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'Prison Break' cast, crew talks their latest escape — 12 years later

Twelve years since the show debuted, the relationship between the show's two leads — Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell — continue to be the show's heart in a new reboot.

Another step forward for LA's arts diversity initiative

After a series of town halls and surveys, the board of supervisors passed 13-item plan for increasing diversity in arts institutions.

Aimee Mann's new album is 'Mental Illness' but she's pretty sane

The sound on the singer/songwriter's new album is acoustic and stripped down. The title started as a joke between friends, but it was so perfect that it stuck.

Museums want you to photobomb their art

In the era of Instagram and Snapchat, art museums are harnessing the power of visitors' social media feeds to get others through the door.

​Harrison Ford won't face any penalties over runway incident

The Federal Aviation Administration will not fine Ford and the actor will retain his pilot's license without restriction.

Robert Schenkkan takes on President Trump in new play

The playwright won a Tony Award for his LBJ play, "All the Way," and now he's written a new work that imagines the effects of President Donald Trump's immigration policies.

On The Lot: 'Ghost in the Shell'; Joss Whedon takes on Batgirl?

Why couldn't "Ghost in the Shell" capture a wider audience? A look at where the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is headed and a future Batgirl movie.

With this publisher, Native American superheroes fly high

Native Realities Press exclusively publishes Native American-made comics, graphic novels and games — including a reboot of Tribal Force, widely considered the first all-Native superhero comic book.

Birthday surprise for ageless Doris Day: She's actually 95

Day turns 95 on Monday, which is a birthday surprise to even the star herself, who has long pegged her age to a 1924 birthdate that would make her 93 — until the discovery of her birth certificate.

There's lots of sex in 'Harlots' but it's really a show about economics

"Harlots" co-creator Moira Buffini on how London was the sex capital of the world in the 1760s and why her show imagines that world from the POV of the women who worked it.

What I learned about filmmaking as a car valet: Everything

"Well, this is awkward," he says. "Not at all, Mr. Depp," I say. "Welcome to the hotel." And it does get a little awkward when the person I'm welcoming to the hotel I work at is the same person I pitched a project to that morning.

The Binge: Patriot, Big Little Lies and Crashing

Every month we take a look at all of the options you have to stream, from Hulu and Netflix to Amazon Prime, HBO Now and Showtime Anytime. Our very own Mark Jordan Legan offers three great new picks.

Christopher Daniels fights for honor on Wrestlemania weekend

Ring Of Honor is an upstart wrestling company holding its own major show outside the world of WWE and Wrestlemania, featuring their champion, Palmdale's Christopher Daniels.

6 almost-free things to do this weekend in SoCal

Usher in April by visiting a cult cinematic film exhibit, participating in a mass pillow fight, or joining in a run by the beach with cannabis-loving athletes — your choice.

Producer Danger Mouse goes back in time for 'Resistance Radio'

His most recent project is a soundtrack for the early '60s dystopian world in the Amazon series, "The Man In the High Castle.”

'Star Trek' wax figures get new mission: helping museum

The Hollywood Science Fiction Museum is now home to life-sized wax figures of all seven crew members from the original "Star Trek" TV series, including Capt. Kirk.