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Once a year, residents of a West Adams cemetery come to life

On Sept. 27, the West Adams Heritage Association hosts its annual Living History Tour of Angelus Rosedale Cemetery, where hundreds of historic figures are buried.

Music supervisor Brian Reitzell brings horror to life with music in NBC's 'Hannibal'

Music supervisor Brian Reitzell says scary music "should be kind of unfamiliar." The film and television music maker shares more on making scary sounds and the soundtrack for an LA drive.

Quiz: LA’s best burritos and the bracket that should have been

Nate Silver’s burrito bracket collected 64 great burritos from across the country, and with a dedicated burrito journalist, FiveThirtyEight took on a mission to find the best burrito in America.

Actor Bill Hader was almost too funny for his role in 'The Skeleton Twins'

When casting first started for the new movie drama, "The Skeleton Twins," Bill Hader wasn't even being considered because filmmakers feared he couldn't do drama.

7 fun and almost-free things to do this weekend

Brace yourselves, people. It's going to be hot, again. Lucky for us, we can take our minds of the brutal temps with free music and film.

Parkour may make Olympic Games — watch parkour video here

Some leaders of an extreme city sport where people run, jump and slide on streets and over buildings, hope to slip into the Olympics.

Stevie Wonder takes 'Songs in the Key of Life' on tour, but no LA date

Wonder is taking his classic double album on the road, but while the local music legend made the announcement in L.A., he has yet to announce an L.A. tour date.

Mike Sheehan's sketchbook: Elvis Costello at the Hollywood Bowl

Off-Ramp is the only radio show with a sketch artist. This time, Mike Sheehan takes us to a night at the Hollywood Bowl with Elvis Costello.

Sagging pants & zoot suits: The history of 'dangerous' fashion

For adults, "sagging" has long been a marker of slovenliness or something more sinister. But the style might just be the latest iteration of fashion freighted with some old anxieties.

Yes, competitive hot dog eaters probably puke after contests

Off-Ramp talks with the filmmakers behind "Hungry," a documentary that looks into the stories and lives behind one of America's strangest sports.

How Jessica Chastain got 'Eleanor Rigby' director to shoot 2 versions

The star of the new film "The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby" persuaded writer-director Ned Benson to strengthen her character's role in the movie — and he shot a whole new version.

You: 'I am SO over it.' Dylan Brody: 'No, you're not.'

“I am SO over it” almost always means, “I am reviewing these recent events in my head constantly and expect never to be free of this internal cycle of rage and recrimination.”

Richard Kiel dies; actor played James Bond's Jaws

Richard Kiel, the towering actor best known for portraying steel-toothed villain Jaws in a pair of James Bond films, has died. He was 74.

Mike Tyson cusses out Canadian TV host

Tyson directed an expletive-filled rant at a Canadian television anchor in a live interview Wednesday after the host brought up Tyson's conviction for sexual assault.

Video game 'Destiny' breaks sales records by raking in more than $500 million

Guardians of the Galaxy had a budget of about $170 million dollars, which is nothing next to the $500 million it cost to make the new video game called "Destiny."

Kenturah Davis weaves words into art in Leimert Park

Off-Ramp host John Rabe talks with LA artist Kenturah Davis about her exhibit of drawings, "Narratives and Meditations," at Papillion Art in Leimert Park in South LA.