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For Billy Eichner, pop culture and politics intersect on the street

For the actor and comedian, adding a political point of view to his TV sketch show, “Billy on the Street,” was the natural thing to do.

'Powerless': A workplace comedy for the superhero era

"Where does he get those wonderful toys?" NBC's new sitcom, set among the lab techs who unwittingly act as Batman's R & D team, supplies a familiar — but clever — answer.

Dylan Brody's comedy special about heartbreak and hope in Hollywood ... gets picked up by the Brits

I risked a bunch of my own money to put together a show about the potential for all of us in Hollywood to reach for our highest aspirations and had to go 8,000 miles away to get anybody to even consider it. Being an artist at the heart of the entertainment industry can be funny. Just not funny ha-ha.

What can Hollywood do to change perceptions of Muslims?

Author, scholar and producer Reza Aslan says the "timing has never been better" for Hollywood to develop stories about Muslims and Middle Easterners for film and TV.

'Cries From Syria' filmmaker says refugees are 'not terrorists'

The HBO documentary "Cries From Syria" attempts to give the history of the Syrian crises while generating understanding for refugees.

Judy Garland's remains moved from NY to LA's Hollywood Forever

Representatives for a cemetery and the family of Judy Garland say her remains have been moved from New York to a Los Angeles mausoleum.

Actors let fly on political issues at Screen Actors Guild awards

The big talk coming out of the ceremony wasn’t about who wore what or what names got fumbled. Instead, it was how the actors engaged in politics.

Iranian-American concert promoter forced to cancel shows

Shari Rezai was forced to cancel upcoming shows in L.A. with Iranian musicians after President Trump's travel ban rendered their performance visas null.

Simpsons' Dan Castellaneta writes, stars in play about Oscar Levant

The voice of Homer Simpson, Dan Castellaneta, is bringing a a celebrity who died in 1972 back to life in the new play "For Piano and Harpo." Who? "It's Oscar Levant, you musical ignoramus!"

​Japanese arcade pioneer and 'Father of Pac-Man' has died

Masaya Nakamura, who died on Jan. 22, founded Namco in 1955. It started out as just two mechanical horse rides on a department store rooftop but went on to pioneer game arcades and amusement parks.

At SAG Awards, protest of immigration ban takes spotlight

In speech after fiery speech at Sunday night's Screen Actors Guild Awards, winners struck a defiant tone against Trump's sweeping immigration ban.

'A truly magnificent talent:' actor John Hurt dies at 77

Hurt had a half-century career highlighted with memorable performances, two Oscar nominations, a Golden Globe and four British BAFTA awards.

'Roxanne, Roxanne' tells the story of a teen rap prodigy

At 14, Roxanne Shanté become a revered rapper in New York and beyond. Now, her life story has been made into a biopic written and directed by Michael Larnell.

'Mannix' star Mike Connors dies at 91

"Mannix" ran for eight years on CBS beginning in 1967. Viewers were intrigued by the tall, smartly dressed, well-spoken detective who could mix it up with the burliest of thugs and leap on the hood of a racing car to prevent an escape.

Youth theater company puts politics on stage

When the Wallis Youth Theater Company convened last fall, they couldn't stop talking about the election. Their new play puts the political climate onto the stage.

A photographic look inside David Bowie's 1997 trip to Mexico City

The Forest Lawn Museum's "David Bowie: Among the Mexican Masters" opens Friday, about a year after the singer died from cancer. It features photos taken around Mexico City by a Mexican rock photographer during Bowie's 1997 world tour.