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Food to celebrate freedom: Tea cakes for Juneteenth!

Juneteenth, which marks the end of slavery, is also associated with foods from the black community. Meet the woman who is reviving the traditional tea cake.

RIP 'Romper Room' host Mary Ann King

Ding dong, knock knock, hey natty do. The beloved Miss Mary Ann, who hosted the show for a decade, has rompety stompety romped off this mortal coil.

Compassion — and fear of alien abduction — drove dad to the salad bar

Her grandparents were vegetarians out of fear of eating reincarnated ancestors. Her father felt compassion for animals and was obsessed with The X-Files. But it wasn't so great for family unity.

Jim Henson's daughter expands on his creative legacy, on- and off-camera

Under the leadership of Lisa Henson, the Jim Henson Company has moved to diversify its staff and advance its use of technology. She even plans a virtual reality project using a script by her father from the 1960s.

Can a sound artist help save pedestrian lives in LA? LA DOT thinks so.

Sound artist Alan Nakagawa joined the LA Department of Transportation to create work that aims to help stop pedestrian deaths and cyclist deaths in intersections

The last slavery movies you ever need to see

Critic Tim Cogshell agrees with Snoop Dogg. We don't need any new slavery movies. But there are a few old ones you should see before you close the book on the genre.

'Tickled': A new documentary reveals the murky world of competitive endurance tickling

A journalist set out to learn about this odd "sport," and his curiosity led him to a strangely controlling company that invaded his privacy.

Autry’s 'Revolutionary Vision' mavericks took old school photos of nature and the West

84 years ago, as small cameras were revolutionizing photography, American photographers like Ansel Adams and Imogen Cunningham took a backward step.

7 ways to have fun in the heat this SoCal weekend

It'll be hot — real hot — but an impressive list of festivals to see and places to eat may tempt you to leave the house.

'The Chris Gethard Show' shuns cynicism and embraces heartfelt comedy

"The Chris Gethard Show" began on stage at New York’s Upright Citizens Brigade theater in 2009 and became a public access TV show in 2011.

The spontaneous return of 'Curb Your Enthusiasm'

Michael O'Connell, senior TV writer for the Hollywood Reporter, joined host A Martinez to talk about the enduring appetite for the show.

Jimmy Page takes stand in Led Zeppelin copyright trial

Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page testified Wednesday that until a few years ago, he'd never heard a song that the megastar band is accused of ripping off for "Stairway to Heaven."

Disneyland gets a Chinese makeover for new Shanghai resort

After a decade of planning and negotiations with the Chinese partners, the $5.5 billion Shanghai Disney is ready to open.

Director Nicholas Meyer's first movie? Bet you can't guess

Nicholas Meyer, who made "The Wrath of Khan" and "Time After Time," shares his very first movie with KPCC's Off-Ramp.

'Anatomy Theater': a new opera that explores the nature of evil

The work by Pulitzer Prize-winning composer David Lang and visual artist Mark Dion takes the inquiry into the nature of evil to a visceral level

Streaming royalties could improve with new music industry initative

Many streaming services and record labels have signed up for the Berklee College of Music’s Open Music Initiative, which seeks to identify and compensate the rightful owners of songs.