muslim film off its YouTube service.

Gaby Moreno gets into the holiday spirit with 'Posada'

The eclectic singer-songwriter mixes traditional Latin American Christmas songs with new arrangements of holiday classics.

Colbert Countdown: Getting the Colbert 'bump'

As we count down the days to the Dec. 18 final episode of "The Colbert Report," we're taking a look at guests who got the famed Colbert "bump."

How 'The Interview' screenwriter Dan Sterling became 'the guy that brought down Sony'

The screenwriter talks about getting the studio to greenlight the James Franco-Seth Rogen comedy and how the drama surrounding it has affected him.

The Colbert Countdown begins: the man behind the character

Our countdown coverage to the Dec. 18 finale of "The Colbert Report" begins with a look at some landmark moments in the show's history.

Wartime, Hollywood photographer Phil Stern dies

The award-winning photographer was known for his photos of World War II and his later images capturing Hollywood royalty like Marlon Brando and Marilyn Monroe.

Critics' Choice Awards: 'Birdman,' 'Budapest' top noms

"Birdman" nabbed 13 nominations. Wes Anderson's darkly whimsical "The Grand Budapest Hotel," and the coming-of-age story "Boyhood," follow with 11 and eight nominations, respectively.

Appeals court upholds condom use in LA porn films

The court's ruling rejected arguments from porn industry leaders that the condom requirement inhibits First Amendment free speech rights.

Lost Disney film, featuring Oswald, found in Norway

Archivists at Norway's National Library found an almost complete version of "Empty Socks," featuring the character who preceded Mickey Mouse.

Sony threatens to sue for publishing stolen emails

Sony is warning news organizations not to publish details of company files leaked by hackers in one of the largest digital breaches ever against an American company.