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How Trump and the 2016 election fueled the fast writing of 'Vicuña'

Playwright Jon Robin Baitz challenged himself to write his new play "Vicuña" in just a few short months in time to get it up on stage before the 2016 Presidential election.

The results of our ultimate Halloween Candy Ranker quiz

We asked. You answered. You really hate Tootsie Rolls. And Jujubes. But you love chocolate. And coconut is controversial.

JPL geniuses also slay at pumpkin carving

Imagine "Ace of Cakes" meets "Robot Wars" with a dash of "RuPaul's Drag Race" thrown in — but starring scientists with gourds, knives and electronics.

Even in a virtual world, sexual harassment persists

What does sexual harassment look like in a virtual world — and how do you stop it?

Stuntman sues Tom Sizemore after he was run over on TV set

Steve de Castro says he was pinned beneath a sport utility vehicle driven by Sizemore back in July.

Trailblazing talent agent Norman Brokaw dies at age 89

Norman R. Brokaw, a trailblazing agent who represented Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Clint Eastwood and other top Hollywood stars, has died at age 89.

An ode to Vine's cutest animals

The Internet is sad about the end of Vine. Here are some adorable animals to cheer you up.

Diwali Dilemma: My complicated relationship with the swastika

While most Westerners associate the swastika with Nazi Germany or white supremacy, it was a symbol of good fortune in Asia thousands of years before Hitler.

Discovering the science secrets of sourdough

Many bakers treat their sourdough starters like a family heirloom. Researchers want to analyze them to unlock their secrets.

Do parents invade children's privacy when they post photos online?

The kids look so darned cute in that photo. But there are privacy risks to sharing those images — and kids may not want the exposure.

Massive League of Legends e-sports competition comes to LA

Make way for gamers heading to Staples Center this weekend. They're competing for $1 million in an online battle arena.

Us The Duo reflect on Vine and its impact on their career

Carissa and Michael Alvarado launched their music career after their Vine videos went viral. The husband-wife team talk about what the video app meant to them — and how they plan on going forward without it.

'Fleabag' star talks sex, feminism and presidential 'wanking'

While “Fleabag” is not overtly autobiographical, Waller-Bridge draws heavily on her own experiences and those of her friends.

Mexican-American comedian-rapper Chingo Bling tests his bi-cultural act in Mexico

The popular Texas-based performer was apprehensive about how his persona would go over in a country that prizes cultural authenticity.

Jack Skellington headlines Hollywood Bowl

Get your tickets now, because Danny Elfman says this special performance of "The Nightmare before Christmas" won’t be an annual thing.

Filmmaker Roger Corman talks about his lovely LSD trip

"The billowing of the sails moved from diamonds to the curves of a woman's body. And it was really a tremendously erotic experience."