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Mexican-American comedian-rapper Chingo Bling tests his bi-cultural act in Mexico

The popular Texas-based performer was apprehensive about how his persona would go over in a country that prizes cultural authenticity.

Jack Skellington headlines Hollywood Bowl

Get your tickets now, because Danny Elfman says this special performance of "The Nightmare before Christmas" won’t be an annual thing.

Filmmaker Roger Corman talks about his lovely LSD trip

"The billowing of the sails moved from diamonds to the curves of a woman's body. And it was really a tremendously erotic experience."

Vote in our Ultimate Halloween Candy Ranker

Get ready for a sugar rush as you vote for your favorite — and least favorite — Halloween candy in our super scientific poll.

Anaheim convention wants to be the Comic-Con of podcasting

The mission of this weekend's Now Hear This festival: Be podcasting's Comic-Con. The CEO of the company behind the festival argues it's the largest such event ever held.

Your go-to guide for the weekend in SoCal

From a comic convention to a massive zombie crawl, we've rounded up the top things to do this weekend — for the Halloween-abstinent and -obsessed (mostly the latter).

A peek into the sound editing process for 'Ouija: Origin of Evil'

What would you say are the necessary elements of a scary movie? A killer or a demon is one. Plenty of unsuspecting victims is another. But what about how the movie SOUNDS?

How the original 'Blair Witch' tricked audiences, without really trying

Dan Myrick, co-creator of the original "Blair Witch," says the film blurred the lines of reality in a way that wouldn't be possible today.

Norman Lear and the power of TV to start conversations

TV writer-producer Norman Lear reflects on his brand of shows about real people dealing with some of the most important issues of the day and how he thinks TV can start necessary conversations.

Hemingway's rocky relationship with Hollywood

It's pretty common for writers of all stripes to see their books, novels, even magazine articles adapted into movies.

Donald Trump's Walk of Fame star is already being fixed

Trump's star has been a magnet for defacement this election season. But removing a star? That's new.

Novelist Paul Beatty is first American to win Man Booker prize

L.A.-born Beatty won for The Sellout, a satire about the fraught subject of race in the U.S.

Janelle Monáe on her first acting role and embracing otherness

The musician makes her theatrical debut with the film "Moonlight." She talks about what drew her to acting and why she's passionate about "telling stories about the other."

'Rejected Princesses': women in history who are anything but G-rated

Jason Porath found complex and rebellious women from history and illustrated them in kids' movie style, even if their real lives were far from fairy tales.

HBO's 'Insecure' shows 'black people's humanity,' Prentice Penny says

"This show was just talking about what life was like on a Thursday for people of color. ... We don't get to tell slice of life stories," said Penny.

Bodies in motion at USC's new dance program and facility

The just-opened $46 million Glorya Kaufman International Dance Center is the largest of its kind at any private university in the U.S.