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Sundance Directors Lab: A bootcamp for the next great directors

It's a place where independent filmmakers like Paul Thomas Anderson, Miranda July and Quentin Tarantino got their start — and where the next great directors may become even greater.

The art of telling human interest stories at the Olympics

A common complaint about Olympics coverage is the focus on athletes’ personal stories rather than the games. NBC correspondent Jimmy Roberts hopes the mini-documentaries enhance viewers experience of the epic event.

Bollywood Marathon to run for twelve hours in Echo Park

Feel like taking on a marathon this weekend? How about one you can do sitting down?

Rio 2016: Which Olympic sports should be added or cut?

Lots of sports seem to be teeter on the edge of inclusion in the Olympic Games. Which sports on the borderline do you want in — or out?

Thomas Middleditch on 'Joshy' and the shades of nerdiness

Thomas Middleditch from HBO's "Silicon Valley" discusses his new film "Joshy" and the things he loves... and questions about nerd culture.

Los Angeles, this beer hotline's for you

Just call 1-855-LA-BEERS, and if you're lucky, a real live human being will be waiting to help bring you one beer closer to having the perfect night out.

'Little Prince', 'Kubo' add to renaissance in stop-motion animation

The popularity of stop-motion is also a reaction to the perfection of CG, which tends to produce geometrical precision. But stop-motion, like drawn animation, relies more on the artists’ instincts and less on math.

Toast the return of the LA Rams at Tom Bergin's under a piece of Rams history

If you’re not going to the Coliseum Saturday to watch the Rams play an exhibition game against the Cowboys, the next best thing – to celebrate the team’s return and their place in LA history – would be to raise a glass and watch the game at Tom Bergin’s.

Summer Concert Series: Levitt Pavilion Pasadena

Here in SoCal the options of outdoor live music are plentiful. We continue our series on outdoor concerts throughout town with Levitt Pavilion in Pasadena.

10 fun ways to spend your weekend in SoCal

This weekend watermelon, avocado, Shakespeare and Bollywood are all having a special moment somewhere in SoCal. Hop on the weekend train, and enjoy!

Liam Neeson takes backseat to Korean actors in 'Operation Chromite'

The new Korean film "Operation Chromite" tells of a secret Korean War mission. It features some of Korea's biggest movie stars alongside Neeson as General Douglas MacArthur.

Genius Grant-winner's ‘New Super-Man’ is a Chinese superhero — and a bully

Acclaimed graphic novelist Gene Luen Yang - who just won a Genius Grant - tells us how he drew from the earliest Superman stories to create a Superman with a chip on his shoulder.

Chris Kallmyer explores LA's weather and water through art

Politicians, business people and conservationists have been talking about the drought. Now artists are responding to it, too.

UN chief enlists Hollywood star power to end poverty

The U.N. chief was feted at a lunch hosted by legendary television trailblazer Norman Lear and at a celebrity dinner for about 200 VIPs hosted by powerhouse producer-director Brett Ratner.

'Suicide Squad' and 'Ghostbusters': a tale of two would-be blockbusters

Two of the summer's biggest films may end up underperforming at the box office for different reasons, but the bottom line is troubling for the studios.

'Empire' star Taraji P. Henson on the pros and cons of being Cookie

Playing a popular character on a hit show is an actor’s dream, but it can also open the door for some strange interactions out in the real world.