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Is Univision ready to give women their due respect?

A commentator notes the network has improved its relationship with the LGBT community. But Univision's depiction of women is mired in negative stereotypes.

Germany beats France to enter World Cup semifinal

The lone goal came in the 13th minute from a header by Mats Hummels. In the semifinal, Germany will face the winner of the Brazil-Colombia quarterfinal.

Bored on the Fourth of July? Try these movies

Action, singing and lots of fireworks — American movies celebrate the Fourth of July.

Movie diplomacy: USC teams up with State Dept.

Can a film change the way others think about America? USC and the State Department are sending films and filmmakers around the world to find out.

App Chat: how to play laser tag with your iPhone on July 4

Whether that means hiking a mountain or hiking to Space Mountain, there are apps out there to help you make the most out of Independence Day.

Critics cry 'TMI' in Robin Thicke's 'stalkery' new album 'Paula'

What “Ishtar” was to movies and New Coke was to soda, “Paula” is to recorded music. Or so reviewers say. Read some reviews and listen to a track.

Recipe: If you grill your hamburger, you're doing it wrong

The L.A. Times' Russ Parsons says that while convivial and a summer favorite, the grill is too uneven and prone to flare-ups. Use a cast iron skillet or griddle.

'Midnight Rider' filmmakers charged in death of Sarah Jones (updated)

An involuntary manslaughter indictment charges the director of rocker Gregg Allman's biopic "Midnight Rider" and two others in the death of the 27-year-old crew member.

Louis Zamperini, Olympian and WWII hero, has died (updated)

KPCC's John Horn reflects on the amazing life of Louis Zamperini — subject of the upcoming film "Unbroken," war hero, former Olympian and Rose Parade Grand Marshal.

Animator Floyd Norman, from Disney to 'Fat Albert'

Off-Ramp contributor CJ Greenspon profiles Disney's first black animator, Floyd Norman, who also helped create 'Fat Albert.'

The retro and lively sounds of The Dustbowl Revival

Despite The Dustbowl Revival's mix of genres that come from the American South, it's a distinctly LA band.

'Life Itself' documentary a fitting cinematic tribute to Roger Ebert

The new documentary, "Life Itself," follows the life and death of legendary film critic, Roger Ebert.

Academy sues over auctioned Oscar statuette

In late June, Rhode Island-based Briarbrook Auction Services sold a 1942 Oscar awarded to the art director of the film "My Gal Sal" for $79,200.

Brazilian hip-hop artist Emicida captures youth culture in Sao Paulo

Emicida is putting Brazilian hip-hop on the world map as well, raising hot topics such as poverty, wealth and social progress in his music.

#ThingsTimHowardCouldSave: US goalkeeper emerges hero despite loss

After a wrenching loss to Belgium, fans are touting the play of goalkeeper Tim Howard.

7 last-minute things to do July 4th weekend

Rarely do we get a three-day weekend, so let's take advantage. Here are seven fun and almost-free things to do with your time off.