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Why 'Stranger Things' is a cultural phenomenon

"To be right in the sweet spot of talked about culture...I've spent a lot of time trying to figure out why and it's hard to unpack that."

How Arnold Palmer hit a hole in one with his signature drink

As we mourn the golf great, we acknowledge another contribution he made to our culture: the tasty and refreshing iced tea and lemonade beverage that carries his name.

The long, strange history of campaign endorsement songs

From "Nixon's The One" To "El Corrido de Hillary Clinton," an odd subgenre of music raises its head every four years: the endorsement song. It's part commercial jingle, part aspirational anthem.

Union Station is the star in a new film noir screening series

Movies that feature the iconic train station onscreen will be screened at Union Station itself. Bring on the fedoras and femme fatales.

Vin Scully's final game at Dodger Stadium

As long as the Dodgers have been in Los Angeles, one voice has been associated with the team —Vin Scully. He will broadcast his final home game on Sunday.

Meet Joe Davis, Vin Scully's successor

The man who's about to take over the Dodgers booth shares a philosophy with Scully: It's not about the broadcaster, it's about the game.

Marlins pitcher José Fernández dies in boating accident

The young ace was Major League Baseball's Rookie of the Year in 2013. When he died, he had the second most strikeouts of any pitcher in the National League.

Dreamlike pictures of the water the world needs

Photographer Mustafa Abdulaziz has spent four years documenting the world's water woes. His 'Water Stories' are now on display.

The story behind 'The Many Sad Fates of Mr. Toledano'

When Phil Toledano's father died, the photographer imagined the next stages of his life in a project that was documented by his filmmaker friend, Joshua Seftel.

Recycling on TV is a 'trend that's not going anywhere'

"MacGyver" on CBS and Fox's "The Exorcist" and "Lethal Weapon" are some of the many reboots debuting on the small screen this fall.

'Queen of Katwe' director Mira Nair brings a different African story to Hollywood

Nair says most Hollywood films about Africa treat the country as a backdrop. She wants to change that with this true story of a Ugandan chess prodigy.

Will feline fanatics flock to West Hollywood's new cat cafe?

Would you pay for the privilege of cuddling cats while quaffing cappuccinos? The new Crumbs & Whiskers is counting on it.

Your go-to guide for the weekend in SoCal

Ah, the sweet smell of Friday. This week it's accompanied by the aroma of Italian cuisine and a brewery crawl. We've got the details.

71Above: Everything at LA's tallest restaurant (even the chef) started at the bottom

Being at the top of the US Bank building, and at the mercy of the elevators, adds another layer of complexity to 71Above, the tallest restaurant in the West.

Terry Crews: 10 years after 'Idiocracy,' it resonates this election

Terry Crews played President Camacho 10 years ago in 'Idiocracy.' The film inspired the #MakeAmericaSmartAgain movement ahead of the 2016 election.

5 LA Podcast Festival shows that will blow your mind

To celebrate the event's fifth anniversary, check out five podcasts from the festival that are definitely worth checking out — and find out about their new competition.