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Horror of horrors: Is HP Lovecraft's legacy tainted?

Lovecraft was also known for his highly racist opinions. This has created some controversy around the World Fantasy Award statue that bears his likeness.

Does television Spanglish need a rewrite?

More Hollywood writers are having Latino characters speak a mix of English and Spanish. But if Latinos themselves are divided over Spanglish, how can TV get it right?

Donald Glover drops new Childish Gambino EP 'Kauai'; listen here

The new album includes one high-profile guest star on a couple of tracks: Will Smith progeny Jaden Smith, doing spoken word. Listen to the album and Glover's new mixtape here.

Make room, food trucks — mobile fashion stores are here

Entrepreneurs who want to launch a retail business in the fashion industry have found a more affordable way to do it — mobile fashion stores.

Homestar Runner's Strong Bad returns in new music video

Regular updates stopped about four years ago, but early 2000s Internet icon Strong Bad made a triumphant return this week with a new rap video, "Fish Eye Lens."

Trans-Pecos Festival brings the world to the small Texas town of Marfa

Fans and musicians flock to the West Texas desert town for a weekend festival that's become a staple for this unlikely cultural hub.

Can the low-budget horror film 'Annabelle' beat 'Gone Girl' at the box office?

John Leonetti was the cinematographer on "The Conjuring," which grossed $318 million worldwide. Now he takes over the directing duties on the prequel, "Annabelle."

What to expect at Los Angeles' 1st cat café

The Catfé is a pop-up cafe with cats that's only open this weekend. Get your cuddles on now.

Free weekend? 10 fun and almost-free things to do

We know, with the heat wave back you probably don't feel like doing much of anything. But hey, it’s the weekend and you deserve a night out.

'How To Get Away With Murder' sets a DVR ratings record

The new series started strong with 14 million viewers when it premiered. Over the following three days, six million more people watched it on their DVRs.

Adam Sandler signs up with Netflix for 4 new movies

Adam Sandler and Netflix are doing four original movies together — perhaps because you can't build a network on prestigious, binge-watchable television series alone.

Gracepoint: David Tennant on breaking into US television

David Tennant, star of the U.K series "Broadchurch," says that starring in the U.S. remake, "Gracepoint," was the perfect opportunity to break into U.S. television.

Academy 'Hollywood Costumes' exhibit opens, showcases 150 outfits

More than 150 costumes — from the likes of "Dallas Buyers Club" to Charlie Chaplin's "The Tramp" — are on display at the "Hollywood Costume" exhibit by the Academy of Motion Pictures.

Jason Reitman's 'Men, Women & Children': How the Internet changed our sex lives

The director stopped by The Frame studios this week to talk about his latest film, which is adapted from the novel by Chad Kultgen.

California reloads for battle over runaway production

At the CityLab conference in Los Angeles this week, one panel examined how the Golden State will benefit from increased tax credits for in-state productions.

Gay depictions increase on TV: GLAAD study

The media advocacy group GLAAD said Wednesday that 3.9 percent of the characters regularly seen on prime-time network series this season will be gay, lesbian or bisexual.