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Coachella party Neon Carnival to make Super Bowl debut

The Super Bowl edition planned for Friday night in Phoenix will be the first time the Neon Carnival is hosted anywhere but Coachella.

Oscars 2015: Predicting the winners, tracking awards season

Who will take home the coveted Oscars for best picture, director, actor and actress and supporting actor and actress at the 2015 Academy Awards? Start here.

SAG Awards: Get a sneak peek at the likely Oscars acting winners

The Screen Actors Guild Awards aren't as high profile as the Academy Awards, but they serve as a strong predictor of who's going to take home a gold statue. Here's why.

Sundance opens with new Nina Simone documentary

The Frame’s John Horn is in Park City covering the Sundance Film Festival. He reports that after the Simone screening, some audience members chanted, "Black Lives Matter!"

Karina Canellakis takes her place on the conductor's podium

She's an up-and-comer in the classical music world, where she does double duty as a solo violinist. Southern California audiences have two chances to see and hear her.

Benson Lee spent 16 years on 'Seoul Searching'

The director made his Sundance debut in 1998. He's back in Park City with his long-in-the-making passion project, "Seoul Searching."

Men who quilt: Sci-fi scenes and cement blocks

We make a lot of assumptions about quilts: They're not art. Only women make them. Sometimes it takes an exhibit dedicated male quilters to combat that.

2 veterans weigh in on 'American Sniper

Clint Eastwood's "American Sniper" is breaking box office records, but it's also getting Americans to talk about how Hollywood portrays the military.

Free weekend? DineLA, banana sushi and a selfie studio

After fun with photos, head to an interactive art show in downtown Los Angeles and finish it off with the best of Restaurant Week.

Drawing a bead on everyone from Charles Manson to Lindsay Lohan

Bill Robles is one of the country's best courtroom sketch artists. “A lot of people look guilty,” says the veteran of hundreds of trials. “But they turn out not to be.”

Xavier Dolan talks about his Oedipal drama 'Mommy'

One of Canada's most talented young filmmakers goes in-depth on the gripping movie that might prove to be his breakout film.

Where do judges get their robes? Chatsworth, usually

This month, 27 new judges have been sworn into state courts all across California. Where do their robes come from? A small company in Chatsworth.

Kobe Bryant has a torn rotator cuff, Lakers announce

The Lakers announced Thursday that Kobe Bryant injured his right shoulder in the second half of the Lakers' loss at New Orleans on Wednesday night.

Sundance 2015: The most anticipated films at the festival

Sundance has become the festival where breakout indie films premiere. Which will be the ones to watch at this year's event?

'The Hunger Games' producer on why women get paid less in Hollywood

Former Disney Studios executive Nina Jacobson breaks down the industry's gender pay gap, an open secret that was exposed in Sony's computer hack.

How the edgy Wooster Group turned Shaker traditions into a stage show

Actress Frances McDormand and singer Suzzy Roche talk about their involvement with the theater company's staging of "Early Shaker Spirituals."