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Art, politics and the Republican National Convention

"The Truth Booth" and a melting ice sculpture titled "The American Dream" are just two of the art projects taking place during the GOP gathering in Cleveland this week.

'Blue House': A musical that embraces Frida Kahlo's 'female power'

The singer/songwriter Perla Batalla and playwright Oliver Mayer believe there is more to say about the iconic Mexican artist, who died in 1954 at the age of 47.

Artist Robert Irwin checks out the light in West Texas

Irwin helped establish the Light and Space movement in California, but his latest project is at the minimalist art mecca founded by Donald Judd in the small town of Marfa.

Music Center Plaza makeover aims to increase arts diversity

With the changes, the performing arts center hopes to create a "town square" that will draw in people of all ethnic and economic backgrounds.

Renee Montagne to step down as host of 'Morning Edition'

After a dozen years of arriving at work every weekday at midnight, Montagne says she's ready to try something new. She will become a special correspondent on "Morning Edition."

19 uniquely LA spots to celebrate National Ice Cream Day

Los Angeles is awash in terrific homegrown ice cream and gelato makers. Here's the scoop on where to get the sweet stuff.

Singer Rubén Guevara goes reeling in the years in a new solo stage show

The L.A. native recounts his memorable career — from performing with his idols on national TV to being groomed for rock stardom by Frank Zappa.

Handing over the camera to people with HIV

'Through Positive Eyes,' an exhibit of 145 photos, is opening in Durban as the International AIDS Conference begins.

Artists Assemble showcases comic book art created by Latinos

Comic books have increasingly diverse characters, but mainstream creators remain predominantly white. The Museum of Latin American Art is giving Latino creators the spotlight.

Betty Buckley's feminist take on the musical, 'Grey Gardens'

The Broadway icon plays Edith Beale, an aunt of Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy, who lived out her days with her daughter in a ramshackle house in East Hampton.

Hunting for public art with 'Pokémon Go'

Spoiler alert: We found a couple of rare Pokémon — and a lot of beautiful public art with no artist or title information provided.

7 ways to spend your SoCal weekend—with or without Pokémon Go

Whether or not Pokemon Go is your motivation for getting out of the house this weekend, try these suggestions for things to do — everything from a Hello Kitty Cafe to a hot sauce expo. Catch them all!

'The Americans' showrunners 'recalibrate' their self-image in light of Emmys

Joe Weisberg and Joel Fields are the showrunners of the FX drama "The Americans" which until today was partially defined by being the "best show no one watched" and a show that never got love from the Emmys.

Writer Katie Dippold aims to balance nostalgia with originality in 'Ghostbusters' remake

The film was plagued by Internet trolls complaining about its all-female lead cast, but writer Katie Dippold tried not to let the noise get to her.

Former Hollywood intern speaks out on 'wage theft,' Fox settlement

The studio has settled a class action suit that alleged the studio was getting free labor for work usually done by paid employees.

The woman who made 'Key and Peele' such a hair-raising show

Amanda Mofield got an Emmy nomination for her work as a hairstylist on the Comedy Central series. She and her team sometimes had to design dozens of looks for a single sketch.