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How Alvin Ailey's 'superheroes of dance' are advancing social justice

Choreographer Hope Boykin's latest work for the Alvin Ailey company is inspired by the orations of Martin Luther King.

SxSW tries to reassure artists over 'deportation' clause in contracts

The festival says next year it will remove language that allows organizers to notify immigration authorities if a foreign band violates the contract.

Exclusive first look at JANM's 'New Frontiers: The Many Worlds of George Takei'

The Japanese American National Museum backed up a couple of trucks to George Takei's house, accepting the donation of his vast personal archive. The new exhibit — "New Frontiers: The Many Worlds of George Takei" — opens Sunday.

6 things to do this weekend — mostly outdoors

Looks like the heat is here to stay for a while — so lather on that SPF and take advantage at an outdoor color festival, a kite-flying jamboree or a book fiesta in the park.

'To Be Takei' director Jennifer Kroot says George does it for his dad

"Seeing what his father went through... he doesn't take that lightly... That's behind everything he does."

Can you name 5 women artists off the top of your head?

A social media campaign called #5WomenArtists, by the National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington, D.C., highlights the "sins of omission" that have plagued the art world's recognition of women artists.

Exclusive: Hollywood companies agree to talk gender inclusion with ReFrame

Can this initiative really change the way that Hollywood goes about approving projects and hiring people so that more women are included? Industry leaders Cathy Schulman and Keri Putnam are hopeful that it can make a real difference.

'Join The Resistance': The Star Wars book that's also a variety show

What if "The Goonies" were in the Star Wars universe? That's the idea behind the new book "Star Wars: Join The Resistance" by Ben Acker and Ben Blacker.

Samurai Jack is back, so we go in-depth with animator Genndy Tartakovsky

A noble, handsome warrior trying to save the world and get back home. An ugly evil demon who thwarts him every time. This was the simple premise of "Samurai Jack," which ran four seasons on Cartoon Network starting in 2001, and returns for one more season this weekend.

From 1942 to 1978 to 2017: The politics of 'Zoot Suit'

Writer-director Luis Valdez, Center Theatre Group artistic director Michael Ritchie, actress Rose Portillo and historian Tomás Summers Sandoval discuss the revival of "Zoot Suit" and the play's modern-day resonance.

How is the Trump Era transforming late-night TV?

Late-night TV hosts are defining their shows by how deep they're willing to delve into politics and how critical they are of the Trump Administration.

Timothy Olyphant might just be the luckiest guy in Hollywood

After getting a fine arts degree from USC, Olyphant moved to New York on a hunch to pursue acting and has been working ever since.

​Robert Osborne, genial face of TCM, dead at 84

For TCM viewers, Osborne was a constant and comforting presence who presented nightly films and movies packaged in series with bits of history and trivia.

Kings announcer Bob Miller on his upcoming retirement

After more than 3,000 broadcasts since 1973, the Hall of Fame announcer will soon retire. He plans to call two more games and then drop the mic.

'Fun Home': How Alison Bechdel's queer coming-of-age comic became a musical

The cartoonist and author was dubious at the idea of having her graphic novel memoir adapted for the stage, but it ended up winning the Tony Award for Best Musical.

John Adams' timely revival of 'Nixon in China'

The composer says the themes of his landmark 1987 opera are "eerily similar to what we’re witnessing in this country right now."