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'Gilmore Girls' returns, just in time for a holiday binge

In Stars Hollow, single mom Lorelai is now pushing 50 and her once teenage daughter, Rory, is a grown, published writer.

'Brady Bunch' mom Florence Henderson dies

The 82-year-old actress starred in the popular 1970s sitcom about a blended family with six kids.

Chef Niki Nakayama, modern master of an ancient meal

At her L.A. restaurant, the chef reimagines the Japanese tradition of kaiseki, a multicourse feast emphasizing local, seasonal ingredients.

'Heaven Can Wait' production designer Paul Sylbert dies

Paul Sylbert, who won an Oscar for his work on the 1978 Warren Beatty comedy "Heaven Can Wait," has passed away.

To save heritage turkeys, we must eat them

Descended from birds brought by British settlers, they taste more like the turkeys that were on 17th century tables.

Santa's Village to reopen after 18 years

The Christmas-themed amusement park that for decades drew Santa Claus fans will reopen in December.

Breaking down the Independent Spirit Award nominations

There's a bumper crop this year of lower budget movies that were made outside the studio system.

How an instrument for German propaganda changed American pop music

After WWII, the American soldiers returned with a curious instrument that the Germans had developed for playback of propaganda messages and music.

'About The House': Jenny Slate and her dad reveal stories from their family home

The stories in their book are largely about the small moments and memories in a home that make a life. And it's free for the asking, with one small stipulation.

How the Gilmore Guys made TV fandom their job

Kevin Porter and Demi Adejuyigbe's "Gilmore Girls" podcast put them at the heart of a zealous fan community and eventually became a paying gig.

OK Go's new video for 'The One Moment' is another mind-blower

OK Go's latest (and astonishing) video, for the song "The One Moment," took only 4.2 seconds to film. But the whole thing was slowed down to fill the four minutes it takes the band to sing the song.

Brian K. Vaughan uses his comics as a "cheap version" of therapy

The author has written the popular sci-fi comics "Saga" and "Y: The Last Man." He uses the genre to talk about serious issues such as immigration, the Cold War and fatherhood.

What to do Thanksgiving weekend in SoCal

Whether you're hosting family or flying solo, there's plenty to do this Thanksgiving weekend — including ways to walk off all those extra calories afterward.

If you take sides, make sure they're as tasty as these

Chef Mike Isabella, a renowned restaurateur, has devised some delectable spinoffs of traditional turkey accompaniments, while staying true to classic roots.

5 ways to enjoy Thanksgiving alone

Take Two's Alex Cohen speaks with psychologist Elaine Rodino for some advice on how to make the best of a Thanksgiving alone.

Lichtenstein exhibit pops into the Skirball

Roy Lichtenstein very well might have seen himself as a great artist who was also commercial. Just like his key inspiration, the humble, stirring comics of his youth.