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Teens, Tinder and parenting in the 21st century

A parenting app is now promising moms and dads it can help monitor their teenagers' use of the dating app Tinder.

South LA's punk rock scene is thriving and 'Los Punks' proves it

The new documentary, "Los Punks: We Are All We Have," chronicles the growing punk scene in South L.A., where every weekend there's a show in a backyard, a warehouse or on a rooftop.

Amazon goes head-to-head with YouTube with a video service

Bloomberg News technology reporter Spencer Soper explains how Amazon will now allow people to upload videos to its site, putting it in direct competition with YouTube

Of miscarriages and motherhood: Comedian Ali Wong unleashes 'Baby Cobra'

In her new Netflix special, "Baby Cobra," Wong tackles sex, bodily functions, miscarriage and the "woes" of feminism.

Historic Filipinotown lights to get cultural makeover: Vote on the design

Officials hope revamped lights at 18 Historic Filipinotown bus stops will add safety as well as cultural appreciation for the community. The public can vote on three finalists for the lights' design.

Chadwick Boseman: from Jackie Robinson to James Brown to Black Panther

The actor has quickly made a name for himself in Hollywood. The next step: getting cast roles that aren't defined by race.

Alan Mandell and Barry McGovern get up close and personal with Samuel Beckett

The actors play the leads in a current production of "Endgame," which continues their deep connection to the playwright and his work.

Desert Trip festival with Stones, Dylan, McCartney adds 2nd weekend

Festival organizers for Desert Trip said Monday that the icons, along with Neil Young, Roger Waters and the Who, will perform Oct. 14-16 along with Oct. 7-9.

Californium: This game takes you inside Philip K. Dick's head

In it, you play a strung out, deadline-skipping science fiction writer who spends his days struggling to write and hallucinating.

The woman who makes the 'Game of Thrones' dragons roar

Paula Fairfield uses animal noises, including turtles having sex, for Drogon's sound design. She also uses her dog's nose whistling.

The forgotten women who helped shape California's art culture

A new four-volume collection has captured the efforts of 320 artists who advance the art culture in the Golden State.

Curation makes Getty mosaic exhibit rock solid

As soon as mankind invented walled and roofed dwellings, men and women wanted to cover the walls and floors of their homes and palaces with beautiful pictures of their favorite stories.

The next sport of the modern age: drone racing

In the would-be sport with a new, California-based league, men and a few women fly remote-controlled drones against competitors at up to 60 mph.

Bourbon to bubbly: Shake up your Derby mint julep

It's Kentucky Derby Day, when the mint-infused cocktail reigns supreme. The mint is a must, but these days everything from brandy to gin and Champagne can sub for the whiskey.

Youtube moves to break into the cord-cutting business

At the company's NewFronts presentation in New York, the company's CEO boasted about the website's enormous user base and continued to court advertisers.

Louie Anderson channels his mom's humanity in 'Baskets'

The veteran comedian plays Christine Baskets, the mother of identical twins played by Zach Galifianakis, on the FX show, "Baskets."