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Finally, a movie theater with an indoor playground!

At Cinépolis Jr., kids get their yah-yahs out on an indoor playground so they can settle down and watch movies.

John Ridley's LA Riots doc is meant to 'break hearts and lift spirits'

John Ridley's documentary, "Let it Fall: Los Angeles 1982-1992," marks the 25 year anniversary of the 1992 L.A. Riots. He says a goal of the film was to "break hearts and lift spirits."

DIY Film Fest: Great directors who were One and Done

Lots of people made only one film in the careers. Many of them stank. But a few directors made great films, then never made another film.

6 things to do this weekend in SoCal

For the second weekend in a row, hordes of Southern Californians will be in the desert, so take advantage of the smaller crowds at other shindigs. See our full roundup.

Off-Ramp Recommends: Taking an interdimensional road trip to the desert

Desert X is a site-specific art exhibition in the Coachella Valley. The showcase features 16 contemporary art installations, spread out in the desert.

'Horizon Zero Dawn' game actress Ashly Burch isn't 'just a gun with legs'

The voice actress for the popular video game, "Horizon Zero Dawn" challenges assumptions about female characters in games.

​Indian-born US cricket player becomes American citizen

Indian-born U.S. national cricket team player Timil Kaushik Patel became a naturalized American citizen on Tuesday — a move he hopes will help bolster his new country's team.

Public TV stations find a quick fix to budget woes

The FCC allowed non-commercial stations to sell some or all of their digital bandwidth, resulting in a windfall of tens of millions of dollars for some outlets.

For 'Unforgettable,' Denise Di Novi goes from producer to director

When long time movie producer got her chance to direct a film, she thought long and hard about what kind of director she wanted to be.

Chicken Boy didn't know he had a mutant brother, Cock Bob

What the hell is that Big Boy/Chicken mutant sculpture in Glassell Park all about? We find out.

Indio PD prepares for second weekend of Coachella

The first weekend of the annual Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival concluded Monday morning when the last remaining campers packed up and drove home.

Matt Walsh's 'Veep' character wouldn't approve of Sean Spicer

The actor talks about developing Mike McLintock and how the meaning of certain jokes changed after Donald Trump was elected.

People of Coachella 2017

We’ve put together this slideshow of the people at the festival. Take a look and see how these folks are braving the heat in style.

Outgoing 'New Yorker' cartoon editor says 'being funny is being awake'

After 20 years as the magazine's cartoon gatekeeper, Bob Mankoff is stepping down. He says humor helps us cope with hardship, get along with one another — and, in general, makes life more enjoyable.

Reykjavík Festival brings Bedroom Community collective to LA

Composers Nico Muhly, Valgeir Sigurðsson and Ben Frost started the label as a way to collaborate, record and distribute their music, but it has since grown to include other artists.

What made viewers love — or hate — 'Girls'?

When it premiered in 2012, the HBO series launched what seemed like a million think-pieces. This Sunday, the show's run comes to an end.