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Sony buys Michael Jackson's stake in music catalog for $750M

The agreement will give Sony sole ownership of works by The Beatles, Bob Dylan and other hit-making musicians, including Eminem and Taylor Swift.

How this young filmmaker plans to win 6 Oscars

Gabrielle Gorman's short film about her personal struggles with race and self-esteem has gotten national recognition. She has some big dreams going forward.

Would you pay $50 to watch a movie on your TV?

Screening Room, a startup backed by Napster cofounder Sean Parker, says it will let moviegoers skip the crowds and expensive snacks — for a price.

Hacking Wikipedia’s gender gap

There are millions of editors on Wikipedia but only 13 percent of them are female. LACMA and Art + Feminism found a unique way to make a dent in that.

Robert Mapplethorpe finally gets his LA moment

Robert Mapplethorpe was an era-defining portraitist, documentarian, and still-life photographer. But he's never received a major Los Angeles show — until now.

'The Walking Dead' rise in Universal Studios Hollywood attraction

A permanent "The Walking Dead" attraction is coming this summer, following three years of seasonal "Walking Dead" mazes as part of the annual Halloween Horror Nights.

'The Powerpuff Girls' return as cartoon reboots punch into high gear

Recently Cartoon Network revealed that one of their most beloved original shows, "The Powerpuff Girls," was returning to the network. What's with all of the revisited content?

New Hilbert Museum's ambitious goal: Represent all California art in last 100 years

In an unpretentious part of Orange’s Old Town is a brand new art museum. The Hilbert aims to represent all California art from the last 100 years. Right now, it's focusing on a genre called California Scene Painting.

Pi Day 2016: Pizza and pie deals to help you celebrate

Pi Day means a celebration of not just math but food, including pies and a chance at free pizza for 3.14 years.

Meet Esperanza Spalding's musical alter-ego

The Grammy-winning singer and bassist has adapted her new album for a tour that comes to Los Angeles on March 15.

SxSW 2016: What to expect from this year's films

Austin darling Richard Linklater's new film, "Everybody Wants Some," will have its world premiere at the festival, as will "Pee-wee's Big Holiday."

Inside DTLA's massive new Hauser Wirth & Schimmel gallery

Gallery partner Paul Schimmel explains why L.A. is the perfect outpost for an international gallery and art historian Jenni Sorkin provides context for the space's inaugural show.

Hauser Wirth & Schimmel, literally the biggest art gallery opening in years

"Huge" gets tossed around a lot today. But the word fits on several levels for the new hybrid gallery Hauser Wirth & Schimmel, which opens to the public this weekend.

Canine or cuisine? This photo meme is fetching

Chihuahua or muffin? Labradoodle or fried chicken? These are the gnawing questions raised by the latest food images dogging the Internet. So we bit.

Weekend Events: Horror flicks, hoppy beers and Cookie Lyon

Get your horror movie fix, drink lots of IPA and even end the weekend by flying a kite. We've got all of the details you need.

Ellen Page takes an extended 'Gaycation'

Documenting the challenges faced by LGBTQ people in other countries was an eye-opener for the actress and her co-host, Ian Daniel.