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Oscars 2015: Early awards given to sound, projection technology engineers

The ceremony celebrating the "sciences" part of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science won't be televised, but some portions will be included in the Oscars telecast on Feb. 22.

Directors Guild Awards: Linklater, Anderson, Eastwood among nominees

The awards are a formidable predictor of the eventual Oscar recipient, whose nominations will be announced Thursday.

Author and actress Annabelle Gurwitch on being 'Hollywood Adjacent'

Hollywood’s annual tradition of backslapping — more commonly known as award season — is underway, leaving a lot of people on the outside looking in.

Why Patrick Stewart was forced to flee Hollywood after 'Star Trek'

The veteran stage and screen actor reflects on the intimate production of his new indie film, "Match," and why he had to leave Hollywood to shed himself of Jean-Luc Picard.

A challenge to disconnect from your phone

Studies suggest we get original ideas when we stop the constant stimulation and let ourselves get bored. But in the age of the smartphone, spacing out is a skill.

Your online avatar may reveal more about you than you think

Even if your avatar for games and social media doesn't look at all like you, it still says a lot about your personality, a study finds.

Golden Globes: 'Transparent,' a TV revolution, and Fey and Poehler's best moments

The show, which portrays a 70-year-old coming out as transgender, won two Golden Globes — the first wins for original programming by Amazon.

Golden Globes: 'Boyhood,' 'Grand Budapest' big winners (list of awards)

Richard Linklater's 12-years-in-the-making "Boyhood" was right on time at the Golden Globes, winning the night's top honor, best drama, as well as best director.

New streaming services are changing TV — and viewers, too

Streaming services like Netflix and the DISH Network's new Sling TV are helping consumers break free of cable subscriptions. That means TV shows must find new ways to connect with their viewers.

Comedian Taylor Negron dies from cancer at 57

Actor Taylor Negron, a fixture in L.A.'s comedy scene whose acting career spanned film, television, radio and online performances, has died at 57.

'Selma' stirs powerful memories in its namesake town

At a free screening of the film in Selma, Ala., many in the audience — both black and white — had firsthand connections to the history portrayed on the screen.

'Girls' showrunner on season 4 and 'falling in love' with Lena Dunham

Jenni Konner stopped by the Frame studio to talk about the new season, falling "in love" with Dunham, and what script doctoring taught her about writing.

'Fantasia: Music Evolved' gives the classic Disney film a modern gaming twist

"Fantasia" is one of the most iconic films in cinema history. The makers of the video game took up Walt Disney's original intent to update the music through the ages.

Palm Springs Film Fest: Chaz Ebert on Life with Roger and Ebertfest

Off-Ramp contributor R.H. Greene talks with Chaz Ebert about her late husband Roger Ebert's love of movies, and the festivals that help them get seen.

HBO GO, Amazon, Sling TV: Which will be successful in 2015?

How will TV fair in the new year with the rise in popularity in streaming shows such as Netflix's "Orange is the New Black" and Amazon's "Transparent"?

Sony Pictures CEO had 'no playbook' for mega-hack on studio

More than six weeks later, Sony's network is still down — and is expected to remain so for a few weeks, as techs work to rebuild and get it fully back online.