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'Moonlight': Naomie Harris wants to play roles that terrify her

The actress plays the drug addicted mother, Paula, in the new film. She talks about the challenges and rewards of playing challenging characters.

An original cast member and an original fan talk 'Dark Shadows' at 50

"Dark Shadows," which debuted in 1966, was a half-hour soap opera that, at its peak, brought in 20-million viewers weekly. Its fans are legion, attracted by its unique romantic Gothic themes.

Natalie Mering taps into Christian roots on Weyes Blood's latest album

On "Front Row Seat to Earth," the indie musician uses inspiration from her Christian upbringing and growing up in a religious household.

Pachucos to party crews: A different side of LA's youth culture

LA's youth culture is often represented by surfer dudes and mall-loving girls. But one art show in East LA is putting a new perspective on this image.

Dawn Porter's journey from corporate litigator to documentary filmmaker

Her latest film, "Trapped," follows abortion providers in the South struggling to comply with new state laws essentially trying to force them out of business.

Filming at 120 frames-per-second could upend movie storytelling

It's back to the projector room for Oscar-winning director Ang Lee's pricey, gutsy movie-making experiment, “Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk."

How likely is a Donald Trump TV network?

After the election, could Donald Trump turn his contempt for the mainstream media into a network of his very own?

How Rebecca Hall brought Christine Chubbuck back to life

Actress Rebecca Hall brings empathy and humanity to a troubled TV news reporter who took her life on live television in 1974.

Why Thandie Newton finds personal empowerment in 'Westworld'

The actress talks about feeling empowered by the nudity in the show and opens up about her past being objectified as a woman of color in entertainment.

LA's poet laureate Luis Rodriguez on transforming a city through art, poetry

L.A.'s poet laureate Luis Rodriguez wraps up his two-year term as the leading advocate for art and spoken word in the city he loves.

Here's the outdoor venue that could replace Irvine Meadows

Developers want to build a temporary 12,000-seat interim stadium next to Orange County’s Great Park to replace Irvine Meadows Amphitheater, which is closing at the end of the month.

LA-based songwriter Gaby Moreno is Guatemala’s little secret

Singer Gaby Moreno may not be a household name in the U.S. but she’s something of a ‘rock star’ in Guatemala, the country of her birth.

Meet photographer Anthony Hernandez, unsung until now

Hernandez — a street photographer whose career has spanned decades — just got his first ever museum retrospective at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

For 'The Accountant' director Gavin O'Connor, 'Family is so much more important than a movie'

O’Connor talks about how he and Ben Affleck approached a character on the autism spectrum. He gets emotional as his film hits theaters.

Lucius on the daunting task of performing with Roger Waters

How did Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig, singers from the indie band, find themselves performing with the Pink Floyd co-founder at Desert Trip?

'A Nation Engaged': America Ferrera

NPR and KPCC are looking at critical issues facing the nation before the presidential election. The Frame asked creators who work in arts and entertainment to weigh in on our nation's state of affairs.