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Anything goes at The Comedy Store's Roast Battle

In a twist on the TV staple, a bunch of brave and mostly unknown comics are taking the comedy roast to new highs and lows.

Valiant CEO wants to 'simply just make great comics'

How the biggest threat to Marvel and DC faded into obscurity, only to be revived by an obsessive fan who gave new life to the brand and its unique characters.

3 TV shows with upbeat, optimistic messages you should be watching

Margaret Lyons, who writes about television for, highlights some shows that are an alternative to much of today's fare.

'The Fade Out': Ed Brubaker on Hollywood in the 1940s

The graphic novelist heard stories from his screenwriter uncle about Hollywood in the noir era, which inspired his popular series.

Conan O'Brien in Cuba: 'All I want to do is try and make these people laugh'

As Conan O'Brien soon becomes the longest-running host in late night TV, he goes on the road for a rare visit by an American show to the Communist island.

Ed Burns on his 'Brothers McMullen' break and surviving 'director's jail'

The writer/director/actor talks about the impetus behind his memoir, the adventurous creativity being cultivated on TV, and the lessons he's learned over his 20-year career.

'Focus': another box office disappointment for Will Smith

The actor’s latest film continues a string of poor performances at the box office. Could this be the end of his reliability to bring audiences to the theater?

The art of Syrian refugees sends a message. is anyone listening?

Syria's refugees are waiting for a new life. The artists among them are depicting this life in limbo — and their memories of the country they left behind.

Diversity sells — But Hollywood remains overwhelmingly white, male

Women and minorities continue to be under-represented on TV and in film, both behind and in front of the camera, according to a new study — even though diverse films and shows make more money.

Leonard Nimoy's advice to a biracial girl in 1968

When a young girl with a black mother and white father wrote to a teen magazine in 1968 about not fitting in, the "Star Trek" actor responded at length about how Spock navigated two cultures.

Leonard Nimoy's Mr. Spock taught us acceptance is highly logical

The "Star Trek" actor died Friday in Los Angeles, and NPR TV Critic Eric Deggans says Nimoy's signature role taught fans the power of accepting their differences rather than fighting them.

'The Lego Movie' directors partner with Will Forte to make the apocalypse fun

Phil Lord and Chris Miller have parlayed their feature film success into an offbeat TV comedy for Fox, with the former SNL cast member as "The Last Man on Earth."

Leonard Nimoy leaves behind legacy of arts patronage

Famed actor Leonard Nimoy, who played Spock on the landmark TV series “Star Trek," died today at the age of 83.

Punk legend Mike Watt on the Minutemen's early days

When the Mount Rushmore of California Punk is built, there will be debates over who to include, but at least one name is for sure: Mike Watt.

'Blurred Lines' trial: Robin Thicke sings part of his defense in court

Thicke, Pharrell Williams and the rapper T.I. have been sued by Marvin Gaye's children for allegedly violating the copyright of the late singer's "Got to Give It Up."

Leonard Nimoy, actor who portrayed Spock on 'Star Trek,' dead at 83

Nimoy's wife told the New York Times that the actor died at his home in Bel Air Friday morning from end-stage chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.