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Ben Watt returns to his folk-rock roots with 'Hendra'

The English musician is no newcomer to the music scene. He made it big with his duo Everything But The Girl back in the early '90s and now returns to his solo career.

Tearin' the roof off with George Clinton

Dr. Funkenstein talks about his new memoir and the various styles of music he's gone through over his long career.

Movies used to put physicist Kip Thorne to sleep, then he helped make 'Interstellar'

The Caltech physicist talks about putting science in a Hollywood movie and the surprising pleasure of brainstorming with film artists.

TV tips: What to watch after Thanksgiving dinner with the family's Margaret Lyons has some suggestions for what to watch after the mashed potatoes turn you into a couch potato.

Tears for Fears reissue "Songs from the Big Chair"

Tears for Fears founders Roland Orzabal and Curt Smith talk with Tess Vigeland about their career, creating "Songs from the Big Chair" and what's next for them.

The Getty's new $65M Manet: 'Spring' from an artist in the autumn of his life

“Spring” became one of Manet’s most popular works, deeply appreciated by art lovers young and old and by critics of both the old guard and the avant garde.

After 50 years, an Olympic medal dispute is resolved

The Olympic Committee recognized that American figure skaters Vivian and Ronald Joseph, who originally finished fourth, won the bronze at the 1964 Winter Games.

Pandora's new deal: Different pay, different play

A deal between Pandora and a group of record labels has raised concerns that the company is favoring certain songs over others.

Tuesday Reviewsday: Azealia Banks, Prhyme and more

Morgan Rhodes and Oliver Wang join A Martinez to talk about their favorite recent releases, including music from Azealia Banks, Prhyme, Pace Cadets and more.

Top Independent Spirit Award nominees: 'Birdman,' 'Boyhood' and 'Selma'

The indie film world's version of the Oscars reveals picks for the 30th annual Spirit Awards. Alejandro Iñárritu's "Birdman" leads the way with six nominations.

Dog follows athletes through mud and water, and melts hearts

After a stray dog met a team of Swedish adventure athletes in Ecuador, he ran for miles through rough terrain and swam to keep up.

10 fun and almost-free things to do Thanksgiving weekend

This year, we're thankful for some time off. If you're sticking around Los Angeles for the holidays, we've got you covered with cheap events through the weekend.

19 classic Thanksgiving TV specials and comedy videos

Holiday traditions in our digital age may include less appointment viewing, but you can have your own Thanksgiving celebration online with these Turkey Day videos.

'The Imitation Game': Benedict Cumberbatch couldn't 'bear the tragedy' of Alan Turing

The actor talks about how much he knew about the WWII codebreaker before taking the role, whether or not motion capture is "real" acting, and more.

Rapper Killer Mike on his emotional St. Louis speech in the wake of Ferguson

Killer Mike talks about the Ferguson decision, how they'd originally refused to play in St. Louis and how he's explaining the outcome of the case to his kids.

Why turkey on Thanksgiving? A food historian explains

Why is turkey the star of the show on Thanksgiving? Andrew F. Smith, author of "The Turkey: An American Story,” explores this question.