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Despite diverse audience, EDM's big acts are mostly white, male

Electronic Dance Music has a hugely diverse audience. But that's not reflected in EDM music videos, on album covers, and on the lineups of festivals like Coachella.

Singer Delaram Kamareh on what she faced as a female vocalist in Iran

Kamareh is a soloist this weekend with the Los Angeles Master Chorale. In her home country Iran, women's voices aren't allowed to be heard alone.

Cooking with emoji: We're taking eggplant back from the bros

The eggplant emoji has become a favorite of sexters. To rescue its sullied rep, we turn to our emoji keyboards and conjure up recipes to highlight the fruit's culinary attributes.

'Daredevil': New Netflix show makes Marvel darker and bloodier

"Daredevil" executive producer Steven DeKnight joins the Frame to talk about why this series is so violent, the suit's design and why it's crucial to shoot in New York.

#NPRreads: In Defense of California and wearing the same thing to work daily

This week, we highlight an Internet confessional of a woman who decided to do like men: wear the same outfit to work every day. We also baseball and fancy food at schools.

Opening day: Dodger blue hair, clown shoes and an old Padres jersey

Even in a sea of blue t-shirts, Clayton Kershaw jerseys and Dodgers baseball hats, some superfans stand out from the rest.

The last time Saint Motel were at Coachella, they broke in

Band members A/J and Greg stopped by the studio recently to talk to Alex Cohen and tease their upcoming show at Coachella. Two words: "sexually colorful."

Meet Chaz Perea, Dodger Stadium's landscape manager

The thousands of decorative plants found outside the stadium’s gates are part of its visual appeal. But who takes care of them? And how do you water them during a drought?

DC Comics says 'bye to NYC, hello to Burbank; Marvel responds

Friday is officially DC Comics' last day in its historic homeland of New York City, moving closer to its bread and butter of movie and TV adaptations.

Live stream Coachella 2015 right here

If you didn't get tickets or are simply avoiding the sweaty desert temperatures, you can plunk yourself down here and watch everything live-streamed online.

Free weekend? 8 fun and almost-free things to do

Forget Coachella. We're staying in L.A. where the roads will be less traveled and the beaches a little less crowded.

New Skid Row history museum to showcase area's founding docs

The plans that founded modern Skid Row' will be on display as part of the opening exhibit of the new Skid Row History Museum and Archive on Broadway.

Tony Hale breaks down his character from 'Veep'

He's the Emmy-winning personal assistant to now-President Selina Meyer —you know, the guy who's constantly whispering in her ear.

'Mad Men' creator pushed himself to 'go deeper' with show

After 7 seasons, "Mad Men" is headed toward its series finale. The show changed how we think of advertising and midday cocktails, and helped usher in an era of great TV.

Can art have a role in dealing with California's drought?

Water — the way we use it and abuse it — is central to the conceptual artwork of Lauren Bon and her Metabolic Studio collaborators.

Comic-Con teams with Lionsgate to launch new streaming service

They're building on the event that delivers a crowd of 130,000 to San Diego every summer — and the target audience that turns movies like "The Avengers" into huge hits.