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5 Every Week: 11 hour movies, salad and rock gardens

Here are five great things to do in Southern California this coming week, hand picked for you from the makers of the 5 Every Day app.

At just 27, bassist and singer Katie Thiroux already keeps up with jazz legends in LA

Thiroux is one of 11 semi-finalists, and the only Angeleno, in the 2015 Thelonious Monk Institute International Jazz Vocals Competition.

Paul Bettany: From 'Shelter' to 'Avengers,' he finds meaning in stories

Paul Bettany has written and directed "Shelter," a movie about homelessness. But for the "Avengers" actor, his new departure comes from an old love of storytelling.

Adrian Tomine goes back to his California roots in 'Killing and Dying'

The graphic novel is a collection of six stories that were somewhat inspired by Adrian Tomine's life in California, being a parent and finding the true meaning of home.

Video: 'Grey's Anatomy' star brings activism to acting

Sara Ramirez didn't see herself reflected on the silver screen growing up, but her love for the arts drove her to pursue a career in acting anyway.

Mark Ruffalo turns the tables on 'Spotlight' reporter Mike Rezendes

The actor interviewed the Boston Globe journalist in order to play him in the film about the newspaper's exposé of the city's Catholic archdiocese.

Song Exploder breaks down The Arcs' 'Put a Flower in Your Pocket'

In our latest installment of Song Exploder, Hrishikesh Hirway breaks down "Put a Flower in Your Pocket" with Dan Auerbach and other members of The Arcs.

Filmmaker Patricia Riggen: 'It's harder to be a woman than Latina'

The director of "The 33," a movie about the 2010 Chilean mining accident, says she still has to prove herself to every collaborator, "every single day."

In 'Entertainment', a comedian engages with his real-life alter ego

For the last 20 years, comedian Gregg Turkington has made a name for himself pretending to be anti-comedian Neil Hamburger. Now, he stars in a movie based on the character.

New York to daily fantasy sports: Stop taking bets here

In letters sent to the companies Tuesday, Attorney General Eric Schneiderman said their contests are promoted like a lottery and are essentially games of chance, not skill.

'Jem and the Holograms' makes history, pulled from theaters after 2 weeks

Pulling a movie so fast is something Exhibitor Relations says is unheard of for a wide release. You might even say it's "truly outrageous."

Jay Roach looks to LBJ in 'All the Way' for hope in democracy

The director has taken on politics in films such as "Game Change" and "Recount," and now he's adapting the Tony Award-winning play about a key year in Lyndon Johnson's presidency.

'House of Cards' writer says the show isn't about politics, it's about 2 people

Beau Willimon is in the middle of shooting the show's fourth season, which will likely debut as the 2016 presidential primaries are in full swing.

Ewan McGregor is Jesus and the devil in 'Last Days in the Desert'

Ewan McGregor and writer/director Rodrigo García reflect on shooting "Last Days in the Desert" in a California desert landscape.

Does box office performance help or hurt Oscar chances?

The Academy's not averse to rewarding movies with low domestic box office, but does a high return at the box office lead to victory come awards time?

Leon Bridges breaks down his personal debut album 'Coming Home'

Leon Bridges' debut album landed in the Billboard Top 10 and he talks about how he learned about his grandmother's life through making the album.