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Sandwich Monday: The pizza cake

For this Sandwich Monday, NPR tries the Pizza Cake, which is a fancy way of saying "a bunch of pizzas stacked on top of each other."

'I Am Eleven': Film explores what 11 year olds around the world care about

Filmmaker Genevieve Bailey spent six years traveling the world to ask 11 year olds in 15 countries what they care about. The results are funny, surprising and heartwarming.

Behind the scenes at 'The Simpsons' studio (plus Sunday's couch gag)

As the show launches its 26th season, we go inside the yellow halls and cluttered work stations of the people who bring Springfield to life, plus a look at Sunday's weird couch gag.

Brothers tackle racism with movie 'Boiling Pot'

The movie premieres at the Catalina Film Festival on Saturday. It tackles racism by weaving together the real-life stories of four American college students.

'Gilligan's Island' — a show from a time of TV innocence

As classic sitcom Gilligan's Island celebrates its 50th birthday, NPR TV critic Eric Deggans says it is a show loved by fans despite widely acknowledged mediocrity.

Exploring one of Hollywood's oldest, weirdest filming spots

When a rock quarry shuts down, sometimes it becomes a swimming hole, a nuisance, or an eyesore. But in Los Angeles, an abandoned quarry can turn into the Bat Cave.

How the FAA ruling on drones will change the film industry

The FAA recently approved six companies to use drones on film sets. Previously, filmmakers could only use that technology outside the U.S.

Concert with Jay-Z and Sting aims to end poverty

The Global Citizen Festival is live in New York (and on TV) on Saturday. The superstar-studded event is designed to encourage concertgoers to care about the issues.

25 humble suggestions for 'The Equalizer' brand extensions

It seems inevitable that if the movie comes back, they'll be looking for ways to extend the brand. Fortunately, we've got some ideas.

'The Equalizer:' Antoine Fuqua says directing Denzel Washington is 'scary as hell'

It's been 13 years since the director and actor worked together on "Training Day" — surprising given that their collaboration garnered Washington a Best Actor Oscar.

Play shines a light on mental illness in Korean community

An Asian American theater troupe, called Artists at Play, is staging a production about a topic that's hardly ever talked about in their community: Mental illness.

8 fun and almost-free things to do this weekend

Put down your computer and close that tablet. We're making the most of our precious time off with free art, amazing food and delicious beer.

Low-budget talk-show host Skip E. Lowe dies at 85

Skip E. Lowe, whose long-running public-access cable TV show gave him a cult following and provided inspiration for Martin Short's unctuous, has died.

Sportstalker Petros Papadakis — radio's loudest, maybe smartest host

John Rabe talks with Petros Papadakis, former singing waiter, captain of the USC football team, English major, color commentator and co-host of sports radio's Petros and Money.

The importance of what's close: Beauty and being careful

A few recent stories that have mishandled cultural history are a good reminder that the familiarity of a subject doesn't reduce its importance.

11-year-olds around the world share their wisdom in new doc

A documentary, "I Am Eleven," looking at the world through the eyes of 11-year-olds in 15 countries. The filmmaker says age 11 is when you’re most passionate and optimistic.