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Oscars 2015: 'Birdman,' 'Budapest' lead; nominations least diverse since 1998

There is not a single person of color among the 20 people nominated for lead and supporting actor and actress, a lack of diversity that is reflected in the filmmaking nominations, as well. See the full list of winners, watch the Best Picture trailers and more.

Neil Young is on a mission to restore 'the history of recorded sound'

The musician launched Pono, a high-resolution music player, with the help of a Kickstarter campaign. He wants to give music lovers an alternative to MP3s.

'7th Heaven's' Stephen Collins must sit for divorce deposition

A judge says former "7th Heaven" actor Stephen Collins must sit for adeposition in his ongoing divorce case.

Directors Guild: Jodie Foster is a double award nominee for directing TV

Jodie Foster is up for a pair of awards for directing comedy and drama on television.

#KPCCresolutions: What's yours? We want to see photos

Get your smartphones ready: We're starting a new photo sharing project. This month is appropriately themed "resolutions." What's yours?

Wil Wheaton and other Star Trek alumni in 'War of the Worlds'

Wil Wheaton is Orson Welles in a one-night-only performance of "War of the Worlds," alongside many other Star Trek alumni.

'Jack Lemmon Returns:' Chris Lemmon remembers his father in one-man show

The son celebrates his famous father through music, voice and stories in a production at the Broad Stage in Santa Monica.

'Lost in Space' robot designer Robert Kinoshita dies at 100

Robert Kinoshita, the Los Angeles native who designed the iconic robots from "Lost in Space" and "Forbidden Planet," has died. He was 100.

IN-Q: 'If you don't think Kendrick Lamar is a poet, you're not listening'

Poet and songwriter IN-Q talks about his career, what inspires his art and how his love of poetry and hip-hop are equal.

Oscars 2015: Early awards given to sound, projection technology engineers

The ceremony celebrating the "sciences" part of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science won't be televised, but some portions will be included in the Oscars telecast on Feb. 22.

Directors Guild Awards: Linklater, Anderson, Eastwood among nominees

The awards are a formidable predictor of the eventual Oscar recipient, whose nominations will be announced Thursday.

Author and actress Annabelle Gurwitch on being 'Hollywood Adjacent'

Hollywood’s annual tradition of backslapping — more commonly known as award season — is underway, leaving a lot of people on the outside looking in.

Why Patrick Stewart was forced to flee Hollywood after 'Star Trek'

The veteran stage and screen actor reflects on the intimate production of his new indie film, "Match," and why he had to leave Hollywood to shed himself of Jean-Luc Picard.

A challenge to disconnect from your phone

Studies suggest we get original ideas when we stop the constant stimulation and let ourselves get bored. But in the age of the smartphone, spacing out is a skill.

Your online avatar may reveal more about you than you think

Even if your avatar for games and social media doesn't look at all like you, it still says a lot about your personality, a study finds.

Golden Globes: 'Transparent,' a TV revolution, and Fey and Poehler's best moments

The show, which portrays a 70-year-old coming out as transgender, won two Golden Globes — the first wins for original programming by Amazon.