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Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera, in song

The Long Beach Opera has tackled the Iraq War and the 2016 Presidential election in prior productions. With its production of "Frida," it's taken on the story of one of contemporary art’s most combative couples: Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera.

Museums are elevating the art of lowriders

"The Hight Art of Riding Low" at the Petersen Automotive Museum features airbrushed paintings, plush interiors and chrome-plated wheels and engines of lowrider cars. It runs until next June.

Hasan Minhaj on being an Indian-American Muslim comedian in the Trump Era

Comedian Hasan Minhaj combats a nativist narrative in American culture with his comedy and says, "The things I'm fighting for are actually American ideals."

‘The Big Sleep’: The noir classic that defined Los Angeles

For our summer reading series The California Canon, we bring you great literary works of Southern California. First up: "The Big Sleep" by Raymond Chandler.

3 SoCal fireworks shows to check out this Fourth of July

Independence Day has arrived — and that means colorful booms lighting up the night sky. Here are the details on some of Southern California's largest Fourth of July events.

KPCC unveils new weekend schedule with the accent on breaking news

Weekends used to be more laid back. No more! News breaks 24/7 now, so we've improved our weekend program schedule to keep you in the loop.

Olivia de Havilland sues over 'Feud' depiction

The 101-year-old actress has filed suit against FX Networks and producer Ryan Murphy's company, alleging the drama inaccurately depicts her as a gossipmonger.

Meet the Indiana Jones of ancient ales and extreme beverages

Patrick McGovern searches for and studies the residues of fermented drinks that can be thousands of years old — and re-creates them.

A year later, Pokémon Go has leveled out and left fans wanting more

While millions still play, augmented-reality designers are thinking about the next big thing.

New Japan Pro-Wrestling moonsaults its way into Long Beach

New Japan is like WWE — with an extra dose of athleticism. This weekend, they're doing their first two major shows on American soil.

Why music supervision is one of the most misunderstood gigs in Hollywood

Though their main focus is to help a director find a song to fit their vision, they often do a lot more than just peruse Spotify for the latest hit song.

The Summer of Love was about more than just music

Harvey Kubernik's new book, “1967: a Complete Rock Music History of the Summer of Love," tracks the iconic moments and movements of that pivotal time in pop culture.

The search for Olympic glory starts at Mt. SAC

A gem in the track & field world, Mt. San Antonio College, where 20 world records have been set, will host the 2020 Track & Field Olympic trials.

Oaxacan traditions live on in LA through music schools

LA's large Oaxacan immigrant community supports a variety of informal music schools for young people, which keep Oaxacan culture alive and create brass band music.

Meet the music supervisors who give ‘Fargo,’ ‘Legion’ and ‘Breaking Bad’ their signature sound

From the outside looking in, the job of a music supervisor seems really glamorous and fun, but it's actually one of the most misunderstood jobs in entertainment.

With 'The House,' Andrew Jay Cohen makes the leap from comedy writer to director

After cutting his teeth working with Judd Apatow and Adam McKay, Andrew Jay Cohen makes his directorial debut in a comedy gangster movie starring Will Ferrell, Amy Poehler and Jason Mantzoukas.