Barry McGovern finally brings one-man Beckett show to LA

For 30 years, actor Barry McGovern has been performing "I'll Go On," a distillation of three Samuel Beckett novels, as a one-man show around the world. He's now brought it to LA for the first time.

LACMA's Calder exhibit lacks the artist's panache, love of chaos

It’s the most comprehensive Calder show in decades. Then why doesn’t the whole equal the sum of its parts? Because the LACMA exhibit feels caged by its own production values, says Marc Haefele.

Judge orders Renoir painting returned to museum

A federal judge awarded ownership of a disputed Renoir painting to a Baltimore museum, citing "overwhelming evidence" that the painting had been stolen from the museum more than 60 years ago.

Actress Carmen Zapata dead at 86 (updated)

Zapata worked on Broadway, television and movies and co-founded the Bilingual Foundation of the Arts, which is dedicated to bringing Latin culture to Southern California through bilingual stage productions.

Book Review: 'Chatting with Matisse' gives new insights into the artist's most crucial year

In “Chatting With Henri Matisse,” we are lucky that the artist never followed his own advice: if you want to be a painter, the first thing you should do is cut out your tongue.

Picture This: Angelo Merendino documents his wife's battle with cancer

On our occasional series Picture This we've talked with photographers who've been in war zones or far off lands. But our next installment is far more personal.

New Santa Monica gallery showcases contemporary art from Iran

Former NASA scientist Homa Taraji's gallery features art from her homeland with the goal of changing the conversation about Iran and its people.

Picture This: Scott Rinckenberger captures a fleeting meteor

Seeing a meteor streak through the night sky takes a certain amount of luck. Turn away for a second and you could miss it. Capturing one on film is even harder.

'Migrant Mother' and Beyond: Dorothea Lange's lifetime in photography

Photographer Dorothea Lange is best known for her intimate portraits of Depression-era migrant farmworkers, but a new book shows how her life's work spans decades and continents.

Museums give video games bonus life, but the next level awaits

Acquiring a work means preserving it for years to come — and digital media like video games present a host of challenges for preservationists.

Disney Hall organ spectacular a lesson for the arts: Engage!

... In which Rabe claims that a simple organ performance at Disney Hall turned into money for the arts and a future for classical music.

Picture This: Artists use gingerbread to recreate famous art museums

Brooklyn-based photographer Henry Hargreaves and food stylist Caitlin Levin have are putting their own unique twist on gingerbread architecture.

Picture This: 4th Trimester Bodies project celebrates motherhood

After photographer Ashlee Wells Jackson had her first child, she bounced back pretty quickly. But the second time she got pregnant, it was a very different story.

Louisiana artist behind 'blue dog' paintings dies at 69

George Rodrigue took the legend of the Cajun werewolf and transformed it into instantly recognizable portraits of a quizzical blue dog.

Los Angeles City Council to hold hearing on murals Tuesday

On Dec. 3, the Los Angeles City Council approved an amendment that would allow murals on single family residences in three districts. Because an unanimous vote was not achieved, the Council scheduled a second hearing for Dec. 10.

Picture This: Capturing Afghanistan's cinema culture (photos)

Movies in Afghanistan were banned under Taliban rule, so when photographer Jonathan Saruk started seeing people going back to the movies he pulled out his camera.