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Luther, Goliath and Feud - the best things to binge watch right now!

Every month we take a look at all of the options you have to stream, from Hulu and Netflix to Amazon Prime, HBO Now and Showtime Anytime. 

Rams load up on additions to passing game in NFL draft

The Los Angeles Rams seem to be catching on to the idea that the modern NFL is built around the passing game.

How the apple became the forbidden fruit

Some 350 years ago, John Milton chronicled the Fall of Man, wrought by the red fruit. Except that it might've been a fig or peach or pear.

Robin Coste Lewis named LA poet laureate

The role includes celebrating the rich and diverse history of Los Angeles poetry, says Robin Coste Lewis.

Stagecoach keeps the Indio wagon train rolling

Authorities estimate 85,000 people are at Stagecoach, down from the 100,000 or so who attended Coachella. Stagecoach also has less crime.

She calls her movies 'Afro Bubble Gum Art'

Wanuri Kahiu doesn't want to make films about suffering Africans. Her movies celebrate happiness — with a sci-fi twist.

Why religion is so durable in modern society

It's commonly accepted that as societies become more modern, religion loses its grip. But recent research suggests it's more complicated than that.

What did ancient Romans eat? New novel serves up meals and intrigue

Real-life nobleman Marcus Apicius, who inspired the oldest surviving cookbook, is at the center of Feast Of Sorrow.

Paradise Lost: Luxury music festival turns into chaos

Tickets cost thousands for Fyre Fest, which organizers dubbed "the cultural event of the decade." But visitors found a tent city without enough power, security or food.

Think there's a lack of women on HBO's 'Silicon Valley'? It's just reflecting real life

How does the sexism is HBO's "Silicon Valley" compare to the real tech world? How about Hollywood? Recode's Kara Swisher and actress Suzanne Cryer discuss.

Roger Guenveur Smith's one-man show takes a closer look at Rodney King's life and legacy

With his fiery play titled simply “Rodney King,” actor and playwright Roger Guenveur Smith places the beating of Rodney King in a broader cultural context.

The man who helped save native Bird Singing from extinction

Bird Singing master Michael Mirelez: “We’re still trying to hold onto the traditional. Today, nothing’s real. But with us, with our music, it’s still our voices. Our human voices.”

Filmmaker John Waters on 'Making Trouble,' the NEA, and bad reviews

The filmmaker has some advice for young artists: go out into the world and make trouble from the inside.

6 things to do this weekend in SoCal

Give April a fitting farewell with a trip to your favorite independent bookstore, an insanely sweet desert tasting and more. Cheers to the weekend!

Off-Ramp Recommends: Drinking in some art

100+ of the Brewery Art Association's artists will be opening their studios. Art and/or beer lovers are invited to chat with the artists and discover their new favorite pieces.

Surprise! Johnny Depp appears as Jack Sparrow on Disney ride

Depp returns to the big screen as Sparrow next month in the fifth film based on the ride. "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales" opens May 26, after premiering at Shanghai Disneyland on May 11.