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Bourbon to bubbly: Shake up your Derby mint julep

It's Kentucky Derby Day, when the mint-infused cocktail reigns supreme. The mint is a must, but these days everything from brandy to gin and Champagne can sub for the whiskey.

Youtube moves to break into the cord-cutting business

At the company's NewFronts presentation in New York, the company's CEO boasted about the website's enormous user base and continued to court advertisers.

Louie Anderson channels his mom's humanity in 'Baskets'

The veteran comedian plays Christine Baskets, the mother of identical twins played by Zach Galifianakis, on the FX show, "Baskets."

'Bob's Burgers' star found inspiration in his mom and landed a dream gig

Before John Roberts landed the role of Linda Belcher, he starred in a series of viral videos in which he imitated his mom — dressed in a frizzy red wig and her clothing.

Prince tribute event set for the steps of LA City Hall

A memorial to honor Prince is scheduled for Friday from 5 to 8 p.m. on the Spring Street steps of City Hall, with performers including the Time and Faith Evans.

What immigration looks like for Hollywood's entertainers

The O-1B visa program is being increasingly used by Hollywood, and it's being compared to a fast pass for the immigration process.

How millennials are making film schools smarter

A new generation of students is demanding more focus on real world skills before they graduate.

Free Comic Book Day: How comics try winning diverse readers

This Saturday is Free Comic Book Day. It comes as comic books become more diverse on the page, while also drawing a more diverse audience.

The Russo Brothers pack a political punch in 'Captain America: Civil War'

Anthony and Joe Russo had to manage many different storylines and character dynamics to turn a political storyline into one of the biggest blockbusters of the year.

Beyoncé and Radiohead are changing the way albums are released

Artists are increasingly using social media and multimedia experiences to generate excitement for their new releases. It's a trend you can expect to see more.

11 ways to win your LA weekend

It's Mother's Day weekend, but you can also honor Prince with a party at City Hall, pick up some DIY goods at a craft fair, get lit at an indie bookfest and dance like Queen Bey.

Tracy Scott and the invisible art of script supervision

She worked on some of the most well-received movies of the past few years. Following her recent death, her celebrated colleagues explain why having a gifted script supervisor is invaluable.

Doctor called to help Prince is a longtime pain specialist

The Northern California doctor who was asked to help Prince before his death is an addiction and pain specialist who has championed the use of a semi-synthetic opiate to treat pain.

Aisha Tyler on the importance of failure

Aisha Tyler has "all the jobs" — voice actor on 'Archer,' talkshow host, podcast host, author, comedian and now director. What's her secret? Failure.

Laurel and Hardy never looked so good

As the American Cinematheque reels out three days of Laurel and Hardy films, improv comedian Mike McShane helps us understand their lasting appeal as "existential candy."

Do 'Star Wars' or 'Star Trek' fans have more word nerd skills?

Star Wars fans are celebrating Star Wars Day — May the 4th. A new analysis looks at online comments by fans to see if "Star Wars" fans can back up that pun.