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Update: Joni Mitchell 'alert,' not in a coma, singer's website says

The singer-songwriter is alert and "she comprehends," according to her website. Earlier media reports said she was in coma and unresponsive.

William Pope.L's 'Trinket' slowly tears away at an American flag

Pope.L's “Trinket” focuses on a massive American Flag slowly being shredded by the giant, high-velocity fans that Hollywood uses to stage tornadoes and hurricanes.

New music from My Morning Jacket, Olivia Chaney and more

This week on Tuesday Reviewsday, our new music segment, music journalist Steve Hochman joins Alex Cohen to talk about the best new albums.

'Partridge Family' child star Suzanne Crough dies at 52

Suzanne Crough Condray, who played Tracy Partridge, was found dead Monday night at home in Laughlin, near Las Vegas.

Before 'Age of Ultron,' Chris Evans preps for 'Civil War,' 'Infinity War'

Evans is set to start shooting the third Captain America movie, subtitled "Civil War." After a brief break, he follows that with nine months of "Avengers: Infinity War."

Eddie Izzard brings his 'Force Majeur' to the Hollywood Bowl

Izzard returns to Take Two to talk about his creative process and bringing "Force Majeur" from the small stage to the Hollywood Bowl.

'Gotham's' costume designer is totally fine with being called a 'control freak'

"Gotham" provides a new take on Batman's origin story. Lisa Padovani is the show's costume designer and took the Frame through how she draws her inspirations.

Robert Henri’s California at Laguna Art Museum

Unlike nearly every white American of his time, painter Robert Henri saw native-born people of color as inheritors of American civilization.

Jayne Meadows, actress and TV personality, dies at 95

Meadows died of natural causes Sunday at her home in the Encino, California, area, spokesman Kevin Sasaki said. Her son and other family members were with her.

'Projection' paints Sunset Boulevard motel a stark white

Artist Vincent Lamouroux has transformed the dilapidated Sunset Pacific Motel by covering the entire structure — and adjacent palm trees — in a stark white lime wash.

Ferguson: 9 actors walk out of play over depiction of Michael Brown

Phelim McAleer’s new play “Ferguson” uses edited grand jury testimonies to dramatize one of the nation’s most polarizing stories — including polarizing its cast.

Havana Biennial: More than 30 years of art reaching out from Cuba

The Havana Biennial Art Exhibition shows off the art of what's seen as a politically repressive society, where there's a fine line to walk when it comes to making a statement.

Summer movie season 2015: Something for everyone?

The summer movie season is upon us with highly-anticipated films like "Avengers: Age of Ultron" kicking it off in just one week on May 1, alongside movies for women and children.

Asian-American YouTube celebrities aim to change perceptions

Asian-Americans have a lack of representation in the media, but the rising talent on YouTube may change how the community is represented in Hollywood.

Sandler movie sparks debate over American Indian images

When a group of American Indian actors walked off the set of "The Ridiculous Six" this week, their decision generated praise and scorn on social media.

'Furious 8' speeds into theaters in 2017 (with lines just like that)

To no one's surprise, "Furious 8" is heading to theaters — or "Fast 8," or "2 Eight 2 Furious," or whatever they decide to call it. Come watch our favorite one-liners.