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Oscars 2016: Social issues were in the spotlight, but diversity loomed above all

The environment, sexual abuse and financial corruption were all taken up by Academy Award winners, but host Chris Rock put #OscarsSoWhite front and center.

As protests swirl, Oscars have feel of high-stakes showdown

The Dolby Theatre ceremony stands at the center of a swirling storm over diversity in the movies and at the Oscars, with protests planned near the red carpet.

Oscars: In upset, 'Spotlight' wins best picture (see the winners list)

In an underdog win for a movie about an underdog profession, the newspaper drama "Spotlight" took best picture at the 88th Academy Awards.

Some diverse views from Academy members on #OscarsSoWhite

The organization plans to increase diversity after criticism of a very white cast of nominees. A big difference in how some members feel about the changes is based on how they view the Academy's role.

Man pleads guilty to illegal uploading of 'The Revenant'

The man, 31-year-old William Morarity, managed to get screener versions of the two movies while he was working on a studio lot, according to the department.

Ennio Morricone gets a Walk of Fame star with his 7th Oscar nod

Morricone is up for the Best Original Score at this Sunday's Oscars for "The Hateful Eight" — which could be his first win — but he's been creating memorable movie music since the '50s.

'The Danish Girl' costumer Paco Delgado had twice the work for one actor

Creating costumes for a movie about a trans character in 1920s Europe posed a unique challenge for Spanish costume designer Paco Delgado.

The OK Go song 'Upside Down and Inside Out' gets a literal video treatment

The band teamed up with a Russian airline to shoot their new music video — complete with aerialists and paint balloons — in zero gravity.

5 Every Week: Black Mountain College, Alt Movie star handprints, LA's finest beltfish!

Behold: Five great things you should do in Southern California this week, from art to food to music to an adventure we'll call "the Wild Card," from the makers of the 5 Every Day app.

'The envelope, please': The Oscars' official envelope maker

Marc Friedland is a veteran stationery designer who's designed the gold-leafed, quarter-pound envelopes and cards for the Academy since 2011.

Magic Castle co-founder Irene Larsen dies at 79

Larsen, along with her late husband Bill and brother-in-law Milt, took an old Hollywood Mansion and transformed it into the Magic Castle.

How LA businesses are cashing in on the Oscars

The Oscars gives the Los Angeles economy a huge bump, and a growing group of Angelenos are cashing in.

From LA's historic black cinema to fostering art in Leimert Park

The all-white field of Oscar nominees is prompting calls to promote diversity in filmmaking. But decades ago, L.A. was home to an ambitious program to do just that.

O'Brien's Pub Oscar trivia night is not for the casual Academy Awards fan

It’s an 18-year-old tradition, and it attracts entertainment journalists, former Jeopardy champions and Oscar experts in a fierce competition for bragging rights.

Reza Aslan: TV can transform how people see Muslims and Middle Easterners

The religious scholar, author and now talk show host looks forward to the day when there's an "Alll in the Family"-type show with Muslim and Middle Eastern characters.

‘The Revenant’ sound editor cuts open the Leo-in-a-horse scene

Oscar-winning sound editor Lon Bender breaks open the scene of Leonardo DiCaprio cutting open his dead horse to survive a freezing night in "The Revenant."