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LA 'Interview' screening gets surprise Seth Rogen intro

"It was kind of like a second premiere or something. It was a total blast. It was somewhere between Cannes, a Christmas Party, a protest and a wedding. It was really wonderful."

The Black List celebrates 10 years of giving aspiring screenwriters a boost

Want to know what the best picture contenders for the Oscars might be in a couple of years? You might want to take a look at something called the Black List.

Writer Graham Moore and his passion project

Screenwriter Graham Moore wanted to tell the unbelievable true story of Alan Turing since he was a a geeky boy at space camp where Turing was a hero.

'The Interview': How art house theaters banded together to save the once-doomed film

As Sony planned to can "The Interview," art house theaters managed to secure a limited release of the film in support of free speech and artistic expression.

Sony hack: 'The Interview' hits cinemas, streaming audience

The controversial film is in LA theaters today and on Google, YouTube and Sony platforms.

'Big Eyes' screenwriters' careers 'suffered' after spending 10 years making the film

The screenwriters of “Big Eyes” spent a decade trying to get their movie about kitschy art made... and almost made their careers suffer.

The female rabbi who helps weave Jewish and trans themes in 'Transparent'

Meet the Rabbi that helps Jill Soloway blend Jewish themes with trans themes on the ground-breaking Amazon original series "Transparent."

Staying in LA this week? 9 fun and almost-free things to do (holiday edition)

Luckily for those of us staying in the L.A. area, this means fewer headaches while getting around the city. How about festive flicks and fantastic food?

Top 10 media moments of 2014: Viral videos, more

Some of the most interesting things on TV in 2014 weren't actually made for TV. NPR TV critic Eric Deggans lists the moments in television and viral video.

Is the window display a dying art form?

As online shopping continues to grow, brick and mortar stores are trying to figure out new ways to bring in customers. Could old school window displays help?

Skylight Theater to host its very own Festivus celebration

Actor John Fleck recites the humorous and slightly morbid poem, "The Boy Who Laughed at Santa Claus," by Ogden Nash for a Festivus celebration.

'Into the Woods' scribe James Lapine learns the writer is king on Broadway, but not in Hollywood

Tony-winning playwright and theater legend James Lapine compares Hollywood to Broadway and talks making his first produced screenplay, "Into The Woods."

Dan Gilroy on Sony hacks: 'It's ethically wrong to reprint stolen material'

The "Nightcrawler" writer/director offers stern condemnation for those who published documents stolen as a part of the cyberattacks against Sony Pictures.

Singer-songwriter Joe Cocker dies at 70

Cocker was probably best known for his cover of the Beatles song "With a Little Help from My Friends."

Darlene Love's last Letterman 'Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)'

Darlene Love sang "Christmas (Baby Please Come Home" for David Letterman one last time Friday night. She has sung on Letterman's late night shows since 1986.

Sony hack: Hollywood pros fear chilling effect; North Korea makes an offer

Some in the entertainment industry are wondering if they'll have to be careful now about the stories they tell or the jokes they make in the wake of Sony's withdrawal of "The Interview."