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Celebrating unsung sci-fi hero Octavia Butler

Octavia Butler, who died 10 years ago this month, was a black woman who wrote science-fiction stories in a world where white men created the work and starred in the narrative.

‘House of Cards’ creator Beau Willimon says it's impossible to anticipate real politics

As the Netflix series launches its fourth season, WIllimon says, "We have a reality show star leading the Republican pack. Who could have ever predicted that?"

Leslie Jones may be the breakout star in the new 'Ghostbusters'

The trailer for the much-anticipated "Ghostbusters" remake is out and WNYC's Sean Rameswaram says SNL cast member Leslie Jones is the one to watch.

7 rare Ty Cobb baseball cards discovered

The identical cards found in a crumpled brown paper bag in a rural southern town are some of the rarest baseball cards. They're expected to fetch over $1 million.

Review: LA Opera turns 'The Magic Flute' into Mickey Mozart

Marc Haefele says the singing is great, but turning one of the greatest operas of all time into a full-length, live animated feature doesn't work.

LA vies for a future Super Bowl

L.A.'s in the mix for 2020 or 2021 at the future home of the Rams in Inglewood. The league waived its requirement that a stadium be in use for two seasons before it can host.

Chicano Movement leader Jose Montoya's art gets a show at UCLA

"[My father] would lament that he was a lazy farm worker, but I say thank goodness, because he was reflecting and chronicling and 82 years later giving us this abundant harvest."

Making music in a cutthroat job market

The Colburn School in Los Angeles puts its students through the paces to get them ready for life as a professional musician.

Jon Brion and his influence on LA's music scene

The composer/music producer has worked with some of the most influential musicians and filmmakers in L.A., including Fiona Apple, Elliott Smith, Judd Apatow and Paul Thomas Anderson.

'Black-ish' tackles police violence in a very special episode

Parents Dre and Bow wrestled with what to tell their young black kids about the protests surrounding race and police use of force.

Lee Reherman, 'Hawk' on 'American Gladiators,' dead at 49

Lee Reherman, a fan favorite as the towering, muscular Hawk on television's "American Gladiators," has died at age 49. The cause of death wasn't immediately known.

Chris Rock continues to draw heat for his stint as host of the Oscars

The comedian is being criticized for reducing diversity in Hollywood to a black-and-white paradigm, and for making jokes based on Asian stereotypes.

'The Mountaintop' imagines Martin Luther King Jr. on the eve of his death

Actor Roger Guenveur Smith sits in the director's chair for "The Mountaintop," Katori Hall's fictional account of MLK's last night alive.

Young actors learn to value art and August Wilson

The teenagers were competing for one of the most prestigious prizes for young actors in American theater, but they were also finding their artistic voice.

Clippers' new mascot: 'Like us, It used to be extinct and now it's coming back'

The crowd was underwhelmed in its response until team owner Steve Ballmer announced that fans would receive a free pair of red Converse sneakers if he could successfully dunk.

'Full Frontal' showrunner: 'It’s us doing the fantasy show in our heads'

Jo Miller was a staff writer on "The Daily Show" until Samantha Bee was offered a show by TBS. Then Bee tapped Miller to run that show, "Full Frontal."