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Radio vets team up for 'Invisibilia,' a new podcast on human behavior

Alix Spiegel and Lulu Miller have been in the radio business for years, but they're trying something new to explore "the invisible forces that shape human behavior."

3 new TV shows to watch this winter

'90s nostalgia, a surreal comedy and the first Asian-American sitcom in 30 years:'s Margaret Lyons gives her picks on what new shows to watch in 2015.

'Pierre Huyghe': A living, breathing museum exhibition

A look into one of the quirkiest museum shows in recent memory, which features a roaming dog, a sculpture shrouded in bees, and ants that are very particular about room temperature.

Anna Mastro's debut 'Walter' epitomizes Palm Springs Film Festival

At their best, these movies want to move the audience to tears before bouncing a ray of hope at them. At their worst, these movies are about pain in the same way as Novocain.

Cameroon's Pascale Tayou 'coaxes poetry' out of mundane objects

Cameroonian Pascale Marthine Tayou considers himself a world artist, a cosmopolitan nomad, with so many influences that it’s hard to count them.

Iconic mural of Anthony Quinn gets a facelift

The five-story “Pope of Broadway” mural, painted by Eloy Torrez in 1985, is a landmark in downtown Los Angeles. Now it's getting restored.

West Hollywood's bookseller to the stars

Mystery Pier's unassuming location makes it a favorite spot for paparazzi-wary celebrities with a taste for the finest in antiquarian books and literature-related collectibles.

Can Neil Young's high-quality Pono music player attract a wide audience?

The musician has introduced a hi-res audio player that will compete with Sony for consumers who are true audiophiles.

Mark Duplass gets naked and gets real about the film business in 'Togetherness'

Then filmmaker and his brother, Jay, created the HBO series to show people who are struggling in the entertainment business and reevaluating their lives.

Stadium in Oakland could be part of 2024 Summer Games

San Francisco's bid to host the Olympics was tweaked Wednesday to have the opening and closing ceremonies and track-and-field events at a planned stadium in Oakland.

Late night hosts speak out about Paris attack on Charlie Hebdo

While some took a "the show must go on" approach, several late night hosts tried to grapple with the Paris attack and what it means for comedy.

US Olympic Committee to meet; LA under consideration for 2024

When the leaders of the U.S. Olympic Committee meet Thursday, they'll be deciding on more than a city to put in the running to host the 2024 Summer Games.

'Charlie Hebdo' laughed in the face of violence; will future satirists?

The French magazine responded to a 2011 firebombing of its offices with a cover that showed a Muslim and an editor making out. Its lead editor was killed Wednesday.

3 new women in LA accuse Bill Cosby of sexual assaults

Attorney Gloria Allred held a news conference Wednesday in L.A. with the women who described unwanted encounters with the comedian in L.A. and Las Vegas.

Palm Springs Film Festival: Croatian 'Cowboys' wrangle laughs

The delightful Croatian Oscar entry "Cowboys (Kauboji)" is a sort of "Waiting for Guffman" with a Croat twist.

Mica Levi finds inspiration in nature and the cosmos for 'Under The Skin' score

The singer/songwriter received critical acclaim for her first-ever score, which is an eerie backdrop to the strange behavior of Scarlett Johansson’s character.