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The Frame's pro tips and predictions to win your Oscar pool

The Frame's John Horn and's Kyle Buchanan cast their votes for this year's Oscar winners on The Awards Show Show.

Free weekend? 10 awesome ways to spend it

An Edwardian Ball, a chili cook-off, multiple dance parties, two art openings and the Oscars — it's a big weekend. Here's how to spend it.

Improv group The Black Version pokes fun at racial stereotypes in Hollywood

The improv troupe pokes fun at racial stereotypes and the lack of diversity in Hollywood by putting an Afro-centric spin on classic films.

Oscars 2016: The confusing rules for Best Original Score

The Motion Picture Academy's arcane rules determined that Ennio Morricone and John Williams were eligible even though some of their music had been written for other films.

Leonardo DiCaprio on the environmentalist undertones in “The Revenant”

The actor says the film resonates with him as a cautionary reminder of a time in history when frontiersmen were hastily exploiting nature for profit.

The Styled Side: 'Oscars' swag bag makes Academy gag

The Academy isn't happy the company that assembles the bags uses phrases like "The Oscars," and it really doesn't like that adult-themed products are included.

Oscars: How 'Star Wars' composer John Williams saved classical film scores

Steven Spielberg urged "Star Wars" director George Lucas to hire John Williams for the score, and thousands of studio musicians were employed for decades more, one critic says.

How Pixar prepared writer Meg LeFauve for her next challenge: 'Captain Marvel'

The Oscar-nominated co-writer of "Inside Out" comes from live action movies, so adjusting to Pixar’s intense process and learning how to write for animation was a challenge.

Song Exploder: the hip-hop trio Clipping dissects its song, 'Work Work'

Song Exploder producer Hrishikesh Hirway deconstructs a song with producers William Hutson and Jonathan Snipes, and rapper Daveed Diggs.

#OscarsSoWhite: Can the industry get past its myopia?

Marc Bernardin of The Hollywood Reporter argues that movie studios think about black, Latino and Asian actors too narrowly.

Oscar week: 4 cheap screenings of lower-profile categories

The Academy is hosting four nights of screenings at the Samuel Goldwyn Theater in Beverly Hills starting Tuesday. Tickets are still available to some events.

'SKIN' exhibition tackles race through art

Race can be a sensitive and controversial subject. But the LA Municipal Art Gallery hopes to spark thoughtful conversations through art.

Chris Rock 'evilly laughing' about hosting the Oscars

Comedian W. Kamau Bell thinks there's no place Chris Rock would rather be than 'onstage hosting the Academy Awards' while in the middle of the diversity controversy.

Hollywood is still 'a straight, white boys club,' study says

Researchers at USC say the entire media landscape "is still largely whitewashed" and that women and minorities are caught in an "epidemic of invisibility."

Denny Hamlin wins Daytona 500

Hamlin was challenged by Matt Kenseth, Carl Edwards and reigning NASCAR champion Kyle Busch for most of the race, but he motored across the finish line first in his #11 FedEx Express Toyota.

How Steve Zissis's struggles became HBO hit 'Togetherness'

From igniting cheese to exploring the terrors of middle-age onscreen, the lifelong friend of the Duplass brothers becomes a success in his own right.