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Is #OscarsSoWhite creating ageist consequences?

Hollywood writer, Robert Bassing, is threatening to sue the Academy of Motion Pictures and Sciences.

The ‘endangered species’ of Hollywood

Silver hair is underrepresented on the silver screen.

New documentary examines the human side of Mexico's drug war

Director Bernardo Ruiz takes on the US-Mexico Drug War through the stories of a DEA agent on the border, an activist nun and a Texas-based smuggler.

Toronto Film Fest in full swing with ‘La La Land,’ ‘Loving,’ and more

Dazzling contenders for the 2017 Oscar season are screening this week at the Toronto International Film Festival. "La La Land," a romance musical set in fair Los Angeles starring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, wowed critics.

7 fun ways to spend your weekend in SoCal

Hang out with butterflies, get a henna tattoo or dance to Daft Punk on the Santa Monica Pier. The weekend train awaits, are you hopping aboard?

Why 'Luke Cage' creator made his superhero costume a hoodie

Cheo Hodari Coker made an intentional choice to set the new Netflix show in Harlem. And have the superhero costume be a dark hoodie.

Can Pandora and Amazon disrupt the streaming music business?

Watch out Spotify and Apple Music: Pandora and Amazon are planning lower cost streaming music options.

Shocking! Comedian reveals real reason why chicken crossed road

L.A.'s Danny Lobell is a comedian and hosts the podcast "Modern Day Philosophers," where comedians talk philosophy. But above all that, Danny Lobell loves chickens.

Local Natives: From high school rock band to selling out theaters

The Los Angeles indie band has been playing together for more than a decade. Now Local Natives is getting ready for its world tour.

'Audrie & Daisy' shows aftermath of sexual assault, cyberbullying

Even though the teenagers never met, their stories are terrifyingly similar: after they were assaulted, their alleged perpetrators used social media to circulate photos of their victims.

How hidden biases hurt women (and lots of other people) in Hollywood

How does one person get hired over another for a Hollywood job? Certainly you’d factor in talent, personality, recommendations, but what about the unconscious biases of the person doing the hiring?

Versa-Style aims to educate kids with hip-hop dance

Co-founder and artistic director Jackie Lopez wants to use the dance company to teach kids the social and political importance of hip-hop music and dance.

Review: 'Haunted House Party' at Getty Villa a 'fizzy cocktail of ancient and new'

The Greeks of the classical period probes deep into the human predicament. Roman comedy probes deep into fart jokes; the funny side of prostitution; gross sexual allusions, and pure slapstick.

A Tribe Called Red, Slavic Soul Party! and Metá Metá

This week we've got a Brazilian band with metal roots, a first-nation Canadian electronica group, and a band from NYC with a Slavic sound.

Older people underrepresented in film, new survey finds

The study from USC found just 11 percent of some 4,066 speaking characters in the 100 top U.S. films of 2015 were 60 or older.

Brad Bird explains why 'The Iron Giant' bombed at the box office

A new documentary explores why Brad Bird's 1999 animated feature "The Iron Giant" was a critical darling but a box office bomb.