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Skirball Center exhibit celebrates Nazi targets who changed Hollywood

Maybe it’s time we had an entire museum dedicated to the cultural migration that transformed Hollywood when the Nazis took power.

Jennifer Lawrence tops Most Valuable Stars list ranked the top 100 actors and actresses with metrics that included box office returns, critics' ratings, tabloid appeal and feedback from studio executives.

I threw my cat a birthday party. Here's how you can, too.

Pet parties are actually a big thing, so KPCC's Leo Duran went all out to celebrate his own cat, including a cat-themed playlist and "kitty litter" cake.

Marcus Samuelsson shares diverse dishes he cooks at home in new book

The renowned chef born in Ethiopia and raised in Sweden includes LA dishes like K-Town noodles, as well as music to cook by and the best kitchen tool in his new cookbook about eating at home.

Judge tosses ex-dictator Noriega's suit over 'Call of Duty'

A judge has dismissed former Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega's lawsuit against video game giant Activision over his inclusion in a 2012 "Call of Duty" game.

Jane Lynch, wife, finalize divorce in Los Angeles

A judge has finalized Jane Lynch's divorce from her wife more than four years after the couple were married. Lynch filed for divorce in July 2013.

Marvel unveils 9 new superhero movies: What it all means

The new slate of movies in the so-called "Phase 3" includes a female "Captain Marvel" and a "Black Panther" movie starring "42"'s Chadwick Boseman. So what does it all mean?

Tuesday Reviewsday: Javiera Mena, Pablo Alborán, Run the Jewels and Grouper

Take Two features the latest in music with music journalist Chris Martins and Justino Aguila, Associate Editor of Latin at Billboard Magazine.

A timeline of sitcoms featuring families of color

Folks say that it's a new golden age of small-screen diversity. But how much browner is today's TV sitcom landscape compared to prime time eras of the recent past?

5 years of America's most popular Halloween costumes

Thanks to shows like "The Walking Dead," the undead have risen from the 13th most popular costume up to No. 4 in just five years.

'Q' to continue airing on KPCC with guest hosts

The guest host of 'Q' on Monday opened the show with a message urging listeners to keep tuning in despite the departure of its popular host and co-creator.

What are the most terrifying songs of all time?

'Tis the season! Tell us your picks for the most terrifying — and we mean truly unsettling — songs of all time.

USC's secret archive of horror films by John Carpenter, Dan O'Bannon

USC's Dino Everett tracked down the student films of horror legends John Carpenter and Dan O'Bannon and compiled them into a feature-length program.

'Gotham' resurfaces Hollywood's tricky history of 'painting down'

Fox's successful show 'Gotham'' found itself in hot water earlier this month when it hired a white stuntwoman as a body double for a black guest star.

Host of CBC's 'Q' program steps down amid abuse allegations

Jian Ghomeshi, the co-creator and host of the popular arts and culture show "Q," will step down, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation announced Sunday.

Watch: LeVar Burton reads 'Go the [expletive] to Sleep'

To any over-exhausted parents who suspect they're hallucinating, we assure you: former "Reading Rainbow" host LeVar Burton gave a reading of the 2011 bestseller this weekend.